/r/ list of scientology ships

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    /r/ list of scientology ships

    Can someone please let me know if there is a complete list of ships owned by scientology, or by Majestic Cruise lines?

    :text:I am finding nothing. the list of businesses and copyrighted names on wikipedia has some ship names but does not specify which names are ships or not.

    Please PM me with a response.

    :teacher:I think a good idea would be to speak with Harbour masters around the world about scientology and educate them about the Human rights violations. Few Harbourmasters would be willing to look favourably on allowing a ship top dock if it might bring legal troubles and coastguards into their docks.

    A list of Co$ ships and Country of register would be perfect.
  2. captainslug Member

    Re: /r/ list of scientology ships

    Freewinds (previously La Boheme) is the only operating vessel at present from what I've read.
    Previous ships were the Apollo, The Flying Scotsman, Avon River, Enchanter, Athena, Diana, and Nekambi (catamaran).
  3. ryebread Member

    Re: /r/ list of scientology ships

    Some Freewinds information can be found here on MARS. If you come up with any other ships you want to look for, you can search that site from here.

    I mentioned this in the radio frequency thread a while back, but if any anons had access to AISLive, Sea-Web, Equasis, Lloyd's Register Fair Play, or any other ship tracking services, I'd love to see a flash raid whenever they come into port ;)
  4. AnonNaEireann Member

    Re: /r/ list of scientology ships

    Torpedoes anyone?

    It would do the world a favour certainly....
  5. Ships of the Sea Organization, 1967 to 1975

    Ships of the Sea Organization, 1967 to 1975
    Topic Ships of the Sea Org, 1967 to 1975
    Author Howard Dickman
    Social Media
    Editor Note: The development of this article was interrupted by a larger project the author has undertaken. It will be expanded upon soon and other persons interested in this subject matter and who would like to help develop it are welcome to contact us and help fill in vital information. Dl88008 09:06, 23 May 2012 (MDT)
    The Sea Organization
    The Sea Organization (Sea Org) came into existence on August 12, 1967[1]. As the name implies, this fraternal organization operated off of ships, around Europe/North Africa and on the west coast of the United States. The Sea Org operated off of the following ships until 1975; at which time the Sea Org sold all the ships and became land based.
    Europe/North Africa

    The ships that operated around Europe/North Africa were;
    1. Apollo (originally known as the Royal Scotman)[2]
      • Length 340'
      • Beam 48'
    2. Athena (originally known as the Avon River)[2]
      • Length 145' 4"
      • Beam 26' 1"
    3. Commodore Queen[3]
      • Length 150'
    4. Diana (originally known as the Enchanter)[2]
    5. Kastelholm[3]
    6. Nkambi[3]
      • Length 20'
    The west coast of the United States

    The ships that operated off of the west coast of the United States were;
    1. Aries (originally known as the Bluefin[4])[3]
      • Length 65'
    2. Bolivar (originally known as the Grinnel)[3]
      • Length 173' 8"
      • Beam 23'
    3. Excalibur (originally known as the Asia)[3]
      • Length 184' 6"
      • Beam 33' 1"
    4. Neptune[3],_1967_to_1975

    The Aries was an ex air-sea rescue vessel. It was approximately 63 feet long and was gas powered. She was used to train Sea Org members and was based in the Pacific area in 1970.[1] The Aries was originally named the Bluefin. The Bluefin was a 65 foot Air-Sea Rescue boat that was added to the Pacific Coast Sea Org fleet on January 12, 1969. It's first captain was Warrant Officer Jerry McDonald.
    Candy Swanson and Geoff Levin on the Neptune in Long Beach. (This picture is the property of Candy Swanson and may not be duplicated or used without her express permission)



    Sea Org Ship, the Excalibur San Diego harbor, February 1973


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