Psychiatry - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by november5, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. november5 Member

    I think most (if not all) of us know about the Church of Scientology's rather aggressive stance on Psychiatry. Their human rights front groups have been condemning the "inhumane" practice of Psychiatry for years now, but what I'm not sure of is their correctness about the issue. Are they over-exaggerating the crimes of psychiatry, are they really telling the truth, or are they just the lying bastards they are?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I think one needs to put context into consideration. The man who originated this idea, LRH wrote a majority of his works in the 1950's, for starters, and there is little to no allowance for his adherents to alter or technically expound on his ideas so as to reflect the modern state of affairs as it exists now. There was a point in time when psychaitry had an element to it which was rather barbaric, like its own "dark ages" stage.
    Theoretically, a $cientologist is in pursuit of freedom, and from their perspective, freedom of thought and belief, irregardless of what the societal norms or standards may be. The tricky part, however, is that $cientology dogma is in itself a trap, wherein the adherent is commanded to sublimate their own will and thoughts to the directives of LRH, their god or avatar, so to speak, and many find themselves tangled in a web woven in so much confusion that some never get out of the mental anguish contained in that metaphorical prison, and to venture onto a discovery of what freedom may actually mean for themselves, personally.

    On an individual / societal level, the subject of Psychaitry, or perhaps medical study of consiousness/mindfulness/and its corresponding behavior is a really interesting subject. Folks from the beginning of time have wanted to, in an effort to understand themselves and the world, label and categorize everything into seemingly neat and tidy boxes. And, for some who put value in group dynamics or tradition, perhaps, over individual thought and expression, can at times feel threatened by the one who may venture off on their own in their own expression.

    To clarify matters, I think it would be helpful to set about trying to grasp what it means to be Healthy in Mind.
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    This thread is reserved for Scientologists posting Anonymously. Thank you.
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    They over exaggerate and cause people to be fearful about some conspiracy regarding some mythical directive of Psychs (jews, really) to control their minds. And, it is an unfortunate misunderstanding and oversimplification of the very real and ever-present FREE WILL that human beings have to make choices and decisions, irregardless.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I LOL at your black and white thinking.
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    I think it's just over exaggeration and lies.

    I mean,I'm against medication myself. I don't like it and I know that sometimes it's kind of harmful.
    But you can replace it or replace the psychiatrist. Or you can just don't take it.
    Now, if you don't take're a bomb. And I mean it.
    Remember the Elli Perkins tragedy? How about Jett Travolta?

    Psychiatric help is important. It actually save a life and keeps everything calmed down.
    Now, I'm against the "oh,you have this? take a pill" or "your ovaries are screeching like banshees in heat? take this pill!" or "take the blue or the red pill, Neo...". Some stuff like a depression can actually be solved with just talking. And I know what I'm talking about.

    But I don't like Scientology's alternatives for it. They are really stupid, and they don't truly understand shit about the mind... it's like if a british drunktard wrote this shit of a book and decided it would be lulzy to make it a religion, and this guys that follow that lame excuse of religion actually believe in what this oldfart wrote up and....

    HA HA HA,
    they actually believe what I wrote!

    He really had a Trollface.
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    All medical fields should be abolished. Once we clear the planet ..... and we will .... there will be no crime, no war, no insanity, and no sickness and I have no fucking idea where the hundreds of billions of Body Thetans will go, but I hope it's out of MY Galaxy. It's an upward spiral of Eternal Theta and a joyous return to what we once were ..... billions, or finally, TRILLIONS of years ago. Perfect Operating Thetan beings. I'm so down!!!11!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Modern Psychaitry can be quite a significant and very real Life Saver for an individual in crisis. And, just like a man could have his life saved when being cared for in the Emergency Room of a Hospital while suffering from a heart attack, someone having a psychaitric crisis could also be saved utilizing what science to date has discovered regarding applying a compassionate biomedical means to alleviate a person's suffering.
    To deny a person this would be just as cruel as denying that man to get medical treatment for his heart attack.
    In medicne, there is still a great deal of as of yet , uncharted discoveries and better treatments yet to be discovered.

    (LRH also had very irrational hatred and fears surrounding the medical establishment, or AMA as well.)

    from an idealistic perspective, one need look no further than the original Hippocratic Oath -which is still very important and highly regarded to this day. The Hippocratic oath is basically a code of ethics which doctors are to refer in treating and understanding the various ailments human beings encounter.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Hey man, (LMAO!)
    i'm just trying to establish some Anonymous ARC with our $cientologeest fiends lurking.
    or something like that. the hell if i know. and i facepalm hard, too. really hard.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Disclaimer: This thread is a joke. Please do see a doctor, medical specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist for any suspected or known need. Prolonging the initiation of medical treatment can be fatal, and in any case never ends well. Really, don't be silly, see a doctor.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Magic Pill?
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  16. grebe Member

    Engineering. Is it good or bad? Discuss.
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  17. Scilons really just blow the issue out of proportion. They do not do anything with Moderation. example... Calling the police everytime we show up, even though there has never been legitimate violence instigated on our end.

    If they really looked at it.... Psychoanalysis is not very different from Auditing... Except Auditing is much more transparently not helping, because of claims of restoring eyesight.. etc.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    You have 33 days left. Just sayin'.
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    Needs moar Cymbalta.
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  22. Anonymous Member


    You're welcome.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Auditing can cure eyesight? Oh really. How about this. Scientology Auditing cannot only let you "throw away your glasses" as Ron said, but there are a few more things you might add.

    - You gain 1 IQ Point per hour of auditing. Guess what, Holmes? You gonna be a genius.

    - You will be able to leave your body as a spirit, with FULL 360 degree perception and remember every bit of it for every life time, for all eternity in every body you live in. Forever.

    - You, as a fully perceiving spirit ( Thetan ), can go to any time, anywhere in the Universe.

    - You have full and complete control over any object of Mass.

    - You are able to control Energy.

    - As said, you can travel at any point in time, as a spirit .... at will.

    You get the idea. Yes, of course you'll never get sick. Now you see the scope of Scientology, and the spiritual "bridge to total freedom". It will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this is your ETERNITY we're talking about. Isn't that important? Of course it is. Do you want to adhere to our mission to get every person on the planet "clear"? We can save the planet together. Are you on board?
  24. Good luck with that..... When we roll up to enturbulate they go and hide... That's the thing they forget to tell you, you can't do any of this if you are connected to an SP. SP's destroy all your gains and shatter your faith. Just a heads up... oh and who are SP's? Anyone critical of Scientology.. (at last census that number was over 9000)
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I've not joined $cientology but I've had contact with $cientologists.

    I've given the Dianetics book a very close reading.

    Anyone presuming to be able to go into that psychological territory with another person, without Medical Credentials and Certification, is not only batshit crazy, they are criminally insane and in need of both medical attention and incarceration immediately.
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  26. ^^ Pretty much this... except they believe L Ron was a doctor and made it through... and basically translated it so any wog cna use the tech, thus they have a free pass. Also... It's a "REligion" Therefore, not a problem, you don't make priests see a Government Official do you?
  27. Anonymous Member

    I realize and understand how frustrating it is due to the legal/justice system failure to recognize that the crazy motherfucker wasn't a doctor.

    It seems that there is a gigantic taboo that prohibits forensic legal examination of anything claiming the status of religion for itself. Got to hand that to LRH, he was a very clever psychopath.

    Consider how long it has taken to get the legal/justice system to realize that the sex abuse of children, committed by catholic and other priests, was really taking place for at least the last 200 years.

    I hope it doesn't take 200 years to takedown the $cientology $cam.

    With the kind of commitments I've observed around here (WWP) I reckon it won't take that long.

    I do believe that we are approaching a time, perhaps rapidly, where anonymous will outnumber $cientologists, be they org or squirrel. When that happens, look out $cientology, you're going down.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Using hypnosis and pseudo mind meld games by someone who has not effectively dealt and transformed his own inner demons, and who has the very destructive desire to control and lie to people is just so very harmful and hurtful to people.
    LRH had no moral compass whatsoever.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Correct. His compass wasn't broken. What compass?
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  30. Django Member

    There's a legitimate problem, IMHO, with Drug Companies supplying doctors with meds, in order to foster patient reliance of those meds. I've witnessed this myself, and managed to very easily pick up a script shall I put this...a script to a very well known ED 'Medicine". The doctor in question was a good, well-educated MD, who nonetheless was enthusiastic about subscribing this boner juice to me merely on my say-so that I needed it. It's not just "Psych" drugs...there's a real problem in this nation with Doctors being in league with Pharma reps.

    Obviously, Scientology twists this situation out of all reasonable proportion with their moronic "Psychs were responsible for the Holocaust and 9/11" rhetoric. The situation is so bad that they really don't need to do that....they could merely slightly exaggerate the current condition to make their point. Of course, they're Scilons, and don't have the good sense that nature granted furniture.

    I've got a pal from Jr. High that I recently re-hooked up with (Facebook Baby-Boomer syndrome). His 16 YO daughter was depressed due to a to toxic relationship with an older guy. They took her to a shrink, the shrink subscribed meds. She hung herself, in the garage. My pal is in little danger of becoming a Scilon, but he's got CCHR bumper stickers on all his vehicles, "Stop Drugging Our Kids", etc. I haven't discussed this with's pretty close to the bone. As I say, he's not considering Scientology as far as I know, but my point is that the relationship between Big Pharma and the Medical profession is fairly incestuous, and is a real problem, and is something the Scilons can exploit.

    I don't know, it's late and I'm rambling.....
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  31. Anonymous Member

    FFS! You're acting like it's someone's fault ever? YOU take care of YOU -- and a child or ward, of course. Anyway. People have the choice to take medications, and doctors are the one who advise you on your options, and their suggestions. ALWAYS look out for your health and well-being. Get medical advice and make the best possible choices.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Boner juice.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    You raise an important issue. The pharmacy industry has some 'esplainin' to do and many in the medical profession need some reality checks about medications/drugs.

    Drugs are like power tools. They have to be handled carefully and safely and many doctors, unfortunately have fallen for the pharmaceutical hype; cf. vioxx and probably a dozen or more others that would have been withdrawn sooner if more doctors had been paying attention.

    As for psyche drugs, these are like Super Power Tools, and must be handled with the utmost care and attention.

    My son's life was saved with a psych drug. He was suffering crazy mixed up brain chemistry syndrome and one of these drugs and careful medical attention stabilized his condition and now, years later, he's fine and not taking psych medications of any kind.
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  34. "Are they over-exaggerating the crimes of psychiatry?"

    Sounds like the COS's "always attack, never defend....Act completely confident that those crimes exist." Speaking of which, what "crimes"? Could you name some?

    Psychs mean well (and I've seen a couple) but they can be clueless. Trust me. On the other hand, an old church acquaintance worked an hour north of me and had huge increases in productivity when he started Ritalin (under medical supervision). That same drug didn't do a thing for me (also under medical supervision).

    The COS wants to replace the psychs with something better, but they've got nothing*. We've got thousands of years of analyzing human behavior, the scientific method, and modern chemical and brain scans. They've got a lousy science fiction writer who wrote theories too silly to even be examined in (and rejected by) a professional journal.

    *Actually, the COS has worse than nothing, since poorly educated, drug-addled LRH made the whole thing up as a joke / money making scam, and people are taking it as serious advice.

    "...or are they just the lying bastards they are?" You mean the COS, not the psychs, right? I think you answered your own question there.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    All professions need some improvement to varying degrees. This is a cult agenda.
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  36. je suis Member

    Medicine is as much of an Art as it is a Science. You have to educate yourself and be prepared to spend time with Dr. ( of any type). The main problem I see is Drs. are pushed by HMO and Ins to see as many patients as possible rather than do the Best diagnosis possible.

    I know Drs. who are pissed because they aren't Allowed to spend as much time as they feel is needed wit patients.

    Pay is based on Quantity rather than Quality. Bonus pay, as it were. And the people who need the most help need the most of a Dr.'s time. In steps Ins or HMO and patient is fucked for the almighty $$$$.

    Have several serious health problems and finding a Dr. who will work with you is damned hard. Took 3 years to find the current PCP I work with.

    Even had to work with shrink after 1st Heart attack. Interesting experience. It helped but bot of us, shrink and I, had to work to get where I needed to go and allow the shrink to do their job.

    What worked for me, prolly wouldn't work for next client, but shrinks work from a starting point and build on that, Time is the key.

    Co$ works from "Fuck All" and goes deeper into Nothing.
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  37. Gary Busey Member

    I don't like scientology

    But I think the psychiatrists are much worst.

    According to Peter R. Breggin, MD, a psychiatrist/psychotherapist who has spoken out: If you are educated in the humanities or have read a few good self-help psychology books, and if you like to think about yourself and others, you probably have more insight into personal growth than your psychiatrist does; and if you’ve taken a few college courses or read a little in academic psychology or psychoanalysis, you might know more theory as well. If you’ve also shared feelings and personal problems with some of your friends, then you could as well have more experience and practice in talking therapy than your psychiatrist.

    On the other hand, your psychiatrist will have more power than you. He or she can prescribe drugs or shock, lock you up against your will, talk behind your back with your husband, wife, or parents and make plans for your future without consulting you!!!! There are numerous cases of individuals who sought psychiatric help for regular problems in living, like sadness over the loss of a loved one, only to find themselves swept along the path of biopsychiatry, ending up with permanent brain dysfunction and damage from drugs and shock treatment.

  38. Anonymous Member

    There is also the consumerist aspect of corporate, profit driven drug companies using mass marketing to "suggest" powerfully that individuals need certain medications like they need the latest deoderant. And, contrary to times past, when a doctor and his patient had a meaningful exchange, and the locus of power to make medically oriented decisions was more in the hands of the patient, rather than being than being at the mercy of insurance companies dictating what modalities of treatment may be allowed for pending their approval..... it is complex.
    And yeah, pharmaceutical representatives, who can function as basically sales reps for the drug companies do, at times, influence the proscribing habits of doctors. Even different medicines can be trendy.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Scientology can help you with that.
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