Quebec Human Rights Commission: Narconon abused and mistreated patients

Discussion in 'Media' started by mnql1, Apr 14, 2014.

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    CULT TALK RE: [That convict has only track mind]

    Geezze, I don't even know if I have a 'Reactive' mind ... do I?:D

    Me just stays calm and presses on and let's YOU trolleezze have fun with wasting time.:eek:

    Love is 'Happy-Camper' and having tons of Lulz:)

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  3. dox will be posted when Anon is fucking ready fuck tards!
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

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  5. David, in all seriousness now, are those posts with the alleged 911 call mp3 and text real?

    You should sue OSA if it isn't as they obviously doctored your voice to make it seem like you were saying those things.

    Is the call real or made up by OSA?
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  6. TorontosRoot Member

    It's definitely OSA made. Re-arranged audio can easily be done if great care is taken. I won't take that kind of dead agent crap.
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  7. vaLLarrr Member

    Not like anyone believes OSA's efforts to smear Mr Love.

    Great justice is coming, $cientology. Your tears will, as always, be like sweet wine upon our lips.

    Narconon is fucked. :)
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  8. Hey David Love, wanna be in my new documentary? It's a documentary on Village Idiots, all you need to know is how to dial 911.
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  9. He already said the 911 call was true but many years ago. so fuck off.
  10. TorontosRoot Member

    9 years ago is indeed a long time (if I am correct)
    No sense for those faggots to obsess over it either. :)
  11. LOL /b/

    Come and get us, fucking assholes.

    Give us your best shot stupid zit ridden, basement dwellers asswipe morons!
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  12. TorontosRoot Member

    Quoting for graet justice! They downvoted it... how so?
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  13. eddieVroom Member

    Reactive mind? I imagine so... ;-)
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    A little haiku while we wait, inspired by vaLLarrr above:

    Your tears, as always,
    Will be like sweet wine to us.
    Narconon is fucked.
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    You have totally overwhelmed us with your 100% on-policy attack line. I have never felt so caved-in by OT Powerz.
    You have handled our evil intentions. Effective cause well demonstrated.
    Now take a few stat points before Thursday at 2 so you won't have to eat rice and beans next week.
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