Rafsanjani Sermon: Discussion and Aftermath

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Vee Member

  2. jadt65 Member

    cnn-just started reporting...about 2 hours behind....nothing about what is currently happening....just reporting about Friday prayers & Rasi.speech....saying crowds dispersed...well CNN is good for missing the point.:mad:
  3. a desert Member

  4. Ray Murphy Member

    It's all quite deliberate.
    Most journalists are no longer doing their jobs.
  5. Visionary Member

    I think this is a bit old, but....:
    Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates
    I wonder if they should have like massive sit ins or something.
  6. a desert Member

    More from Twitter:

    Another part of Tehran: Sea of Green protests YouTube - IRAN Tehran, Friday July 17. (26 Tir), Peoples Demonstration - 3 #iranelection

    via @jimsciuttoABC Cellphone video of today's protests, can hear chants of 'Allah Akhbar' YouTube - Protests on IRAN before friday prayer 17 July 2009 Tehran IRAN part 7 #iranelection

    exclusive photos, Friday prayers part 2…

    RT @oxfordgirl Aftr 3 wks FP ldrs saying Ahmadinejad won & ask 4 protestrs 2 B killed, Rafsanjani reminds regime its not over. #iranelection

    women's rights activist Shadi Sadr was beaten by plainclothes militiamen & taken away- The Associated Press: Top Iran cleric criticizes hard-liners in sermon #iran #iranelection #neda PLS RT

    Call #CNN phone number +1 404 8271503 to request #IRAN coverage #iranelection

    RT @oxfordgirl: Do nt let womn walk on thr own, kep them surrounded. Block basij vans if see them grab ppl. #iranelection #rafsanjani #Iran

    MOUSAVI'S PICTURE @ fridaprayers. He was not among VIP, but common people onlymehdi, President Mousavi in the Friday Prayers #iran #iranelection #tehran
  7. [ame=]YouTube - 2009-07-17_Tehran_Infront of the interior ministery_Part 48[/ame]

    I'm not sure if it looks like they are about to storm the interior ministry...
  8. 3G338tivWq0gbsxfGaOEeZEqo1_500.jpg

    shit i think im breaking down i had a wheres waldo moment after looking at that pic hahahahah
  9. EPG Member

    This is a good one

    Pro government prayer leaders try to get people to chant "death to America, death to Israel, death to England" but people respond by chanting "Death to Russia"

  10. waldo is slightly to the left of the center man. :D
  11. Vee Member

    Circle it!
  12. @Shahramirani: RT Police arrested 2 ppl as I saw , ppl shouted 'let him go' and they let them go! then ppl applause

    Good! Very happy to hear that
  13. Visionary Member

  14. LOL no shoop Waldo into it
  15. Okay, so we were expecting a Evin Day rivaling Bastille Day, but perhaps Iranians have other plans.. Which is fine, I am sure they know exactly what they are doing...
  16. JohnDoe Moderator

  17. ramin.ger Member

    He is trying to make them chant "Death to Britain"... (circa:"Mark bar Ingliies").
    They want to create the new enemy, and don't recognize, they are the new enemy ;).

    thx for all the new updates and the great posters !
  18. i second this.
  19. Vee Member

    Lots of reports of crowds outside Evin. I cnt get anyone who cn confirm. Pls B careful, they cn shoot prisoners if attacked. #iranelection1 minute ago from TweetDeck
  20. JohnDoe Moderator

    Back to Rafsanjani's speech

    I know it seems like hours ago now, but spouse & I have just gone through it all, and spouse thinks it's brilliant. That in the Islamic Republic he could not have done any more (and kept his head)

    It's all the there, the subtle attacks on the regime, the encouragement to the people, the challenge to the regime to make unity with the people.

    Spouse is not a Rafsanjani fan, but thinks he has done a fantastic job in this speech. And even if we don't see it yet, has actually sounded the death knell (no violence here!) for the regime as we know - that it can never be the same again.
  21. a desert Member

    [I cannot confirm any of these, and I am work with a comp w/ no sound, so cannot confirm videos either. If anyone can I'd appreciate it]

    demotix: Any photographers at Tehran university during Friday prayers? Please email me at thanks #iranelection

    [I really like the guys at Demotix, they've been following this hardcore and they're getting those pictures out to the main press, so if anyone can help!]

    RT @manic77: More then 2 000 000 out in the streets of Tehran #iranelection More ppl coming. Join them

    RT @oxfordgirl: If Mousavi arrested the general strike must start tomorrow. RT Rt #rafsanjani #Iranelection #gr88 #Iran

    RTR Police Broke Both Hands 1friends after attacking crowds, she is afried go to Hospital and wait for a MD somewhere else.#iranelection

    eyewitness : crowd was the second-biggest seen since the initial protests Enqelab-Azadi #iranelection

    Plain cloths attacked Karoubi today

    recent vedeo: Videos Posted by Freedom Messenger - Ghasedane AZADI: Friday pray 21 | Facebook #iranelection
    RT @Iran_Translator My estimate, Id say a little over 1 million to about 1.5 million people out right now in Tehran #iranelection #iran

    people call to persian radio asking every body out of iran just call a number in iran and ask them 2 join the demostration #iranelection

    RT @MikVerbrugge #iranelection via #nir "Ppl moving away from Int Ministry." " Marches towards TV Station gaining in strength"

    RT @Eowyn9: RT @MikVerbrugge #iranelection via #nir "Eyewitness : Tehran City Police Force not following orders to charge the people."

    RT @IranRiggedElect: RT @Reuters_Iran Iran police fire tear gas, clash with Mousavi backers Iran police fire tear gas, clash with Mousavi backers | Reuters

  22. Visionary Member

    oxfordgirl (oxfordgirl) on Twitter

  23. Vee Member

    Oxford girl was coming to similar opinions regarding the speech. Its hard for us in western counties to see how its impact and importance is locally without actually living there.
  24. Vee Member

    RT @moj98 #iranelection via #nir "Eyewitness : Tehran City Police Force not following orders to charge the people."
  25. a desert Member

    @Iran_Translator It has now been confirmed that Karroubi was indeed attacked as he was trying to get to the prayers. #iranelection #iran

    RT @oxfordgirl: Unconfirmed: Top bazaaris plan to shut business on 40 day of Ned death #rafsanjani #Iran #Iranelection

    : RT @faoladh: RT @StopAhmadi It's the first time they didn't broadcast friday prayers on national TV in Iran. Ridiculous. #iranelection

    #IranElection #Neda Large protests resume in Tehran YouTube - Iran - Tehran 17 July Protests - P6 - tear gas - جمعه تیر 26 YouTube - ‫نماز جمعه ۲۶ تیر، خیابان قدس ، ورودی دانشگاه ۱‬‎ YouTube - Iran: July 17 2009 - Multiple Videos of Protesters Returning to Streets - 26 Tir 1388

    イラン。街頭の大群集。RT @MahastiA: Watch the massive crowds in Tehran Fri Jul 17 YouTube - Iran June 17 2009 | 27 Khordad 1388 (2/4) #iranelection

    RTThings in tehran so fluid today it is impossible to estimate numbers. Looks huge so far, like early days #rafsanjani #iranelection

    RT @oxfordgirl Many reports crowds @ Evin #iranelection ImImasar: My prayers have come true; let ppl being tortured hear you roar

    @jupiter75020 ...ppl attacked by plainclothes destroying their car and bleeding so as if their arm veins were cut #iranelection


    RT: @oxfordgirl: Remember cause blackout tonight, turn on all electrical equipment. #rafsanjani #iranElection

    Just because American media aren't reporting protests in iran doesn't mean they aren't still happening #Iranelection
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    Yeah Vee, it's really hard for us, but we've got to trust those who do know and can interpret the subtleties for us that we miss!
    But even for us, if we look at it there is nothing there whatsoever to back Amamadman in any way, indeed it's all clear about the lack of legitimacy because of the media blackout, the illegal arrests etc. I just would never have picked up on the links between Mohammad and the current leadership etc.
  27. Visionary Member

    Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates

    An interesting take by a reader of the Huffington Post...I saw other readers make the same conclusion on that sidewalks blog earlier.

  28. JohnDoe Moderator

    "The Imam [Khomeini] would always quote the Prophet [Muhammad] who would say to Ali [Muhammad's successor]: leave the people if they do not want you."

    Wow, I can't believe it! We had just studied that line a few minutes ago and said "there it is! that is a very clear message to Khaminidiot and Amamadman"

    The speech gets better by the minute! What is taking us Westerners hours to work out, Persians are seeing immediately, no wonder they had the courage to protest after Friday prayers! They heard and understood exactly what was being said!

    Aren't they brilliant!!!!!
  29. Visionary Member

    What the...that's crazy!

    Wonder what this means....
  30. Al Jazeera has probably had the best coverage so far
  31. EPG Member

    Absolutely. I agree completely. Frankly I and other Iranians were not too optimistic about his speech and were hoping he wouldn't come out and speak of "national unity" and throw his support for khamenei. To my complete surprise he did completely the opposite. Yes he did not come out and bluntly say "ahmadinejad is illegitimate" but he picked his words very very carefully in order to avoid the rise of emotions among the pro gov't goons that were there but still cleverly made it clear to the people that he is with the opposition.
  32. Why are the media not reporting the now 1.2 millions of Iranians on the streets of Tehran to say nothing of in other cities? ppl have surrounded Evin prison and the Iranian media headquarters--in huge numbers. Twitter reports that city police are refusing orders to attack the crowds. A blackout is planned for this evening. Iranians are asked to turn on all their lights, tv, cd players, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders, and so on.
  33. Visionary Member

    Cnn is talking about it again. They mentioned the chants about Russia and are showing pics from the prayers. They showed the Mousavi one and one of Karroubi near the front earlier. I didn't notice an injury.
    They also went into some parts of the speech for a couple of minutes.

    Then they went back to Jakarta coverage.
  34. JohnDoe Moderator

    Welcome back EPG - did you get a good sleep? Look at all you have missed while you've been away!
  35. EPG Member

    BBC persian is doing a very good analysis on it right now.
  36. An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness
  37. EPG Member

    Thanks Roe, I got 2 hours lol!!!!! trying to catch up hahaha
  38. bUT they are not reporting the PROTESTS!
  39. Visionary Member

    2 hours more than I got, lol

  40. JohnDoe Moderator

    You must be tired, you're leaving out words! LOL
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