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  1. time line of events so far on Q day frm Enduring America

    0935 GMT: Catching Our Breath for Questions. The news that Mohammad Khatami was “attacked” and forced away from the rally seems solid (0809 GMT). But did Mehdi Karroubi appear and speak to the marchers (0633 GMT).

    And where is Mir Hossein Mousavi?

    0930 GMT: Mowj-e-Sabz is now reporting clashes and “violent situation” in Isfahan and clashes and arrests in Tabriz.

    0915 GMT: Classic (and Accurate) Quote of Day. It’s from Josh Shahryar, “Get yer cokes and pizzas folks. It’s gonna be a long day.”

    0910 GMT:More on Rallies. Al Jazeera is already bumping the President aside for the marches, as their footage indicates there may be more than the “several thousand” we just projected. CNN’s Reza Sayah on Twitter claims, “3-4 kilometre stretch between Vali Asr Square & Laleh Park packed with tens of thousands of opposition supporters”.

    0845 GMT: How Big Are the Rallies? Images on Al Jazeera television show masses of people on the move, and Agence France Presse is claiming “tens of thousands” from witnesses.

    A source inside Iranian media has told EA that the internal broadcast feed is showing 3000-3500 demonstrators. Based on the reports, we now feel comfortable saying “several thousand” Green Wave supporters are marching, wearing green wristbands, with the largest confirmed rally at the Vali-e Asr intersection, near Tehran University on Enghelab Street.

    (We think that the AFP report of “tens of thousands” may include not only Green Wave supporters but also onlookers and some Ahmadinejad supporters who are also present or are on way to Tehran University.)

    0833 GMT: Ahmadinejad ends his speech. We’ve got a snap analysis and, from yesterday, Ahmadinejad’s interview with NBC television.

    0830 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “We want [Palestinian] refugees to come back and decide their own future. [But the Israelis] have built several scenarios to reduce the dimension of the Iranian people. They are rallying some people in New York. The Iranian nation shall not crush a single grain for these machinations. The Iranian people have declared that they are ready and stands by the values of its Leader. They struggle against tyrants and hold high the flag of freedom and justice and will never set it down.”

    0827 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “Messages to nations friendly to this [Israeli, not Iranian, I presume] regime. This regime is nearing its end. Occupation and rape are nearing their end.”

    “You shoot a million-dollar missile towards a smaller value building in Gaza. The million-dollar part cannot emerge victorious! This regime has no future. They are building walls along themselves. We advise you: relinquish support for the Zionists. This regime is doomed, do not attach yourself to it. Even if 1000 years would pass, the nations of the region will not acknowledge this regime or recognise it.”

    0826 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “The influence of Zionism is permeating everywhere. When they influence, they will never leave. A US professor would tell me that one of them requested to be employed after no appointments were made in the past 5-6 years. He came back to that university a few years later. The faculty was infested with Zionists.”

    0824 GMT: EA Correspondent – “Chants inside Tehran Uni exclusively in line with regime. There seems to be no Green presence inside.”

    0822 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “Iranian people are the flagbearer of everything good in the world: justice, pureness, peace and friendship. Resistance towards this [Israeli] regime is a national and global duty. The people of Iran will never put this flag down. The only route for salvation is resisting the corrupt Zionist channel in the world. You should know that, due to God’s will, the final victory of the revolutionary people of the world front against Zionism is in our hands.”

    0818 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “Some US, European politicians have told us, ‘You can shout against us, don’t shout slogans against these Zionists.’ They will put us under pressure. Big companies in Europe, US cannot do business unless they have Zionist stakeholders.” [Ahmadinejad's get-out clause for Iran's economic difficulties?]

    “World shoudl know that Zionism is the best example of racism. They are people that have no respect for anything but their own. Even the US president — should they manage it — they will assassinate him.”

    0814 GMT: EA Correspondent – “Ahmadinejad still going on in same terms about Israel.”

    0809 GMT: Parleman News claims confirmation of reports, which we have been followed, that former President Mohammad Khatami was “attacked” and forced to leave the Qods Day rally. The newspaper claims this was done at the behest of the son of the editor of Kayhan newspaper, Hossein Shariatmadari.

    0807 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “All the bits and pieces of Israel’s regime are against humanity. All of the components of Israel’s government and regime have no faith against faiths of the world.”

    0802 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “We should have 72 countries in Europe. Even Russia has to be dismembered if every nation is to go independent.” [Hmm....Can't see Moscow being too pleased about this.]

    0800 GMT: Ahmadinejad – “The Europeans are supporting the crimes of the Zionists and are creating anti-Jewish sentiment to further the Israeli crowds. All are for domination on the world.

    “We have to give rights to Indian redskins [Native Americans]. They had culture and heritage. You have encroached on them and killed millions.” [Nice touch. Ahmadinejad stands alongside the first victims of "American imperialism".]

    0755 GMT: Running summary of Ahmadinejad speech: “Holocaust once again. He is asking on why research on the Holocaust has been impeded. Palestine most important problem of the world. Iraq. Afghanistan, Sudan being trampled, all due to Zionists. All imperialism due to Zionists.

    Why don’t you allow the main reason of the Palestinian plight to be analysed?”
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    ahmad at his most provocative

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