Psychiatry - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by november5, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I went to this crazy Chinese doctor once, who used lychee on me.

    At first it was like:


    but then it was like:


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  2. Anonymous Member

    But where's the contact info for the MD handing out Viagra like candy? We needs to know.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Those candied ones are good over ice cream.
  4. je suis Member

    I call. Just what Exactly do you think at OT7 might be able to do with crack or pot? Since they can manipulate their existence, maybe they can up the effects of crack and pot.

    Super pot[IMG]

    And I don't even want to think about super crack..........or maybe I do.

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  5. Robocat Member

    He's like ... she just might accidentally me ... watching like Norris for the panty-pull and approach. Prepare to flee or take this to a new level.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Psychiatry good. Maek Cookie Monster happy. Yummy.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Seriously though, I know people who's lives depend on having their needs cared for. It is no joke.

    The mental health field is absolutely crucial, and in my opinion, understaffed in the needs of the poor or homeless. Who hasn't seen some poor schizophrenic "street freak"? Some of these people are really lucky and have a family that is taking care of them and trying to cope with the constant suicide attempts when they stop taking their medication. It's so obvious that it requires no explanation. The medical field is good and halps people.
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  8. je suis Member

    Yes, and that gets forgotten all too often.
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  9. I know lots of people that are able to function due to drugs that stabilize their minds. This is a very good thing.

    I also know people that go wacko when they stop taking their meds. That is not a good thing. It fucks up their family and many others lives.
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  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Super crack probably resembles space coke and that has some documented results:

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  11. over9000OT Member

    I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that Gary Busey is an assclown that should STFU, GTFO and DIAF. If I weren't allergic to tinfoil, I'd say he was OSA.
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  12. OSA Member

    he's your scum, not ours.
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  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Of course you'd deny it... This is well beyond your usual range of Tinfoil Hat Moonbat Faggotry!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    that's interesting. sounds like one little angle on PTSD.

    (what, in your own words, do you think it is saying?)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Lychees - One time I bought a bunch of fresh Lychees at a farmer's market in Hawaii, and I have loved them ever since.
    but they have to be really fresh and ripe...(otherwise, not yummy).
    sometimes asian markets have them.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Wow. First time I've seen you come in and tell us someone isn't yours. So he is, eh?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Ignoring the immature trolls in this topic and answering your question in a serious manner.

    I'm big enough to admit that the Co$ is right about certain things when it comes to the subject of psychiatry.

    Many thousands of people have killed themselves while on anti-depressants. Anti-depressants don't work, and for the most part, function as a placebo effect that eventually goes away leaving the user worse than they were before they started taking the drug.

    Drugging your children with ritalin is outrageous. I remember when parents actually made an effort to be good parents, instead of drugging them and parking them in front of the TV.

    In the 1960s there really was an asshole doctor who drove around the country giving people lobotomies with a fucking ice pick. He dd thousands of these lobotomies right in the back of this STATION WAGON.

    The teachings of psychiatry have also been used in evil ways when it comes to advertising. When cigarette companies wanted to encourage women to smoke they used freudian ideas of "selling them their own penis."

    Psychiatry is some fucked up garbage. Most of their early treatments amount to nothing more than torture. And they are mostly to blame for the stigma placed on mental illness. Drug companies have hijacked the psychiatric industry. Where there IS value in counseling and therapy, there is NO value in psychiatric drugs. They don't work, they kill people and they destroy your mind.

    Deal with it Anons. I hate the Co$ with every fiber of my being but even I'm willing to admit they're mostly right about psychiatry.

    Of course the problem is LRH only objected to psychiatry because they rejected him. And because any honest psychiatrist would easily recognize that hubbtard was a psychopathtic, derranged, child abusing, drug abusing maniac.
  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. an0nim0uz Member

    You mean... like Scientology?

    Also: [IMG]

    Yes, this thread may warrant an implied facepalm, but it's not enough of an epic fucking cancery failure that it deserves a Captain Picard triple fucking facepalm. I'll save that one for another thread.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    re-posting this so the quotations/answers are clear.

    bullshit. it depends on the person. anti depressants saved my life. They arent perfect and they arent for everyone.

    Agree, ritalin is over used, most children get referred for ADH by their teachers, though. Not their parents.
    "I remember when" So do I. Parents are good "nowadays" too. Oh fuck off.

    True. Note that it was 50 years ago.

    Take this up with the advertisers. They use psychology in evil ways.

    50 + years ago.

    Untreated people acting abnormally cause the stigma. Treated people- most people around them don't know they have health problems.

    WTF dude, they didn't work on you? They work on lots of people. Untreated mental illness destroys minds. And lives. And other people.

    No. They are just as wrong about modern medical care as they are about Xenu.
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  21. Zak McKracken Member

    No, I'd say cultural assumptions about mental health and particular the notions that mental illness is a personal failing, or poor breeding or lack of moral fiber are mostly to blame for the stigma.

    That, and it was historically considered "contagious" in much the same as leprosy or the plague.

    "Icepick Psychiatry" was a modern, 20th century aberration, and among the few serious missteps the medical community made in recent years. All that can really be said is that it didn't HELP erase the stigma, as other treatment since ~1880 mostly has.

    "Early psychiatry = torture" ?
    What Freud and his compatriots practiced was actually more akin to talk therapy.

    Early experimentation with drug regimens produced immediate relief and benefit for most patients. The more annoying (often severe) side effects were discovered secondary to initial treatment, and drugs were modified to be safer. The reason they were used in the first place was they made people feel better.

    Trepanation was an ancient medical practice that had little to do with "psychiatry". It didn't tend to work but did tend to be distracting. Sometimes the distraction offered temporary "relief". It was only one of many, many medical practices that really didn't help- abandoned as doctors began using science.

    Today crazy psyches only drill holes in people's heads when they have brain tumors. I hear that's not a lot of fun, but I'd rather have a hole in my head than be dead.

    Got any other "tortures" to share with us?
    How far back on the Whole Track does it go?


    I lied.
    This is what Psychiatrists actually do:

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  22. over9000OT Member

    Awww... Since you're ignoring me I have been forced to seriously consider the way in which I interact with others on the interbuttz and have decided to turn over a new leaf. That's right, no more immature trolling for me.


    Holy fuck you suck at arguing. Here check this out and try again later. Actually, I'll help you first. It may well be true that "Many thousands of people have killed themselves while on anti-depressants". However, just because many thousands of people have killed themselves doesn't mean that anti-depressants don't work. If a replicable, double-blind peer-reviewed scientific study conducted with a sufficiently large sample were conducted concerning anti-depressants and suicide, you'd be golden. Since that hasn't happened (and won't, because your premise is fucking retarded) you lose. Following your "logic", "Many thousands of people have gotten pregnant while on birth control. Birth control doesn't work."
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Interrobanger Member

    Thank you for taking a stand against overemphasized hyperbole.
  25. Anonymous Member

    As to answer the OPs question. Like many things, there are merits and flaws to any profession. There are many well earned criticisms (example below) for the psychiatry profession. Scientology, however, contributes to none of these. They are what psychiatry critics should say: "stop helping," to.

    Unfortunately, they do very little study in mental health. The average time a psychiatrist in training takes to learn psychology-related material is five weeks. Taking a pharmacological approach to aiding mental health can be useful, but the profession lacks enough knowledge to understand the contexts and underlying problems that medication will not cure. Although increasingly psychiatrists are now working with psychologists and counselors to get a better idea of the people they are aiding.

    As to the claims that a psychiatrist can declare you insane and have you detained off the bat. From what I understand there are specific circumstances that very much involve the courts and justice systems before anyone is declared or detained. In DC, for example, you cannot be committed to a mental health hospital unless A) you voluntarily commit yourself or B) you committed a crime or are acting dangerous to the point where a court system can have you committed. Not sure if other states act differently though.
  26. Anonymous Member

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  29. Gary Busey Member

    Are you saying that because scientology is bad, psychiatry must be good?
  30. Anonymous Member

    HAIR DYE - good or bad?
  31. Anonymous Member

    COCKS - good or bad?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Psychiatry good!!! I love my valium.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Wow, you are really misinformed. Find me a five-week course that get me a medical degree! Their education is proper and complete. One down. Unless of course you have some earth-shattering dox.

    Next. The medicine field actually does understand the underlying problem. Some of the breakthroughs are amazing. Have you noticed how many more options there are for medicine than there were 20 years ago? Medicine will never go out of demand, and the more options, the better. Buy stock.

    You said: Although increasingly psychiatrists are now working with psychologists and counselors to get a better idea of the people they are aiding. Do you have documentation of this? Is there a new national alliance that you forgot to mention?

    Next item - No, it's hard to be declared insane and detained "right off the bat". I know of someone that was suicidal and they were only kept for 5 hours. The state doesn't have the funds to help everyone. This kid said they were going to be dead by the next day, but off they went. So, again, you are consistently wrong.

    Anyway, I did hear all of that in the Industry of Death DVD.
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First, if anybody is a troll around here, it is you since you are talking without any credible information. If disagreeing with your bullshit makes me a troll, then move over Herro.

    You are saying all the evils of psychology and saying it as if it is still occurring and are fact. Yet, you have shown not one thing credible to back up your comments. So once again:

    DOX or STFU

    Lets break this shit on down: Scientology is based on the rantings of a mad man. LRH really believed that Psychiatrists were some "evil" that did nothing but harm people... However, in 2011 the same practices that L Wrong was against no longer happen. Lobotomies and EST are barely done... only 15 lobotomies were done in Boston MA in 2001 and nowhere else in the states. Electroshock therapy requires a legal hearing when it has to be administered involuntarily. Granted, there is some loopholes, but for the most part the practice is barely an accepted practice anymore.

    Do you see what I did? I showed links. What have you shown, besides being a troll? Nothing.

    Continuing onward...

    Your talk about what was done years ago is also crap. Now at days, there are laws, organizations, regulatory bodies, etc. that prevent the "door-to-door lobotomies" from happening. Things like the FDA and such were made to prevent things like that happening. Granted, bad things did happen in the past, but as a whole people learned from them and corrected their wrong ways. Those corrections have benefited millions of people.... So should the mistakes of the past condemn a branch of medicine that has and still is benefited so many?

    Answer: No. Humanity gets nowhere quick if we do that.

    Then you yammered on about "thousands of deaths caused by anti-depressants" and children getting prescribed Ritalin. Without any provided info, all you are saying is opinion. Also, there is still research and investigations going on about this and nothing conclusive has been found yet. Yes, there is kids being over prescribed, but without accurate polling and testing, all of this is hearsay as to whether or not X kids need it and Y don't.

    FYI: Causation does not equal Correlation. So those "suicides caused by anti-depressants" is moar bullshit out your mouth. How do they know the victims stopped taking them? How do they know there was moar going on inside their heads besides depression? Again, studies and investigations are going on and for now the benefits outweigh the risk.

    Let me give you a TL;DR brief in pictures so you understand:

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  36. Gary Busey Member

    Where was scientology mentioned in the original post?
  37. Guess who DID do a systematic study of this "repitition compulsion" or behavioral re-enactment or DRAMATIZATION

    I said it before Hubbard was a great Psychologist, why ? Because all Hypnotists work with the unconsious mind

    Can you say valences lol
  38. Anonymous Member

    Where was Shitpost made in the thread title?
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  39. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    When you they said:


    BTW: Reread what I posted, that post got cut off due to my fat fingers hitting the wrong button.
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