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    I'm not convinced that you two are separate, but I'll accept it for now.

    Regardless, you've yet to bring up one piece of evidence to support you. The only "evidence" to speak of is that you swear a website redirected. And that I "share a domain name", according to you. What in the world are you talking about?

    You then bring up questions on my legitimacy as a website, which is totally unrelated from the point. And, not to mention, an issue that's already been resolved. It distracts people from the real issue, which is that I am absolutely unrelated to iran115.

    Edit: By the way, this:

    and this:

    are absolute lies. This is literally pure fiction.
  2. From Democracy Iran

    Why is the Child Foundation not sicking their lawyers on this scam artist?

    Avery Jaffe is NOT Iran115/Jashmid nor ever associated with him in any way or form
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    Mix up with the wrong person....
  4. The nefarious BLACKLIST

    ooooooooo how scary. NOW Iran115 has started a BLACKLIST. I'm so scared of my twitter name appearing their. Seems every nickname ON that Blacklist has done nothing except fight the regime where it really counts by getting news out of Iran, while all he has done is say how he is the chosen one and that he was going to fly back personally and fight that regime to his dying breath.

    For someone that purports to be working against the Iran Regime, to spend all his time online denouncing people that actually broadcast information FROM Iran and build support for the demise of the regime, he can't help but make himself look the FOOL!

    IF by now his main purpose can't be seen as nothing more than a money making scheme for himself and his other minion's, then people definitely have to be gullible and probably deserve to be taken.

    HE wants YOU to call him. YET he uses Skype with is an Internet phone service, which does allow him to track you.

    I don't even want to go back thru his time line to show his blatant lies and insults, but for the record, he will say he is IN Tehran, than say he is in Washington D.C.

    The man is nothing more than a vultureistic scumbag. He's now been visited BY the F.B.I. and is being watched BY the local D.C. police and the F.B.I. Since we have free speech in the USA he can post to twitter, up until the day they do pull him in for breaking the laws.

    I just wanted to add this comment about how crazy the idiot actually is and the tricks he will go thru in hopes of stopping the real truth from coming out about him.

    His other accounts now that he's using are also @greenbrief and @cyrusmashadi. What an ass to take the name of greenbrief and then try to trash it while putting down anyone that questions his veracity.

    Rest in hell, if you can @Iran115
  5. investigator

    I've been watching the guy for a very long time, also some of the ones he calls spies or IR, rafsanjani agents idiscovered or suspected before he did. I've been following him for months just to watch him but only twet him few time the very beginning.
    1st he can't be a spie at least from the enemy side (IRI), 2nd scammer depending what you call scam, he definately spent some time & money developing the website and put together what he calls manifesto
    Also I don't really see nothing wrong with his ideas on how to develop democracy and help iranians overthrow their dictator government (I never spent time to read throgh all the lines and cmmenting based on what I've read)
    Anyway, there are hundreds of Islamic Republic agents in twitter mostly trying to promote pro-mousavi, some monarchy to either confuse or spy, communists or supporters of Rafsanjani. The majority of Iranian TV stations, news papers & websites here in the US are sponsored or affected by pro-islamic republic, pro-reform & anti-democracy regime supportes and many directly funded by them.
    Now live the kid alone, let him do what he thinks is right to do for iran and don't listen who want him out because of political differences, to eleminated democratic idealogies or because they hate him for accusing them.
    Some of the ones he called spy or what ever are regular people but he's right abt some
  6. Say what?

    Perhaps you just don't get it. You've been following him for how long and you say WHAT? He lies constantly and funny how you just showed up here so quickly tonight when s|-|it is starting to hit the fan.

    It doesn't take SQUAT to put up a web site, and it doesn't take SQUAT to run it, but if that's ALL you've done for 6 years is talk about your website and the need to improve it, YOUR WHACKED and the poster ABOVE ME IS ALSO WHACKED!

    There are too many examples to go back thru his time line to dig out about his lies, and how he constantly gets caught in them.

    HOW ABOUT THIS ONE whacked out POSTER ABOVE ME: He has had the FBI @ his door talking to him.

    YOU think that shows he's just a kid playing around? There are a hell of a lot more known items about him than I will post here. HE can also read it, so I am not going to let him know what the gov. also knows nor what some of us also know.

    Here's the TEST: why don't you just give him some money. you know u want to.

    You want to know the real truth, reports coming OUT from Iran say that he IS known and he hasn't done a damn thing for Iran, His main goal is just to get money from people that would like to help. He has had a nice house in the D.C. area that he would bring people too so he could try to impress them that he was an important individual. He has suckered a few ppl that way.

    Another thought for your feeble brain: WHY would he be on twitter to solicit money and then slam anyone that raises questions as to where the money goes, LEGIT business NEVER operate that way. Enough has been said in this blog as to exactly how he violates the law and common norm's. YOUR a defender of him IF NOT HIM PERIOD!
  7. Iran115 Response to first post

    Hello. Iran115 here. And i want to respond to all of the questions to the best of my ability. My hname is Jamshid. My number in Washington DC is 202-509-0933.

    1. I have to ask... Why are they asking for donations and what are they doing with the donations?
    We are asking for donations because we are trying to develop a movement that will achieve democracy in Iran. Our organization is young and needs the resources in order to function properly and to make a difference.
    There are many steps we wish to take in order to achieve democracy. However, we have listed the basic steps and how we wish to spend contributions collected at Steps to Liberty | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran.

    2. "How is this helping Iran at all and the democratic movement? We should question Mr. Jamshid Azadinejad and his motives for asking for donations. We don't know enough about this site nor what will they do with the donations that receive."

    How does any org help iran that is involved with human rights and democracy?
    How have the monarchist, communists, reformists, and republicans helped Iran so far?
    Also, we have worked from the inside and understand what is really needed to win the struggle.

    We have spent time involved in community organizing, grassroots politics, and developing the institutions for democracy to properly function.

    3. Looks like it is already translated: ****************مانیفست کشور دموکراتیک ایران**************** | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    Manifesto in english: Manif...ر دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    Constitution: Constitution for the Democratic Nation of Iran | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    No, that is the manifesto. We still need to translate the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    4." Website Server and executive offices Based in Europe and North America. Chapters, Affiliates, and/or alliances in Iran, Turkey, USA, France, Canada. Website content managed by Washington DC office.
    Where/who are these offices, Affiliates and/or alliances? Just because you say you have them doesn't mean they do?"
    Our organizations values are transparent, but our members and their locations our secretive. It is how we survive. Anon and WWP should no better.

    5. "I see no purpose in this website nor anything it is doing to help Iran in any way. To me it is just to exploit poeple to make them feel good about donating. I will happily change my opinion if they can clarify the actual purpose, what they are doing with the money, and what have they done to help iran? (That can be somewhat verified). A feel good manifesto to make you nice and tingly inside and a please donate button on the end in exploit of the persons emotions to me doesn't help Iran."
    Well, indeed you are entitled to you opinion.
    It took us six months to study and develop the draft constitution and a few weeks to write the manifesto. It took more time to translate.
    We travel through iran and establish relationships with people inside the government as well as engage in community organizing and grassroots politics

    6. "Oh Have to Mention this for lulz:
    "Bounty Hunters wanted. Skype: jamshid.Azadinejad Email: Each bounty over one million dollars.""
    We don't deny the ad. In fact, the original tweet is still on our timeline.
    Your opinion as to it's meaning and the morality of such activity is not our concern. I will assure you that anything we have done has been 100% legal. As I said, what we say and what we stand for is public. People are free to make there own determination if they support or not support our actions and ideas.

    7. "Also links to"
    Yes it does. So what.
    That is the first site we registered many years ago but we wanted a better one inside Iran that was easy to remember.
  8. Kruge Moderator

    So Iran115

    What's up with your blacklist that contains a whole bunch of the most trusted twitterers?

    And what with your twitter account trying to fool people by using "greenbrief"?

    Since you seem to be quite daft I'm not really sure if you've noticed that this forum is the home of the REAL Green Brief you're trying to piss on!

    So you can imagine we're all very curious as to what gives you all that insight?
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    Thank you for posting this, MtG. I didn't dare to.
  10. Answer from iran115

    I hope everybody is doing well.
    On this forem, it seems what ever I say is going to be twisted and spit back out. Indeed there are those who are very good at the art of disinformation... and guess what: it is not Iran115.
    In the hope that there are some people on this site who really listen to reason, I am going to respond to the question about the blacklist and green brief.
    1. It is not the tweets of already public info that is the danger; it is the info & $ being sent once trust is developed.
    2.. We started getting attacked on twitter by somebody called rage4Iran when we started asking for donations on twitter.
    What he was saying was just lies, lies, and more lies.
    3. After a few days, Iran_Translator jumped in and said he had proof and he was going to publish it that very night. he never published anything about us. We found out he made the tweet when somebody made a threatening phone call to our office.
    4. I spoke to him on skype and tried to tell him more about ourselves.
    He asked me: "What have you done for democracy?"
    I told him:
    grassroots/community organizing,educating, recruting, gathering intelligence, talking with people inside, writing the constitution, and showed him the manifesto.
    Manifesto - Platform, Ideology, & Objectives | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    ****************مانیفست کشور دموکراتیک ایران**************** | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    I told him that We are trying to raise money, develop our website, improve our PR, design symbols/logos, write training material, establish more chapters, build relations, gather more inside intelligence, and get results in Iran. I explained our focus was social, political, and military.
    I mentioned it took us six months to draft the constitution on our website.
    Constitution for the Democratic Nation of Iran | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    He snickered and responded that he could have done it in three days.
    Nothing I told him would change his mind about us. I even offered to send him pictures and videos of our work in Iran. I offered to put him in touch with a contact we have at the BBC who has videos and pictures and could prove we are for real and very active.
    It didn't seem to interest him. Further, certain things we told him, his response, his accent, and subsequent behavior were very alarming,.
    In addition, this website, some of the posters, and the absolutely funny nonsense being spread about us from this very forem further raised our suspicions.
    5. After we started tweeting Green Brief is a trap and Iran_translator aka Niteowl aka Josh Shahryar is a mole, he disappeared.
    6. What is the blacklist?
    Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    People on the blacklist are suspected of publishing false news, collecting donations for false causes, and being part of a strange cult like group infesting twitter that could care less about democracy.
    Why do we suspect them?
    A. Our survival depends on intelligence.
    We have several sources claiming different things about them. But the top three were that foreign intelligence agents, RPG players (most likely disinformation), or a criminal group.
    B. Because they attack us and we are so obviously against the regime. So, they are either people who do not believe in democracy and have a hidden adgenda, or they work for the regime. neither option is good. Ask Sanguinarious who is a super user on this forem, he says he met Iran_translator on chat and that he is not a member of anon or WWP. So who is he? and... Where iss he? What happened to Green brief?
    7. We investigated people asking for donations online. We talked to attorneys who directly work with executions in iran, because many of these requests by the blacklist suspects are for people who "are about to get executed" Some had been pardoned and others were just lies. Further, We watched all the people defending Iran_translator and attacking iran115 and developed the blacklist. And yes: Austinheap & Haystack network, are somehow involved. Why: because Austinheap started posting we were a scam as well. All of the group are tied together and follow each other. Austinheap seems to be a scam and Haystack network could be very dangerous. We have invited him repeatedly to call us, sit down with us, but he never responds. He asks for donations and yet attacks us for asking for donations. Indeed, if you people hit us because of market share; a young organization fighting for democracy in Iran, just because we wanted to raise money; you are very twisted and sick. I rather hope that this attack is coming from people working on behalf of the regime; because that means they are spending money and we scare them. Why do we scare them?
    We are developing a true alternative government. We are supporting the institutions for democracy to function properly. That includes, social, political, &military. We are going to win... and they know it.
    8. Our investigation is ongoing. We are open to changing our minds. We would like to be proven wrong. We would appreciate any comments and feedback. If Austinheap can prove to us he is not a scam, we will contribute money and resources to help him.
    9. Look, any person who seriously reads this thread, studies tweets and timelines, and does not have a political adgenda will understand this has been a carefully planned attack against Iran115. Either because they don't like our politics or because we threaten their income stream. People have said:
    We were visited by the FBI. We are under house arrest. We are terrorists, scam artists, drug dealers, nuclear scientists, a highschool kid selling teashirts, MKO, working for CIA, working for regime, bounty hunters, and on.... and on. and on.
    People claimed that you shouldn't call us because our number is a trap. They claimed that we can track you down and we will send our basiji after you.
    I am not kidding.
    Well: I guess the idea is "if you can't beat them, confuse them.
    10. Make comments on the blacklist:
    Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    Stay alert and stay safe.
    I would be happy to meet with anybody in person.
    Oh: and please consider volunteering or making a contribution to help us in the fight for democracy in iran.
    Steps to Liberty | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    Love Jamshid
    Friend of democracy and enemy of regime.
    Washington DC Chapter
    کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran | آزادی، دموکراسی و حقوق بشر - Freedom, Democracy, & Human Rights
  11. Kruge Moderator

    Weee, I made the blacklist!

    ... which pretty much proves how much the blacklist is worth:


    After all: All I did was call you names once or twice and ask you to be included in the blacklist as well. So that makes me a "mole"?

    And no - I won't tell you my twittername here, after all you can read it between the lines, something you claim you're very good at.

    I'll be addressing the rest of your drivel later, now I'm gonna cure my cold!
  12. Kruge Moderator


    Look at cyrusmashadi (iran115) attempting to stop me pointing out this thread on twitter:

    "Fruck you. Don't post that link. You blinded moron."

    "You are making me angry. Stop posting that you shat for brains."

    "Listen posting that link won't help anything. Please stop."

    Why not? After all I linked to your own words. Don't want people to read them?

    "I told you not to post that link. Now you will pay."

    "I told you not to post that link. Now you will pay. Further more; you smell bad."

    I will pay, eh? Now I'm scared! You already showed me you mean business by adding me to your feared blacklist of doom after all!

    "Sissy got nothing to say. I new you would shut your mouth. lol"

    Oy, come on, I was just away 5 minutes to post here!

    Stay tuned: Twitter
  13. Butt wait, there's more!

    It's become quite a laughable matter. What's sad is that real peoples lives hang in the balance. What's atrocious is a man's only goal is to make money off other suffering people.

    I don't know what the Quran has to say about your behaviour Iran115, but I do know what the Christian bible has to say about people like you.

    Just a few comments to this blog article is all I want to post here tonight. I think I seem to be the only one that knows your heart and motives, but I've grown old trying to alert others to what your really up too.


    IT grows longer each day. Here is the link : Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    Here are the people on it, I'd like to point out, if you don't see your name here, then you really haven't done enough to help Iran and you must be working for Iran 115, because everyone's name on here seems to be bustin ass actually RT'ing news about Iran in and out, while Iran115 is only concerned about losing his share of the money pie!

    @iran_translator aka Josh Shahryar aka Niteoww aka Green Brief
    @austinheap aka haystack network
    greenthumbnails aka grnthmbnls:
    Iran Revolution (K11984)
    ew (edwand)

    NOTICE: If your especially disliked your moved to the top of the list PRONTO!

    SECOND,10/23/09; just today's diatribe from Iran115: Democracy Iran (iran115) on Twitter

    Is @oxfordgirl maryam rajavi? Rumors are surfacing. Check it out. #blacklist Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran #iranelection #Iran #gr88

    Is @oxfordgirl maryam rajavi? Rumors are surfacing. #iranelection #Iran #gr88

    Just got a DM from source claiming there are rumors that Maryam Rajavi is @oxfordgirl Anybody? #iranelection #gr88 #Iran

    @dinesco Really don't know much about her. What I have heard, I like. She is a surviver. And she is famous inside and outside country.

    @dinesco they have the motive, they have means, they have the track record. And they attack ppl who want democracy

    @dinesco Read all they say about their cult like behavior and compare to this sog thing.

    @dinesco Study the tactics MKO have used for fund raising in the past. It all fits so nicely together.

    @Dinesco Take a look at MKO website: they claim to stand for a democratic secular Iran. If she was MI6. She wouldn't have slipped so easy.

    @Dinesco If it walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. I would guess it must be a duck.

    @Dinesco Who would have the motive & means?

    @ Dinesco Ask these questions. What group is known to be cult like? Who has the money fund this level operation? Who would lie/cheat?

    @oxfordgirl Before I make the big announcement, shall I let you come clean. If you don't... I will. #iranelection

    @Dinesco What do you think she is?

    @Arianirani Irani hasty? SHomah cheesi meedooni dar bare Haystacknetwork tu #Iran? #iranelection

    @Arianirani Meegee to Iran hasti alon? Irani hasty? SHomah cheesi meedooni dar bare Haystacknetwork tu #Iran? #iranelection

    @oxfordgirl She sure is. Should I tell them who I really think you are? lol

    remember: @iran_translator. After we exposed him. he disappeared. @oxfordgirl is part of a terrorist/criminal operation. #iranelection

    The terrorist destructive Cult of Rajavi - Mujahedin Khalq Organization – MKO has money and they use it to fund @oxfordgirl #iranelection

    The terrorist destructive Cult of Rajavi - Mujahedin Khalq Organization – MKO is behind @oxfordgirl She is a mole. #iranelection #Iran

    make up many false people. They put out false news. They are frauds. @oxfordgirl is the leader. Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran #iranelection

    OK, I want to make an official request that ALL Iran115's posts here be removed, for the fact that he has come here to solicit money, and not because of the lies he has told. I don't want to see him commercilise this blog/forum.

    AND Iran115, you have lost, you've lost from day one, because a loser always shows his true coat and all your about is pure MONEY!
  14. Kruge Moderator

    Man, that sucks! And I got thrown off the list again!

    Again - shows how much the list actually is worth... lulz! You're made a member of a "criminal organisation" for calling him a buffoon and then you're off the list again?

    Damn, I was so proud, it told me I was doing something right...
  15. Kruge Moderator

    Oh, Iran115 and Cyrusmngmngmng aren't on twitter no more... Awwww!

    But don't despair! Our fighter for truth is back already:

    *blows his horn*

    Unleash the bloodhounds! :D
  16. Kruge Moderator

    LULZ! Down already! :D
  17. SanguineRose Member


    I approve

    But I think this one did him in:


    He got caught making lots of sock accounts and he literally posts that he did.


    All suspended so surprising, anyone can think of the other socks he used?

    Have no fear! There are STILL people being added to the list daily. Just keep on doing what you've been doing and your name will also end up on it. It's a wonderful thing!

    A few were taken off before, but I see they have been added back in now,

    These are the new blacklist people: WELCOME ABOARD!


    And he has taken his propaganda to another site and then cross-references it back to his site and AGAIN twists what people says. Perhaps he is just a pathological liar.

    The Latest from Iran (28 October): The Supreme Leader Jumps In | Enduring America

    I expect donations will put him into the RED this year. LOL

    Another account he had that was ALSO terminated: Iran115org
  19. Hi from iran115

    looks more & more interesting everyday.
    But, my interest is the truth. So if this is a big misunderstanding, tell me why and let's put this behind us.
    I have tried to explain what we do and how we do it. But, it seems to fall on deaf ears.
    I call upon any reasonable person to communicate with me and help me understand how this all started.
    Just look at the blacklist and study the timelines. You will see I am telling the truth.
    Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
  20. Sick Puppy, can someone just put him to sleep?

    So since these people were added in less than 12 hours to the BLACKLIST:


    this list is now becoming almost everyone that posts in #Iranelection. Everyone EXCEPT @Iran115 that is. LOL LOL

    Iran115 Hamid, your paranoia is destroying you. You know where it started? It started with your GREED. Greed usually does everyone in. Given enough time, it gets them caught in their nefarious ways, and your eaten up with it.

    You want to know WHY no one will post to you or 'help you' as you so eloquently asked? Because no one likes you. People are glad your gone from Twitter. You amount to just a hill of beans. You've hit the mass market and your product was deemed not good enough for consumers. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

    Your so eaten up, that you sit and pinch peoples heads off with your little fingers I bet. Then you write down their names and say "I'll get you my pretty!"

    Your a sick man, a thief and not worth any more words. But take this as a parting shot, probably daily, someone will mention Persiankiwi. NO ONE will ever mention your name now that your HISTORY!
  21. Iran115

    Who ever the guy is who posted the message about:
    guess my name Hamid.
    Could you kindly repost your message on our blacklist.
    Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    It was deleted by accident and I really would like it up there.
    Further, I would like to ask you to talk about why you feel I am a crook, who Hamid is, and why you think what you do. Obviously you are angry about something that needs to be brought out into the light of day.
  22. Kruge Moderator

    Heyyy, I'm back on the list as well!

    Iran115: Why do we think that you're a crook, a crackpot and a git?

    Crook: You ask for money yet asked about what will be done with that money your reply is pretty much "Nothing illegal". Which doesn't sound trustworthy at all. Legit operations asking for your money will tell you what it is they're doing with it - by themselves and not only after being asked.

    Crackpot: Ooooh, there's so many reasons... The blacklist, accusing a random selection of people twittering under #iranelection to be "members of a criminal organisation". Some tweets about wanting to contact "bounty hunters". Your paranoia in general.

    Git: Git (British slang) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  23. iran115 response

    Let me address those three points.
    1. crook
    2. crackpot
    3. git
    1. Crook:
    I tried to address this question by creating this page:
    Steps to Liberty | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
    What else can I do? Feel free to make suggestions and comments.
    2. Crackpot
    You very well may be right, but then why all the deception and lies from Niteowl & Austinheap?
    Why do you have some moron like Tehranweekly tweeting info like we are under house arrest and we are tracking down people with our phone number and sending basij?
    Why does oxfordgirl claim we infected her computer with a virus?
    Why does Oxfordgirl claim that by clicking on our links: we are tracking people and tracing their IPs?
    Why do you have people collecting donations for false causes on #iranelection?
    Why are you trying to destroy our credibility on the internet so badly?
    Why was NiteOwl convinced we were a sham?
    If Niteowl is not part of anon, who is he?
    Where is he?
    I have serious questions about Oxfordgirl. I think Oxfordgirl is a scam or a mole.
    I have questions about NiteOwl, Iran_translator, and Green Brief.
    I have serious questions about Haystack network & Austinheap. I think he is a big time fraud and a scam.
    But, why do I think this?
    Blacklist of Suspect Accounts on Twitter | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    3. Git
    Well, I looked up the definition. And I have both a father and mother. Although they don't speak to me because of my work in human rights & politics in Iran. So maybe you are right.

    It is the garbage spuing forth from this very website that makes me think this is much more than a misunderstanding.
    ****************مانیفست کشور دموکراتیک ایران**************** | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran
  24. maliheh Member

  25. I didn't think Bounty Hunting is legal....

    you choose to ignore.
    You answer no mails,
    or owe nothing to a person that's IN
    Israel/Palestine, probably very far from
    your point of views,
    probably don't share the same cyber culture with you.
    I am paying heavy personal prices with radioran site.
    I was trying to do the green brief without taking any sides in this suni-shiit debate.
    I am trying to be fair
    over any amount of common sense because people have families and friends they miss in Iran,
    some of those people I actually know and I never ask people to provide details/ info about their locations.
    I also don't want my ultra-zionist relatives to ban/ boycott me over my support of brave irani people.
    I also don't want to be identified with groups that call for taking illegal actions versus government of this country.
    You also know that i am not an anon blogger in Israel.
    You know my story.
    I am trying to be fair with you,
    I don't want to discredit the Green Brief and
    I don't even trust you
    enough for communication with any mail address/
    in private.
    saying something Like
    "cuddles&cuddles Luv & Lulz I'm doing my thingie" - that's great.
    AS long as your group doesn't ask for money,
    as long as your group doesn't discredit other users and as long as you don't do things like saying
    "There is no green brief today" and 2 minutes later another user that's obviously someone related to you saying
    "OH Epic Triumph there is Green Brief".
    I like you a lot josh as a person.
    I also like the green Brief.
    But saying "I'm doing my best"
    is not enough unless you do what you do for yourself.
    If you want people to respect your activism rather be your fans you must start following certain codes of dignity,
    respect and integrity towards people that try to be fair .
    Maybe do a lot of wrong things , maybe doing mistakes- but trying to be fair and not promoting themselves on account of other people that are "fragile".
  26. nite owl/ iran 115

    Iran 115: Seems like a bounty hunter
    that's ignorant enough not to tell fair criticism
    ( something free media should enjoy)
    between things that are not "fair play".

    I really don't know nite owl "In person".
    I never met him outside cyber-space.
    Iran 115 is probably
    someone that doesn't support democracy or
    have any respect for human rights.

    The whole concept of asking people to
    "tell about their neighbours"
    is so wrong.
    People have right to have secrets,
    private life,
    as long as they don't hurt anyone.
    No one is a "saint"
    or stands out of range of fair critisizm.
    sadly- since I assume Nite Owl is not in Iran
    I don't think anyone is able to confirm the causes of death ,
    and Islamic Republic of Iran is not a democracy.
    Israel/ Palestine still facing dangers of anti democratic
    regulation and propoganda.
    Nite Owl- You heard about the terror attack
    at LGTB bar- everyone here, not
    just me are paranoid.
    Either you respect that people
    have the right to be paranoid in
    a land that's so full of war & hatred
    or you just know yourself and your limits
    and handle critisism like a pro- blogger.
    and yes, professional bloggers here do recieve troll
    comments like : Go kill yourself arab-F***R.
    You deal with such negative feedback-
    with integrity. If you want other people
    to support you "blindly".
  27. Kruge Moderator

    Hey iran115 - I'll probably answer to your questions above a little later, but right now I'd like to comment on Letter to Green Supporters | کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran

    I know how admitting an error can be a hard thing sometimes and you have my honest respect for this! I really mean it!

    I'm pretty sure that, with your blacklist out of the way, you might encounter much friendlier responses on twitter in the future.

    It's obvious from your page that you put some thoughts into the whole issue of "freedom for Iran", but many people never noticed this in the first place - when they saw the blacklist and your tweets about it I'm sure many really quickly put you into their "online crackpot, can be ignored/made fun of" - shelf in their minds.

    I know I did.

    Don't expect everything to be "all ok" now, you've established an image by your behaviour that will be pretty hard to overcome, but if your public excuse really is meant to be honest it's a really good first step. Expect ppl to be *very* critical of your future publications though. Trust has to be earned and if you have lost it, it is *very* hard to re-gain.
  28. read first post second

    Hey I know it's hard to read all 17 pages of this thread, but the topic of it states

    Questions about iran115
  29. SanguineRose Member

  30. jadt65 Member

    Since Mr.115 has withdrawn his apology

    and reverted back to slandering people supporting the protesters and Greens in Iran, I am re-opening this thread on a trial basis. Please keep the comments respectful.

  31. Kruge Moderator

    *sigh* - somehow that doesn't surprise me THAT much at all... oO

    After his "excuse" was posted he didn't take part in any productive dialogues but just tweeted a bunch of platitudes... And nothing really new on his page as well...
  32. SanguineRose Member

    Thread Re-Opened
  33. Kruge Moderator

    Iran115 goes Librarian-Poo!

    "iran115 I would ask people not in Iran to change there locations back to normal. You are not helping only confusing. #iranelection #iran #sog"

    ... makes you think, doesn't it? After all selecting Iran as twitter-location is mainly targeted @ basij pigs who will have more trouble finding *real* Iranians on twitter because of it. You know, those regime guys who try to get personal information about Iranian protesters to afterwards arrest, torture and kill them?

    Soooo unlike @iran115 who is asking for ppl to donate money to him, call him or "prove you're a real human" to him - all things that provide him with personal data about you?


    "iran115 The real opposition in #iran is not using @twitter much. I was one of the first. Other than protests. کشور دموکراتیک ایران - Democratic Nation of Iran | آزادی، دموکراسی و حقوق بشر - Freedom, Democracy, & Human Rights #iranelection #sog"

    Oh, I understand, THAT is why he's so mad! #sog *stole* *his* *idea* to use twitter without crediting him, and that made him upset, the poor little thing!

    "iran115 The green movement as we knew it is almost dead. We must take a different path in order to win in the short term. #iranelection #Iran #sog"

    Doesn't THAT one sound a LOT like many of the regime-trolls we get here?

    Man, if that guy does NOT have regime connections himself it only shows how smegging daft he is - trying to gain confidence by using the very same methods like the basij... :p

    Oh - if you wonder, why, with all his alleged connections inside Iran's opposition, he never *once* posted anything with any true relevance on his page... That's because he needs all of his time to ask people for money and personal info in all kinds of places, twitter is only one of them. Check google - enter the phonenumber he asks you to call and see where he posts it as well. He's all over the net. :D

    There's a German saying "Ein Schelm, wer Schlechtes dabei denkt!"... (translates more or less to "A witty person who thinks this might mean something bad")

    Aaaand while you're on Google: He claims on his page that his "organisation" is linked to many other "organisationS" (plural) - yet I bet you won't find *any* organisation, be it big or small, be it inside Iran or not, that claims any connection to him...

    PS. About the headline - if you don't get it I will give you some hints:

    Unseen University

    With those and, say, Wikipedia, you'll be able to find out what "going Librarian-poo" means. :)
  34. Today I spoke with iran115

    Like many others I followed the twitter of iran115 for some time and today I decided to give him a phonecall.

    I know it might not safe to leave pesronal infomation with him like telephone numbers, but I found a service on the internet that allows for anonym phonecalls, because actually they call the person you want to talk to and then call you and connect the two lines without forwarding your telephone number (*)

    I have not recorded the conversation, so I can not give 1:1 protocol, but I try to give you the basic way the talk went. I will give some personal comments at the end of the text, marked by numbers.

    We talked about 25 minutes, all the time the tone was a civilised one in my eyes.


    First you get a recorded message, welcoming you to the "Democratic Nation of Iran" and saying you can reach individual persons of that organisation if you call their individual numbers. (1)

    Then I got connected to iran115.

    He often tweeted that he can give proof for his tweets about having stayed in Iran and his claims on twitter if you call him, so I asked him for this proof.

    He repeated what he said on twitter, that he has been in iran and that he has been building a organisation there for some years and all that. And that he does not trust several people there because they don't support his cause.

    I said that this all I read on twitter already and that I called him because I was interested in something new, like the proof he promised.

    Also I explained to him that I was calling over an anonym phone service, because I don't want to give him away my own number.

    I asked him again for some proof for his story, because he tweeted he will provide it when you call him.

    To that he replied that he already has send pictures and other material to one person at the BBC and that there will be something published there soon and he said that I could contact this person at the BBC to get that information.

    Also he said that he has send some of the information to Nightowl (The Green Brief) but that he didn't publish it, and that prooves he can not be trusted. (2)

    I asked him why he does not simply put this information on his own webpage instead and he said he not can do this, because there was some sensitive information there that could endanger the lives of people in Iran. Because he said on the pictures persons could be identified.

    I said him that this seemed a strange reason, that it shoulld be no problem for him to make black squares over faces on the pictures and only show pictures where no places can be recognised that can endanger individuals.

    Also I tried to explain to him that this all sounded really weird to me, because it was obvious many people do not believe his claims at all and that with some actual material like this he would be maybe taken much more serious.

    He said "thank you for your feedback" and that he will take it into consideration. But something like making pictures anonym would be work and need time and that he was working on it.

    So I asked him why this will take so long with a programm like photoshop or a free software like gimp it does not take months to make some black squares on some faces and when his page was on Drupal as he said on twitter it would need only five minutes to put it online?

    I have a webpage myself running with Drupal (a content managing system) and putting new content online is really easy and quick.

    Then he said he would take this into consideration. And he said again that I can contact that person at the BBC and that I can get confirmation for his story there.

    and I asked why he sended it to a person he does not trust to publish it, Nightowl, instead of doing it himself, because if someone really is not trustworthy he could change the information and cause more danger this way. I tried to explain how strange this all sounds to an outsider like me and maybe other persons too.

    I told to him how he would be more believable for me when he would have things backing up some of his claims on his page and if he could not understand this? But he said it was more important to him to warn people about haystack and other things on twitter. (3)

    And he repeated that I can get confirmation for his story from that person on BBC if I want.

    And he asked me if I trust haystack and I replied that I have not read something negative about it except his claims and that because I can not read and understand code and am no expert with proxys and things like that I have to trust people who seem to know this matters better than me.

    He again thanked me about my input and that he would think about it and maybe take it into consideration. (4)

    And he said that I was the first telephone call he received in all the time. (5)


    That was the conversation - maybe I got some points in the wrong order, later I thought it would have been good if I had recorded it all, so I could get everything exactly right.

    My general view is that during the whole talk iran115 did not give me one reason to believe him more than I did believe before, it seems he only repeated things he twittered allready before and give strange answers when I asked for more things.

    After the talk he was not on twitter for an hour or so (I didn't check my watch) and I thought maybe he was really preparing some pictures or so for his page, but when he came back he was just twittering really weird stuff about being the king of #iranelection and that people were not ready for democracy and so on - you have read it yourself maybe.

    I think I not can say if he is a crackpot or a scammer or both or some kind of regime person from that conversation, but I definitely do not trust him, and he does damage to the whole topic on twitter with his nonsense and with causing other people to spend much time with him.


    Comments on the talk:

    (1) it's hard to say of there are more than one person there, because only that one number was ever published

    (2) this to me seemed really strange, because it was as if he sended this material to Nightowl for him to publish it, but he could not publish it himself because it would be dangerous to iranian people?

    (3) this is more weird for me, because he sais he wants to help democracy in iran, but he does nothing else, no informations about what is happening in the streets in iran, nothing about the lies of the regime and things like that. and he twitters that the green movement is allmost dead and that people don't need proxys, only when they are under high surveilance risk? This seems to me to be really dangerous and against allmost everything I have read about what I have read in all kinds of places?

    (4) In the whole conversation he always said "I" and "me" and so on, never "we" or "us", so if there is there a real organisation in several countries with offices like it sais on his page why does he not have to talk about this with other members of the organisation and only has to think about everything himself?

    (5) if this is true this is a good thing, when people don't call him I beleive that no one sent him money too.

    (*) This is a german webpage, they own an international flatrate and use it to earn money from advertising you "have" to watch on the browser while you speak on the phone. I don't want to spam, but if someone is interested I will happyly post the link here and some instructions in english (the service is web-based, but the page is in germany and the language is german)

    go green - Hans
  35. Topastro Member


    In a forum I had to do with a scammer type of Iran115 for about seven years.

    He was a versatile type with about three main identities and several minor ones. One first identity he used for regular social contacts. The two other identities were an overdesign, too good to be true, of very questionable character. One was a kind of Neocon, very aggressive, talking about Champaign and swimming pools, harassing other people, especially the ones in serious trouble and going for the well known avatars, discrediting and spreading half true lies. The second one seemed to be of russian nationality, was absolutely sexistic, aggressive, and went only after the pros. He threatened one woman with rape and murder, finally he got expelled, but resurrected in another avatar and again.

    I got to know him personally, his first identity, some years ago, before I knew of his different lives. I should have known by then, but I was convinced, that one should give someone a chance and again. Last year he died of sudden haemorrhage.

    This person was an IT-man. His job was to program IT-Systems for IBM for a renown Swiss bank. He was the man to be on alert day and night for his customers and helping them out of IT-troubles.
    He lost his job and made up his own little company. Some work he made in freelance for his former customers, but his company did not develop as he had foreseen and he had plenty of time to get a real pain in some dark place to a lot of people.

    After his death I talked with a psychiatrist and a psycologist about this person and they made both very similar statements.

    - the person was not satisfied with her social life (he had no friends beyond the superficial acquaintancies of his first personality in two discussion forums)

    - the person was not able to have social bindings. This could be a result of bad feedbacks of the relationship with his wife, or viceversa, his relationship corresponded to his low expectancy of his social skills (he was living together with his wife, that had a lover. They did not divorce, because it would have costed them too much: a house, a tiny pool, the dog...)

    - the only relationship, that seemed to work out with him, was the one to his wifes dog. (when a person has trouble with social bindings, there is often a pet to take the place. If the person is further more disturbed, it can be plants, or nothing any more. In this case it was the dog of his wife.) One psy said, that this was a kind of transmission of his true feelings towards his wife he could not live out.

    - the created avatars correlated in some way to his vita. He had a pool and sometimes he felt not enough honored for this kind of social success (by origin he was of poor surroundings and here around there are just too many pools, to make any difference.) By origin he was Hungarian, he knew very little Russian. He had always felt minor to people here. This is just normal to happen with people from abroad coming here, even second generation, if they do not integrate and are not interested in the country they live in.

    - his aggressivity, talking about verbal sexual harassment, threats, use of bad words, diffamation, phoney reconciliations with the lot of users or singled out ones, was the way he took, to have a kind of communication, that thrilled him. It showed indirectly his problems with his wife and his situation of stagnation: instead of solving his problems, he expressed his rage on a platform, that would not interfere with his real life. This aggressivity was the sign of frustration about feeling trapped (voluntarily: it seems reasonable to this person, to stand still and bear a sad life, instead of getting active and change things for the better. This gives a negative feedback to the person: she gets to think, that she is not worth/capable, to live a good life. The person starts to defend her life as a good one by selective approach to the matter, and she improves effectiveness by blackguarding the positive efforts of other people.)

    - the person can be classified as a person, who wants to be superiour to others (4 types of immediate objectives of behaviour: superiority, controle, please, avoid). His efforts double, when he feels inferior, he gets nasty and inventive. He spends time on it, immagining new strategies and tricks to 'win the battle'. This person will take any comment or argument as a challenge to his credibility or immagined superiority. The person is not able to discuss problems and to differentiate between personal and pertinent. This is in fact a further sign of his disorder.

    - real content of threat: the person made one hacker attempt at a discussion forum, suggesting that it was caused by mismanagement of the forum. This created some contoversities and in the end, the forum was shut down. The sexual threats concerning one female user troubled her very strongly. She was the 'give one more chance' type, too. It stopped, when we reported the whole to the police. The person did not think, that the threats could be taken seriously.. (gimme a chance) but pretended, that the female user he harassed was too stupid and taking too much place on the platform and that his behaviour was thought as a corrective measure: the person defends her actions as moral and righteous. The more the person feels pushed into the corner, the more this person wonders about the dumbness of the world, that does not recognize the value of her bad behaviour (kind of: what, they say, there is one ghost-driver? but there are thousands!!) The psychiatrist said, that it could be a matter of time and disposition of circumstances, when such a person would step the line and do some real harm. But he said, that the step from virtual action to real action was bigger, than for example for a rapist to get to kill someone. The real threat of this person depended on the damage this person could cause in the virtual world.

    When I met the person described above, I wondered. He was a man of middle stature, middle age (not a kid!), mediocre looking, I would not have noticed him, if I had met him in an elevator. His face was pale, slightly greyish, his cloth were more normal, than todays people use to wear. I did not notice any aggressive behaviour. I felt just terribly bored, the conversation we had was a struggle for conversations flow. Some time he would smirk at some argument or talk like people at their crackerbarrel, it was nothing, to get suspicious or appalled: I felt sorry for him.

    Said all that, I think, there are some common features inbetween such kind of users. I think, that Iran115 has to be stopped, because he is very much harassing the best ones of us and we do not know, how far he is willing to go, to increase his selfesteem.
    I do not think, that he is an agent: he is not at all reliable. But there is the slight chance, that he has some contacts with the wrong people, he could use them to take revenge for his strongly felt defeats.
    In conclusion I think, that it is very much safer, to ignore him, than to provoke him. If he has to be provoked, it should be done by avoiding to involve people, who are in danger of life and people, who do serve the movement on a daily basis and need to keep their strenght to be able to cope with it on long terms.

    So.. maybe we should just have a taskforce of some dedicated outstanders, who keep him busy.. ??

  36. IR115 is a submarine actually

    Iran115 is a scammer. The above post has served no purpose except for someone to explain his feelings about Ahmid.

    There are known facts:

    Before Twitter Iran115 relied upon the Internet to contact Iranian-Americans and to convince them they should give to HIS cause of promoting freedom within Iran. Why and how do I know this? Because I have personally talked to someone who was convinced to give him $5000.

    Once Iran115 discovered Twitter his job became that much more simple. He no longer had to scourge the Internet looking for ways to contact people interested in freedom within Iran, he found a built in audience. He started out on Twitter promoting his scam talk and collecting what little donations he could. He received a ban back in July once before this last one in Oct. The downfall was that he was viewed with skepticism's by too many people and someone decided to take him up on his offer to discuss a donation and contacted him. AFTER that well known individual alerted people to protect their identity Iran115 had to shut that person down!

    With that same forum that he used to solicit donations came the same forum to alert people to what had been discovered. HE had no official game plan, his collections went no where except into his own pocket and it was / is a never ending cycle just so Ahmid can continue to live and to continue to solicit from people PERIOD.

    HE has always been careful and steps right up to a line of acting like a charitable organization that has to file the requisite paperwork or to just convince you to give and he moves on. You find these people everyday in your real life, their standing on street corners, their sitting in a bazaar somewhere. He doesn't work for the regime, he doesn't care about anything except finding a way to have money for next week.

    Ahmid is not a smart person, no one will deny that. His M.O. has been exposed. So now he attacks those who are trying to alert the rest of the built-in audience to his scam. He has even now resorted to attacking Persiankiwi as part of a broad conspiracy who's sole existence is to defeat his war on Iran from his office chair. The SoG stole his ideas and he will have no new place in a new Gov. within Iran PK LEFT before Ahmid every heard of Twitter, but he doesn't understand that, he has seen the name used with reverence and has to assume it's a leader so he must attack it, because Iran115 has lost his own minds credence of leadership. Something his mind tells him is rightfully his. HE just posted HE is the KING of #Iranelection now

    Iran115 is seeing himself attacked now, but that's all because of what he has done. It's hard to ignore the troll. IF everyone just totally ignored him, that still wouldn't work, because he would rant and rave like a spoiled child until he gets the attention he craves.

    Their is no answer for Iran115, Not until the government arrests him for breaking laws, not until Twitter permanently bans him for their few TOS rules. sigh... Iran115's sole aim is to find ANYONE who will listen to him, so he can convince you to send him as much money as you can part with so he can move on and find someone else that will listen to him. ISN'T IT OBVIOUS BY NOW? STAND UP TO HIM it's the only way to drive him out, but know that he will be back hoping he will find someone to listen to him.

    the Unlawful GIT
  37. I actually did an article on him in an attempt to prove him innocent.. during my interview he ended up nailing himself to a wall... After that I began proving his guilt.
    Feel free to read the articles on my blog.
  38. Kruge Moderator

    Yes, nice article.
  39. SanguineRose Member

    Greetings my children,
    Yes I am a lazy ass but oh well spank me, please? <3

    From what I can gather this is something between NiteOwl and Iran115 that got a bit out of hand. Iran115 wrote a letter to NiteOwl with this 'story' and consequently like a normal sane person would didn't believe him. His butthurt stems from NiteOwl not publishing his unicorn ride in the desert escaping from Iran. He says that he sent his story to the bbc but of course no response. He has failed to prove or provide evidence to me of any part of his unicorn ride in the desert to be true.

    From what I can gather is correct and I believe to be factual:

    • His name that he uses is not his real name, in fact who the hell is he?
    • He is mad over being exposed and no longer can get donations to his scam
    • His sole reason for attacking AustinHeap is because someone else is making money and not him
    • Egotistical Complex to the degree of thinking he is some God-Like person.
    • He is NOT a registered nor valid organization, it is just himself pocketing money.
    • He refuses all inquiry to his organization, even proof of existence and tax exempt status. This is because it doesn't exist.
    • He is blind or he is pretty good at faking blind
    • To go with the blind above, I believe he might be more then just one person on his parade. My best and probable guess is there is two people involved in his operation.
    • He doesn't listen to anyone and in his own fantasy world. How can someone not see how what he is doing pisses everyone off? Instead he thinks they are all AustinHeap.
    • He has no life outside of twitter and his website.
    • The address of his office in the whois info is false, there is not a chance in hell he can afford that place
    • He has NO interest in anything but slandering AustinHeap in any way he can.

    In with the talks I had with him he simply wanted any form of information on everyone on twitter. More to the point he is delusional and full of shit is saying that I am 'Daniel Colascione'. If you don't know, he is the Technical Director for the Haystack project. He demanded information on him from me right before he severed contact with me stating he wants to be treated like a god. No mater what I would tell him he would a few minutes later state the same insane delusions about someone being AustinHeap or NiteOwl. Our first talk he stated and believed I was altering my voice using a voice changer and before the talk he stated he thought I was AustinHeap.

    He seems to be having a mental breakdown in realization of everyone indeed not being AustinHeap. One idea is to further that by everyone contacting him. I believe pushing his current mental instability will lead to a breakdown and consequently him doing something to break twitters TOS hopefully among other things that will allow us to get rid of the crazy blind fucker.

    As a personal message to the beloved iran115:
    Go ride your unicorn somewhere else you blind fag.

    To Buddy_Luv:
    Get out of the house more, you are more insane then he is right now. Switch Iran115's name with yours and change AustinHeap to Iran115. Looks strikingly similar.

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