Rap Star Chill E.B. has started his first Scientology services

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by CommunicatorIC, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Rap Star Chill E.B. has started his first Scientology services.

    Mike Rinder: More Of What Is Happening Inside The Bubble

    Excerpts from leaked e-mail:
    Excerpt from Mike's analysis:

    Song performed by Chill E.B. for the Church of Scientology Flag OT Committee:

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  2. MOOG Member

    SFAnon met Chill EB for 2 seconds in 2012:

    ya so what. well, later that night we met Chill EB's brother (at 56:13)

    and we spoke back and forth for a while about Scientology, and tangentially, what it's like to be sprayed with a hose. a real nice straight up guy, who says in this video he'll Google Scientology when he gets home, and hugs us and stuff. now this. oh the pain.
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  3. Good to know he's willing to shill even before he gets passed the kool-aid.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Assuming his first service is the success through communications course, I hope he writes a rap song about staring at people and shouting at ashtrays.
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  5. RightOn Member

    ohhhh yeaaahhhh
    Chill E gettin' stupid with the Communications Course all up in his grill.
    He is so street.
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  6. Nope, not the STCC. Per the OP, Chill E.G. told the Flag OT Committee that:
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  7. CRap Star Chill E.B. has started his first Scientology services

  8. Twinkle Member

    Yes dear, we heard you.
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  9. MOOG Member

    nevermind the Anonymous button, i miss the "Funny" button
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  10. Twinkle Member

    I'll start a petition for it's immediate return. If there's comedy to be had here I want to see it.
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  11. MOOG Member

    almost forgot, here's one more Chill EB video - in this one he stars as Grand Marshall of the CCHR vs APA shindig in SF 2013:

    i'm always impressed at the way Scientology gets what they want out of people. (check out the Bishop Ron Allen at about 3:40 in) how do they do it?
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  12. Twinkle Member

    Brute force and ignorant I guess is how they do it, it's not as if they have scruples or anything like it.
  13. It may be my mood, but in addition to finding the Chill E.B. situation interesting, I also find it a bit sad. Ok, I'm a sap. He's made his bargain, but I wonder if he knew the price.

    If you look at his Twitter account - - his tweets are protected:
    Seriously, have you ever heard of a performing artist, or an artist of any sort (e.g., author, painter, director, etc.) who's tweets are protected? For them isn't the whole point to reach new fans? To communicate? And you protect your tweets?

    If you look at Chill's professional Facebook page - - there is no mention of CCHR, much less Scientology.

    My guess - and it is only a guess - is that Chill thought he was getting into the CCHR business. As I recall (and I could be wrong) his big break was the CCHR song "Define Better." (Which I think is reprehensibly effective akin to the way, although certainly not anywhere to the same extent as, Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will was reprehensibly effective -- i.e. art and emotion trumping rationality.) Like I said, at this point Chill might have thought, or told himself, he was in the CCHR business, and not the Scientology business. Hell, he might have thought, or at least told himself, that he was actually doing some good by fighting the psychiatric drugging of children.

    But then Chill does the IAS song "We Are the IAS!" and, as Mike Rinder pointed out, the question could be asked, "Who do you mean we, Kemo Sabe?" How could he continue to make bank bellowing "We are the IAS" -- the International Association of Scientologists -- when he wasn't a member, and hadn't even taken a damn course? I'm sure there was a ton of pressure on him to do something.

    And they got him.

    Like I said, he made his bargain. If you Google him and look him up on YouTube, you will discover that through CCHR and Scientology he resurrected a long dormant (dead?) rap career.

    All he had to do was surrender any semblance of creative control and artistic integrity. Hell, the man released music under Jello Biafra's label. And now... "We are the IAS!".
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  14. Before Scientology:

    After Scientology - at 3:15:

  15. The Internet Member

    Chill EB was hanging with Scientologists all these years and he never got invited to play with the cans?

    I am skeptical.
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  16. Community Learning Center Blog: Worldwide Telethon a success!
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  17. Honestly, I'm not. Ok, maybe he was invited earlier, but I'm not at all surprised he didn't do services earlier.

    I think for years he tried to be a CCHR guy, have his schtick be fighting the psych drugging of children, not be a Scientologist, and maintain some semblance of independence. True, his appearance in the "We Are The IAS" video sort of blew that. Then again, he could have explained away that appearance on the grounds that the IAS funds CCHR, he was grateful, etc. I really think he delayed as long as possible until he was forced into doing Scientology services.

    In a similar situation, I've heard that Rev. Alfreddie Johnson resisted doing Scientology services for years in order to maintain an aura of independence as a Baptist Minister. He finally succumbed and is now Clear.

    In both cases I think the internal propaganda, internal discipline and conformity needs of the Church of Scientology trumped what would have been far better for the Church in terms of external PR. For the COS it would have been far better if both of these guys were NOT Scientologists, but instead civil rights and activist allies. I suspect that was intolerable for members of the COS.
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  18. The DissemiNation Tour.

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  19. DeathHamster Member

    He should switch to cider. Mind you, getting a costume to fit him would be a problem.

    (Press CC for English captions. They will not help.)
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  20. firebug Member

    Didn't know he released a recording on Jello Biafra's record label

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  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh lucky them....... ugh. Hip-hop legend? Lololololololololol!

    Great-leapin'-fuck-waffles-with-turtle-bacon-Batman! Flush dat whirly poop-gatherer thingy ffs! PU!
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  22. In one of Rinder's earlier posts, a commenter said Chill and his girl Dilan got married so they could stay in the same hotel room at Flag.
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