Purported goals of the Church of Scientology Reform Movement

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Zhongjianren Member

    Purported goals of the Church of Scientology Reform Movement
  2. Anonymous Member

    If only Rathbuns new found naievete weren't such a pathetic act it might almost seem charming at times. He knows perfectly well that the cult is never going to buy into this hornswoggle, rather he's postulating that there just may be enough disenchanted scientologists around that are naive enough to believe he's actually serious. There aren't. Not in the U.S. Not in Germany. Nowhere.

    Keep on postulating Marty. If that groundswell of support you've been expecting were ever to achieve critical mass, it would have already. You'd have an easier time reforming the Shakers at this point.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    What about his balderdash?
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  4. amaX Member

    Every time I hear balderdash, I think poppycock!

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  5. Anonymous Member

    That's a whole topic onto itself, that balderdash is. However since I see Marty mostly as a carny barker I'm going with hornswoggle.
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  6. Xinjifar Member

    Just make sure his codswollop is boiled, gamma-ray irradiated and then salt the earth
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  7. Sponge Member

    ...seasoned with piffle.
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  8. Anonymous Member


    Sec Checking can't be cancelled, its part of The Bridge, specified by LRH. Its covered in Grade II and Level II in Scientology auditing and training.

    And Disconnection is an integral part of PTS tech: "Handle or Disconnect."

    Silly Squirrels are just as nutty as Scilons.
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  9. I doubt disconnection can be cancelled without getting rid of the whole SP / PTS concept either. And unless the High Crimes are cancelled the CoS will still have the ability to declare someone an SP.
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  10. RolandRB Member

    And pay minimum wages to staff?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Xenu shall smite them
  12. Well that's all right then. That field was getting pretty fucked-up.

    View attachment A%20couple%20kiss%20at%20dawn%20in%20a%20field%20o

    I have some more bullet points for them:

    * Full co-operation with law enforcement authorities in providing evidence of past abuse against Scientology members, particularly children.

    * Disbanding of RPF, with records turned over to law enforcement.

    * An end to harassment of ex-Scientologists and Scientology critics.

    * Back-pay for employees who have worked at below minimum wage.

    * Repayment of course fees to those who paid to learn the non-existent "tech".
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  13. Random guy Member

    I think he's planning on starting a new cult rather than reforming the old one. If so, they deserve a chance to prove they are just kooky and not kooky and dangerous. They should be watched closely though.
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  14. Demented LRH Member

    Is this the guy who sang at America's Got Talent?
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  15. amaX Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. But like Israel, they refuse to declare their borders.

    I'd like to see a wiki of what they consider to be the tech, rather than some vague "we like the good stuff but not the bad stuff". The Introspection Rundown, for example, belongs firmly in the bad stuff category.
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  17. Anonymous Member


    The UN should not recognise any "nation" who refuses to define its borders.
    Frankly, I'd like to see my neighbour try that stunt...

  18. Anonymous Member

    Um, who determines what Flubbard tech is "good" and what tech is "bad"?

    New movement: ISWOUTGT

    Independent Scientologists Who Only Use The GOOD Tech
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  19. Anonymous Member

    That's my point -- if they declare what tech is in or out you can make a rational assessment of their likelihood to do harm.
  20. RightOn Member

    It seems to me that Indies, Zoners or whatever they call themselves "cherry pick" what they choose to believe and do in Scientology.
    Off shoots of other "religions" do the same thing.

    COS calls it squirreling and copyrighted (tee hee) , but COS is also is guilty of the same exact thing, as they do not follow "Source" to the "t" either.
    It's all one big cherry picking fest IMO
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  21. Anonymous Member

    a bit further down on the page...
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Do they have a meta-agreement?
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  23. Anonymous Member

    If they can put this into practice, then that would be a Good Thing, and would be a genuine reform.

    How they can put it into practice when LRH's view was firmly "attack the messenger" - that's a big question.
  24. Squirrel King Member

    Critics consider Miscavige a squirrel? Fuck no. That weasel is not allowed in my kingdom. And around here we use correct English: Ronbots, not "DM bots". L. Ron Hubbard is the entheta and DM is only a product of his destructive belief system. All your lulz are belong to us.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige is following orders given to him in secret by LRH... ergo, not a squirrel.

    Prove otherwise.
  26. RightOn Member

    according to COS...
    It is out ethics to post any quote by LRH in any COS promo without quoting "source".
    This has been done alot.
    DM has also changed and repackaged LRH's writings.
    there's two.

    oh I see I have been trolled. carrry on!
  27. Squirrel King Member

    PS: Yes, this is an edited OSA response.
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  28. Of course the Introspection Rundown will remain in effect to handle the psychotic breaks the "LRHTech" has been known to cause.

    "Babysitting Guards" keeping the potential trouble source locked in a room w/o any communication will be volunteers working 14 hour shifts for up to 17 days.
  29. Anonymous Member

    It wasn't meant to be a troll LOL

    There are cult policies which allow the bending of policies, but not tech. Confusing yet? :)

    LRH Advices were always what we wogs would call Top Secret and were of a very limited distribution. Hubbard wrote that verbal orders should never be given without written support; but I have no doubt that LRH did as he liked on many occasions (well-documented already) and played fast and loose with his own utterances (which his protege now does, following his master's voice). Just sayin'.
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  30. xenubarb Member

    Same Source, same abuses, I would think.
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  31. Malory Member

    How about cancellation of auditing on, and by, minors?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Auditing is a form of psychotherapy practiced without a license. Harmless to most healthy people, but may send the mentally unbalanced over the edge. Reliving past traumas over and over can send some people into psychosis.
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  33. Xinjifar Member

    Among other 'psychological techniques' that Scientology uses and abuses (abreaction, operant and social conditioning, hypnotic techniques etc.) one of the most dangerous is 'therapeutic transference', in which the 'client' enters in to a deep emotional binding relationship with the 'therapist'. In normal psychotherapy this transerence may be seen as a mildly useful but inevitable side effect, but for any ethical therapist, it's a relationship of limited scope and duration.

    Scientology, on the other hand, directly pursues, exploits and enforces this bondage and worse. Because the 'transference' isn't even solely to the 'auditor', who in actuality only serves as a 'proxy' for Hubbard Himself, but to the 'organization'. And, the 'ideal scene' is one where the target eventually becomes his *own* auditor; enforcing and reinforcing the bondage to both Hubbard and the Organization himself in every waking minute.
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  34. RightOn Member

    I got yah
    so do they bend the tech when t comes to celebrities then?
  35. RightOn Member

    and babies
    dont' forget that pamphlet they put out on auditing babies lol
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  36. Sonichu Moderator

    You know with all these reforms, wouldn't it be easier to start a new religion? Just set fire to most of the Hubbard works (explaining where hubbard was wrong) and start all over again.

    But this doesn't jell with his view that LRH was right.

    Man anyway you look at it you can't get the hardcore people together.
  37. PodPeople Member

    Also, they are not licensed to diagnose who is and isn't "unbalanced" which is a very important point, as well as the fact that physical, spiritual, mental and verbal abuse of long duration can drive anyone stark raving mad.

    If they really want to reform because they want to help people's mental state, no matter what they call it, spiritiual, religious, doesn't matter, then they'll do what Hubbard forbade scientologists do: get a medical degree and license (ideally with a sidebar of The Humanities and Logics). Few scientologists even know about their own diagnostic tool, the OCA test. It was designed for mental patients. Or, one at least was, and the others were known to be bogus and/or faulty. lol
    “He made great play of three psychometric tests in particular - the California Test of Personality, Johnson Personality Analysis and the Mental Health Analysis. The three, plus the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory used in the Foundation's January 1951 report, appear to have been the direct ancestors of the OCA.”
    “The original MMPI was developed in 1939 (Groth Marnat, Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 2009) using an empirical keying approach, which means that the clinical scales were derived by selecting items that were endorsed by patients known to have been diagnosed with certain pathologies.”
  38. exOT8Michael Member

    Screw the impossible reforms.
    I just want my money back.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Not sure how you mean, here... how about a f'rinstance?
    • Out with the load of old bollocks
    • In with the new load of cobblers
    • Lose the Scien (it's not science and it's bad PR), henceforth to be known as simply Tology
    • David Icke as the new Source
    • Jam-jars accepted as payment for courses up to OT3
    • The able to be regged without mercy to subsidise the less able
    • Smurf to be given full custody of the boy Tommy
    • All new orders to be translated into Chanspeak - the edgy dollar is always a good dollar
    • Ashtrays to be treated with dignity and respect
    • Full disclosure that we don't know what the fuck we're talking about most of the time
    • That's enough cobblers (Ed.)
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