Psychiatry - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by november5, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Scientology is the answer. Go in and find out for yourself!
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    You still here? Please, go DIAF.
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    wassat? You didn't buy it that a kid with a few Community College psychology classes under his belt knows more than the PhD? Well, sir -- this is an outrage! I'll make this short: we Scientologists believe that psychologists are the evil of the world. THE. WORLD. That means really anyone is better than them. Because I say so, and because Ron said so. So there.
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    i love talking about sex with my shrink. LMAO
    you should try it.
    so much better than auditing. for realz
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    You got any citations for this stuff? I know it's all been said, but exact quotes are worth so much more.
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  8. Miranda Member

    I have strong feelings about this: One cannot over exaggerate. Exaggeration by definition is overstating. I hope that resolves the problem.
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  9. over9000OT Member

    You know what the worst thing about you is? Your trolling isn't even mildly amusing. Please take the advice given to you in every thread you've fagged up: go DIAF. Hell, tell me where you live and I'll get it started for you.
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  10. annoncangirl Member

    When human beings are involved there are always going to be bad and good. It's just a if you don't like the Dr. that says take these pills and see me in two weeks, find another Dr. I speak from personal experience...I was diagnosed with what they call Complex PTSD, (lets just say, I survived through a pretty traumatic childhood) and have been dealing with both psychiatrist and psychologist for over five years. Some were awesome, caring professionals that I attribute with me now having a life worth living. Those that weren't I dropped like a hot potatoe!! I've taken meds (cymbalta, serequal, clompipramine, and rhovaine) and have participated in Dialectal Behavior Therapy and talk therapy. Some of the drugs worked for me while other were the shits!! What I do know is that if I had not the opportunity to seek out their help I WOULD BE DEAD!!!!! Every person has to find what works for them, and like I said earlier if you don't like the answers you get find another Doctor, and get a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion.
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  11. grebe Member

    Psychiatry and neurology result from human curiosity about how the brain works. Even if neither field of study resulted in effective treatments, we'd still want them because the brain is damn interesting.

    Imagine how boring it must be to be a Scientologist with all the answers about consciousness, memory, motivation, and cognitive development. What would be the point of further research?
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Psychiatry is such a vast field that no one can really say they do or don't like it, well, no one with a clue (that rules out most $cientologists and all of the CCHR)!
    It's like saying- the police, good or bad?!

    The point is also missed that psychiatrists are qualified doctors and not all psychiatrists prescribe drugs, many prefer "talking therapies" if they are available or suitable.

    I have a relative who is severely schizophrenic, without being "sectioned" (placed under a psychiatric supervision order for his and the safety of others) he would have been dead and there was a time when he would have injured or harmed others, such was his paranioa. His illness is so severe, without his meds he'd be completely incapable of feeding himself etc.
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  13. Gary Busey Member

    You react to anyone disagreeing with you like that?
  14. an0nim0uz Member

    Be careful criticizing Psychiatry here. It's where we all get our money from.
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    No, that's how everyone reacts to your faggotry.
    I seriously suspect you of being a clam. Not OSA, just a regular Scientology fuckwad.
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  16. over9000OT Member

    Yes, that is correct.
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    hey, Dr. over9000OT, i need to schedule a therapy session wit you. LOL!
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  18. over9000OT Member

    Taking down a cult, brb.
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  19. Lets see if anyone can see Scientology in this. I cracked Hubbards word Dramatization. Its Re-Enactment

    Re-enactment, Revictimization, and Masochism

    Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD*
    During the formative years of contemporary psychiatry much attention was paid to the continuing role of past traumatic experiences on the current lives of people. Charcot, Janet, and Freud all noted that fragmented memories of traumatic events dominated the mental life of many of their patient and built their theories about the nature and treatment of psychopathology on this recognition. Janet75 thought that traumatic memories of traumatic events persist as unassimilated fixed ideas that act as foci for the development of alternate states of consciousness, including dissociative phenomena, such as fugue states, amnesias, and chronic states of helplessness and depression. Unbidden memories of the trauma may return as physical sensations, horrific images or nightmares, behavioral reenactments, or a combination of these. Janet showed how traumatized individuals become fixated on the trauma: difficulties in assimilating subsequent experiences as well. It is "as if their personality development has stopped at a certain point and cannot expand anymore by the addition or assimilation of new elements."76 Freud independently came to similar conclusions.43,45 Initially, he thought all hysterical symptoms were caused by childhood sexual "seduction" of which unconscious memories were activated, when during adolescence, a person was exposed to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. The trauma permanently disturbed the capacity to deal with other challenges, and the victim who did not integrate the trauma was doomed to "repeat the repressed material as a contemporary experience in instead or . . . remembering it as something belonging to the past."44 In this article, I will show how the trauma is repeated on behavioral, emotional, physiologic, and neuroendocrinologic levels, whose confluence explains the diversity of repetition phenomena.
    Many traumatized people expose themselves, seemingly compulsively, to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. These behavioral reenactments are rarely consciously understood to be related to earlier life experiences. This "repetition compulsion" has received surprisingly little systematic exploration during the 70 years since its discovery, though it is regularly described in the clinical literature.12,17,21,29,61,64,65,69,88,112,137 Freud thought that the aim of repetition was to gain mastery, but clinical experience has shown that this rarely happens; instead, repetition causes further suffering for the victims or for people in their surroundings.
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    Imagine the absolute field day Anons the world over would have if the CofS had performed just a few of the things done in the name of Psychiatry. (In addition to what the CofS has already been done, of course.)

    That is all.
  22. slobeck Member

    Just sayin'
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  23. je suis Member

    Hey, that's what Scientology does Bestest.
  24. Anonymous Member

    This is what the cult told me, and I have seen/heard the quotes. Maybe I'll put that together sometime. Meanwhile, I'll look for a reason.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I take offense to that. KSW.
  26. I treat my depression with pinks and greys. No, wait. That was LRH. My bad.
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  27. FTFY
  28. Psychiatrists have an MD degree. That means med school, residency, biochem classes, and a shitload of other stuff. There are a few bad apples out there, just as with any profession, but they're almost always a better option than the Mad Pride crowd.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    "In the name of psychiatry" doesn't make any sense. Psychiatry, like every other medical specialty, changes constantly as new information becomes available. Many treatments once thought helpful later were found to be too risky and so were abandoned or were used only in more dire circumstances. The process of monitoring outcomes and updating practice is part of medicine.
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  30. Inb4engramsandstuckinanelectronicincident. Waitaminute... GODDAMN IT!!!
  31. In the name of Psychiatry, I find this entire thread is riddled with cancer and AIDS.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Greta, You got a Valium?
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  33. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First, I gotta ask: What are you smoking? Obviously it is not crack or pot because nether are that hallucinogenic. Meth? 'shrooms? LSD? I am asking because your comments are the most fuckwadshittery I have ever seen a troll do. I bet even Herro is doing a facepalm.

    First you said:

    A quick tour of Wikipedia shows that this Peter R. Breggin guy is a grade A certified Moon Bat. I especially loled at the bit where he was called in as an expert witness and his testimony got thrown out. Also, he pulled moar sheets of tinfoil out saying Eli Lilly was responcible for some part of some paranoidal bull shit I didn't care to read... Saw enough moon bat shit faggotry to dismiss him as an "expert".

    Then you said:

    Let me make this clear to you: DOX or STFU. Show everybody here where this is going on. Show us where they "have more power than you".Show everybody here the "numerous cases of individuals who sought psychiatric help for regular problems in living, like sadness over the loss of a loved one, only to find themselves swept along the path of biopsychiatry, ending up with permanent brain dysfunction and damage from drugs and shock treatment."

    ...You can't can you? Because we all know you are trolling and talking out your ass.

    Ever hear of HIPPA? Basically I'll give you a TL;DR of it: ANY individual in medicine, from a major heart surgeon down to the chain store pharmacists even says one word about your confidential medical info, it is "Get the lube out nao time". Violations are major ass rape and could shut down a facility like a rest home or even a local chain store.

    Then you babbled on about shit that was done in the past. The whole shock therapy deal has been disregarded years ago. It is still done, but so infrequently and only under very specific circumstances. We are talking "one out of every 9,001 patients" kind of circumstances. Most good Psychs know electroshock therapy is no good.They prescribe pills in order to help for a while and have no intent on having a person stay on it permanently.
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    ECT rocks. Just sayin'.
  35. Anonymous Member

    So you didnt use it?
  36. Anonymous Member

    This whole post is bullshit. Go back to posting funny pix plz.
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    Of course. Don't you?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    This thread is now about how Medical Doctors used leeches on people to make them well. So. Let's stop going to the doctor's office?

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