Puja Kunwar, President of Narconon Nepal

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by OTBT, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. OTBT Member

    Puja Kunwar, President of Narconon Nepal

    Nepal? FFS, what the hell is Narconon doing in Nepal?

    Link is not a scilon link. Quite a few photos in the interview. It's not the normal copypasta front group interview.

    Puja Kunwar President of "Narconon" Nepal

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Puja Kunwar, President of Narconon Nepal

    Apparently there is a drug problem in Nepal, or at least in the more urban areas.
  3. Anonymous Member

    as mentioned by Puja Kunwar tht her husband Basanta Kunwar doesn't like 2 face ppl. ha!ha! well we all knw wht he is like. charginin us approx. Rs. 5lakhs, giving our parents some stupid dreams.."only fools cash in on other ppl's weakness".. nah! he is just one pervert n a big fuckin wanker, i even heard and have seen Puja Kunwar doesn't leave her house without carryin at least Rs 2lakhs in her bag ha!ha! wtf why u wanna try n lead a celebrity life whereas face the reality both of u. i'm proud tht i stayed at narconon n i am proud of ppl whom i came across and iam proud of wht i have become n i do thank narconon but there are other staffs still there who touched me most than u 2.. i am sure tht u 2 knw whom i am tlkin about.. whtever anyway thanks a fuckin lot for ur support. wht u r doing is good but pls don't lie to others show them ur true colours not some fucking bullshit..
  4. narconon is a renowned international organization, but i feel that narconon nepal is only money minded. why your organization give mental and physical torcher to students. we pay around 5000 US$ but what we get, only torcher, mental harrashment. i suggest you instead of wasting lot of money in advertisement why dont you give proper care to student. we are not lay man, you should think all students as your family member and stop giving torcher.
  5. anon walker Moderator

    No, Narconon is not 'renowned.' Infamous, maybe. Look, the whole program is quackery from the mind of a mediocre pulp fiction hack. L. Ron Hubbard dropped out of college. He wrote fiction. He was not qualified or knowledgeable about drug treatment, rehab, or detox.

    Let's be clear on that right now. The program is dangerous quackery. Too many authorities are willing to swallow the lies Narconon proponents feed them. Please read through this page carefully. The program is hazardous to the health of clients, and there have been a number of recent deaths and investigations.

    Besides the detoxification quack therapy, there is coursework that doesn't address addiction or recovery, they're just Scientology courses; the same garbage consumers pay for at the local Scientology center.

    Narconon Trois Rivieres was closed by the Quebec government. Narconon Arrowhead and Narconon Georgia are under heavy investigation due to a series of deaths, mostly from negligence. You would expect that to occur if you hire newly graduated clients as "counselors."

    Please inform yourself about Narconon and, if you're in a position to do so, raise awareness so that these ridiculous programs won't destroy more lives.

    They claim a 70% success rate. It's estimated that around 70% of graduates become Scientologists. This is how they play word games.
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  6. Pique Member

    Welcome guest. Thanks for coming here. Anon walker gives good advice when suggesting you read carefully the information about Narconon in this forum.

    Trois Rivieres Quebec is a story from Canada. Arrowhead and Georgia are in the United States. It looks like Narconon Nepal also does not deliver a good service. Please stay around and tell more of your story.

    I agree.
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  7. RightOn Member

    duh didn't notice it in her post.

    never mind
  8. Anonymous Member

    Hi Sameer Bikram Shah,

    Nice of you to drop by and post here.

    For research and information about Narconon, please see this web site:
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  9. SOJOA Member

    Thats actually really sad. I always viewed Nepal as one of the last bastions of innocence and peace in this world. And now they are tainted by the cult
  10. anon walker Moderator

    And China...
  11. SOJOA Member

  12. i agree with sameer. even i was torchered at narconon. i think we should file a case at court against narconon. i have proof against narconon doing illegal business. their staff were taking drugs inside. nepal ratna shiwakoti, shekhar sharma i have proof they were taking drugs inside even they were staff and were teacher inside.
  13. Pique Member

    Welcome to the forum ashish nepal. I'm glad you have survived the dangerous Narconon scam.
    Would you be able to involve Law Enforcement in your country to look at filing criminal charges against Narconon?

    There is a large amount of background information here at WWP on how the scam has operated in other countries. If you have questions about that, or you have more information about Narconon Nepal, then this is the place to post them. :)
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