Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by _You_, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Shinythings Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Ok guise, the copy of the fucker's blog from google cache is ready for download:

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    Could anyone with an account on ESMB crosspost this there? I'm pretty sure some guys there would love to use Marty's own words to confront his lies...
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    good job.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anon123456 Member

  5. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I took a look. It's a two-part email to the "old farts(?)" I guess. The first part is made to look like it came from people at However the author is far more retarded than the regulars here (see below):
    *CoS is fair gaming Rathburn by boring him to tears with tl;dr blog entries saying he's wrong.

    Maybe the RFW wants the ex-Scientologists to feel that is after them.

    Maybe Rathburn wants the ex-Scientologists to believe he's being persecuted by the CoS and

    The "who gives a shit" ethos expressed by many here is missing from this email drama.
  6. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Oh wait I figured it out: RFW realized no one would read the anti-Rathburn piece without some drama surrounding it. Ergo, the fake "we are anonymous" envelope.
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    What the fuck are you babbling about. Is that even english or are you just stringing words together to make a sentence.
  8. Herro Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Lol that email sounds exactly like barbz.
  9. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Oh barbz. I hear stories about her, but never read her stuff. Would she pretend to write as a member of

    Skeptic, sorry I wasn't clear. You could read the long thing over at esmb, but I don't recommend it. Not worth your time.

    "RFW"="Religious Freedom Watch"
    "envelope" = bad metaphor for email above which had the long boring email about Rathburn attached.
  10. TheProphet Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    * facepalm *

    If this is an anon, it's a newfag of the lowest order. This is huge FAIL at trying to sound like an anon.

    It should stand abundantly clear to any denizen of the assholes of the internets that this person could not possibly comprehend our most sacred and revered concept known as lulz.

    That such an individual is even allowed to type the word Caturday is UNHOLY ABOMINATION!
  11. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I was thinking that guy at Religious Freedom Watch wrote this. But "independent" is an interesting detail.

    The "independent" status is important to the Freezone guys. I usually call them "ex's."

    Maybe a Freezone person wrote this. Maybe even Rathbun wrote it.

    OR MAYBE...

    That's just what THEY want us to think.

  12. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I think Rashbutt got a hold of a meme generator.
  13. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    First Rathbun's blog gets hacked by anons. Then an anonymous hacker gets into Rathbun's email account and spills the beans about a nice lady saying nice things about him. And now anons send around a blog post that says Rathbun is doing Scientology wrong.

    Gosh, anons sure have been busy!
  14. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    hack it again, and again, and again, and again.
  15. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Rathbun's gonna run out of BS stories 'bout anons doing stuff at some point.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Could just be a newbie trying to do their own thing 'fer de cause', who the fuck knows except the writer? It would however be my last guess.
    It wouldn't be any less speculative for it to be Ratbunny (my new nic for Rathbun), he did, after all, become proficient in all types of the the black PR 'tech' and used it with much zeal over the years.
    No end to weirdness coming from RFW and their shills, expect the unexpected regardless though.
  18. grebe Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    You mean... the Spanish Inquisition?!
  19. Herro Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Either that or he's hired theBitch as a linguistic consultant.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Rathbum? OSA? RFW? Some anon trying to make it sound like he's CoS? Random troll? CIA, IRS, the Marcab Confederacy?

    Who is it? I have to know the TRUTH! I really care so much about this shit.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"


    Rathbun has already run many ops blaming us and the cult just to get attention and to prove to his "followers" he is being attacked.

    Remember, this cunt was running the cult ops for years!

    Marty, would you let a woman put a strap-on and do you from behind?
  23. Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Well, he was a sub for a sadomasochistic midget when he was still IN, so Xenu knows what kinda kinky shit he's into since he's gotten OUT(~ish).
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    just curious,

    if RATBURN hasn't been raped; then why is anyone giving him the time of day. Fuck the mind fucked.
  25. Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    'cause Tom Newton / Jacob K. Reist / Jacob Arturo Vigil is gone and we need at least one pompus self-important troll to kick around.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I just find it strange that neither the leaked e-mail or the note said anything bad about him. The leaked e-mail was very positive from a former critic, and this new note just sounded newfaggy.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I lol'd.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Marty Rathbun may be full of shit, but if that's not OSA then I'll eat my mask.

    The thing that gets me the most though (given that they've been 'studying' us for 2 years now) is just how poor the impersonation is. I'd believe that it was meant to sound fake, if it wasn't every bit as bad as OSA LINK:>>> [the site that's supposed to rev us up for war against Marty, (like help's needed on that count).]

    Very strange.

    I know it's a truism: "". But they really do seem SO incompetent it's not funny.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    It links to an OSA attack site, OSA link:>>> and also likens him to Cap't Bill and the crazy gang.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"



    No; I don't think I'm allowed to say that considering.

    Meh. The people that talked to me before hand did. They either believe me or don't.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Would OSA send emails to Marty's people featuring an OSA-related site - which would be known to Marty's people as such, and therefore discounted by them - and then seek to identify anon with the sending of the emails? Marty and Marty's people have no love for anon (except in some instances to attempt to recruit them for "services"), so what effect would this have on Marty's people?


    Except to convince them further that Marty is under attack by both the (secretly anti-LRH) Church of Miscavology and by the anti-Scientology and anti-LRH anons.

    More bizarre crap.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Tbh, yes. It's a carbon copy of their "3rd partying" "attack tech."

    Anything that helps deepen a schism amongst CoS's enemies is good in their mind, [inb4 "so you're saying be BFF with Marty"...FUCK OSA and Marty]. The primary purpose though seems pretty clear, i.e. taint him with the rep of previous "squirrels" [if they can get the line to stick, even to a limited degree, it actually is very damaging in the eyes of any true blue believer.]

    I'm with you on this. It pretty wonky to say the least.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    I haven't checked Rathbun's site, but why would a Freezone rep. bother posting this email around if it's potentially harmful to Rathbun?

    There's something hinky about it.
  37. Panther Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    The most likely scenario is that OSA recruited a field scn to do the dirty work, it's unlikely it originated from their offices. I know of several that have done OSAs work this way; however what usually happens is that the scn in question starts getting actual facts/dox about the church and realises a lot of the "entheta" they are supposed to be refuting is actually true, and they turn. I know 2 personally and have heard of others where this has happened. I can tell you categorically this is not a Marty op, no way. BTW, I don't believe many in Marty's camp hate Anon, I think there is a respect for all the actions, demos etc. There's no merit in fighting each other, thats just doing OSAs work for them. I like to think of Anon as broad church, lots of different views...has anyone tried incorporating it as the Church of Anonymity?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    No offense but if it was Marty I think you would be one of the people the op was aimed at.

    And many of the people in his camp may or may not hate anons, but Marty sure isn't fond of them. What is that pet name he gave them ? I wish his blog was still up so I could go back and check.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Rathbun's Blog "Hacked"

    Look Martin, you don't know me, but I like what I've seen of you. You seem like a genuinely good guy.

    Marty on the other hand...not so much :/

    I don't doubt that he's very personable, but his public actions and statements also speak loudly, and no amount of peacemaking will change that.

    My view anyway.

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