Rathbun in Hamburg - Events Updates

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. greebly Member


    Now more to do, let's hope emails get answered!
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  2. imagine Scientology having it's own "money" like Disney dollars
  3. Anonymous Member

    "Incidentally, the Hamburg Anons have been nothing but helpful and friendly."

    Marty Rathbun
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Diplomacy is key when you're on their turf. Wait a few weeks. See if MR's attitude remains the same.
  5. Can't we just use Discordianism?

    "Do you have to make turkey noises at those people."
    "Yes, officer, it is a religious obligation."
    "Okay. Carry on."
  6. Zhongjianren Member

    I stated earlier that:

    I missed an element.

    Thanks to Anonymous on Marty's blog:

    This combination -- all elements -- is Miscavige's worst nightmare.
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  7. Sponge Member

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  8. LarryBren Member

    Kind of like the beginnings of a perfect shitstorm.
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  9. Orson Member

    Several posts in this thread have me thinking, now posting. Note: I'm a bit drunk. That tipsy, happy bullshit drunk that either fades into a lingering headache if you stop drinking, or if you keep drinking becomes a long, hard night of teeth-rattling bullshit and rage, ending in remorse and lots of apologies. That's a long disclaimer, fyi.

    It should be firmly established by my prior postings that I am not a fan of Marty Rathbun, and that I firmly believe the worst behaviors in Scientology occur because they are an integral part of the beliefs in the Hubbard tech (any way you define "tech" i.e. the bridge, lectures, both the green and red volumes, all of it) that is taught and followed to the letter by those inside.

    When situations like Marty speaking for Cabertra arise, alarms on both issues above go off in my head.

    And, it has been a struggle to reconcile such disdain for the belief system with my own belief in religious freedom for all. This is when I try to remember that my own grudges are secondary to the larger goal, and I'm an imperfect work in progress.

    It's also a reminder that the only way to effectively win this thing is avoid being seen as religious bigots. And that we can't be the ones to change what they believe. All we can do is dismantle the church in its present form. That was well written (thanks Marblecaek!) and remains true.

    Leading us to:
    It is one thing to say, as Marty did, that he opposes disconnection. Good for him. Write that into your Indy Sci handbook and I'm onboard (along with dozens of hundreds of a few thousand other changes). Fail to do that and become a bite-size chunk.

    Which brings us to:

    A simple tool. That's what a crowbar is you know, a simple tool. That's what Marty is for now. What do you use crowbars for? To pry things open. He's a tool to pry open the cult. He can literally be nothing more until Davey and the corporation we now see are gone. Then, as noted, he has some choices to make. Prior refusals to recognize the wrongs of Hubbard and parts of the tech will no longer cut it.

    But that can't happen until the war is won. So, I try to remember that.

    Ursula used that tool to prove an important point for the ongoing battle against the Church of Scientology in Germany - that Germans are not religious bigots, why look, here we welcomed an independent follower of Hubbard to speak about the bad behaviors of the Church. Well played, Ursula.

    Finally, despite Marty's LRH love-a-thon, in small German towns, a stress test table gets the police called. And that is the fucking lulz that made my day.

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  10. Orson Member

    OK. As noted. MOD DRUNK POSTING. lol
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  11. Miranda Member

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  12. I generally agree with the above, though I think it is still worth pointing out when the tool is being a tool.
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  13. COREarg Member

    I heard that some ancient civilizations accepted clamshells as money or something like that.
    So,they just have to tear their skin or take out their teeth,make some money a la Ed Gein with a knife and that's it.
  14. Miranda Member

    Very well said, drunken Orsome.
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  15. 6217.jpg

    The challenge continues. Marty can claim all the religious freedom he wants and the struggle to get good people away from bad therapy, which Scientology is, will continue.
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  16. Zhongjianren Member

    I find the following interesting.
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  17. incog712 Member

    At the end of the day, one young man is going to put his pinocchio costume away for the first and last time, climb up into his bunk, gaze into the night sky and ponder.... WHAT IN THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT??

    Sweet dreams pinocchio. Your doubts are valid.
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  18. Orson Member

    I am rolling on the floor laughing. Sweet dreams Pinocchio. OMG.
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  19. Ackerland Member

    Sorry to disappoint. But Scientology was a crashing trainwreck already before our appearance. We're merely accelerating their demise.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    When she found her new heart for LRH stuff ? Am I dreamin' ??????
    Does she have new APPS on store ?
    That's what they call to handle a person. How anybody can deny what happened here ??? Unbelievable !
    Ever heard about love bombing ? LOL

    But I love the Pinocchio Show - sweetest and purest gobshite.
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  21. jensting Member

    People are informed, that's all. At my first demo in 1995 I had German tourists walk up and say "Are they allowed to have "church" over their door?!? We learn all about XENU in school."

    Best Regards

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  22. Ike Drifter Member

    Winston Churchill once said, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else!"

    Will this visit have an impact on the U.S. Government's policy of paying lip-service to the Co$ year after year via their annual report on international religious freedom? Sponge mentioned it above, and he wisely suggested that we wait and see what happens.

    If you want to talk about who got "handled" today, then let's talk about the U.S. State Department.
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  23. Who wrote all of Scientology's abusive policies including the Children's RPF, fair game, and many more, then declared them to be "Scriptures" that can can never be changed, Marty? You changing em, Marty?????

    Marty's silence on L. Ron Hubbard's brutal personal abuses is deafening..........

    Here's the tip of the iceberg on the convicted fraud and self-appointed "Commodore" of his very own pretend Navy (The Scientology Sea-Organisation), the noted Liar and Human Rights Abuser, the batshit insane alien story-teller who used his very own Religious Cloaking Policies to morph his totally debunked Modern "Science" of Mental Health into an Abusive, Controlling "Religion" the good "Dr." himself (Oops,Phony Ph D) Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.......

    (LRH.......Hip, Hip.........)

    Hubbard's "research" (what a joke) was a complete hypno-babbling pile of abusive controlling garbage and Marty belongs in jail for his involvement in covering up Lisa Mcpherson's horrible death.

    Other than that, thx for throwing a wrench into the "Radical" Scientology machine. ALL Scientology is radical, Marty, you're still a victim of Hubbard's mindfuck.....
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  24. jensting Member

    I actually LOLed. 1/10

    Best Regards

  25. Ackerland Member

    First youtube video with subtitles. It is a slightly different version from what the Hamburg anons posted already.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Tell me more.
  27. Smurf Member

    I wouldn't call her a dumb bimbo. She quit her job as Alaska Governor mid-term and became a hotty tottie for the Tea Party. Fox News claimed the other night she has earned $17.5 so far this year. If it takes a dumbo bimbo to rack in that kid of $$$, sign me up.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So Mosie was there, that answers that question that several had.
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  29. Smurf Member

    Will Robinson.
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  30. jensting Member

    Excellent! Thank you all very much!!

  31. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I think this will have far more value than most think. Her funding was just cut and with what Marty is taking about she can go back to the government and make a strong case to be refunded, even if Marty is only telling half the story. I don't think her nodding in agreement to true statements about DM being a shithead means she is ok with Hubbard. Besides she invited Marty to tell his side of the story and she can not dictate what he says nor would she as she has always stood for free speech.
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  32. Smurf Member

    Any idea why her funding was cut? Economic? Government budget cutting?
  33. hushpuppy Member

    Latecomer to this thread - interesting video 2! Thx much!

    What touched me the most was Camberta's mothering instinct towards Rathbun, especially touching him on the shoulder and saying 'It's OK' before MR was about to talk about politics in Germany in the 1930's.

    She comforted him several times after that as well - Camberta runs this :)
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  34. BLiP Member

    Trouble is, of course, Scientology is not *really* a religion. It has been an on-going criminal conspiracy to defraud every since L Ron Hubbard said he used Dianetics to cure war injuries. To accept that Scientology is due protection under the "Freedom Of Religion" banner is to buy into the religious cloaking and agree with the mock up.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    It was always

    and now it is

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  36. Anonymous Member

    I have never been a Marty fan, but I think he has valid points. Let's make this argument until out eyes bleed themselves out and our bodies are all out of blood.
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  37. Smurf Member

    She absolutely does. I was informed by someone close to the action (which wishes to remain anonymous, but you can probably figure out who it is) that Ursula & Marty had some private time together to heal old wounds.. now, she's being protective of him and his appreciation of this shows... I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that Mike Rinder soon lands on Ursula's doorstep... it would send Miscavige over the edge...

    Germany needs Ursula more than ever now.
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  38. hushpuppy Member

    This is the opening line in Marty's blog from Hamburg.

    I see potential here.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    You're watching too much 'True Blood' on the tube.
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