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Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Scientology works and it causes brain damage.......

    I'd suggest closing your mouth the next time the universal solvent is uncorked, Mr. Fairman......
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Dude, bet a Euro, so these uptight Continentals will put a sock in it :)
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    He was born in the US, I guess there's no way not to let him return. But speaking out in Germany about the Scientology-Travolta-Clinton-Germany being accused relation probably didn't make friends for him amongst those involved.
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    If his trip makes any waves in DC, he may get shut down very soon, and possibly on that very basis.
    Scientology has friends in the IRS, to name just one alphabet agency in which they do.
  8. Anonymous Member

    dox.jpg ?
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    They probably don't realize that little has changed in Germany; that it is they themselves who have changed.

    CoS's programmed persecuted victim mentality goes deep, and after years of being told that there is a vast conspiracy, including Germany, that hates all Scientology and Scientologists, it's probably a shock for them to wake up and find themselves on the same page as most of us in the wog world who hate the abuses of Scientology (mainly centered on the organization).

    Meh. I still think that Hubbard was a crazy fraud, that Scientology auditing can be dangerous, and so much of it is parked in Moonbat country. But I'm not going to join the SquiBs in front of Marty's place any time soon. Lots of people believe in crazy things, but *sigh* that's their right.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. AnonLover Member

    ^^This. Spin doctors are going to spin their spin to make sense of the spinning world outside the bubble. Ultimately, spin doesnt go far when there is so much effort to get the truth out.

    How the kool aid drinkers spin it for their own benefit is irrelevant. Its how the German & US governments spin it that matters.

    And we've not yet seen the German footage of a German conference held by German government officials. Thats where the sticks lie that can be used to poke the US government with. Which holds much more potential for significant WIN than poking the indies with sticks while their drinking their kool aid. Church now, KSW later... until then, Meh.
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  12. Sponge Member

    Sometimes I don't mind their ignorance because it has a sort of trolling effect on Miscavige that probably causes him to burst another Hemorrhoid.
    But, yeah, it is rather insulting the intelligence of the people that have been involved in this for years. There has been nothing bottled up to need "uncorking". It's all been there at the tips of their fingers on the internets, and straight from the horses mouth.
    If, for them, it needs Marty to to give it the stamp of approval then fine, whatevs /rolleyes/. I don't get hung up on everything that goes on in their fruity little club and I haven't read too many comments on his board but you'd think that some of the long time freezoners who post there would grow a pair of balls and sorta go, "ahem, I think you'll find that practising scientology outside of the cult 'church', without all their abusive policies, was never a problem at all in Germany".
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  13. Sponge Member

    Well, there was a media section thread on this which was intended for that purpose. Did it get merged?

    If you want to get to the skinny then there's a relatively uncluttered thread on OCMB in the Media Reports section which I've kept updated from all the media/eye-witness reports in this thread.
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  14. Miranda Member

    I've removed the latest derail and will go back through this thread and get the rest now. Sorry for the delay.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    That requires clarification for the benefit of said public.

    #2 in Scientology has always been Miscavige's Obscene Dog.

    End of message

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  17. That doesn't dox the claim that "Scientology has friends in the IRS, to name just one alphabet agency in which they do."

    Not at all.
  18. Anonymous Member

    You're right; however, I tire of Marty using the passive voice when describing things which he himself did or had done on Miscavige's Scientology's behalf.
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  19. Anonymous Member


  20. Anonymous Member

    but will we turn on each other when we're done... ? ;P
  21. Miranda Member

    Removed 36 posts that were mostly bickering or bickering-related. This kind of thread will wander some as we wait for information, but if you see more seriously derailing posts, please use the report button on them. It's a lot easier for us to catch them that way rather than poring repeatedly through the thread. Thanks.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Too busy to do your research, sorry.
  23. Anonymous Member

    It's refreshing to know that at least one person in Germany can spot the difference between Cof$, the Freezone, Scientologists, Independent Scientologists, people who use Scientology but don't consider themselves Scientologists, and the subject of Scientology.
  24. Like many other authorities, the IRS has failed to fulfil its requirements in terms of exercising proper oversight over Scientology.

    Given the lawsuits, investigation of officials, etc. that went on the last time they fought the CoS and the lack of consistent pressure from elected officials and media it seems perfectly reasonable to conclude that they just don't have the will to do so.

    You don't need secret IRS allies to get the current status quo.
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  25. You think I should back up your claim that "Scientology has friends in the IRS, to name just one alphabet agency in which they do"?

    No thanks. I'll stick with not believing it.
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  26. Anonophunkik Member

    The most interesting comment made for me, were where Marty said that all the scientology materials were available outside the official church. I can see this as being positive for us and possibly a backfire for Marty in the following way. It acknowledges that the wacky materials ie the xenu story are actually part of the church doctrine and available on the internet, and it will also make it harder for him to deny that the materials from flubtard that go with these about disconnection rpf etc... actually reflect problems with the tech.

    It maybe that there are some fundamental ideas that Marty can justify, but ultimately in acknowledging that Hubtards writings are available for free on the net there are important questions that he will have to face about those materials in the future.

    On the whole I liked this event. Anything that makes the dwarf more mental is win in my book.
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  27. pooks Member

    Wrong answer. You made the assertion, you provide the dox to back it up or stfu.
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  28. Random guy Member

    Everybody's position will evolve over time, Marty's too. Perhaps he's starting to lean toward Geir Isene's "Open source" thinking?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    or tits.
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  30. Anonophunkik Member

    I think it has too.I don't think anybody who has contact with the outside world for too long can possibly sustain that much moonbattery. I notice that he talks a lot about the philosophy of scientology lately. That could be a prelude toward an acknowledgement that not everything that lrh wrote is infallible. Just the general principles. (Incidently I think the general principles are wrong but it gets quite heavy as to why, so I won't bother boring people.
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  31. Xinjifar Member

    So, let's see; what exactly is 'new'?

    Hmm, OK, Marty *suddenly* identifies with the 'Independent Field' and the 'Free Zone', thereby consolidating them *under* him, with him as spokesclam for *all* things Scientology.

    Marty 'thanks' Anonymous for their help, thereby causing dancing in the street and waves of luv.

    Marty declares that 'It's Safe to be a Scientologist in Germany'. Is that new? No, but, that he *announced* it is.

    The 'Church of Miscavige' is reduced to some costumed idiots, bizarro Anons; the German version of 'SquirrelBusters'.

    The new 'Us' V. 'Them' now includes everybody in the 'Us', including Marty, Martyites, the German Govt., Anonymous, Critics yadda yadda, while 'Them' is only Miscavige and the small visible part of OSA represented by SquirrelBusters and costumed fools. (oh yeah, and anyone too cynical to sing kumbaya)

    Will there be a criminal prosecution of the Scientology Organization with Rathbun on a witness stand *under oath* and telling *all*?

    No. No longer necessary. Now he's one of 'Us' and we're one of 'Him'.

    Prediction: Now that it's 'safe', corporate Scientology can 'toss out Miscavige' and the 'reformed' Scientologists around Marty can return and all past crime, abuse and evil can be forgotten. After all, 'We don't do that anymore'.
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  32. Jule Member

    I call it "Eigentor" :)
  33. I think everyone has heard your theory.

    If you are eventually proven correct you will be owed cake.

    Until that time, can you give it a rest unless you have new, actual information?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Not a whole lot from you.
  35. Xinjifar Member

    What? With all the joyful luv spreading around the world you can't bear to hear a small voice carping in the wilderness? Why am I not surprised :)

    But, feel free to tell me what *else* is new
  36. Mitsu Too Member

    What's german for kick to the nuts? Or groin shot for the politically correct. :)
  37. Xinjifar Member

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  38. Do you have any suggestions for what people should be doing differently in light of your theory?
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  39. exOT8Michael Member

    FYI, Marty is a big fat zero as far as I am concerned. He has no power except in his delusions as an over inflated ego and residual charge held a stash of withheld crimes he did while a top exec.
    He is still the "Agent Smith" of Scientology.
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  40. Anonymous Member

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