Quebec Human Rights Commission: Narconon abused and mistreated patients

Discussion in 'Media' started by mnql1, Apr 14, 2014.

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    It doesn't matter how many threads there are. Just let it be.
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    The fraud will only stop when scientology stops.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    FOR the Lulz:p

    Still COLD here in Montreal with WIND CHILL, but we're tough, eh'?

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  5. Intelligence Member

    TODAY is Arlene Gasparini's Birthday and may She Rest in Peace:(

    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS*** -- Arlene, a very special person who is missed and LOVED by many. One comment to me on my YouTube channel said, QUOTE: "It's obvious where your extraordinary drive originates." ----- They are more right than many know.

    Narconon drug rehab - a sister goes public today about tragic death

    This ^^^ was the Story that Scientology's Beverly Hills law firm demanded be taken down
    or Me and the Examiner would face a Lawsuit!


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  7. yoshiyoyo Member

    blessed assurance - this is my story this is my s…:
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    All the day long....
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Good morning .... long sleep feels GREAT!

    This Arlene story is not over yet for sure ... in fact, it will on a TV Show in the very near future
    with details that are both very moving and disturbing into the most SAD :(

    When this EVIL cult touches one Family member, the negative disease spreads like a virus/disease!

    So many lawyers contacted me over the past few days, both me and they had some
    confusion as to WTF?


    In this Morning:

    Will spend this weekend on 'case law precedents' that can be used to target
    the specifics, thus reducing 'their heavy load' and keep on point. :rolleyes:

    As the Ministry of Health and Human Rights Commission experienced overwhelming
    thousands of pages of document submissions, we will not need this again for these lawyers.

    The other cases were already decided with Summaries. Now I/We hope to use these Decisions
    as best we can to do something further that I will post once I can confirm it's possible and
    pending Lawsuits are filed in the Courts.


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  11. Intelligence Member

    Next week and soon thereafter, it will be interesting to see if these Entities COLLIDE or COOPERATE -- to find and expose the TRUTH? I dare say a few Lawyers are working overtime with pending matters in preparation for what may come sooner rather than later.:eek:

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  12. Random guy Member

    You are a Juggernaut Sir!
  13. 2i1hytt.jpg




    Another victim Resolution Decision

    Mod edit: Dox removed. Vicitm's name was not redacted. Feel free to repost with the victim's name properly redacted.
  14. Mod edit: Dox removed. Vicitm's name was not redacted. Feel free to repost with the victim's name properly redacted.


  15. Intelligence Member

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  17. Intelligence Member

    The captain was a duck with a crew of 'Touch Me - Go Fuck a Duck' creepers. With a packet on his back, ready to abandoned ship, his last GASPS were Quack! Quack!

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  18. Intelligence Member

    Was contacted by a Canada Federal government politician today by phone and email. I can't
    say just yet (but will in due course) what they wanted, but suffice to say they are taking a keen
    interest in these human rights case decisions and will arrive at their office tomorrow morning
    with a large stack of Dox to read.

    Just finished submitting more documents to Quebec Ministry of Justice, Attorney General,
    Quebec Bar Association, President of the Human Rights Commission, Investigators, and private
    Lawyer representing me now.

    The Quebec Human Rights Commission is SILENT right now, but a few nuggets are leaking out and when I know more, I will post here.:p

    Off to bed now, Cheers --

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    Sleep well David, and remember to eat your veggies and all that jazz!
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    Vegemite and poutine sub! Yum!

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  22. Intelligence Member

    This is ONLY ONE of 3 Commission Resolution Decisions.

    At 2:00 am this morning, I sent a letter to the President of the Commission:


    I/We victims have received no communication from the Commission while they hold
    a Committee Hearing and while the Quebec Bar Association and numerous other government entities, both Federal and Quebec Provincial review these matters.

    However, David Love is not one to sit back while bureaucracy scratches their head and picks their ass wondering WTF to do?

    So, will now take the head by the horns and meet with private Lawyer very soon.

    If we file Court Documents and/or Lawsuits, it will be Public and I will post ASAP?

    On another note, and I am so embarrassed to even post this, but I need some help. Maybe
    being proud Irish or whatever, I can never bring myself to ask for $ help. However, if anyone can help even a little, it would be much appreciated to help get my Book published ASAP.

    The Cover was far too busy and we are now taming it down to a simple cover. The Quebec Human Rights Commission found Narconon at fault and guilty of numerous human rights abuses, but it's what is not in the Report that needs to be told for all to see and read.

    When the Commission Lawyer found out I was going to the Media and I told Narconon
    they could SHOVE their offer and GAG ORDER, I received this at the last hour from the
    Commission Lawyer - EXCERPT:

    I still say *FUCK YOU NARCONON/OSA and your $$$ if it includes at Non-Disclosure GAG ORDER!

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  23. Intelligence Member

    THANK YOU MOD!!! <3

    It 'MAY' be re-posted again by Anon with even a third Victim's Human Rights Decision?

    We'll see.


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  24. TorontosRoot Member

    Cannot miss out on the REDACTED name replacement. lol (the little boo-boos)
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  25. Intelligence Member

    A 'Success Story'? - Perhaps?

    Few people are aware of the 7 days a week, 16-18 hours a day I have worked for about 4 years
    now to EXPOSE the crimes and abuses inside Narconon-Scientology.

    You see, I live in Montreal, many thousands of miles from home and my loved ones ..... and
    I have very few trusted Friends in Montreal -- So, I just sit at my Laptop and enturbulate - LOL:D

    I started out on WWP and when someone said, DOX or STFU, I had no idea what they meant - LMAO!!!

    But now, I can 'smell' - I can 'taste' - I can 'feel' that there is light at the end of my MISSION tunnel.

    Recently, I asked numerous people, Friends. Co-Workers, and Professionals, to counter the Dead Agent
    nattering with letters, so that I could present to Government Officials, something that WILL make a difference --- WILL present change for the better.

    When I read the following letter sent to me by Email ... well ... Ummm ... it was a good feeling indeed.

    I have tomorrow off because I worked my 40 hours in 3 days, so that I could attend any required
    meeting on Friday.

    So, it's ONLY 9:35 pm now and I'm going to CHILL and watch a Netflix Movie .... CHEERS:D

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  26. HellRazor Member

    Oooh! I love mad libs!

    Redacted 1: "lover"

    Redacted 2: "mail-order husband"

    Redacted 3: "horny"

    Redacted 4: "Bunnykins"
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Appointment with Lawyers today to see if we can turn over some rocks and see what crawls out?



    Meeting over with Lawyers now and it appears that, YES, each and every Narconon Trois-Rivieres executive and other COS executives from other entities working at NN TR are responsible and ‘could’ be held Liable for Tortious negligence when they knew or should have known of the human rights abuses and Charter violations. Now, even the Human Rights Commission could be facing many questions, and perhaps litigation proceedings? As requested, additional evidence documents will be compiled and directed to Lawyer ASAP. Will we win? Haven't lost any formal complaint yet, but rather resulted in a WIN, and I have no intention of losing with this one. In Quebec Civil Code Law, executives are not protected by the so-called' Corporate Veil' when committing Tortious acts that harm people. *Tick-Tock*


    Couldn't help myself taking this photo on way home on bus --- thinking about
    what little is left of Narconon in Canada. :p 28in7dk.jpg
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  28. Anonylemmi Member

    There is so much win, but I cannot help but wonder what it has cost Mr. Love in time, money and personal life.
    The cost must be insanely high, only a very few could have seen it through this far.
    This man needs special recognition.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    No, I don't want or need any 'special' recognition whatsoever. Every critic and Anon does their part
    and without the 'masses' posting here and on other Forums and websites, I would not have been
    able to do what I did .... at least not as quickly. Only 4 years or so - LOL :p

    What I do need right now as soon as possible, is to have my book published ASAP. This Book will fill
    in and expand on the Human Rights Commission resolution decision and MUCH, MUCH more that
    has never been posted or discussed with anybody at any time thus far.

    My Book is ready to publish and even one Anon who posts on here has a DRAFT COPY just in case?

    After meeting with my Lawyer today in downtown Montreal, and with what I expect to come
    next week or soon thereafter, I ONLY need to edit a few Chapters and ADD in a few things that
    are NOT in the Draft copy. If I get sued, so be it ... bring it on OSA, I'll see ya' in Court!

    I just contacted Colin Henderson who will be starting a New Thread to help decide a Book Cover that
    is not so BUSY as the one I posted on one Thread some place? I want to keep in SIMPLE and please
    feel free to comment and make suggestions?

    Funds are coming in slowly here, but as I told my Lawyer today, he can keep a large portion of
    any Moral and Punitive damages, if we WIN, just give me enough to publish THIS NEXT BOOK
    and the next one I am writing now.

    I will update more information about this Book ASAP -- with a few TEASERS: - :D

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  30. Anonylemmi Member

    Keep the cover simple, yes.
    No volcanoes. :D
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  31. Random guy Member

    Yes, simple is good. Your story is powerful as it is, you don't need an "Astounding Science" style cover to make it more dramatic.
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  32. David, please stop spamming with shameless plugs everywhere for your fundraising campaign. ktks
    This message by montrealAnon has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Montreal anonymous wouldn't ever say such a thing like that. GTFO poser.
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  34. TorontosRoot Member

    OSA is very butthurt and is trying to slander david love it seems. Mods know what to do.
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    Moar cowbell.
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  36. always

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    Blue Oyster Cult-Spectres (1977-Full Album):
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  38. Intelligence Member

    NICE! -- I always listen to music while writing ... even at NN TR on I-Pod:rolleyes:

    Will have Faxed letter on Human Rights Commission President's desk first thing
    Tuesday morning, May 20, 2014. I already KNOW the answer from leaks to me
    in FB PMs ... but must go through the prescribed procedure before filing more Dox.

    AND if I'm receiving LEAKS, it's not rocket science to know how mush OSA knows?

    I have documented, written warnings to a few government agencies to keep the FUCKING
    evidence documents locked up secure! DUH!

    More to come when I receive Notice/Reports and Lawsuits are filed.:D

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