Purported goals of the Church of Scientology Reform Movement

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Xinjifar Member

    You fail to recognize the true revelation of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard.

    'Diagnosis' is superfluous; *everybody* has the same major fuck-up, because it was deliberately *caused* by the evil enemy of all Mankind/life. There is no need for a taxonomy of ills, because they all boil down to the *same thing*!

    Likewise, the 'treatment' doesn't need to be addressed, because *Scientology* is the treatment for all! Everybody just needs Scientology! It cures all ills.

    This is a *Breakthrough*!!

    Symptoms schmimptons. Treatment schmeadtment.

    Scientology For All. And, if that doesn't work; *Moar Scientology!*
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  2. Malory Member

    Bad therapy can even cause some damage to the mentally healthy though and it's one of my bugbears about Scientology. I have tried to debate the point with a Scilon in Belfast but I could see the point wasn't getting through. Really sad but if an adult wants to fuck themself up then there's not a lot can be done. Children don't have the choice and their minds are a lot more vulnerable to being warped. It's morally wrong and, in some instances, legally wrong. Hell, if a man in his 40s logged on to a chat room and started having an indepth discussion about his sex life with a 14-year-old girl then the party van would be swinging into action.

    It. Has. To. Stop.
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  3. I once read a Tom Wolfe essay where he said that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn did not support any "ism" from the left; including liberal democratic socialism, I would infer. He just felt it would lead inevitably to the same place as authoritarian communism.

    Now, I don't know about that (and I don't want to get into a debate about politics either) but in much the same spirit -- I don't agree with any attempts to make a kinder gentler Scientology either. I just have this feeling any form of Scientology will end up looking and acting like the present C of S in the end. Marty Luther is only kidding himself.

    Just my opinion and I suppose I could be wrong but I am leery of people like him. I am glad that he is distracting the official cult of Scientology though.
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  4. mongrel Member

    Has mahty responded to the repeated questions about his role in the Lisa McPherson case yet? I'm sure he has but I just haven't seen it yet.

    Also this:
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  5. xenubarb Member

    Scientology is the tube sock of size fits all.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    Time to start recording the life and times of Suri Cruise. She will be a textbook case. I hope she will wake up during her (hopefully) rebellious teens. The alternative is too horrible.
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  7. RightOn Member

    well, I guess.....
    are they as strict with the tech when it comes to celebrities?
    do they make them follow it the same as others (staff, public)
    Or do some things fall to the wayside. Do they climb the bridge any faster?
    I mean they dont' get sec checked. Isn't that not following the tech?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Yes, you can't get through Grade II auditing without getting sec checked.
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  9. Xinjifar Member

    Speaking of which; there are two things that seem to get an almost automatic and 'post hypnotic' response from Scientologists that I've run into numerous times;

    One) That Scientology is hypnotism
    two ) That 'flying RUDs' is *already* a 'mini-Sec Check'.

    but, how can you 'fly RUDs' when one of the questions is about you having any 'present time problems' or 'overts' or 'withholds' about Ron or Management? At the very least it would *immediately* lead to a full blown Sec Check.

    But, suggest to a Scientologist that there's anything sinister and, well, you know the drill...
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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's a great question!

    The problem is, the person who could answer this (Marty), won't.
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  11. Does anyone believe if David Miscavige had been replaced by Marty Rathbun before Marty blew in 2004 after being demoted that he would have stopped enforcing ALL of L. Ron Hubbard's brutal, abusive policies including security checks, the children's RPF, the RPF, The medically insane purification and introspection rundowns, disconnection and more?

    Marty left when he himself became a victim of Scientology abuses instead of the overseer, 2nd in command in full fake Sea-Org Navy regalia.

    Is Marty now to be trusted with dismantling the abusive Hubbard policies and controlling processes that still exist to this day?

    Does Marty get to pick and choose which abusive policies he keeps?

    Hubbard said that all of his writings and policies were "scriptures" and never to be changed at all.

    Is Marty getting rid of some or all of Hubbard's "sacred scriptures"?

    It absolutely will NOT be Hubbard's Scientology continued by Marty if he changes or dismisses ANY of the beloved, great humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard's "scriptures". Hip...Hip.....

    Who gets all of Scientology's hidden millions?

    Will it be a new "We don't do that anymore" regime with Marty commiserating with all of the current Loyal Scientologists who were unknowingly mistreated so badly by David Miscavige "alone" to save the abusive, controlling "Tech"?

    What a sad joke Marty is playing on everyone after all of his own personal involvement in brutal abuses including the destruction of key evidence in Lisa Mcpherson's brutal death after undergoing 17 days of L. Ron Hubbard's insane introspection rundown that brought about her demise.

    Hubbard was a total fraud, Scientology has been evil to its core since its inception. Miscavige to this day has perpetuated Hubbard's fraud and now Marty wants to perpetuate and profit from L. Ron Hubbard's bogus science turned "Religion" by way of his very own religious cloaking policy.

    Hubbard has been totally exposed as a lying, scamming fraud and all monies should go to all ex-scientologists who were used and abused for so long, not turned over to any new regime that replaces David Miscavige as if he alone was responsible for Scientology's brutally abusive history.

    Scientology and all of its inherent abuses were L. Ron Hubbard's baby and should be buried with him.

    Marty, feel free to start your own version of a religion, it will not be Scientology per LRH himself.

    How about Squirrology?

    How much must one pay for your version of the slave bridge to total suppression and will Hubbard's mind-controlling entheta still exist in Marty-World?
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  12. ^^^
    Those are incredibly good points.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I'm not worried about celebrities' kids, they will get treated with kid gloves. The children I worry about are the ones whose parents sold the house the car and went into debt, leaving no money for milk. You know, like the ones who told their stories on ESK. Celebrities' kids? meh.
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  14. Malory Member

    Oh there's a relatively early entry on his blog where he mentions her. He hopes she'll swing past in her new incarnation and read his garbage. Funnily enough it was around that time I developed the urge to give him the sort of slapping that Miscavige was never able to manage.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    This is funny. Marty wants to be like a 5 year old playing house with a girl. First he starts out being the husband, and the little girl the wife. Then about 10 minutes later, they start to run out of fun, so one says: hey now I'll be the dad and you be the mom, Ok?

    This does not work with Sci-cultism. What Ron said - all of it - is Source. You may not omit any of it, ever. If you do not adhere to the entirety, you are out ethics at least, and definitely not a scientologist. You are a squirrel, an SP. You should have been declared quickly.

    You must agree and adhere to all of what Ron laid down, or you're in need of a sec check and a trip to ethics if not the RPF for a long time. This thing of "there are gems in the turds" does not stand.

    I understand, that at Marty's age one would wish to not start a career in house painting, but would like to make their mortgage in an afternoon of auditing an idiot.

    Dream on, lofty dreams of making tons of cash doing bullshit.
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  16. Demented LRH Member

    I witnessed a psychotic breakdown when a pre-Clear was screaming on top of his lungs, "it is torture, it is fucking torture!", but the auditor was going on with the session as if nothing was happening (I was passing the auditing room by, the door was wide open, and I could see everything). The auditor was doing everything by the idiotic Tech, he just did not know that it was time to stop the session.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Eh... what turns it on will turn it off?

  18. DeathHamster Member

    Even in the first year of Dianetics, more than one person ended up insane.
    I've noticed that many ex-members will mention someone that they knew who had a breakdown and that they never saw them again. Just how many is this, and what happens to them? Does CoS cut all connections and dump them?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Yes. They are regarded as "PTS Type III" (psychotic) and circular-filed.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, but I was thinking of where and how they dump people while staying below the radar, not how they file the paperwork.

    From the PC folders, they should know who doesn't have friends or family to worry about.
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  21. Ackerland Member

    Yes, of course. Hubbard even mentioned this might gonna happen. He says you should keep on pressin' in these cases, because it's only the reactive mind that does not want its engrams to be lifted and the preclear would be "thankful" afterwards.
    Of course there is no reactive mind as Hubbard described it and the end-product is a callous individual that has killed a significant part of itself.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I meant that the person is circular-filed; i.e., discarded.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists are, by virtue of training and processing, incapable of compassion.
    Compassion is what makes us human.
    You can't have any, if your goal is to metamorphose into "Homo Novis".
  24. And then just to confuse things, one reads the bulletin below. As usual there is another contradiction. I am sure a Scientologist could explain this apparent contradiction but since this is just one of many many contradictions and since it was long ago proven the whole thing is bogus -- I no longer care about the fairy tale "tech".

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grenstead, Sussex

    Issue II

    Revised 12 October 1969


    Dianetics Checksheet


    Forcing a pc to go on being audited when the pc is refusing or not wishing to go on

    upsets the pc and his case and will often result in low TA (below 2.0) and will give the

    pc a heavy loss.

    There is no excuse for it.

    It invalidates the pc’s cause.

    The correct action is to either find out why he doesn’t want to go on or send the pc

    to a Scientology Review.

    L. Ron Hubbard

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  25. Ackerland Member

    Yes, very good catch. The standard explanation by true believers is that "Hubbard made mistakes and corrected them in his later works", which is just a pathetic excuse to mask the fact that everything Hubbard "corrected" was an effort to mask the fact that his "tech" does not live up to its promises, no matter how standardly applied.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I don't see how anyone is capable of believeing they have an understanding the self-conflictive drivel at all.

    It smacks of Crowley's writings, which appear to make sense at first, then start contradicting themselves.

    Should be no surprise, as Hubbard was a fantastic plagiarist, and referred to the black magician as "Aleister Crowley, my good friend" in at least one (recorded) lecture.
  27. Anyone want to join a criminal cult of personality based on the ramblings of a mentally unbalanced, pathological liar? No? Would you change your mind if we told you it's now under new management? lol
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  28. I would have more respect for him if he were a house painter. House painters actually do something that is real and positive.

    Yeah, I know. He actually believes in all that LRH bullshit so in that sense; he is doing nothing wrong.

    I guess I just don't like that guy because he is still an idiot.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Hmm. I'd rate him currently less evil than John Edward.
  30. Oh yeah, that guy.
  31. Enturbulette Member

  32. When you can prove the whole thing is basically a scam (albeit, a mismash of nonsense, lies, madness, plagiarisms, and a small tiny amount of common sense and warped "good intentions"); well, the explanations and excuses for the contradictions becomes irrelevant.
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  33. Ackerland Member

    As always, in natural sciences, there is no mathematical proof that would drive this point home. All you can do is look at empirics. They don't look good and contradict Hubbard's assertions. But the tech has built-in safeguards that - once you apply it to yourself - will destroy your ability to look at these facts sanely.
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