PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by AnonymousTV, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. AnonymousTV Member

    PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    I want to throw one final hat in the ring before things start getting etched in stone. I've seen polls that overwhelmingly point to "Fair Game" as the focus for May, I've seen thread saying Psychiatry is the theme for May, I've seen threads saying we don't need a theme. There's all sorts of noise on the air. If "Psychout" is the planned theme for May, I need to be heard and I think everyone needs to hear me.



    1. We are not psychiatry's personal army. - I personally have my own opinions about the validity and over-medication of some of our youth and then again I also have a lot of praise about the amazing benefits of psychiatry. There's good and bad. I have no solid standing opinion on whether psychiatry is ALL good or ALL bad. I'm fairly neutral on the subject, and I'm sure a lot of people agree. With this is mind, why would we go to bat protesting FOR psychiatry? We are protesting SCIENTOLOGY. Yes, they are against the practices of psychiatry, but our focus needs to be on the practices of SCIENTOLOGY, not the subject they are against - PSYCHIATRY. At worst, our rally will look like a pro-Psychiatry rally and that means we have failed to stay on target in bringing attention to Scientology without any other distractions.

    2. "Operation: Psychout" is a terrible, awful name. - For all sorts of reasons. Psychout implies fear, and is more leaning towards negative warring, words - especially coming off of the amazingly sincere Operation: Reconnect. Whether theme names or themes are important or not, it doesn't matter - this name just plain sucks. Almost as much as the theme itself. It sounds like something Scientology would cook up and I don't like that at all.

    3. STAY ON TARGET - We are protesting the organization known as the Church of Scientology. There is more than enough controversy with that organization without bringing a whole other bag of worms (psychiatry) into the situation. For example: It would be like going to protest the US's involvement in the war in Iraq, and then one month suddenly shifting focus to protesting the manufacturers of the weapons the soldiers use to fight the war. While a protester might know a lot about the US's involvement in the Iraq War, they might not know nearly enough about the operations of an Colt Carbine to protest it. And that's where our problem lies...

    We know plenty enough about Scientology to protest it, but I am not about to bleed on the Anonymous banner for psychiatry when I know little to nothing about it's history, practices, etc. And I am not alone... I doubt many of us know much about psychiatry more than the average joe. Would you be able to answer the questions about the history psychiatry in detail if someone asked you as compared to if someone asked you the history about Scientology? No? Me neither. We need to STAY ON TARGET and focus on bringing light to SCIENTOLOGY and LITTLE ELSE. Suddenly, we're going to be under scrutinity for our stance on psychiatry in the media and lose the focus of them asking more questions Scientology.

    ANONYMOUS. Hear me! This is my record of saying that "Psychout" is a BAD IDEA, not only in name but in concept, that takes us away from the focus of which we've striven hard for these many months. People are starting to ask about Scientology... Let's keep giving them the information they need without bringing in another subject to sully the already muddy water surrounding the organization. It is wicked and weird enough on its own.

  2. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Hehe, as I said on your other thread, check the activism forum - Fair Game has won two polls straight by a handy margin, so there it is.

    Psychout is sort of a holding place for ideas on counter-protesting CCHR. At least that's how I understand it.
  3. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Thanks for the heads up. The whole "Opeation Psychout" name is what's throwing me and a lot of people off. It implies an "official" status considering our most recent two protests have been named "Operation: Party Hard" and "Operation: Reconnect".

    Could a mod change it or something?
  4. Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Psychout is a bad name. When we do eventually tackle the issue as a theme I think we should do it from the medical abuse/false medical claims angle (ie not just mental illness stuff). Or even more broadly, expose all their front groups. The psychiatry thing is important, but on its own its not particularly attention-grabbing or lulz-worthy, and leaves us vulnerable to attack by anyone who may oppose psychiatry (whether it be for the right reasons, or CoS reasons).
  5. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Yup, brought the confusion to the mods attention so there may be some action on this front sooner or later. Perhaps a subforum for research and protests against all the fronts would be a better replacement.
  6. Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    This. It was pointed out before that protesting for psychiatry will confirm the thoughts of lower-level scientologists that we are paid by psychiatrists. Which will close them off.
  7. Anonypeg Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    My favourite idea thus far is "Operation Game Over", to raise awareness of Scientology's Fair Game policy. Not only does the title imply a counter to fair gaming, but should this protest accomplish enough to bring them down ... then what a fitting name for May's theme. Game Over for the Church of Scientology.
  8. Anonymeep Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    My suggestion is to rename this to a PROJECT. As in, it's a longer running project in which we throw bricks in CCHR's pond, not a theme for a protest. As I understand it we're looking to out CCHR for what it is, not to claim the exact opposite of what CCHR claims. It's not about the claims, it's about the deceit.

    In fact I agree with some of their more moderate ideas - I think medication is often used too soon and before other methods (diet, behavioural) have been exhausted. That doesn't mean I like CCHR - they're pushing a hidden agenda, which is why they should be stopped and frustrated at every opportunity.
  9. anonyrat Member

    "Psychout" -> "Medical Mayhem"?

    I agree with this. I know a lot of anons are leery of the mental health stuff. I feel it's really important to cover it, but it would have a much greater appeal if we broadened the focus. I made a suggestion on one of the May threads but no-one really picked it up so here it is again:

    I would like to see Psychout reworked to include all the other medical abuses of CoS. Deaths from malpractice, people dying from untreated cancer, all the mental abuse and the suicides, the dangerous 'therapies' used by Narconon, the RPF and the Introspection Rundown, discouraging the use of medication, putting the blame on the sick person, forcing staff, even kids, to work when ill, right down to the overuse of vitamins and feeding babies Hubbard's barley syrup recipe in place of breastfeeding. Dianetics is NOT a 'modern science' of mental health. Scientology has no Science in it.

    Give it a catchy title and bring on the anons in lab coats, mad scientists, naughty nurses, medical masks... could be tonnes more fun than Reconnect and provide much better visuals!

    Perhaps once we start to get some traction on the CCHR and Narconon stuff and we get more people coming forward with their stories of abuse and injuries and illness sustained while in the cult we could set the ball rolling on it - June perhaps?

    SoCal anons, feel free to take this as inspiration for May if you go with the Psychout theme!
  10. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    C0$'s hard-on for the psychiatric profession is just part of their overall pattern of systematic brainwashing and abuse. I would like to see the protest against their (C0$'s) techniques folded into the larger issues of abuse, murder, slander, aggression, and their tax-exempt status.

    My tuppence' worth....
  11. anon2487 Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    This. Arguing them at their own game, i.e. the relative merits of psychiatry is both a bad idea (it's what they do, 4 better or 4 worse) and it's pointless (it distracts from what most of us are here for, and potentially provides useful ammunition for Co$).

    Tackling them as a front group with a hidden agenda on the other hand, is not such a bad idea. Though even then, I'd say we're on much stronger ground with Narconon or Applied Scholastics etc.
  12. jargonbot Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Just wanting to air my thoughts relating to what anonymeep and anon2487 brought up.

    Psychiatry is CoS’ bait-&-switch deflection. One minute some announcer asks a question about e-meters and the next CoS is running a tight party-line spiel about eugenics and over medication. They don’t win the pro/con Psychiatry argument they set up, but they do get people talking about something other than the CoS.

    Psychout works alongside exposing front groups and their medical malpractice/abuse, but I don’t want to follow CoS' lead or take on their party platform (for lack of better words). Honestly, I think it’s a trap of circular arguments and revisionist history: a pro/con argument they’ve set up as a tar pit for direct criticism. Taking up the other end of their party line for a tug of war is tempting, but I think it risks capitulation to an uncomfortable degree.

    tl;dr : A messy analogy for CoS' psychiatry obsession = hard-line pro-censorship folks who won’t shut up about child porn long enough to talk about the importance of spaces for political dissent. You might be right, but their argument just keeps going. Anon sets the stage --> The CoS has to come to our party. :alien:
  13. captainslug Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    I'm partial to Operation: Fail Game
    YouTube - Anonymous: Operation Fail Game
    If you want to get organizations involved, then you should convince them to pursue the matter on their own. Anonymous can help by being a source of information, but should not do much more than that.

    REAL organizations have their own strengths. And we have ours.
    Attempting to combine the two compromises the advantages of both.

    DC Anons are coordinating with the APA only in the instance that we want to provide a huge push of information. All in and effort to add momentum to their own internal efforts that they very recently started in regards to educating the profession at large about the dangers to mental health that Scientology creates.
    If successful we won't need to do a follow-up at any future events. They will instead probably invite exScientologists and critics.
  14. downstat Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    if it IS about CCHR and the many front groups, then why not Operation Man E Faces YouTube - He-Man Commercial Man E Faces

    I'm sick of "Psychout" and HEY GUYZE, LET'S GO RESEARCH PHYCOLOGY & PSHYCHIATRY. It's a horrible idea and some wanna be leaders / mods keep pushing this idea.
  15. Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    "Game Over" and "Fail Game" both sound negative, I like Operation: Game On! (seen posted in another thread)
  16. Majin Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    From what I've already heard from alot of the Nashville anons, we're against this idea. Just for all the reasons stated in this thread. Honestly I don't see how psychout was declared the winner?
  17. BinC Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Operation: You Lost The Game

    Conveys the theme of Fair Game as well as puts in a meme to bring back the people who do it for the lulz.
  18. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: I hope to god "Psychout" isn't the theme for May.

    Arrg! Some of you need to read the other forums. PSYCHOUT is not, I repeat NOT the theme for May! :p
  19. downstat Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism fourm

    Tell that to socal and other "leaders" who are pushing this.

    Also, why the hell does Psychout have it's own Forum section, the mods must have thought it was a special idea. It's not Project, but Operation still.
  20. eclipsael Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism fourm

    Also, tell that to the fucks over on SA who spend 5-6 pages circle-jerking over what cool name Psychout should be renamed to.

    And to echo downstat (and I mentioned this in the theme poll thread): why the hell do we have this forum? Especially when you have threads titled, for example, **********OFFICIAL DATE FOR THIS BULLSHIT********. Seriously, close this forum or banish it to TD or something.
  21. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    I'm kicking tampon right now about this forum.

    Someone else go kick SA goons?
  22. eclipsael Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    If no one else does, I'll be able to in 3 hours when I'm home from work. I'm full of rage, RAGE I tell you. :rage:
  23. DeadFace Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    One last thing abou Psychout...


    I mean, yer bein' GLIB if you think the public isn't aware by now, and that yer gonna do any dent to the CoS membership by taking psychiatry on. The public has been educated repeatedly my Tommy C on their "authoritie" and refuse to respect them on it.

    You wanna get to the CoS members? This month's item (reconnect) hits the spot. Forced abortion in the SeaOrg and the child labor and rediculous working ta near death of lower levels what aren't rich would be good.

    For the public, it's all the CoS front groups. People, and POLITICIANS and CORPORATIONS are unaware of all their charitees and help clinics/schools etc. that are fronts pushin' LRH "tech".

    Heck, the Bait ans Switch part about bein' compatible with all other religions and philospohies is good.

    Fair Game may be meh, but Psyche Out is a foot bullet and redundant (for an OP anyways). Is good to educate the AMA and ALL politicos and corps about the CoS and NARCANON et al... but don't take em on about psychiatry. It's a dead horse whats been flogged enough in general for now.

    damn... that was long.
  24. Anonymous3373 Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    DELETE the whole sub forum for Operation Psyche out. The majority of us agreed upon Fair game being the topic for may (Operation: Game over, fail game, etc.) We are not psychiatry's personal army, there shouldn't be a protest promoting it for many reasons. However for one of the months, I would suggest focusing on how the CoS denies their members proper medical treatment for serious illness (Such as vitamins for schizophrenia ).
  25. redplaidsofa Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    Another vote to get rid of the word "Psychout".

    If you want that general theme, change it to "Project: Mind Freedom".

    That helps it to switch to the theme freeing the minds of the people trapped in Scientology, not having a frightening word that sounds like Anons being psychiatry's personal army.
  26. dwest Member

    Re: PSYCHOUT is NOT the them for May - go read activism forum

    I could see myself doing a themed protest on Mind Freedom. It includes so much more than Psych. It includes the fact people are processed to the point they can't think freely etc.

    People are not going to get the Psychout message in the 10-30 seconds they drive by our protest. Of the ones that do, many of them have known kids over-prescribed drugs (often by General Practitioners as well as Psychs but they won't see the difference).

    I vote a big no at this time.

    I have read that SoCal is going to do this theme, and I'm disappointed to see them breaking off from the collective.

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