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Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by XenuChan, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I didn't.
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    Fair enough
  3. Anonymous Member

    If that's why Demented LRH joined he is my hero!
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  4. Demented LRH Member

    I am not a journalist. I joined the cult to see how Dianetics works. Sorry to disappoint you.
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  5. RATT-fink Member

    take em' out boy o's !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! h4x 4 life o please...
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    ^^Does that even mean anything?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I thought ¨crap what have I gotten myself into¨
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I was "Clear" when I was in. I also did a lot of training to become an org exec. While on the OEC course I was listening to a tape when Hubbard derailed into talking about space opera. WTF is space opera? I set out to word clear it!! I found the red tech dictionary to be really valuable for this. Found entries for fifth invader force, force screen, marcab and body thetan. At the time I had access to a ton of references in the reference library of ITO. I read every reference mentioned and even listened to some lectures that weren't on my checksheet in my investigation of "space opera." The course supe didn't care because my points were way up. I felt pretty clever for learning the secret stuff early. That one dictionary pretty much spills the beans if you are any sort of thinker. When I finally read OT 3 online my reaction was, yeah.. called it. I was sad to recently learn that DM has done everything possible to destroy the red tech dictionary. It had good info that blew my mind in a "this is crazy talk" sort of way.
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  10. Robatl Member

    WOW, the story about the word clearing above my post is amazing. I blew during the Pruif when I got bored and found a scientology dictionary and read it. I had to go to ethics, and then took my IQ test, "passed" the emeter test, my attest, and got a round of applause in the course room. Afterwards, I got in my truck and left in a cloud of tire smoke when I hit Mt. Vernon Road in Dunwoody. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
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  11. Pique Member

    ^^spam reported
  12. Gottabrain Member

    Andre and I were very close friends in the SO. I was working in Estates during the John Coletto murder-suicide. Andre had a high security position at that time (I believe he was on mission). John Coletto was on the RPF, so Andre did not have firsthand knowledge of what drove John Colletto to do what he did, though Andre was one of the few witnesses that actually saw the murder. Jeff Porter was also a witness - he worked as Security Chief PAC Estates (a minor post then, as complex was still being renovated in 1977 and orgs had not moved in yet)

    Andre has never lied in all the years I knew him. He is one of the most straight-up people I've ever known. But I did learn the background of John Colletto directly from someone else in security the very next morning("don't tell anyone but last night...") as well as from Jesse Prince (who was on the RPF with John Coletto).

    John Coletto flipping out had nothing to do with OT3, that was just a silly rumor going around. Coletto had been on the RPF. His wife was the C/O Pubs (Commanding Officer Publications Org). Coletto had already been exposed to the 18 hr work/4 hrs sleep regimen and cut off from his wife, Diane, when he was put on the RPF against his will. As part of the "handling", his wife was being pressured to divorce him because he was now, as an RPFer, an evil downstat. Upon hearing the news that his wife was divorcing him, John had a psychotic break and threatened to kill her. He managed to escape the RPF some days or weeks before the shooting occurred. Nobody could find him. (It turned out later that he was staying at a hotel just down the street from there... gee, who would've thought?) Anyway, versions of the story vary after this, but the point is - John shot Diane, then he killed himself, and now they are both dead directly because of Scientology - specifically, the SO and the RPF.

    These days Andre would not say that OT3 killed John Coletto. He knows better - Andre knows now that all of Scientology was a scam and he knows about Hubbard's background, too. Andre actively posts on the RPF thread on Facebook and yes - it really is Andre posting. He has a lot of information to share for anyone who is interested.
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  13. CarterUSP Member

    All of scientology is done supposedly on a 'gradient', so there are hints of the space opera stuff or indeed anything more than the 'this is self help' type stuff, in increasing amounts, from the basics onwards.
    In one of the Div6 dianetics courses, past lives are mentioned in passing (I think in one of the lectures). No explanations given, no definitions, just mentioned - I thought it weird when everything is defined so specifically through the rest of the materials.
    Some of the money regging events (especially if led by SO) make vague references to past live OT traumas.
    Then there is the ludicrous acid fest of space opera served up in "Have you lived before this life" - purchasable by any raw meat, and of course my favourite "History of Man". I found by the time I happened across the 'Fifth Invader Force' reference in the tech dictionary in the academy I had already been exposed to a drip - drip - drip of weird shizzle. This sparks the curiosity and prepares the way for Xenu.

    The Jason Beghe interview is telling - when asked did he, at the time, believe the Xenu story. He said he didn't believe it, he just 'accepted' it. That's the mindset of a unquestioning, trained into compliance, victim.
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    What do you mean you did not know? It is on the OT tapes. You listen to bits where LRH talks about hot and cold weapons or being shot on other planets or the emendator where you go into a cave and watch art and get stuck to a stone or the train incident where he describes you being on a train and beams are shot on the train so you are scared to get off and the whole incident is just to scare you into staying put in emergency and burn inside alive. Most of these things are on the OT tapes in bits and pieces. All the various fantastic incidents. When I was in the organization I always thought I want to meet Mr Hubbards urb dealer. Cuz he is smoking some good powerful shit.
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  15. Ethernals Member

    You are a bullsheter. For you know if you are an OT III the first thing you would do is start using your real power for evil. If I got to OT III i would start randomly killing people and do all kinds of shit and then ask people to try and stop me. That is the only way you test your true power for if they able to stop you then the power is not real it is borrowed and who wants borrowed power that you cannot keep. Plus this view of ethics that we humans are taught in our life is so twisted that is unbelievable. We are ethical to serve and pay our debts that are forced on us by a corrupt system. Anyone question this? You pay 15 to 20 percent to the bank. Also you pay the house you buy almost 6 times and you are bad if at one point you get hurt working your but off and miss a payment. The bank in return pays you a half percent or what is it down to now. What a close and fair system. You are unethical when you file chapter 7 and get a refund if you will from the bankers that have been living on your back like leaches sucking the life out of you. Here is another. Banker embezzles millions and he gets caught at age 75 and within 2 weeks he dies in jail before the conclusion of his millionaire life stile. And the rest of the bankers they all will get caught before they find out that they are about to die.

    So much for humanity. We have to work where we have the technology to build robots where humans would not even need to work. We would just enjoy the products. And people in power try to show us bullshit movies like the terminator or the matrix to question the implementation of full automation and to be scared to just enjoy life and let the robots do all the work. What a bullshit lie. It is so much easier to make an atomic bomb that kills 1.5 million people in 2 cities and then we claim that only 66000 civilians parish in a city that one alone had a census of 250000 5 years prior. The power of misinformation. This is easier then to build a robot that feeds a whole city. Plus we have religious nuts that just fight any change or scientific progress and say it is the devils work. What does that even mean. Most people don't get it that god is the devil as well as god just a different job. As lucifer he is the punisher and as god he is the welcome committee. Now I don't know about you but would you really want to go to hell or heaven. Not me. Think about how bored you get doing the same thing for a hundred thousand years. Be it torture or pleasure. Think about where the meaning bored to death has no meaning for you are already dead. Religions leave us to live as we want. Stop trying to scare our kids. We don't need you in our world. Bankers. Your not needed ether. We need to eliminate jobs and money. A job should not be a necessity it should be a choice. You should not have to be threatened to be on the street if you don't have a job. You should just create or do your passion just to satisfy your needs of creation works not to feed yourself. This world is a big bull shit.It is designed for you to be that gerbil that runs on the wheel and never gets anywhere.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Protip to scientology, please don't try and recruit this fag, sounds like he's best left to the psyches
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  17. Enturbulette Member

    link doesn't work...
  18. Enturbulette Member

    If you care to, could you elaborate on this? I find the efficacy of the programming fascinating.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Bruce D. Member

    That is awful that they have you redo everything at your own expense. That is surly a the time to walkout even if you still find it interesting.
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  21. Bruce D. Member

    You would not be on this site if you were still under Church control unless they gave you permission for PR or other purposes.
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  22. Bruce D. Member

    I am not sure if I can explain this well enough but I will try. After Scientology training and processing you begin to sense energy patterns around you and sometimes in your body that you were most likely unaware of before becoming familiar with and working with energy patterns. As you become more aware you begin to sense and identify energy. The e-meter is used to help you understand and identify energy patterns and increase your ability to do so. The mind can create thought patterns that show up on the e-meter if you believe something enough so the accuracy can always come into question. If you feel your awareness and capabilities are rising and it shows in your life through success you become a believer. If your capabilities and awareness do not improve most likely it will turn into resentment. One size does not fit all as Scientology PR might lead people to believe.
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  23. Budd Member

    Actually, since Adam and Eve were the first humans, created directly by the hand of God, there was no genetic degradation over time and their genes were still perfect... so no problem with inbreeding. :D
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  24. Demented LRH Member

    Miscavige, who calls himself "Loyal Officer" does not have implants because Loyal Officres defeated Xenu, their thetans were not placed at the implant stations. DM is higher than Hubbard on the Bridge -- he is OT Infinity, while Hubbard is only OT 15
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  25. This is very interesting, please elaborate.
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  26. CarterUSP Member

    So is this energy sensing ability open to external verification, or is it a what it true for you is true for you thing?
    And it is true that any raw meat who experienced greater success in life after starting scientology would be told that the success was due to scientology, but if anything failed to change or got worse then they would be told that it was their fault (for pulling it in, being PTS or whatever)
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  27. AussieCase Member

    I have a funny experience.

    I worked at a company where there more than half the staff were Scientologists all clear or below. One non-scientology employee purchased an at the time popular anti-Scientology book.

    While we were drinking coffee, he said he would tell us the OT story. One Scientologist actually covered his ears, started yelling and ran away. I decided to listened, and I heard the exorcism story which I dismissed as rubbish.

    It wasn't until years later when I read the story on Andreas' site that I realized the exorcism story was true--true in the sense it is the real BS Scientology peddles.

    The ear covering yelling Scientologist came back and looked at me for a while. He was trying to figure out if I would die soon.

    This is a very bizarre thing.
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    Just a point of information:
    No such thing exists as a scientology "case level". That is nonsense that Hubbard fabricated. Accurately, you paid to read the crap, your did the processes Hubbard specified, and you are supposed to have some realisation or regained an ability.
    Ironically, the only ability you will not regain from scientology is the ability to think outside the cult and leave.
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  29. AussieCase Member

    I am not sure I really know why. I was young, my mother had recently past away, I was searching for something, and perhaps I believed I was a bit f*%#ed up. The sales pitch is hard core, the indoctrination goes step by set, and ultimately I was even more f*%#ed up.
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  30. Enturbulette Member

    It is good to have you here with us, Aussie.
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  31. veravendetter Member

    Nigga Please.
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  32. Missfit Member

    I have never taken a Scientology course but I think my experience offers a bit of value:

    Didn't know a grain about Scientology, started dating a Scientologist born and bred. Didn't tell me much about $ci but was always trying to drag me in. I could have really cared less but I read Dianetics anyway. I was mildly interested but absolutely put off at the fact that Dianetics literally answers no questions and sounds like jibberish. It was never really a topic of conversation until he got a new job with a WISE company and had to fire a girl for " reading things on the internet about Scientology." He made me promise to not read anything online about Scientology. I returned to my dorm room and stayed awake for 24 hours reading every morsel of information I could find.

    The next day I sat my boyfriend down and explained that I had read stuff online. This was a big, macho, football player dude and his face went white and he started to cry. The man I love is balling in my lap, telling me I'm going to get sick and die if I don't get help right away. He told me his mother ended up in the hospital for 6 months after "doing things out of order" as he put it. He cried for a while and I promised him I would figure it out. I went back to my dorm and had a break down. I got paranoid and scared, had panic attacks and really thought something bad would happen. I wasn't even in the cult and NOT prone to brainwashing but seeing my boyfriend hysterical made all logic just fall away. After a few days, I calmed down and started to realize what insanity all of this was. Obviously, He and I didn't last, and I've been speaking out against Scientology for 9 years now.

    My point is, human emotions are a binding factor when it comes to Scientology. I can only imagine when in, the idea of losing your family isn't really an option so you find any way to trick yourself into making sense of it. This dude wasn't even my family and I was considering diving into this because I loved him and didn't ever believe he would hurt me and wanted the best for me. It's sick.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    What happened was worse than death, you started posting to WWP. Now your thetans are forever messed up and even the all-powerful Scientology corporation cannot help you put them back together again.
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  34. Missfit Member

    that's the best news anyone has ever given me.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Misfit, thank you for sharing this. Good on you for being anon. xox
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  36. someone get this baby his bottle,hes very grouchy....such utter juvenile twat nonsense.
  37. dbloch7986 Member

    Speaking as an exScientologist myself, no true Scientologist would EVER refer to Hubbard's writing as metaphor.

    Either you are on your way out or you are making a pathetic attempt to extend legitimacy to your religion. I hope the former and not the latter.

    ETA: Fail me. That was years ago. So ignore the last sentence, just the first one applies.
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  38. AussieCase Member

    Thanks for that. I wanted to add that Marty Rathburn was at the shooting. Jesse Prince discusses it here:

    Marty admitted to being there, and mentioned being "farmed out" to a "field auditor" after the shooting.

    It appears Marty is big on making people look up words in a dictionary. He is the Inspector Gadget for Ethics.

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