/R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by AnonymousTomorrow, May 7, 2009.

  1. /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    So the time has come for my research project, and I'm not asking you to be my personal army or anything. But any suggestions if I forget anything and/or failresearch would be nice!

    Right now I'm just still planning it out.
    I tried doing Criminal Activities of the Church, or Why the Church isn't a Religion, but throughout all the debates for the topic, I had the strongest points on this. While the others I kept using terms like totalitarian political movements, cult, parading as religion, etc, and I can't be that loose with those terms so this is the most acceptable topic that I can do.

    For the first question, why is the fair game policy in place, I was going to elaborate on
    -Lord Xenu
    -Criminal Activites (child labour, forced abortion)

    To focus on the denial of Xenu, and the OTIII status to obtain the knowledge.

    The second I was going to elaborate on
    -Paulette Cooper
    -Lawrence Wollersheim
    -L. Gene Allard
    -Gerald Armstrong

    The third I was going to elaborate on Cease and Desist, breaking an entering, framing people such as Paulette Cooper, Anonymous members. I'm a little unsure about the third question. The professor didn't make the questions, I made them, but I'm not sure the third question of what it should be in this situation because I might just elaborate on how it is used on the second question.

    Any suggestions/help?

    Maybe I could use the third question on how the "Church" uses censorship? Such as banning MarkBunker and ToriChristman from YouTube?
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    Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Must read Ms. Coopers take on things! (ya I know ya probably knew :D )

    1. It is cult mandate to attack critics, this is one of Lron's pets since he could not take critisism in any form, he was a delusional, paranoid, drug addled, conman who propped his poop with many policies to discourage and harrass those who he deemed SP's (enemies).
    Though 'fairgame' is no longer a used term, and is vehemently denied by the cult, there is absolutely no doubt that in essence it remains a major part of Co$'s defence system.
    So many examples you'll have to pick a couple to make the point, so maybe an example of 'Legal' (ie. litigation one), violence (ie. recent Co$ co-ordinated physical abuse), slander (ie. an example of one of their flyerings of a critic's neighbourhood etc.), mysterious death (lots of possibilities there, unfortunately whytheyaredead hasn't been reborn yet :( ).
    The truth scares the shit outta them since were it readily known they'd have little or no support/followers (yay!), ergo no moolah, and nothing can hurt it worse than no bucks coming in.

    Keep it simple, and relavent, and use as many new examples as possible imho, after a brief history of course.

    Off ya go!

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    Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    We had a protest focusing on fair game last year, so a lot of this has been done. Was it May?
  6. Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Thanks!! I really think this will help me out.

    The only problem is I can't use words like cult, totalitarian, etc. That's "expressing an opinion" on a Research paper, where we are trying to prove our opinions. . . but the topic isn't how Scientology is a cult. (I wouldn't be able to get specific enough on enough topics to prove that.)

    I was also going to get some direct sources. Like call a few exies and maybe tori? Do you think she'd be down with an interview for a paper?

    I also have a powerpoint presentation of a minimum of 10minutes do a week after the paper is due. and I'm going to rip a lot of video from YouTube of examples, etc, and make it epic as tits. I was planning on starting out the power point with a video from my last protest, like cut it really short
    "do you know what Scientology is?"
    "just another one of those whacko religions that celebrities in"

    and then start my presentation with Scientology is more than some whacko religion. It's a business enterprise that has (I can't use "criminal" enterprise. . .) a long history of using scare tactics and a fierce legal team to silence its critics.

    and then like talk about how its not a joke, etc only i cant use the term joke. .
    Scientology is the not the harmless whacko religion you think it is.
    I'll use epic music like explosions in the sky and maybe rickroll em. . .

    any suggestions for a sweet power point? I was going to find some videos on youtube of Scifags following people, like Mark Bunker's "crazy scientologists" and some others, maybe austinanon's recent flash raid video. Any good suggestions on videos I should use in my presentation? of course i wouldnt use the full video

    but this isn't about Anonymous. I'm just focusing on the cult.
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    Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Then call it neither a cult or religion, but a corporation or business or even organisation.
    Maybe a bracketed (called a religion by some, and a cult by others) as a way to inject 'cult' into the formula ;)

    Hm, presentation? For a start maybe some nice audio clips of Flubbernutz blathering away in the background?

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    Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Yep, Operation 'stop fair game' was on May 10th last year.
  9. Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Here's my 2nd draft

    its too long to put the rest idk the computer fucking sucks ill try to megaload it
  10. Re: /R/esearch Project Help- FairGame/ScareTactis

    Check out my second draft on the megaload

    Also, I couldn't use "Church" in quotes.
    Or call it a cult.
    because "its a recognized Church in the United States of America"
    the teacher hates cos too and tried to get my take on why i dislike it but i didnt go that deep into it because i was moar worried about my paper on censorship.

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