Pyschiatry Kills exhibit in Old Town Sacramento, CA

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by okiegirl, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. okiegirl Member

    Not sure if anyone has noticed it in old town sac, but there is an exhibit going on. Not sure when it is open, but pretty pathetic area for one if you ask me!

    Anyone down for some chalking?
  2. moarxenu Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Old Town Sacramento is part of California State Parks, do you know what building or area they have the exhibit in?
  4. okiegirl Member

    It is next to Omalley's Irish Pub, which is this addy: 1109 2nd St
    Sacramento, CA 95814. The exhibit is directly on the left of the pub at a corner in the heart of Old Town.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, I will contact California State Parks to ask why Scientology was given a permit for this exhibit.
  6. okiegirl Member

    I agree. maybe we can get them to shut it down. I was about to call the old town office and ask what is up with that. scary if you ask me.
  7. okiegirl Member

  8. okiegirl Member

    (916) 442-8575. is the board number.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Contact Us

    General Questions
    For general inquiries, please send email to:

    Comments, Suggestions or Complaints
    To send us comments, suggestions or complaints, please send email to:
    Technical Inquiries
    For technical inquiries regarding the website, please send email to: Webmaster
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    If you discover any information on our pages which you believe to be inaccurate or outdated, please send email to: Webmaster

    State Park Districts
    District Office Contacts

    Dept. of Parks and Recreation
    1416 9th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    P.O. Box 942896
    Sacramento, CA 94296

    Public Information Inquiries
    TEL 800-777-0369
    TTY relay service, 711
    FAX 916-654-6374

    Travel Media Inquiries
    Chris Burgess
    TEL 916-651-0389
    FAX 916-654-6374

  10. moarxenu Member

    OP, plz provide moar details on the exhibit. Is this a stress testing both and anti-psychiatry hate exhibit or what? kthx.
  11. okiegirl Member

    it wasn't open when i peeked into the building. i saw chairs, and sections of walls set up. a big sign out front read "scientology kills" that is about it... my friend was too spooked to go back and go inside. so i need to find others to go with me to check it out. don't wanna go alone, they might take me to the underground tunnel in old sac. haha.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Shanghai'd by scientology!
  13. Anonymous Member

    It sounds like their traveling version of the "Psychiatry: Industry of Death Museum"
  14. slobeck Member

    your thread title read like a news item. Your post says absolutely nothing about psychiatry taking down anything. L2forum. Stupid and useless post is stupid and useless.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Stupid and useless reply is stupid and useless.
  16. slobeck Member

    actually your reply to my perfectly valid criticism of a pathetic post with a title that was meant to mislead a reader in to thinking that the poster has something interesting to say is really fucking stupid. But hey, I'm willing to say it to your face. You are scared little anonymous faggot with nothing of value to ad to the conversation.
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  17. HellRazor Member

  18. okiegirl Member

    slobeck, you are dumb. dumb people exist. smart people exist. yawn. seriously it is just a post to notify of this event. who fucking cares where it was posted. get off here. now. haha.
  19. okiegirl Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    the exhibit runs from July 1st through July 19th at 200 K Street in Old Sacramento. Tours are
    available Mon-Thurs from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, Fri & Sat from 11:00 to 9:00 and Sun from 11:00 to 5:00. A formal grand opening will be held July 6th at 5:30 pm.

    Only one day left for the exhibit.
  21. slobeck Member

    lol. w/e makes you feel better about yourself. "there's a cult exhibit in old town sac" is too vague. And apparently it prompted others to actually post the details that SHOULD HAVE BEEN in the OP. Valid criticism is valid. You've been a member since 2009, you should have lurked enough in that time to know how to craft a valuable and informative post. Just sayin'

    Oh and way to go posting it a DAY before it's over when there's NOTHING that can reasonably be done about it.
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  22. okiegirl Member

    uh, i have a life, it doesn't revolve around bullshit like scientology. so when something major like a psychiatry kills exhibit that is deceptive to the general population comes up then i will post such things. get a life.
  23. slobeck Member

    Ahh, so now you're excuse for a lame post is that you "have a life" and are too busy for "bullshit" like scientoloigy? THEN WTF are posting here for?

    Funny; I have 3 jobs, a partner and a social life that is rather exciting and busy, yet still I know how to craft a good post AND i still have time to care about Scientology and the harm they inflict on society. What's your excuse? oh right.
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  24. slobeck Member

    Oh and quit your QQ'ing and do better.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. slobeck Member

    I know right? I'm:

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  27. churchlady Member

    I was there July 10th and didn't see anything like this.
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  28. okiegirl Member

  29. slobeck Member

    LOL. self-deprecating sarcastic joke made by the "stupid" one went over your head?
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  30. okiegirl Member

    you are trying way too hard to piss people off on this forum. your jokes sound like they are coming from some old fart behind a cpu who read too much 4 chan in one sitting. wank off.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Stop confusing slobeck with old farts like me. I turned 55 on Saturday, so now I can qualify for the senior discount at most restaurants.
  32. okiegirl Member

    hehehe, ok.. you are young at heart :)))) are you in sac too?
  33. Anonymous Member

    I lived about 50 miles east of Sacramento for about 20 years and am familiar with Old Town Sacramento.
  34. slobeck Member

    I thought you said you were too busy to care about scientology. Yet you care enough about what I say to get into it with me here. Contradictory much? The fact remains your OP was fucking lame. It was devoid of info and I was right to call you on it. That and your headline was misleading. All true and valid criticism. Why not respond to them directly? Or say thanks and proceed to do better than dropping an information-less, vague announcement about a possible scilon event that, in fact, was already OVER. That or go get raped by bag of niggers, IDC. The fact also remains that you don't know how to take valid criticism of your lame post w/o just name calling like a 9y/o. (Sorry, no insult to 9 y/o's meant)
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  35. Robocat Member

    Ok, you two. That's just about enough.
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  36. slobeck Member

    I'm happy to drag this one to the drama thread where I can let the idiot know what I really think of it.
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  37. okiegirl Member

    who the fuck is slobeck anyways? i hear a bird chirping when ever i read his posts. yawn.
  38. okiegirl Member

    whoever you are, i don't read this fucking forum to know where to post shit, i posted it under here because it deemed most relevant. cry me a river if it wasn't in the right spot you nerd.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Wait, wut, WAT? Did you mean there is a sign that says psychiatry kills, or did a critic get there already?
  40. Anonymous Member

    the former

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