Psych email addresses needed.

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by gregg, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. gregg Member

    Call For Papers:psych email addresses needed!!!

    I would like to build up a new email list. We have a good media contact list. Now we need a list of psych contacts.

    Here in boston two of the anons got me good lists from harvard (29 contacts) and umass (25 contacts). So I was thinking the best way to get that list would be psych departments from colleges.

    Here is the wiki page where we are starting to work on it.

    edit by Consensus:
    Here's a rough draft of what will be going out. We need to make sure this gets to as many psychology departments and mental health professionals as possible, and preferably all at once, to create buzz:
  2. Consensus Member

    Yeah, PM is probably best. Don't wanna post a list of e-mail addresses of your profs and give away what university you go to. But people should bump the thread when they message Gregg, so it doesn't sink.

    Alternatively, you could research a university in a different geographic region, post it here openly, and fuck up efforts at tracking you down. I myself love leaving subtle hints suggesting I live somewhere else in my messages.
  3. gregg Member

    Very good point. I would prefer that I get PM's for all of these.
  4. gregg Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    List of colleges in alphabetical order that offer Psychology degrees. Getting psych contact emails for all 1570 of those would be nice. General psych department emails or of course better would be professors emails.

    Medical college professors would be a big help too:
  5. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    every major college and university has a website that tells its majors and has a directory to reach any staff member. Instead of trying to get all the numbers to one person, draft an email and delegate people to cover so many universities. The emails are easy to find.
  6. googoomuck Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    We need to clear up a misconception here. Psychologists=/=Psychiatrists.

    It will be great to have a list of psychologists- they don't get a great rap from Hubbard either, even though Hubbard's stuff is basically Freud-flavored hypnotherapy. But we need as many (if not more) psychiatrists to contact.

    Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in treatment of mental illness (mostly management of prescription drugs, actual brain operations are a small %age). They go to Med School and then do their internship in hospital psych wards. Their expertise is on the physical and the pharmacological: symptoms, medicines, etc. IOW they are more like a doctor than a therapist- they treat mental illness with prescriptions (and sometimes surgery).

    Psychologists are PhDs, not MDs. They are not required to study any anatomy/brain chemistry stuff although some of them do. Psychology is a social science and focuses more on things like cognition, self-image, and stuff like that. Psychologists are more like therapists than doctors- they treat mental illness with various "talking cures", and teach their patients techniques for coping with symptoms. Psychologists are also the ones that patients talk to about how their mental illness effects their lives, how to get along socially, etc.

    So if you're putting together a list, check the School of Medicine.

    American Association of Medical Colleges:
    Top Medical Schools for psychiatry by NIH funding:
  7. gregg Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I wanted to get both. I just figured it would be good to start with one. Then do the other.
  8. gregg Member

  9. ladybug2 Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    Hi, I am in touch with some big wigs in the Mental Health field on the downlow. I am trying to gather all the email leaks concerning mental health. But all the links are broken on the website. Do you have any that you could send me?

  10. anon5754 Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I'm doing B, but haven't signed up for an account on the wiki yet. I'll provide the list as a CSV file when done. Columns are-

    Institution Position Name Email

    I'm doing college lecturers and assistants, heads of departments as well as professors (where possible)

    edit: done bacone to barry (52 email addresses harvested) and I'm now officially bored of this, will continue next time I'm feeling motivated
  11. Manumission Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with a well respected Psychiatrist today. I asked him what he and his peers thinks about Scientologys recent attacks on the profession. His response was, "We don't." I had to ask if he meant they hadn't considered it or discussed it at all. He said, "No we're very much aware of their stance on Psychology. It's just that we don't care. We don't lose any sleep over it because we have people who do that for us. As for my personal opinion, they are woefully uninformed and totally irrelevant." I expected more of a reaction than that. He might as well have said "The sky is blue". Based on the rest of the convo I came to the conclusion that they are not worried because it isn't necessary. They know something we don't.

    I'm not sharing this to discourage anyone from sending letters or whatever. The choice is yours. I'm just saying that I got the impression that this is common knowledge among the Psychiatric community. The people who seem to be out of the loop are the actual patients. I know of numerous depression groups and the like but I'm not sure how to introduce the subject without freaking people out.
  12. ladybug2 Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I am in touch with one that is going to send me a list of all the lawmarkers that support Scientology. I need those emails if anyone has them. I found one LEAF and the one just released. But I would like the others.
  13. captainslug Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I will also urge that you not try to infodump e-mail addresses of Psychiatrists that are not specifically stating that they are okay with having their contact information public. College Professors of Psychiatry or industry experts on relevant topics would be highly valuable, just ask their permission directly first.
    Psychiatrists work very hard to keep their contact information available only available to those that really need it. For the safety of their families and their profession they prefer to stay "off the grid".

    If you need to inform someone in your local area that CCHR plans to be at such-and-such place on a specific date contact the coordinators of that event and let them know. They will be very appreciative of you informing them so they can coordinate an appropriate response in advance.
  14. anon5754 Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I think we should all give the the harvested email addresses to one trusted person (since gregg started the thread he gets my vote), send them a single polite email asking for their help, and then destroy the list afterwards.
    There's no need to distribute or keep the emails, these are ordinary people not gov officials to lobby, and if the list fell into the wrong hands it would work against us.
    If scientology wants to spam them with anti-anon propaganda then they can make their own damn spam list.
    I don't think we should refrain from collecting the emails, just make sure we only use them once and be very careful about who has access to the list.
  15. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    Social workers are another option. So are nurses and doctors.
  16. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I will tell you having worked with psychs/docs/etc that you are highly unlikely to many replies, however.

    The amount of email in jobs like that is tremendous.

    If you can start a chain reaction on some medical discussion boards--that might bring in some support.
  17. dwest Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    I say go with this idea. I know a few Psychs having gone to school with a heavy psych program and all the Pdocs I know are fully aware of what Scientology is doing. I can think of one off-hand who is an active supporter of Anon and several who are passive, following our movement.
  18. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Psych email addresses needed.

    Gregg, did you get the PM sent to you?

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