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  1. Oh goody...two fools for the price of one. ;-(
  2. He is a thief

    Dear friends,
    You are all smart people. I am proud of you all. This man is a professional thief.
  3. Some people are out of their minds!

    I have never read anything so funny in my entire life. This is beginning to sound like a modern day witch hunt.
    Your evidence is half assed at best.
    All of these asumptions are so easily checked out.
    Why don't you send somebody to this mysterious dope house on K street to discover the Nuclear scientists who maybe the son of a military general that could be an IR gov trying to scam people for $$. Not to mention tracking people for the government of Iran. But wait; could they be connected to the Huffington Post because they are hiring bounty hunters and spreading disinformation against the leaders of the "online movement". ? Could they be connected to the CIA? Or are they two guys trying to pay for drugs and make their car payments by bilking the masses out of their hard earned cash.
    Here is my 2 cents,
    They started to ask for donations and Austinheap feels he has a monopoly on internet donations so he decided they were bad guys. I think this is all about money.
    I was a big fan of green Brief. It seems this entire war of words has badly damaged Green Brief's reputation. And i really hope the charges of IranTranslator being a mole are just counter punches. That is something the FBI should be investigating even as we speak. I also saw some chatter about Austinheap using his network to track people. The rumor was he is having some financial problems and is a hired consultant for a company that is indirectly funded by the government of iran.
    BTW: You don't have to be a 501c3 to take donations. Any organization can collect money, you just have to pay taxes if you do not have expenses. Assuming that is you are not a private club.
    Austinheap was not a 501c3 when he started and he still isn't. anybody who is filing a report should do the same for Austinheap. I believe his exporting of certain technologies is also against the law.
    FYI: I was told tweeter for Iran115 is in Tehran using a VPn. They also do not claim their primary office in DC. Have you read what it says at the bottom of each website page?
    Read all their tweets. I don't agree with most of what they say about violence but that doesn't mean any of these charges are true.
  4. is this the war of words that you're referring to?
  5. The_FNG Member

    Rob - By posting such drivel, you simply exhibit proof that you don't have a clue who Austin is or what he's about. The trust people have here for Austin is on the same level as the trust that they've given to NiteOwl. Both have been involved with supporting SoG since the beginning.

    Austin's website is an open book, telling exactly what he does with the money he collects, and USB drives the he need to distribute Haystack to the parties that need it.

    So you can see why your post should be considered very inflammatory, and the "facts" therein totally without merit.

    Why don't you do some real research, and then talk real facts, with empirical data to back them up.

    In the meantime, your credibility here is nil.


    P.S. - You also might do some more research on the 501(c)(3) certification process. True, you don't need it to separate some fool from their money, but having it shows your org has been vetted by a pretty-thorough registration process, and does what is says, or face the wrath of the IRS.
  6. SanguineRose Member

    Where is the money going, what is it used for, etc.? These are the questions that are raised. AustinHeap explains all this perfectly, why doesn't iran115? Why should anyone donate when no one knows where the fuck is the money going?

    To me it's like a child throwing a shitfit for someone actually asking these questions. I am Iran Translator now? LOOOL! According to one of his tweets as greenbrief. He spells the same words WRONG on every single Sock account. Lyer! Lyer! Dangerious! I would happily say that I was wrong and all that IF... IF.... He actually responded with at least some kind of proof against these claims. Instead we are all spys and then goes on a attacking campaign making false accounts and attacking everyone who says otherwise to is complete battshit insanity.

    NiteOwl: He just writes what is going on in Iran and tries to get the information out to the public. How is this asking for donations? How is this Spy related activity? He just collects info and writes. I have been around since the very first greenbrief was ever written. He just is trying to make sure the world knows what is happening inside Iran.

    Austinheap: Him and his team have been working on the creation of a piece of software that will allow people inside Iran to use the internet Safely and bypass all the restrictions of the current Iran Internet. He is asking for donations because he has literally taken time off from his job and everything else to do this. Asking for some support while he works on this project to hopefully give the people of Iran unrestricted internet access. He states this too among all the other reasons why he needs donations and what not.

    Iran115: LOL! I am a government spy, a mole, etc. according to him on his other sock account. What purpose is he serving besides tweeting all day that people are spys? What has he done, like anything or even a little hint of something he is doing to help in any way? Writing a Constitution for Iran... Seriously We got this Constitution from the Internet! So We, the nation now free, must use it! It is from the Internet! It, if it is chosen by the people to create on, will be written by the people the people choose to write it. It WONT be from some asshole on the internet telling everyone is 'dangerious', a 'spy, nor a 'lyer'. This is another reason why the donations being asked are full of fail and scam. How is this in any way really that useful at all? It makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside to donate to some scam that is claiming to write a new constitution for the people of Iran to give them some kind of credibility.

    Maybe I should just create some website, get a twitter account, and claim to be helping the people of Iran by writing a constitution that is NEVER going to be USED in ANY WAY. I'll add Iran to my name. Please support me and give me money? Please? I am writing long time, hands very bloody. I will sit on twitter all day call everyone lyer, dangerious, and spy that question me. I will call them all same person from same account. I will make new accounts claiming this too. I write constitution now.

    Seriously? Name one thing he has done to help the people of Iran that actually helps anyone in Iran?
  7. 1 person who fought back said "Let's Roll!"

    Democracy for Iran (iran115) on Twitter

    "@Dinescuss Not very much. ak47 and g3 $100 to $300 unless you buy in bulk. Depend who your sources are. #iranelection"

    Federal Bureau of Investigation - Common Fraud Schemes <-Please use this website to report suspected terrorism or criminal activity.

    Shows all signs of being located within the USA by the time that he does post.

    So let me ask you this. IF he's NOT trying to just scam money off of ppl. Then would you say his asking for money, would be for the use by the existing Iran Gov.? As that was and where the org was setup: IN Iran and during the current gov. And what is the current gov. doing to ppl that oppose it? arresting and jailin and beating and killin them.

    So the choise is what? As a suspected terrorist on US soil, you want to let him/this continue? or you'd just rather sit in a chair and say oh, I wish this would stop.

    I can't allow my conciencious to witness this and not do something about it. I don't care who it's for or about, it's NOW about ME and ppl I know. Forget you, they seem to have already gotten you, now their coming after me. Melodramatic? maybe, but He's operating on MY SOIL and IN MY COUNTRY and I'll be damned if I'll let another one strike again.
  8. If Iran115 has a paypal account, he could be reported to them for suspicious activity.
  9. chwn Member

    I don't know if there is anything in this, but Iran115's domain name '' , seems to also be linked to a twitterer whose username is Democracy_Iran. Link is:

    For some reason I couldn't get this to come up in a search on Twitter, but arrived at his page via the link from google above.

    Democracy_Iran raises money, allegedly to help at-risk Iranians by selling t-shirts. The owner of the site is called Avery Jaffe. However, his honesty has been seriously called into question on facebook, see:

    What can I do? | Facebook

    Since both Iran115 and Democracy_Iran seem to share the same domain name, could they be one and the same person?

    Avery Jaffe also has another twitter a/c in the name AveryJaffe, which has the same avatar photo as Democracy_Iran.

    Could it be that this is the face of Iran115?

    So sorry, once again I forgot to log in before posting previous message.


    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  10. I know him

    I know about this man and his wife. I will discuss it with Jadt65 if he sends me an email and posts a message on this discussion board that he has sent me a message through email. My email is
    ~Email Removed and forwarded to Jadt65~
    He is a thief around 50 living with his wife.
    Jadt65 please send me an email afer you send me an email, Please post a message on this discussion board that you have sent me an email. I will respond to your email with more infromation. I want to make sure that the email is coming from you.
    I will be on vacation for around 10 days, If I don't respond you in the next few days, I will respond whenever I come back. However, If I receive an email from you before 5 PM mid-west time, I will respond today.
  11. Not actually the same,no

    Not actually the same person BUT at least you get something for your money

    Democracy Iran

    Democracy Iran (Democracy__Iran) on Twitter

    I put in Democracy__Iran for FIND PEOPLE and 8 names were returned. the major scammer is Iran115

    JohnRichardson I will be emailin you.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  12. SanguineRose Member

    I am looking into it.
  13. Rose

    Rose the message posted on this board is coming from an unknown guest. I sent a pm to Jadt65. I want to make sure that he is responding to it. I don't know if unknown guest is the same as jadt65. I want to make sure that he is sending me the email and I like to see his posting on this board
  14. who is johnrichardson who's only just joined AND is asking for e-mail addresses? Very dodgey!!!!!!
  15. SanguineRose Member

    Yea, PM is usually better. I removed your email and are forwarding it now.
  16. Unnregistered guest

    Rose who is an unregistered guest. I am new to this discussion board but I will make it clear today.
  17. SanguineRose Member

    Allot of people are unregistered and post here. I really have no clue nor will I disclose that info either if I did know.
  18. I appologise if you are ligit but you are on the Keeping your Anonymity in Iran forum and specifically about the character iran115, so my suspicions were aroused.
  19. Sent you two emails

    I sent you two more emails through yahoo
  20. Anonymity

    Everybody is anonymous here. We are all using a nickname for anonymity.

  21. jadt65 Member

    @ john- You have mail
  22. lissnup Member

    If you hate fakery and fraud

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    Example email text in case anyone feels inclined to take action:

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  23. Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    Here's a message from the organization iran115 is claiming to give money to:

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  24. chwn Member

    Both iran115 and avery jaffe are using the same domain - ie. I'm not a techie, so I don't understand how two completely different people could be using the same domain? I'm confused! Would love to understand if any techie was willing to explain? Thankx.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    Also, was never shared by them or ever used the same domain
  25. LOL, two can't be sharing the same domain, unless they are an organization with more than one person. High school student scamming for cash sounds about right. It explains the temper tantrums and lack of maturity. If this guy really wanted to help, I suggest he support the Path of Green Hope and the news services they are trying to set up right now. And I don't mean by collecting money, keeping no records of it, and telling people you will forward it on and expecting the donors to take you at your word. Cut yourself out as the middle man, and just send donors straight to the Path of Green Hope and don't expect them to channel through you, first.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  26. chwn Member

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    LOL!Thank you for confirming what I though was the case! I was confused because an earlier post had said they were different people - and didn't have enough tech knowledge to know if that is poss. I guess there could be two of them at the same game, using the same domain in cahoots with each other.

    A schoolboy prank, yes, but a nasty one given that many people have explained to him that his stated intention on twitter to purchase weapons could be dangerous for ppl in Iran - and given his efforts to discredit two people who are working their butts off to try to help those incredibly brave Iranians.

    For that reason I am still actively pursuing this young man's nasty antics.

    Below is an exchange of emails I had with the Child Foundation:

    Original Message -----
    From: Masoud Modarres
    Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
    Subject: t-shirt sale

    Dear xxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting Child Foundation about your concerns.

    Mr. Avery Jaffe, A California high school student, contacted us a few months ago and said that he was looking for a non profit organization working with Iranian people to donate the revenue from his t-shirt sales. We informed him that we can accept his donation and provide him with an official receipt. However since our organization acts strictly as a charity with no political or religious affiliations, he should emphasize that on his website.

    As far as we are aware, this statement had been published on his site.

    Child Foundation has not been involved with designing, producing, and marketing or selling of his products. We accept donations from anyone without strings attached. We assure all of our donors that the money we receive from them is spent only for children’s needs in Afghanistan, Iran, and Indonesia. Please check our website for further information at CHILDFOUNDATION

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best Regards
    Masoud Modarres, MPA
    Executive Manager
    Child Foundation

    My reply to Mr. Modarres:

    Dear Mr. Modarres,
    Thank you for your reply.

    I have read Mr. Avery Jaffe's website ( Custom T-Shirts, Shirts & Tees | Spreadshirt ), and thought you may want to be aware that I see no statement to the effect that your oranisation acts strictly as a charity with no political or religious affiliations. The wording on the site also tends to give the impression that your organisation works predominantly in Iran. I would encourage you to go to the website and check it.

    I bring this to your attention simply because it may be of some concern to you, in view of the wonderful work which your organisation does.

    Mr. Modarres' reply:

    Dear xxxx;
    Thank you for your time and attention. I make sure that I will contact Mr. Jaffe tomorrow to change the wording.

    Best Regards
    Masoud Modarres, MPA

    I also did a search on the server SUPREMEDNS, it is a server located in London, UK. I believe that the address in Iran which was registered with the domain is not necessarily verified, and could well be fictitious. All the contact phone numbers registered with the domain are US numbers.

    I have also tweeted Democracy_Iran to invite him to publish verifiable figures on his sale of t-shirts and donations made.

    I am pursuing another couple of things which I will post about at a later date.

    I can't do anything to stop the atrocities being done to the protesters in Iran but I sure can try to do something about this idiot who is irresponsible and is undermining efforts here.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  27. chwn Member

    @AveryJaffe, (& @democracy_iran @flavery) has now changed his avatar, removed his photo and deleted all references to his t-shirt sales.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  28. chwn Member

    Ok. since last posting a few more changes have mysteriously appeared/disappeared. Lol!

    Avery Jaffe has removed '' from his website and has replaced it with 'Democracy Iran.' no longer takes me to the the t-shirt page, as it did yesterday, but instead it goes straight to Iran115's website.

    And just like Iran115, AJ is refusing to provide any details about the money has has received!

    So, that's enough to convince me!
    Done deal, as far as I am concerned. I need no more convincing that Avery Jaffe and Iran115 are one and the same person

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    It never redirected to Iran115's Website
  29. Maybe I can help clear things up.

    @iran115 has nothing to do with Avery Jaffe. They are two totally different people. By doing a search on the internet for "democracy iran" you happened to stumble upon Avery Jaffe's project to sell T-shirts and donate the proceeds to Child Foundation. Whatever you may think, Avery Jaffe and @iran115 are not the same person.

    A lot of these donation funds have similar names so it's quite common for someone to think they're all from one source. However, it's not polite at all to just attack someone on the internet because you think they're someone else.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  30. SanguineRose Member


    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    So far I can only see just similar names.
  31. "So far I can only see just similar names."

    What do you mean by that?

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  32. If it makes any difference, I have the list of shirts sold and commissions from I cannot disclose the locations of the buyers (privacy) however all of them reside in the US. These are all of the transactions so far: 15 copy.png

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  33. Excuse me? You're just trying to make excuses and I'm trying to help you out. My screen capture software tags all photos with the word copy, ass.
  34. Yeah that's right, delete your post.
  35. chwn Member

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form

    It looks as though he is now also posting on this thread as 'unregistered', and playing the same trick of using multiple personas.

    I repeat, yesterday the link took me straight to the t-shirt website. The homepage of the t-shirt site had '' as its heading. Today changes have been made. The t-shirt site has removed '' from its homepage and replaced it with 'Democracy Iran'; the link '' now goes straight to iran115's site.

    Just for the record, Iran115 copies large numbers of his tweets from existing texts. A significant amount of them come from authors directory

    For example:

    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
    Quote by Thomas Paine

    "Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one."
    Quote by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."
    Quote by George Patton

    'Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity'.
    Quote by George Patton

    'Life is a movie and you are the...director.
    Copied from '101 Fun, Easy Games to Help Kids to Focus', the book can be purchased from Amazon.

    “Do what is right, not what ……you think will make you look good.”
    Norman Schwarzkopf

    “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance.”
    J. Donald

    You will find many more of his tweets on that site.

    You might also want to check out: NationStates &bull; View topic - International Incidents Information Desk

    From the website:

    NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society's less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the World Assembly or remain a rogue state. It's up to you.

    You will see that the game recommends that players use multiple ‘personalities’ as diversion techniques, and you will also find phrases on the website which have been copied and pasted as tweets.

    It’s up to you – draw your own conclusions.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  36. You just wont listen you stupid Nice Word! You keep LYING DAMMIT! NEVER DIRECTED TO IRANELECTION.SPREADSHIRT.COM! DO YOU Nice Word UNDERSTAND YOU Lots Of Nice Words!?

    GET Nice Word!!

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  37. Look here, the information on the domain




    Contact the ISPs if you wish, the domains were never together or switched.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  38. averyjaffe Member

    Hi, Jaffe here.

    Just a few points here. The unregistered user above, posted that screenshot for me, as I was out and away from the computer.

    As far as I know, has never directed to I am 100% unaffiliated with whatever/whoever owns that site. It is an absolute lie to say that it redirects.

    As far as twitter accounts go: is not my account. I have a similar account named I had to use two underscores, because the prior URL was already taken. is not my account either. Oddly enough, it seems like there's another "Avery Jaffe" in the world. You can verify that here: Login | Facebook

    This is a case of mistaken identity. The only relation between my site, and "" is a name. A bad coincidence for me.

    Just my personal beliefs, but I believe Mr. Kermani (chwn) is getting back at me, after I proved his questions on my legitimacy to be false. Getting back at me by saying all this about site redirection, and multiple identities.

    You may read the full discussion between he and I here: What can I do? | Facebook. I recommend you read it in its entirety.

    I hope this clears things up. I would appreciate it if this dialogue would get a bit more civil, from now on.

    I swear on my life that all the above facts are true. Also, rest in peace, Ted Kennedy.

    Thank you.
  39. chwn Member


    For my friends on Twitter, and on this forum, I just want to clarify that I am not Mr. Kermani.

    I saw the discussions between Mr. Kermani and AJ on facebook, and because I was looking to buy a t-shirt, in the light of the doubts raised by Mr. Kemani, I did my own research.... and found a few surprises.

    I have no knowledge of who Mr.Kermani is, other than the fact that I read their contribution to the discussion on FB.

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
  40. Green Brief

    WE WANT OUR GREEN BRIEF! Where is our trusted and loyal green brief?

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