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    In our efforts to keep the forums organized and easily navigable we would like to enforce Thread Title Formatting for the Global Protest Planning Forums.

    Month (Letters) Day (Numeral) - City State/Country - Comment

    We hereby request those of you that post the protest planning threads to follow the following guideline :
    Thread contents :

    Please Include a short description of Where and When the protest is being held in the first post.

    A Dummy Layout for those that are interested :

    [SIZE="5"]The Place to Be:
    City State
    [SIZE="5"]Date and Time:
    Month Date, Year
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Yourself and your friends! Friends of friends! Family! Coworkers, neighbors, anyone who wants to come (except the local nutcases), anyone else you can persuade, bribe, or blackmail (if you do the latter 2, we don't want to know about it!)
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Signs and/or sign making supplies
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Flyers - We have [I]some[/I] opportunity to hand out flyers.
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] H20 and other non-alcoholic beverages
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Good spirits and a cool head
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Cameras, still and video
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Comfortable shoes
    [FONT="Impact"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="4"]Parking: [/size][/COLOR][/FONT]
    There are many potential parking areas within walking distance if you look around. 
    [url=GOOGLE_MAPS_URL]Adress City State[/url], see the satellite image and explore.
    [FONT="Impact"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="4"]Other miscellany:[/size][/COLOR][/FONT]
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Permit info if applicable
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Police info if applicable
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]*[/COLOR] Please contact media!  especially if you have any personal connections.

    To get the Google Map url fill in the address on Google Maps and then copy the link with the little anchor


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    What do you mean?

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