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  1. AnonAS Member


    The only proxy I can get to work is the - The Proxy Authority one.
    TOR and FoxyProxy don't work for me.I've tried manually doing it,but the pages won't load.I'm getting sick of having to go to that website and typing in the url.

    Does anyone know any solutions to the pages not loading when manually using a proxy in firefox?

    Or,just another way of using a proxy?
  2. Re: Proxy

    does enyone kno of a proxy that will get me into habbo hotel , that hides my ip adres ...hehe so i can get banned some more ,,,,,,pool is closed
  3. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Proxy

    ok, tor is easy enough to set up as long as you know what you're doing and if you use torbutton for firefox.
    but tor is SLOW

    just stick with

    or just fucking google it
  4. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Proxy

    There is no need to hide your ip adres from Habbo.
  5. Herro Member

    Re: Proxy

    Wow! A habbo raid! You're so cool and cutting edge. Amazing!
  6. Au Reida Member

  7. Anonkey Member

    Re: Proxy

    Only Five bucks a proxy. :[
  8. _You_ Member

    Re: Proxy

    Good Cripes!
    Thread necro at its best imho, jsut use a free proxy server? Seems to be a few good ones out there, go google and learn how.


    Aside from that, learn how to use your OS/browser security settings, plug your un-used ports, get a decent firewall (which will allow you to do much of this), and most importantly, don't fuck around in shit-holes of ick to begin with. And oh, if you're still playing Habbo H., this may not be the place ta play.
    My opinion.

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