Rapture Day fun with Scientologists in Hollywood

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So anyways,
    My skeptic group had their monthly meeting on Saturday May 21, and several of us decided for fun to visit Hollywood/Highland after the meeting and a nice lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant. Nothing big, just some fun signs, some clothes to spread on the ground. No big whoop.

    So we all head down there, some by car, others by subway. As I drive down, I go past the "Longsign" building the cult has on Hollywood Blvd and McCadden, very close to Hollywood/Highland. It has been pretty much empty for years, and is basically only used for "stress test tables" and the "L Ron Hubbard Winter Wonderland". I was hoping to a stress test table, but instead, just saw homeless people chilling out:


    Also a new sight...their lot is empty. It usually has 2 large cargo containers. I do not know what was in them. Perhaps PC folders, other records, or the props used to contruct the Winter Wonderland. Either way...they are gone now.

    I would be curious as to why. Also, there is plastic on the inside of the main doors. Normally, it is just opaque glass with the scientology symbol etched in.

    So that's cool. I like the idea that people will associate scientology with bums and empty buildings.


    Well, getting back to the rapture thingy. I drove past the area we were going to meet, in order to park, and what do I see but 2 scientology Stress Test tables! And the other skeptics knew that this would be the perfect place to set up shop! Awesome.

    I meet up with the others after parking and was told the scilons had told my friends that we couldn't set up by them. LOL. Do they really think that kind of crap works on wogs? So we set up with the clothes and the signs. This was a busy day in Hollywood and we had a lot of people walking by taking pics, and having fun with the ridiculousness of the rapture. We were in place about 4:30 pm, and were going to be there til a little bit past 6pm.



    We seemed to be cramping the scilon's style because they decided to move their table away from us. LIKE WE WOULDN'T NOTICE.


    So of course we just moved closer to them.



    Their presence made the time fly by. They got a few people to sit down, but no books were sold..I mean no one donated money for books. And most people afterwards came by our group and chatted/took pics. One guy yelled FUCK YOU, SCIENTOLOGY as he walked past. He must have been trolling them when he sat down with the cans.

    One of our crew is a professional magician/mentalist/sleight of hand artist. He left some of our calling cards on their table very soon after we arrived. You can just make it out in the image above, but below is a closer pic.


    A person going to the website would learn how to apply to win $50,000 for proof of paranormal abilities. Seems a natural thing for a scientologist (or a Martyologist) to do. Just think of all the auditing, sets of Basics or IAS trophies that could buy! Plus you could prove the tech works to all those stupid wogs. Then, all those Ideal Orgs will fill up lickity-split. The cards stayed there the entire time we were there and were still there when we left. They were literally right next to the E-Meter, for fuck's sake. I guess none of these guys were clear or OT. Not very observant.

    end of part 1
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Part 2

    A large crowd formed near us, right over one of the sets of clothes. Were they interested in the rapture? Did they want to figure out what we were doing?

    Nope, they were just Jackie Chan fans.


    We had our fun, some people joined us for the countdown, and we saw other skeptics with the same idea walk past.


    Fun was had by all.



    Maybe not the scilons. But they are not there to have fun.



    Nothing happened at 6pm, shockingly enough. After laughing and talking with more pedestrians, we packed up and left, our calling card still on their table.


    More pics here: and Scilons/?start=all
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  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

  4. Robocat Member

    That e-meter looks illegal, and the cult location downstat.
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  5. the anti Member

    oh yeah, i ran into those people as they were going down hollywood towards vine, also walked by HGB with them and said hi to andy. he was just looking away acting like nothing was going on




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  6. Anonymous Member

    Dude...I totally didn't see zombie Jesus by our Hollywood Highland location.
    Damnit...we would have taken a ton of pictures with him.
  7. ZeroC Member

    Awesome! Shame the Scilons didn't see the funny side.
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  8. Robocat Member

    I like that girl's shirt. It ain't gonna lick itself. Classic.
  9. TinyDancer Member

  10. RightOn Member

    and fanturbulous stress test work
  11. Rheinländer Member


    She looks funny.
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  13. AnonLover Member

    oh mai GOD! You Glorious bastards rock!!!

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Photo Essay! Bravo!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Who are those people and how can I join them?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Check out the fine print on The End is Near sign

    This URL is probably a good place to start

  17. Anonymous Member

    The Center for Inquiry was where we had our press conference in LA in Feb '10. That guy was very helpful, and completely awesome.
  18. Anonymous Member

    And an top of those pictures being hilarious, they reveal once again that Scientology uses them not during a religios ceremony, but rather as a devise that purportedly measures stress.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I don't see a warming sticker on this e-meter stating that it's a religios devise only. Somebody who lives in California needs to file a equest to uphold the FDA ban on the use of e-meters, similar to the one sparrow filed in DC.

  20. the anti Member

    he likely came after you guy did the count down. i ran into them at around 5
  21. Anonymous Member

    Hey anti... ya think you can recruit your fellow skeptics to join the few anons that protest the cult in LA anymore.. to join us for a big protest?? The Scilons are starting to think we've given up on them.
  22. the anti Member

    i'll see what i can do with the people i met, but the with the skeptic group OP was hanging with on highland you want to ask them, unless you are the OP
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Smurf Member

    Looks like a fun group of people.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Yup, I just looked them up in other cities. They are pretty much atheists that don't want to call themselves atheists for the negative connotation this wore has gotten.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Protesting "churches" isn't our thing. (yeah, I know...not a church.) But we test paranormal claims and quackery like PowerBalance bracelets and homeopathy. And each member has their own areas of interest. Members of the group have gone to protests, just not as members of the larger group but on their own accord. OT, but here is an article about our group that is so old, the paper no longer exists...written by Tony Ortega when he still lived in L.A.:

    My group meets at CFI (Center for Inquiry) but we are a separate group that has some overlapping membership. We would loooooooooooove if scientology ever wanted to prove they have the abilities that clears or OTs are supposed to have, show us with a demo how touch assists work...maybe give a lecture about scientology at the Center...OMG that would be awesome. We are in walking distance of Big Blue, on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Berendo. Big Blue, until the little portion of their street was renamed to L. Ron Hubbard Way the same year our Center opened, is on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Berendo. They never will visit us though except when we have speakers critical of scientology. They will say like Marty Rathbun and friends that they don't need prove anything, and that requiring proof is low on the tone scale. They say this...but I have to think on some deep down level...they know they cannot prove any of the abilities that Hubbard promised.

    That is the case with most people that want to test their paranormal abilities for $50,000. The scam artists don't generally try, as they know they will be found out. Some of our members used to BE scam artists or are magicians and know what to look for. And people that are really good at scamming and make massive amounts of money won't test either. They could only hurt their income. So we end up with true believers and those with perhaps chemical imbalances. I would put corporate scientology right now in the category that they will not test because "it would only hurt their income flow", but the followers could fit in several categories unless further evidence is provided.

    We will have more critical speakers in the future (and any critics that have a new book coming out, definitely contact CFI about speaking there as part of your book tour) and having lectures is a great way to tell people about the problems of scientology in way that does not go after their religious beliefs, but goes after their harmful actions. People that think of scientology as a goofy cult are flabbergasted when they hear about the RPF, Sea Org and OSA. And we are air conditioned and seated comfortably.

    Here is an earlier thread when we had a visitor show a fixed-up Mark V E-meter to the group:

    Working on getting the E-meters to show their religious stickers and stopping sales without a sales license or permits on Hollywood Blvd could be a valid pursuit for some of us though. I have recorded evidence, just not in L.A., of the cult at a stress test table requiring a fixed amount for the book plus sales tax in an area where only donations and no sales are permitted. But...they seemed to have solved this by never going there anymore :(

    I just love funny images like this:


    So silly looking.

    And the scientologist giving me the 'ol stinkeye:

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Most, but not all, are. Several of our members attend churches like Unitarian Universalist, and might consider themselves deist. Every skeptic is human and has areas in their lives they don't apply skepticism perfectly towards, like faith, politics, etc... As long as they don't get butthurt when others apply skepticsm to their beliefs, it usually works out.
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  28. LocalSP Member

    What's ol' stinkeye doing with her hands? Is that some kind of a gang sign?
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  29. ObamAnon Member

    This E Meter does not have the FDA warning sticker on it.
    Oddly, inexplicably, it does have a clock. Set to 9 11.

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  30. the anti Member

    scientology did 9/11
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  31. xenubarb Member

    No. It's not that simple.
  32. tippytoe Member

  33. Anonymous Member


    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me......
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  34. Django Member

    Skeptics have a different focus (though not un-related) than Chanology. It's very cool. If you're into the Podcast thing and prefer actual Science over religion, superstition, cult-think, etc., I highly recommend the "Skeptic's Guide To The Universe" podcast, available on iTunes.

    I also recommend Marc Maron's "WTF" and Kevin Smith's "Hollywood Babble-On", so take the above with whatever grain of salt you need to. But it's a fun time for lovers of truth, sez I, and makes for a shorter commute...
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I swear I did not write this, but perfect plug
    Marc Maron just started doing a live version of his show at the Steve Allen Theater at CFI.
    Here is a link shows:

    Sold-out tonight, but they might have room via stand by
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  36. Anonymous Member


    Go to TAM and I will give you a hugs.
  37. Smurf Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Smurf Member

    Hey!!! I'm old. Gimme a break. :)
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  40. Anonymous Member

    From me, you will always be forgiven!
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