Raiding the RPF: CLO ANZO, 19th December, 2010

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Paul Schofield, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Posted by Feral on ESMB:

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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice try. More luck next time ?
  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Wow. Yes, I expect this would be helpful if performed everywhere applicable.
  4. anon8109 Member

    Courageous protesters have courage.

    user blownforgood has posted a thread on how to make so much noise that you can get someone out.
    Wrote that it successfully got 3 people out.

    I can't seem to find the thread though, but I just saw it yesterday.
  5. RightOn Member

    Wow I like where this is going.
    Makes me very happy
    Kudos to all that participated
    Moar please
  6. anon8109 Member

    Not your typical post-game. Please change the title of this thread to something more descriptive.
  7. Orson Member

    This concept is definitely worthy of repeating at other RPF locations around the world. Well done to all involved. This brings a level of scrutiny to the RPF at a local level that could have dramatic impact on getting people out. Can we develop a list of such locations and go from there?
  8. Orson Member

    bumping for awesomeness.
  9. anon4eva Member

  10. Zhent Member

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  11. Great work, Zhent and Racecar on the cameras and nicely put together, Zhent.

    It was a great day and I hope others near the other RPF bases around the world go visit them soon - if all you run into is a Michael Gordon-type wetting himself on camera, it'll be a great day. :p

    And the milkcrates - the RPF seemed to have been using them as "workbenches." Time for some OH &S inspections on Dundas I reckon.

    Cult just can't stop breaking every law available.
  12. amaX Member

    You glorious bastards! A tip of my top hat to you there in Sydney. Well done! <3
  13. Orson Member

    Son of a bitch. This thread needs a lot more attention.
  14. PodPeople Member

    Anons bearing gifts. Police presence and queries. Add Media reporters and cameras. Repeat and rinse at all Scientology RPF gulag/slave centers. Free the slaves in 2011
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  15. Kanonimus Member

    This Is How It's Done.

    (Ex's going back to fight)
  16. anon8109 Member

  17. skollie Member

    Well done Aussies!
  18. Shinythings Member

    moar like this plox
  19. Bonebreaker Member

  20. Zhent Member

    Some updates, Adrian and Shane are being harassed - particularly after the release of the video.

    Yes... I have been most surprised about the lackluster attention here on WWP. This was quite an important operation which will have large implications in the future. ESMB thread is well over 20 pages, so what is happening here?
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  21. Zak McKracken Member

    What's happening?
    The Man is suppressing my internets.
    I'll get back to you... when he stops doing that.
  22. Kanonimus Member

    Thanks for the updates Zhent. OSA's shit never changes. I hope IA continues to be strong for his son (and himself), sounds like he's fully aware of what he's dealing with. doesn't make it any easier though.
    Kudos to all those who are helping them through this.

    Fuck you OSA.
  23. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology enterprise is predictable. The way they are using and manipulating the family who remain as its clients to in turn emotionally manipulate Shane is standard practice. I've read similar stories from everyone who describes how they left.

    Another thing the Scientology enterprise does to get clients and seaorg slaves back, is to make a flurry of false promises. Just like a man who physically abuses his wife, if she ever does leave he will on the one hand threaten terrible violence if she does not return, and on the other hand make a million promises that the abuse will stop and that he will change. If she falls for this manipulation and returns, the abuse only gets worse. If Shane returns into the clutches of the Scientology enterprise, he will be abused all over again, and worse than before.

    Get a hold of such stories of people who left, and were both threatened and cajopled to return by both the Scientology enterprise and their friends and family. Show these horror stories to Shane. He will see that he is not alone, but one of thousand. He will see how evil the manipulative Scientology corporation is. This will strengthen his resolve never to return.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Here's reading and hoping for the best. Sure looks like a significant development.

    A few questions: What is "BIA" that is mentioned in OP? Has Shane's father filed police reports about the alleged harrassment by OSA or is he saying that this is a possible next step? If he hasn't I think he definitely should as I don't think there's much of a chance holding back on anything, but then again he's the one to decide on his course of action. Have police reports been filed about the alleged false imprisonment happening at ANZO RPF and other human rights violations or illegal activities other than what was stated in the raid report? If so, what was the police's response?
  25. Zhent Member

    BIA is 'BlownInANZO' on ESMB, similar to BlownForGood only the Australian edition. They have lots of high level knowledge about the SO and RPF in ANZO, they've made a few excellent posts about this on ESMB if you want to check them out.
  26. Reports have been filed with police here about the abuses - the Inspector on the day took down a bunch of details from us before he went to check on the welfare of the RPFers and then told us afterwards he would be pursuing this. Investigations are happening as far as "we" know - police never tell you anything if you ask them. :D
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  27. Orson Member

    Bumping for great justice again. Can't see why this thread isn't blowing up.

    HELLO? Here's something new that works and could fuck with the cult all over the world.

    Please pay attention. You could make this happen in your own cell and wreak havoc locally....

    Sorry to keep whining about this, but this is a uniquely effective concept if executed correctly. I'll whine some more until this thread gets the love it deserves.
  28. hushpuppy Member

    Paul and Zhent, this is one of my very few 'watched threads'! I don't reply to posts all that often if I know that I cannot contribute anything of value, but please know that you have folks following this development here!

    Please keep on posting updates !
  29. Anonymous Member

    Bump. I fear the still new forumware is making threads like this one harder to discover.
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  30. Zhent Member

    Yes thats what I had thought, there does seems to be a perception that things are hard to find with the new software, and its difficult for the next 'big thing' to catch on.

    Really though it is quite a head scratcher as to why this thread has not caught on. Anyone who has been around for a while would know that threads like this would usually explode with discussion and armchair speculation. Is anon on holiday? Or perhaps everyone just hangs out at ESMB now?

    We will, and there certainly will be updates in the future, though I don't know when this will be...
  31. ryangiggs Member

    Thanks Paul for putting up the cross-post here.

    These people need to be taken down by the police and courts now.

    (Heading over to ESMB).
  32. hushpuppy Member


  33. hushpuppy Member

    You amazing Aussie movers and shakers might just be changing the game for every region!

    Please continue to post updates here on WWP!
  34. Orson Member

    Wonder if we'll have the ever-popular "Threads you should read" option again, because this thread certainly deserves it.

    Bumping again for great justice and epic lulz. Read the OP, watch the videos and DO THIS in your cell.
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  35. Cudgel Member

    All the time I lived in Australia whenever I was in a pub invariably someone (usually an older gent) would discover I was from the U.S. and buy me a beer without making me "join the school" (i.e. buy a round in return). It was usually accompanied with the words (in many variations)"'re a bloody Yank. You saved us at the Coral Sea..." (noobs - Battle of the Coral Sea: WWII, Google is your friend).

    Well Bob damn it, I'd love to buy you guise a beer or three. You're Aussies. Got balls as big as the world and not afraid to use them.

    Thanks for the report.
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  36. ZeroZero Member

    Bump, in fact lots of them ....the new forumware, very unhelpfull
  37. Posted by Feral on ESMB - a postscript of sorts.

    Interesting that Michael gordon DIDN'T appear at he last sydney raid as a "handler"

    "A little while after the raid I called Michael Gordon on his mobile. He told me to call him back in half an hour, which I did.

    I wanted to get a few things across to the CofS and felt he was the right contact point. I had things to say that we haven't even revealed here on the thread to this point. Even if he was setting up a recording and a senior to tag with him I was going ahead.

    I was going to try to construct a transcript of the conversation because it got pretty funny, my message took about two or three minutes to impart and the balance of the 11 minute conversation was him abusing me. It was almost identical to the George Baillee rant that Axiom posted last year. He told me I was crazee, a bubble off center, a liar, a coward, I went to the highest bidder,I was justifying an overt I'd committed, I was a turncoat, I was all slick (?) but deep down I was evil, he kept repeating that I was crazee, all our testimony was crap and I was insane. On and on.

    The strangest thing he kept asserting is that I didn't know anything about the cult or what they did.

    Somehow I got to tell him what I wanted to and what I was cut off from saying on the lawn at Dundas. Which was;

    I sited Jeff Hawkin's book and how the real clever players at Int use juniors to handle any job or project that was clearly destined to blow up, that way the experienced seniors keep themselves out of the RPF (Hai Vicki!)and that the job he had to do was certainly destined for trouble, I was sorry that he was "it" and told him, if they are holding Carol against her will that is aggravated kidnap and if they've shipped her overseas they have committed human trafficking, the penalties for these crimes are in the realm of those for manslaughter.

    This is no light matter, a cult does not have the right to imprison it's members or staff, especially as in Carol's case for wanting to leave.

    I suggested he leave the SO and we would find him work, accommodations and free legal because I wanted him to testify against the CofS.

    I also told him the there were three international organisations looking into the plight of RPFers and an allowance had been set up for those who were trafficked and had escaped.

    He flipped his wig. About this point was where the majority of the abuse started.

    The punch line was he called the police that were investigating Carol Miles welfare and told them I was harassing him.

    Bloody Dickhead.

    The offer stands Michael, when you're done following orders to lie, deceive and facilitate the kidnap of Sea Org staff, call me, eh?

    Road to freedom my arse."
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  38. Orson Member

    And bump again. PAY ATTENTION FAGGOTS.
  39. Was looking for this thread earlier.

    Cheers, Orson.

    And AUSTRALIA FUCK YEAH to all the Aussies who made this happen.
  40. hushpuppy Member

    Jeff Hawkins blogged about this raid a few days ago. Excellent reading, however the comments are just as interesting. Quite a few exes are relaying their personal RPF experiences. Example:’s-freedom/#comments
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