Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by ANNYVVS, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. ANNYVVS Member

    Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

    Hello from Gloucester... Below is a list of tunes to check out for use during Raids.

    I am 6602th member to enter here. :guyfawkes: this is exactly what I look like. My face was is now fawkes. I hold the red bag and ``Lies and lives lost ``in Ottawa Changology pics. I phoned Tory yesterday to talk and give thanx 4 all she has been through for all the hearts yet to be redeemed by her epic win. Delicous Cake for all on the 15th of March while rickrollin with the jokers, screaming squirrels,smershers, and long cats. Very important first suggestion on TUNES...
    OTXV Research has found some special bonus points to certain tunes available to play at raids to sooth the Thetans. These will be from hereon called...
    ...... The anon enTUNEbulations.
    All available to hear at you tube until Orgs censor them... LOCK AND LOAD NOW.
    ENGAGE SONG LIST..........................................VVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvv...

    Dancing in the moonlight-top loader, rickrollin, finger 11- paralizer, logical song -supertramp, Greenday- blvd of broken dreams, 1812 overture (V), Revolution-Beatles, Revolution number 9- Beatles, Freddie Hubbard-Misty, You suck-Scary Dave, Anonymous to Scientology, Code of Conduct, Armeggedon-Prism, Calling Occupants-Klaatu, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Fox on the run-the sweet, 3 dressed up as a 9-trooper, Young and restless-Prism, You suck-The murmurs, Breathe-Pink Floyd, War on War-Sam Harris, Don`t let the bastards keep you down-Scary Dave, Raise a little hell-Trooper, I won`t back down-Tom Petty, Bad side of the moon-April Wine, Alan Parsons- eye in the sky, Superxenu one nsfw¸ April Wine-Weeping Widow, any LULZ noise can also be placed anywhere in these tracks to move to the next level of game.
    and you anons would never guess that I am a 50 years old anon...anon does not age.
  2. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: anon enTUNEbulations

  3. ANNYVVS Member

    Re: Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations


    Ah are questioning and thinking. Good to see the vast open freedom of thought placed into a single word.
  4. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

    Dude, I can't understand your point. Nice trolling. =]
  5. ANNYVVS Member

    Re: Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

  6. slashteegee Member

    Re: Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

    Ease up you guys. Remember that english is not everyones first language. Welcome to the boards. :) Just FYI there is already a thread about this:

  7. ANNYVVS Member

    Re: Raid Music List = anon enTUNEbulations

    LULZ on me people...I tripped and you picked me up. Thank you...
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