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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by VarlatheNiteWitch, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I've noticed that some members give a lot of their info out. Is this recommended?
  2. No, not recommended. For many WWP Anonymous, there is the threat of being fair-gamed by the cult of scientology. To prevent and avoid this, optimum anonymity is maintained. For those that are not ex-scientologists, the threat is less or non-existent.

    It comes down to a matter of personal choice.

    Also, if such-and-such a WWP Member has stated that they live in such-and-such a place, it may in fact be false information, to throw off the pursuit by the cult of scientology's OSA thugs. A form of "masking" one might say.
  3. i have another question...are there any other websites like wwp?
  4. Smurf Member

    Agreed. Alot of anons have stood up to the cult's bullying and thug behavior and seen it for what it is.. childish bullshit.. and are not afraid of the cult any longer. (All those tens of thousands of dollars wasted on attorneys & C&D letters..)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Why do you ask? Google is your friend.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I would do that, but it is too cold at this arctic research base to think coherently.
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  7. Not to my knowledge, in terms of identical function to WWP.

    There are other anti-scilon web sites, and they have forums, but to the best of my knowledge, these are not set up for members to plan protests, or manage a huge archive of material. I could be mistaken about this, because I don't use any of these and I can't deliver the URLs off the top of my head.

    Maybe another Anon will chime in with the URLs for ESMB, Clambake, and the blogs of individuals like Marty Rathbun.
  8. but i have a disease called lazy
  9. Anonymous Member

    It has nothing to do with the cold.

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  10. Anonymous Member

    you & obama
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  11. touche
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