Rafsanjani Sermon: Discussion and Aftermath

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. FreedomAgent Member

    The rabbit is out of the hat anything is possible, I mean shit they don't even repeat death to Israel, that says a lot about how people really feel these days, almost like anything that the regime says or does we are against it

    Only the beginning I say 6-8 months max
  2. Vee Member

    Found this interesting

    Speakers announce Rafsanjani is going to speak, to which people respond: "Hashemi, if you remain silent you are a traitor!" Then at 0:40 -- Karroubi amongst people who greet him: "dorud bar Karroubi" (Hello) then praise him "Karroubi bagheyrat, beres be dade mellat" (Honorable/Brave Karroubi, come to the help of the people!"

    The forces attack, people shout "don't shoot." Then they tell Karroubi who is in the front line: "Karroubi remain behind us!" Then they yell "death to the dictator!"

  3. Visionary Member

    heh heh looks familiar

    But it's hard to tell what's been posted already here.

    Anyone have any videos or news of protests at night for Friday?
    Just curious.
  4. Vee Member

    Oh that was added after i passed out.

  5. Israeli wishes.
  6. FreedomAgent Member

    The world wishes
  7. The world wishes that is your wish.
  8. Visionary Member

    I don't think Israelis' money are being stolen from them by the government and poured into Hamas and Hezbollah.


    The Iranians have quite a bit to be angry about.

  9. What about the Americans and their stolen money given to Israel? ;)
  10. Visionary Member

    Latest Updates on Post-Election Protests in Iran - The Lede Blog -

    The New York Times has some earlier updates on their Lede page.

  11. Vee Member

    Sorry this is the Iran forum. The i hate Israel and the US forum can be accessed through Alt f4
  12. Visionary Member

    Go away if you're just here to clog the thread up with nonsense.
    We are not discussing US and Israel.
    This is about Iran, and Friday's protests specifically.
  13. FreedomAgent Member

    nope just trust me on this one

    Think about it Hammas and Hezbolah aren't even liked by the majority in their own backyard
  14. Sorry this is the Iran forum. The i love Israel and the US forum can be accessed through Alt f4
  15. Vee Member

    You need to work on your material.
  16. Actually, it was targeted to meet your nonsense in thinking about it that way. That was NOT discussing US and Israel.
  17. Visionary Member

    Let's just ignore the troll.

    Here's a couple of personal accounts from Friday: Latest Updates on Post-Election Protests in Iran - The Lede Blog -
  18. Vee Member

    Any information on what happened at IRIB? That info seemed to stop
  19. Does backyard mean their own countries? because Hamas won the elections in 2006. Hezbollah lost the elections, even though they won the popular vote (55%), in a system that awards them disproportionately less seats that their population, as well as the massive vote buying by Hariri, Inc.

    Sorry, to butt into convo. Just a mention of facts.
  20. FreedomAgent Member

    Hezbollah: 55% support
    Hamas: 44% support in 2006 elections

    wow huge numbers ha? .... lol

    Support for these groups equates to almost "0" in non-Muslim and non-Arab countries, even some Arab countries do not support these groups (Saudi, Kwait, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE ... list goes on and on)
  21. Um... Is Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and others on your map?

    Remind me about the most country that benefited from Hezbollah defeating the Israeli army in southern Lebanon using Russian based weapons?

    And let us say that what you are saying is true, who cares? Even if the entire world was against freedom fighters, they will still fight and win in the end, because Allah is with them. Isn't that in the Koran too?

    And btw, that user was talking about their support in their own countries, nothing else.

    Also, At the beginning Hezbollah had no support at all, if they were to wait to get a support of the majority or the cruel world, they would have never liberated an inch of Lebanon.
  22. Ray Murphy Member

    No, proportional solutions don't have to be achieved in your country
    or mine or in Iran - the only thing that is required is a majority of
    judges votes - whether they are right or wrong.

    No one needs Constitutional challenges if someone can put a million
    people on the streets via their blog or website.

    It's the same everywhere.

    I don't know what you mean exactly, but I'll have a stab at the question
    anyway. I have a history of prosecuting things fairly, whether its via the
    most appropriate law or a more convenient law.
  23. look its Mehdis little butt humping brother!!
  24. atmasabr Member

    Reading that speech makes me feel very bad in sympathy for those who believe in the good of the Islamic Revolution. (I'm not one of them, of course, but I do think good people lead to good ends.)

    I think a peaceful end to this is so much more important than what kind of government remains in Iran, and a fair bit more important than who is Iran's president.

    But... with all the blood in the streets, how can that happen?

    I also believe in using the law to resolve crisis political situations.
  25. FreedomAgent Member

    You just named 4 Communist countries, if China cared much about Muslims they wouldn't be killing them as we type, China and Russia enjoy the fruits of all the unrest in the middle east that is the only reason why they support these radical groups, I guess you have forgotten about Chechnya ha? This idea that Hezbollah defeated Israel is really funny because most of Lebanon was destroyed and the death toll was a 100 to 1

    "they will still fight and win in the end, because Allah is with them. Isn't that in the Koran to" .. typical fight and kill propaganda due to continual teachings of hate, that idea aligns just right with the current Iran regime as well

    No wonder you are on this forum, people like you are afraid that Iranian regime will be overthrown and blood oil money will not reach your so called freedom fighters ..

    May the oil run dry, that will be the day when my country will be free of all Arab influence
  26. they are going to try to preserve what they know Atm, not to mention what is in their best interest, they know without the current system they will just be a group of old worn out men in dresses at some mosque..

    as much as Iranians do not want to believe this, these guys are really nothing more than politicians fighting to keep their head above water..

    my opinion is this moving into the phase where every politician sees a chance for a possible power grab.. these guys will be lining up in case mousavi falters or gets arrested or slaughtered to slip in and keep the current structure in place ..
  27. Ray Murphy Member

    All you need is what Mousavi and Rafsanjani and others have virtually guaranteed - a new (fair) election and the freedom to resume peaceful protesting about anything at all, so that things can be gradually changed to suit the majority. That can still be done with a Muslim "backbone" if the people want it.

    For example, I'm sure that the Australian and American people would not allow a "Satanist" or "Witchcraft" political party to get a chance to hold power because it goes against the Christian style of government we still have, so I wouldn't think it was unfair if the Iranian people barred any other religious group from attaining supreme power. It's their country after all - and religion is a big part of the culture.
  28. Ray Murphy Member

    Not only that. I'm sure the vicious ones and their lackeys wouldn't be half as bad if they weren't so fearful of getting bashed, arrested, jailed, tortured or executed themselves if there was a big power shift.
  29. Your ignorance is devastating, killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure means that Israel won the war?

    I am talking about the Israeli army that was humiliated in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah kill their soldiers and destroy their tanks, they kill civilians.

    Even the Israelis admitted their defeat.

    just as if you said nothing. Freedom fighters become terrorists, Arab influence, lol. You don't know about Iran's ideology, do you?
  30. please do not refer to the clergy with disrespect by calling their clothing dresses. Khatami, Kerroubi, Kadivar, Soroush among others are respected clerics for the reformists movements. you can say crazy mullah or corrupt mullahs for ones we dont like.
  31. that is exactly why everyone is gun shy(foreign Gov).. are these guys who turned a new leaf or still old products of the system? they have all held high offices in the current form of gov..
  32. FreedomAgent Member

    No war or battle is even won, all wars are a loss for humanity, it is just interesting to me that Arab's always spin everything, Arab governments and movements have historically lied to their people, this goes back to the Arab-Israeli war, remember how Egypt was lying with false propaganda? I am sure you remember the Iraqi information minister during the gulf war?, or Yaser Arafat's $1.5 billion fortune when he died?

    Unfortunately I know much about Iran ideology, the few ruling the many with lies and deception quoting lies from books written over a thousand year ago... (Same goes for the bible and the tora)

    This shall change too, there won't be a place for religious politics in the future, (might take 10 years maybe a hundred)
  33. i have no problem calling it a dress when they guy in it chants for my despise every Friday..

    so turn about fair play I offer a trade for ''death to America'' for ''dress''

    i have great respect for the people of Iran..but not the hierarchy using religion as a excuse to abuse and slaughter its people..sorry.
  34. Yeah, but you should always blame the invaders.

    Well Hezbollah is different, Hezbollah never lied. I remember when Ehud Barak responded to a press question that "Nasrallah does not lie". Hezbollah started serious and with few operations... then within 18 years they have liberated most of southern Lebanon in 2000.

    And btw, during the 2006 war, Israel was lying. Things have changed :)

    Hmm... This Koran has proved to be miraculous for more than 1400 years, just how many times scientists discovered signs in the Koran that agreed with scientific new discoveries... In short, Allah's words prevail.
  35. Hezbullah support is much lower in Lebanon, they did not won the elections so they can not have 55% support. As for Hamas - they had ~50% support but that was 3 years ago so they may have less support.
    AE and Qatar support both of these groups. Saudi Arabia supports Hamas. I think that Kuwait supports Hamas but I am not sure.

    Like you said China does not care about militant movements who are not on its territory, it wants to have oil and strongly deals with all militant muslim movements at home. . Russia, Venezuela and Cuba support all who are against US and the West therefore they would support all militant muslim groups - even (probably) Al Qaeda

    Entire world might be against Hamas and Hezbullah but without money they won't win,because fight needs ammunition, and weaponry. No weapons, no ammunition - no militant (islamic) movement. Its that simple.

    That's why many arab people (and muslim people) like ahmadinejad so much, he gave them and their organisations money.
  36. BTW unregistered guest # 434
    what do I care about Lebanese Hezbollah? Why should Iranians care about Hebollah? They got money which should have went for jobs creation, for economic improvement of Iranians. NOT for the Hezbollah weapons and for training to Hezbollah.
  37. it is based on our traditional. it is insulting to our culture to call it dress. the basij wear pant and shirt and chant same thing even more. blame mullahs blame basij blame politics.
  38. The opposition couldn't have the majority of the parliament, but the overall votes in all areas of Lebanon were counted, that way Hezbollah had 55% of the people's support.

    One thing you should know: every bit moving on earth is seen by Allah. Being supported with weapons, is only because Allah caused this to happen. And btw, during the Hezbollah-Israel war in 2006, it was really more than just weapons that made Hezbollah win. If you make a comparison, you would say Israel would erase Hezbollah. But Allah's miracles and his determined believers and well organized can change all that.
  39. ok i will stop, the only reason i did not is because i did not know which unreg is which lol

    the pro gov unreg annoys me ..

    if i cannot call it a dress what is the correct name please sir/maam?

    but you must stop then from chanting death to america when you get the chance as well lol
  40. Visionary Member

    That was my whole original point, way back when I first mentioned them.

    Anyway, on to some more news and reports.

    Pedestrian � Blog Archive � I Was There: UPDATE
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