/r/ Write up of raid progress/acheivements.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonpower, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Anonpower Member

    /r/ Write up of raid progress/acheivements.

    Doing a big write up, would appreciate some people writing up what they think we achieved and the steps we should take next.

    Also maybe a list of what was effective and what wasn't - Just throw ideas down here and i'll throw them together.

  2. Anonamour Member

    Easiest way to do this? Thread summaries. They can be stickied, updated or grabbed, put together and voila---> Feb 10 report/summary/whatever.

    The Breaking News forum can just be a made into a list of coverage with a win/fail appellation.

    What say Anons?
  3. Anonpower Member

    I've got a lot done but I need someone to write out a basic story on what happened today and where we are going after this, I personally hit a wall but I've got lists of videos, Articles and broadcasts from all around the interwebs.

    Also a media resource list/Images/statements from different people around teh world.

    Right now im cataloging as many youtube videos as i can from around the world.


    If anyone could please list any media outlets I could contact to get press coverage for march 15th raids.

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