Rape culture

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Rape culture- The District Attorney tries to protect his friend instead of allowing a proper investigation.
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    The authorities might try harder if people showed up at trials and brought attention to them. Supporting education at schools is key. Any ideas?
    • [IMG]
    • [IMG]. And it needs to come from an inclusive information where all the women involved are speaking, all the women involved are rising up, everybody who in the past had something to do, we come back and we say here's what we want to do going forward, here's how we want to contribute. No longer looking out and saying, 'when will they do something, when will the government do something, when will the NGOs do something?' This is our problem, we have to own it, we have to be responsible for it, it starts witeducating our children.

    It's not about sitting down and screaming, no, no, no, we can't do that. We've got to approach it intelligently, we've got to cover all bases and say, ok so what happens after the crime happens, or this sort of crime happens, can we prevent it? Ok where does it go and if it's going to the court, are they taking it seriously? What are the penalties, what are the charges and all that? Are the police resourced? So we are trying to cover every centre of our nation, we can go and sit with the police, sit with the courts, sit with the churches, sit with the schools, and we can say listen, how can you engage Women Arise, how can we arise in a child, often we arise through the teachers, how can we arise through the pastors, how can we arise through the magistrate?
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    second 2 paragraphs are quotes ^^
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    Tell your local school board to add rape to anti-bullying education. Specifically.
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    Sign the Bro-Choice Pledge today!
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    High school students school us about rape cultureIsn’t it time we all heard what those impacted so fiercely and directly by rape and bullying have to say? Isn’t it time we heard from high school students themselves?

    A bit more education is needed.
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    This is old but I wanted to add it to rape culture because it is an outlandish example of blaming the victim by a government leader.

    His comment was part of a defense of anti-abortion laws for rape.
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    Sponsor of New Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Thinks Rape Kits Are Contraceptives

  16. 7 Ways To Stop Slut-Shaming

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    Men’s rights group claims authorship of poster saying reporting rape can be act of revenge
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    Comparing a man accused of a crime to a ethnic group. lol
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    I went to that website.

    I swear I could feel my IQ drop 80 points.
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    If "launch an attack" you mean protest or various legal methods, sure.

    If by "launch an attack" you mean DDoS Attacks, Cracking, or any illegal activities, then (hope FloGold is reading this):

    WWP does NOT promote, condone, encourage, or participate in any illegal activities.
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    And the NONONONO Cat strikes again!
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    this get move to off-topic becauz it has an other o. than the MOD:

    seven problems with "rape culture" theory

    From Rape culture - Wikipedia:
    Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, and trivializing rape. Rape culture has been used to model behaviour within social groups, including prison systems where prison rape is common and conflict areas where war rape is used as psychological warfare. Entire countries have also been alleged to be rape cultures.
    Where the theory of "rape culture" comes from has not been resolved. People agree it began in the 1970s. It may have begun with "Rape Culture", a 1975 documentary about prison rape. The basic theory describes the attitude toward rape in prison well: prisoners didn't accuse rapists and blamed the victims for many reasons, including the fears of being known as a snitch or becoming the next target. Only recently have the numbers for prison rape been taken seriously by the Justice Department. When prison rape is included, there appear to be more reported cases in the US of men being raped than women.

    While the situation for society is analogous—victims are reluctant to come forward, knowing that some people will doubt their stories and some will blame them—extending the theory of rape culture in an artificial environment like prison to understand society in general creates problems:

    1. The theory assumes a community accepts rape. Most societies treat rape as one of the most serious crimes a person can commit. Where rapists are executed or castrated or incarcerated for years, does it make sense to say rape is normalized, excused, tolerated, or condoned?

    2. The theory assumes a culture is defined by its crimes. The US's most common crime is shoplifting. People joke about it and friends excuse it. Is the US a "shoplifting culture"? Aggravated assault is the US's most common violent crime. Does the US have an "aggravated assault culture"?

    3. The theory assumes a culture is defined by the minority of men, women, and children who rape. Meet The Predators uses studies of rapists who have not been caught to conclude, "The vast majority of the offenses are being committed by a relatively small group of men, somewhere between 4% and 8% of the population." David Lisak, author of one of the studies, concluded that repeat rapists commit 90% of all rapes. If 5 to 9% of men are or have been rapists, do they define their culture? 16% of the US population is Hispanic—is the US's culture Hispanic? 25% of the population identifies as Catholic—is the US's culture Catholic?

    4. The theory assumes sexual imagery promotes rape. But if, for example, the canonical advertisement of a woman in a bikini standing next to a new car promotes rape, does the image of the car promote theft?

    5. The theory assumes the subjects of its jokes show what a society approves. Do we have a zombie culture? Does the US approve of pianos falling on people and roadrunners tricking coyotes into standing on the air? Do dead baby jokes promote abortion and indifference to infant mortality rates?

    6. The theory assumes teaching people the theory of rape culture will reduce or eliminate rape. But if rapists thought society approved or tolerated rape, why would they hide their identities? Only the most insane rapists don't try to conceal their crimes. Would teaching repeat rapists the theory of rape culture change their behavior?

    7. The theory does not include an explanation for rape culture or practical steps toward a solution. We live in a rape culture because people are rapists? Men are rapists? Greedy people are rapists? How do we make things better? Some feminists want to change the law so that people accused of sexual crimes are presumed guilty, but we know false charges of rape occur.

    We need to distinguish between cultural attitudes toward rape and "rape culture". People who study cultural attitudes try to limit their preconceptions. People who study rape culture seek to confirm what they believe, which makes them assume causation in what may be correlation.

    A part of rape culture is to accuse people who question it of being "rape apologists", so I'll be as clear as I can: One rape is one rape too many. But questioning someone's approach to a problem is not the same as questioning the problem.

    Well, unless your theory assumes it does, which suggests I should add an eighth problem with rape culture theory.

    Final thoughts: predator theory vs rape culture theory: looking for solutions.

  32. Anonymous Member're_a_slut
    30 Signs You're a Slut
    Tens of millions of American women are sluts, according to right-wing patriarchs. Take this easy quiz to find out if you qualify.

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  34. Holy Crap, I think I broke ribs laughing at that :-D

    At the cat, that is. The topicis sensitive, but I will say that women are guilty of the same thing sometimes, and it shouldn't happen to ANYONE.
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    By "women guilty of the same thing" do you mean they support "Rape Culure"? Yes, they do. That needs to change and it takes a change of culture to do it. Women support rape culture by demeaning potential rivals.
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    For me this is a difficult subject to talk about. So before I explain my opinion it will do everyone good to know that I'm a girl.
    With that being said I can tell you that I don't have any female friends at all. All my friends are boys. And I've witnessed them getting abused, molested and generally had their lives ruined by fucking bat shit insane women.

    Don't get me wrong. I am all for women's rights and all that jazz but I believe in true equality between the sexes. None of this let me play up to being a victimized weak woman when its convenient for me and using that same argument to rationalize away the fact that they are just as bad if not worse than male abusers.

    I realize that men in 99.9% of cases will have the physical strength over women, but most of those men will never use that strength to harm a woman.

    For far too long I've seen men let their wifes, gf, female friends get away with murder while they sat idly by saying that they cant stand up for themselfs because they are afraid of being stigmatized as women beaters or abusers.

    The currents flow both ways bro.
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    is your icon from guyver bioarmor?
    cuz if it is i love it.
  38. FloGold Moderator

    Here is a perfect example that was televised for the entire world to see.
    If you google Gary Shirley, you will see hes not a weakling by any means and still he got physically abused by crazy bitch Amber Portwood, in front of their infant child.
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    LOL no.

    Maybe if you weren't such an asshole, then maybe you'd be taken more serious?
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