Q&As for Susan Clickner ('Clean Ice' Inventor Robert Almblad's Girlfriend)

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by bluemom, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Dame Edna isn't really a woman, silly. :)
  2. bluemom Member

    You are required to post pics here.[/quote]

    I thought it was NO PICS....make up your mind..
  3. Smurf Member

    If you can convince Mike Rinder to get buck naked in the pool, then it is required you post pics. :)
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  4. bluemom Member

    LOL... I can get his dog to get naked in the pool (with my dog).. will that do??
  5. bluemom Member

    Oh but wait, Blue swims with the dolphins not the sharks....hehehehehe
  6. Anonymous Member

    Just don't drown his dog... ask Mike where that's been done before.....
  7. Smurf Member

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  8. bluemom Member

    I don't want to hear about that :(
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  9. Strixcoil Moderator

    Smurf, that's disgusting!
    Even from you!
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  10. LocalSP Member

    I really want to give Bluemom the benefit of the doubt but there is something not right going on here.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Is it like scammers promoting their scam?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous said it earlier, there's a contradiction no one has fixed. First we're told that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were talking to the FBI, but the investigation was halted by powerful people. Then we hear from Bluemom that Rinder has been meeting with the FBI.

    Someone has to fix this contradiction before I can bring myself to care about Bluemom's dog, pool, booze, safe ice, nephew, or boyfriend.
  14. heatberd Member

    Then we hear from bluemom that bluemom has been meeting with the FBI.
  15. Anonymous Member

    These contradictory versions were ordered by the FBI to throw aliens off the track so go ahead and care about Bluemom's dog, pool, booze, safe ice, nephew, and boyfriend.
  16. Anonymous Member

    And don't forget that Narconon is awesome!
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Tinfoil speculation, cuz I'm bored:

    Rinder/Rathbun felt in the dark about the status of the FBI investigation into human trafficking, unfair labor practices, and fair game ops. This made them nervous so they told Graham Berry a story he'd believe, about the investigation getting shut down from above, knowing that this would provoke Graham to do some digging.

    Independently, the Feds did talk to the Safe Ice trio on account of Squirrel Buster type shenanigans against their business. However "Rinder is talking to the FBI" under these circumstances doesn't have anything to do with his history of running ops against Scientology's enemies.

    So FBI, if you are out there and you are going after Scientology, you no has to tell me nethin about your investigating. I don't care about the petition. I don't care whether my ice is safe or not. I just want the scammers shut down. And I want justice for all the cult's victims.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    ICE.. ICE.. BABY..

  22. amaX Member

    someone had to do it.
  23. LocalSP Member


    Vanilla Ice?
  24. AquaMan Member

  25. grebe Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. bluemom Member

    WHO said THAT?
  29. Smurf Member

    It was an assumption based on what you posted. Post #369....

    "On the FBI, I witness visits and ongoing communications on a regular basis. I have personal involvement with "authorities" which I can not say here (I ask for your understanding)."
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Look, just because the FBI may not be sharing what it is doing, doesn't mean there still isn't an investigation going on.
    It would make sense to appear to deny it to keep from being bothered about it.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The normal rule here is 'pics or it didn't happen'.

    But I'm afraid in this case an Anon may have been making a cruel jibe at your expense.
  32. heatberd Member

    Hey Mike and Marty, you guys can talk to each other in person. You don't need this thread to flirt with each other.
  33. grebe Member

    I think you are just being silly. There is a real person named Susan Clickner working with Almblad to promote their Safe Ice product. We have corroborating sources for that.

    If Mike or Marty were pretending to be Susan, she'd probably notice. And Jesus, what would be the point?

    I'm all for speculation, and lord knows the CoS has done some weird shit in the past. But repeatedly throwing out paranoid ideas without any evidence or justification is, frankly, disruptive (trolling).

    Oh, and what happened to your dog's eyes?
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  34. heatberd Member

    Just my opinion with added sarcasm.

    My dog is sleeping : )
  35. heatberd Member

    And yes, I agree, my actions are that of a troll. However, any thread put on wwp by Marty and friends (i know who Susan is), is fair game for trolls.
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  36. Smurf Member

    If the FBI denied an actual ongoing investigation was taking place, heads would roll in the organization when it was later found to be untrue. The FBI doesn't want to invite that scrutiny nor scandal. If they claim a case is pending, it's either being investigated or it's been put on the back burner, with the file remaining open, awaiting new evidence to build a case.

    The DB Cooper hijacking remains an open case & it's 40 years old.

    If one suspects the FBI has closed a case, they can always file a FOIA inquiry with the FBI. The Scilons have filed thousands of FOIA requests over the years to cull data.
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  37. bluemom Member

    Hi Smurf, Yes, I just never said FBI (on purpose) because I have never talked with them, but I am cooperating with OTHER authorities. And I'd rather not speak about them or the disclosures I've made at this time.... but there will be a time and then......

    On the FBI, MR/MR thing... I do know that everything I have said (about their cooperating,etc) is the truth, .... HOWEVER, I do not know "when the plug was pulled" as reported by the gentleman who started the petition, and what effect that has had on the "ongoing investigation". This is an ongoing story and I'm sure we're not at the end yet.

    The sequence of things gets a bit blurry so I'm sorry if I've confused anyone. I should be keeping a day to day journal on this stuff (we do on the church harassment!!) because it would probably come in handy someday.
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  38. Hi Susan,

    I have another question for Robert, if he's willing. He completed OT III (an advanced Scientology level) some years ago, and even went higher than that. OT III includes the Xenu (space alien) story.

    What does Robert think of the Xenu story?

    Does he believe that it's true?

    If so, true as an allegory or completely literally true?

    Asking because of genuine interest in what long-term Scientologists - and Indys in particular - actually believe.

    Kind regards,

    PS If you haven't come across Xenu before, here's a summary:
    and here's the original document in Hubbard's handwriting:

    PPS - don't forget to let us know about any other websites that are part of the smear campaign, we'll be happy to look into them for you. Any progress on complaints to abuse@ ISPs re almbladscam ?

    Edit: I should add that, as far as I'm concerned, he's got the right to believe in anything he likes.
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  39. Susan?

    BTW, I don't find Xenu any more intrinsically unbelievable than Moses parting the Red Sea or Jesus walking on water. RA and the rest of the Scientologists have a right to believe what they like, as long as their actions are within the law.
  40. Anonymous Member


    I would like your take on Mahtey's latest posting about your employee, Scientology's New International Spokesperson Mike Rinder:

    We've been very nice and all, but W. T. F.?? Even if he's continuing to attack DM, he's still spewing the cult crap to spread the word to others. And per the other thread on him, he's spending time with friends who are throwing a party in his name.

    So he's on a cult PR junket/vacation while you're struggling to keep your invention going? How does this ahole justify his paycheck? Or is he really that much of a brainwashed bloodsucker that he doesn't care about you?

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