/r/ info on German Magazine

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Anonymous, May 28, 2009.

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    /r/ info on German Magazine


    Any Info Germanfags?
  2. Krautfag Member

    Re: /r/ info on German Magazine

    Looks like a wee old edition of an austrian weekly magazine.

    /r/ ösifag to report in...

    Edit: Having no luck so far with the usual searches..but prolly worth a little more work, because the headline is yummy:

    "Scientology - the religion of the greedy
    Scientology-Boss David Miscavice talks about money, faith and opponents"
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: /r/ info on German Magazine

    German version too? :D
  6. Krautfag Member

    Re: /r/ info on German Magazine

    l2engrish :D

    Besides, that interview is...interesting.

    "profil: There are people who give up to a million shillings a year for Scientology.

    Miscavige: That only shows how important Scientology is for them and how much they appreciate the value of our teachings for this world!

    profil: That means Scientology has accumulated approximately 30 billion shillings and your yearly sales are more than five billion shillings.

    Miscavige: No, the yearly sales are about half that. That value of the properties which house our churches and missions, we estimate at close to five billion shillings. That, in essence, is the value of our assets. "

    Someone know the value of the Schilling back in 1994?
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    Re: /r/ info on German Magazine


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