Question about Earthlink

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by GretaVanSucksterin, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Question about Earthlink

    Could this legitimately be called a "Scilon company"? Everything I've been able to get my hands on indicate it has not been such since Sky Dayton sold it to Mindspring in 2000. Their HQ moved to [STRIKE]nightmarish traffic capital of America[/STRIKE] Atlanta about that time, and frankly, there aren't nearly enough Scientologists around for them to make a going concern of any major corporation. Also, almost every business they touch turns to shit, which has not happened in this case. I'm just wondering if this talk about them is tinfoil or a carryover from the bad old days.
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    Re: Question about Earthlink

    Was once a "Scilon company". Possibly WISE(?). Today, nope. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few clammy stragglers hanging on, but I WOULD be surprised if there were any more than a very few today.
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    Re: Question about Earthlink

    Scientologist Sky Dayton became CEO of Helio upon the company’s launch in 2005. At that time, he resigned as chairman of EarthLink but remained a director.
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    As a matter of fact, this is a timely post. On January 14, 2011 Sky Dylan Dayton filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, unless one for his new Initial Public Offering, Boingo. The S-1 filing can be found here:

    I hope this turns out to be as exciting as the S-1 filing for EarthLink networks back in 1994. In that document we saw the results of scamming from the biggest Ponzi scheme fraudster to date, Scientology minister Reed Slatkin. The fraudster Slatkin was "co-founder" of EarthLink networks.

    We also of saw another Scientologist, Kevin O'Donnell – the Scientologist with government contracts – who used his own money to produce the film, "13 Days." In the film, he portrayed his dad as the person who was really in control of the Cuban missile crisis behind the scenes at the White House – not Pres. John F. Kennedy.

    Also we saw some illustrious people from Ingram Micro, to Sidney Azeez – one of Minister Slatkin's many positive scheme victims. We see names like Robert Kavner, and others that were real curious at the time. Later George Soros would even lend his financial institution from Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles to the distinguished investors list. (it could have been that his yacht was bored right next to Scientology's Freewinds.

    So let's scour this SEC filing S-1 for names of Scientologists, and Scientology front groups to see how encumbered with religion the hot spot Wi-Fi company really is, with all those private messages and applications going through it from airports and hotels around the world. you certainly can trust a Scientologist to keep your personal information and hidden secrets, secret till only them… That is of course, unless you step on the line with the midget. In fact I remember when EarthLink was in its infancy, it's domain name address was the same as the Scientology domains. And, Dennis Erlich's PC information was put in a public directory on
  5. Scatman Member

    Predictably, if a scilon runs the business, you can be certain that the business runs scams:
    Looks like lots of people have been ripped off by Boingo.
  6. Herro Member

    I love it when I get to do this.
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  8. Scatman Member

    Thanks, Herro. I would like to indicate that your needle is floating. Would you care to write a success story? Before you can go home you need to write 20 letters to names from central files and cheer and clap to Ron's picture.
  9. Herro Member

    See, it's fun!
  10. Scatman Member

    VWD, that's very OT of you. Expect a Commendation Chit.
  11. Herro Member

    Am I supposed to know what that means?
  12. Yes because you're a Scientologist.

    Also Scatman is totally reasonable and never has crazy theories.
  13. Scatman Member

    Rufus baby, The Scatman would like this thread to get back on topic. As I stated, according to this website, Boingo has some serious customer service issues.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    This lady was a friend and investor with Reed Slatkin, she lost several thousand but remains a Scientologist:

    founder & CEO

    “My passion is to improve societal conditions by helping ethical entrepreneurs and companies forward their messages and accomplish their goals.”
    In a world of cutthroat advertising, Gillian’s innovative style sets a new standard. Creativity, enthusiasm, drive, unflagging energy and sense of commitment are Gillian’s hallmarks, whether she is running, exploring foreign lands or helping clients with innovative ideas that achieve brilliant successes. Her attitude is contagious.
    Gillian has been involved with Public Relations, marketing and management for over 20 years. In 1983, Gillian started her own company, Christie Consulting, developing and implementing business and marketing strategies for expanding companies. After many successful years as a consultant and business manager, she started Christie Communications, Inc., using her talent and training in Public Relations and media relations to help companies reach their goals.
    Gillian remains extremely active in charity and community affairs. She currently sits on the boards of Citizens for a Balanced Community (CBC) and Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization for Alternative Mental Health. She is also active in several non-profit organizations such as Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
    A little-known fact about Gillian is that she produced and was a radio personality for a local radio talk show for twelve years. Her radio expertise includes ad scripting, voice-over, production, jingles and music beds. Her on-air talent has been used for live performances at trade shows, hosting events, non-profit auctions and commentaries for TV and radio.Next Profile | Back to “Who We Are”
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    You got it the other way around, Earthlink took over Mindspring and totally screwed over the employees. How do I know this, I use to work for Mindspring/Earthlink in Atlanta. While they never pushed us to take any CO$ courses the company did a lot of stuff that was screwed up.
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  17. Scatman Member

    Sounds like what also happened at Digital Lightwave in Clearwater, Florida.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Taking this company public? What's the point. It's a dying technology based on the supposed-genius of a Hubbard understudy; probably an accounting smoke-and-mirrors pump-and-dump scheme to benefit the dying church that S. Dylan Dayton is a member of. Ask Times-Mirror Corp how their investment with Scientologist Dayton's eCompanies went. Wait ... you can't ask them...Times-Mirror is gone: suckered and busted by Hubbard tech.

    When the IPO comes out, wait for an initial spike, then short the hell out of it. Those Huston VCs are going to lose their asses, and we benefit because we understand Scientologists and how they operate.
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  19. Scatman Member

    Good observation and insightful handling.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Get over yourself. You guys had it easy.
    I worked at Earthlink Pasadena from 1999-2003 (when, except for people needed to maintain servers and such, everyone was fired)
    All the Earthlink call centers were closed while most Mindspring call centers hung around for a while.

    I knew it was scilon when I applied, but roommates wanted to me to apply when they did. I was hired, they were not.
    In 1999, there was a small breakroom and the glass covered announcement board still had an ad for a Delphi School on which someone had scrawled "Sky went here!"
    But it didn't take that long for Earthlink to become more corporate, and stuff like that went away.
    We did have "stats", like the amount of calls and call times, etc...but I think most call centers call them that.
    The only scilons I ran into there worked in sales and security, which makes sense.
    I can't tell you how many times a business customer called me for something, and I quickly realized they were sold services that they didn't need because the sales person wanted to get a nice commission. I told them whom to call to cancel the satellite internet connection they didn't need but got because they were told it was faster than DSL, and similar. Because I am not a dick.

    Back to Mindspring. When the merger occurred, we were told the Earthlink name would remain but it was obvious the company was still Mindspring. We had heard that Mindspring let their employees drink beer on the job, so we were psyched...but the merger meant no one got to drink at work anymore :( But all the execs in Pasadena relocated to Atlanta. And we adopted their software after a time. Then our (Earthlink) call centers were shut down one by one. So bawwwwwwwww.

    I still have all my old paperwork when I was hired about working for the company and training materials. I keep meaning to look at it more closely to see if I can spot scilon speak that was not as obvious to me then. I tested in my own way how scilon they remained while there by frequently visiting on my work computer (while on break of course) and similar sites. Never got called on it.
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  21. tikk Member

    In the late 90s, toward the peak of Earthlink's success, this same issue (the degree to which ELNK was a "Scientology company") was debated repeatedly on alt.religion.scientology. I recalled reading a number of firsthand accounts from employees who claimed that the Scientology influence. Google has scrubbed much of a.r.s.'s history, but I found one such thread and it's informative on this front. The poster Snefru, whom I know and have spoken to about this, was at ELNK from 1995-97ish. He's told me that Sky originally ran ELNK strictly by Admin tech when there were few enough employees (mostly Scientologists) to do so, but ELNK grew so quickly that this state didn't last long. There weren't enough Scientologists to take the necessary tech positions, so the Scientologists mostly wound up in sales, and Admin tech disappeared as the Scientologists became outnumbered by non-Scientologists.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Gillian Christie lost several HUNDRED thousand investing in Reed Slatkins pyramid scheme but still defended him until Scientology dumped him.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    I don't depend on Google for that. I'm sure that other people don't either.

    I'm not sure that they scrubbed history so much as few people at Google remember what Usenet is, and their archive search engine is frequently broken. (They have done a number of DMCA removals that I'm not sure if they reported to Chilling Effects.)

    I wonder if I could do a full audit of their archive without setting off some kind of access limit?
  24. tikk Member

    I didn't mean to imply that google targeted ars, by the way. They bought deja news, which was the de facto usenet archive, and then gradually fucked it up by adding useless features and failing to maintain it. The search engine still sort of works, but too many of those links are dead.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I think every call center should allow their employees to drink beer on the job... or at least smoke a little herb. It's a tedious enough job dealing with assholes via telephone. Why not make the employees happy? lol
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    this is a stretch, but i wonder if Earthlink had any connection to the development of the "scieno sitter" software that was distributed in the mid 90's, i believe, which was developed to censor all critical searches and information from the computer from which it was downloaded.
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    When I worked at the Pasadena call center, we would on occasion get bomb threats called in. SHOCKING I KNOW.
    So the entire building would have to evacuate to the grassy areas on either side while the fire department made sure it was not a hoax. That would be over an hour and most people just hung out on the grass.
    My department headed over to the nearby El Torito for shots of tequila and mini tacos.
    Our supervisor made sure to travel in a different vehicle a few minutes after us so he did not have to see us drinking (which he would have had to report).
    We could usually get a good 3 or 4 shots in before he arrived.
    Man, we were the nicest tech support in the building after we came back in.
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    was it the AA call center??

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