Proxy/Tor/SSL Question- what is forecast for the next 6 weeks?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by TedETGbiz, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. TedETGbiz Member

    These questions are somewhat technical- apologies...

    I have been doing tech support for bloggers outside of Iran for a week+, and am interested in using our (limited) static IPs to do more. However, once they are blocked, they're gone, so I have questions about the next best step.
    1. Is Freegate still blocked in Iran for the foreseeable future?
    2. Has the traffic flow across the main firewall been choked so much that Tor is now useless?
    3. Is SSL traffic still getting out (on any port)?
    4. If the Iranian govt. is serious about doing some kind of deep packet inspection, can't they correlate Twitter tags (for instance) in HTTP with the requesting IP and trace to a physical location?
    5. What is the most convincing argument AGAINST the idea that Iran will just clamp all net traffic out of the country (except from trusted IPs) until the opposition has caved?

    I have been following well-known Twitter names since the 13th, and don't want to be part of their demise. On the other hand, I do IT for a living, and certainly want to help. In my opinion, Freegate or an encrypted proxy sounds like the best option. What do you think??


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