Razor Wire at Gold Base

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by pacora, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. pacora Member

    Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Hi there.

    Please forgive me if I have posted this in a place that is not appropriate...

    At Hemet Gold Base, if there are indeed razors on the fence (and I say "if there are" because I have never been there) has anybody filed a complaint with Riverside County Code Enforcement?

    And If there has been a complaint filed, how long ago was it and what was the response?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I don't know the answer to your question, but here's a photo of the "wire" (it's worse than wire - these are steel blades):

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    While it is interesting to mention the razor wire or seems far away from where foot traffic is likely to go under normal circumstances, so likely it is within code

    Even if creepy.
  4. pacora Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    As I stated prior, I have never been to Gold Base - never even passed by it and I live within distance. With that said, I do see a car in the picture so it is reasonable that someone could come within range of the steel blades.

    Remember that Al Capone (I think) was not taken down because of the mafia. It was because of tax evasion (or something like that), again, forgive me it's been a long weekend.

    Despite your "cause" use the "law" to your advantage.

    Keep up the good work!
  5. mrfyde Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Do we know of a particular code this is violating ?

    I had posted in another thread about trying to get a code for this very thing however IF there is a code in the city county or state that regulates this it should be brought to the attention of whoever is in charge of enforcing that code.
  6. pacora Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I am 99% positive that razor "wire" is against code on residencial property. Razor "blades" ... I don't know ...and on a business????

    You might want to do some digging!
  7. Buttons Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    That photo of the fence is well done and incredible.
    It should raise more questions to the media than it has.

    We just haven't figured out how to use it to our advantage.
    Who needs a fence like that? Why a church?

    What can it be compared to?
    What prison has that?
    Who/what company or country uses this kind of fence?
    Who finds it necessary and why.

    Who manufactures that fence, and to who do they market it to?
    What type of security do they claim it provides?

    Just a suggestion----
    I don't think that we have explored this enough.
    This is a great opportunity for a media inquiry as to why CoS felt this fence was necessary.
  8. pacora Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    No disrespect intended, however, the only relevent question is, "Is the razor blade fence within code?", THAT'S IT AND THAT'S ALL.

    The only thing that has to be done is make a complaint. You can walk in, or call, and give the address. Submitting a picture would be a bonus, and you don't even have to give your name (unless you want "follow-up").

    Play the cards you have been dealt instead of the cards you WISH you had been dealt. ;)
    Keep up the good work!
  9. basil Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Here's a site that sells 'security fencing' in the UK: which looks equally nasty to the stuff at Gold Base.

    However, the thought does indeed remain that is it appropriate for the zone it is in, and is it 'proportionally correct' to the security requirements of the base? After all, you won't find many residential areas with more security than an airport or government facility. Remember it's not just the razor wire but the motion sensors, ground triggers and everything else that we can prove - let alone the suspected arms cache on site.
  10. Miss Cabbage Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    If you're using the image of razor fencing to draw the public's attention to the threat of the Cult, it might be worth pointing out that there are spikes on both sides. This fencing is meant to keep certain people *in* as well as to keep SPs like us out.
  11. xenubarb Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Al Capone, good point. It might be that the cult will collapse for all the wrong reasons. But collapse is the key word, and all we're really interested in.

    The razor wire in question is far off the road. It isn't meant to keep people out, because its proximity is to buildings that house the recalcitrant Scientologists who would probably leave given the opportunity. That particular photo is of the fence at the NE corner of the compound. People are held, possibly against their will, in that sector.
  12. Jim Jones Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Both can be done. Emphasis should be put on the legality, but there should be poons sent to proper places as well.
  13. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I like you. Since you live there you should probably file the complaint.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  14. mrfyde Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    The other thread suggested that if the fence is NOT against code that it could be. The argument to that was that it really would not be worth the effort to push the point on the fence if there was no ordinance against it.

    IF the fence is out of code for god's sake report it.
  15. TinyDancer Member

  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I can't see that there'd be a law preventing someone from using stainless spikes and Constantine (razor wire) except that it looks far to low and could be a serious hazzard to deer and pole-vaulting bunnies.
    There are some other pics that AGP posted on the Gold arrests thread that show the razor wire on a second inside fence. The whole topic seems to have been bashed to shreds before but the essentials I think are important are that it points out just how paranoid the cult is and that many of the 'security' features around their compounds appear to be designed more for keeping people in, than out. Besides, really now, who in their right mind would try to get into that freak show anyway?

    Wee edit> So I got the insomniatic curiouslies and went a-Googling, best I could find out is that fencing laws vary by county, so it'd be up to someone local (what-ever) to inquire at the City Planning Dep't, for a morbidly curious sort you could consider calling and presenting some senario (use yer imagination ;) )where you'd want to put up some lethal barriers (such as sharpened spikes etc.). Or go to the planning office or library and read up on the fencing laws yourself. (do share if somebody does this eh :) ) Somewhere in here probably.

    My bt thots fer the evening, ciao fer nao!
  17. Miss Cabbage Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Is there any possibilty of confirming that (a) there are people who want out, and (b) they could get as far as the fence? If so, it might be worth rigging up some kind of padded scramble net, to give a detainee the option of getting over the fence. Preferably without looking like you're tooled up to attempt to break IN, of course. That's not recommended.

    If you do what somebody to get in, briefly, maybe a skydiver, balloonist or paraglider could accentally get blown off course? I believe that air law says it's OK to execute an 'emergency landing' if you have to...
  18. anonhuff Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    If this fence and steel blades atop it were constructed and are maintained in the encroachment zone, then ordinance 499 of riverside county applies. This includes the following requirement:
    Full text of ordinance 499 here:

    This ordinance is required to be agreed to be followed, by the person applying for the encroachment permit. Permit application here: RC Transportation - Encroachment Permit Application
    The heart of all of these matters is dependent on how far from the highway the land belongs to the county and at what point it becomes privately owned land. For some reason this information has yet to be clarified. If encroachment permit is required for any of these "improvements" to the land, then the transportation director of riverside county is the one responsible for signing off on being "satisfied that the use proposed is in the public interest " and "the use is reasonably necessary for the performance of the functions of the applicant".
  19. pacora Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    With all due respect, my interest begins and ends with Riverside County Ordinance 884.
  20. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Alrighty then.
  21. RightOn Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    They used to have tours there. Was it out of code for people visiting? Another words an insurance risk?
    I wonder what insurance they have if any?

    They have cops going in there, the US mail ,other deliveries. Are they insured if outsiders get hurt on this property? ( that is besides AO???)
  22. JMac85 Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    The really interesting thing is that, unlike barbed and razor wire, which is designed to just entangle and maim, that shit looks like it's intentionally designed to disembowel someone who tries to shimmy over. Compounded to that is that it leans both outward and inward.

    Has Gold ever released a public statement on the fence knives, let alone why they're pointed inside?
  23. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Cochrane Steel > Clearvu 358 Security Fence

    At the above site they have what is called "Shark Tooth spike" near bottom of page, very similar to what is at GB.

    However it is a South African Co. and the copy image or else has been disabled.
    Only prisoners would have to be contained with such fences
  24. rational Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    The direction of the spikes is immaterial. If you break in over the fence you have also to break out over the fence. Even if you are only after a one way ticket, it is more difficult to climb over with spikes on both directions, similar to loops of razor wires.
  25. Buttons Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I think that it is a missed opportunity not to try to figure out who manufactured the fence and how they marketed it to their potential clients. Who else bought them? If just prisons, it clearly indicates keeping people in.

    Would be a good talking point on any media coverage as to why Gold Base thought they required this level of security.

    Any description by the manufacturer as to it's intended purpose could be potentially very embarrassing to the CoS, especially if the question is raised by the media.
  26. Ramona Member

  27. pacora Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Just as an FYI, if anyone was planning on going to the Riverside Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow for public comment, it has been CANCELLED.
  28. azonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Thanks for bringing up the likely claim of the scilon spokeshole.
    Perhaps the better question is regarding why prison fencing is in use at all then?
    Your argument doesn't address why the infrared sensors are directed inwardly only. Is that so the lights come on when the transgressor is egressing and can be caught on exit?
    Seems more likely that given the totality of the evidence, including the sworn statement of a man who recently escaped this vile compound, that this is a complex intended to keep people in, not out.
    Rational or rationalizing?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    One has to wonder what harm it has caused to local wildlife. Any endangered species in the area?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    The Components of Prison Security - IFPO

    sounds familiar...
  32. Ramona Member

  33. subgenius Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    total fail
    the pic says more than thousands of words
    it says everything
    it is a powerful tool that should be spread like fire
  34. JMac85 Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    Actually, it does make a difference. Ever try to climb a standard barbed wire fence? I have. It's easier to do so when you're jumping the opposite side the wire leans to. I made this shitty diagram to demonstrate.

    When draping something over the wire to avoid being cut, it's better to do so on a convex surface than a concave one.

    Which brings up another handy feature those daggers might have. Depending on how far apart they're spaced, simply putting any kind of fabric over it might not to any good when you put your full weight over it. Even a shitty bedsheet would offer adequate protection against razor wire.
  35. rational Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I bring this up after so long only because it can get out of hand (as I see this again in the comments of the excellent Gold Base article). My experience of climbing into school at night tell me that climbing down the fence is just as difficult, if not more than climbing up and over, even with no razor. We should consult our soldiers or LE but logically defense on both sides is better than one. It's not the direction, but the span.

    The other thing is the direction of the motion detectors, which only make sense pointing inwards. Or else you are counting traffic.
  36. Buttons Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base


    I plead stupid, I don't understand your point.
  37. bAnon Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

  38. rational Member

    Re: Razor Wire at Gold Base

    I'm not in the security industry so excuse my vocab. I decided against commenting when the picture first came out, hoping that the point about the direction of the spikes will go away, but it didn't. I hope I'm wrong but I cannot guarantee that.

    Certainly motion detector covers the areas within property lines, that means usually pointing inwards.

    Imagine you climbing slowly up the fence with the spikes, and try to climb across it. The first spike near you pointing outwards isn't as scary as the one pointing inwards far away from you. It isn't OCMB (no offense), it's science.
  39. 33755 Member

  40. 33755 Member

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