RCMP sucks

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Seems hard to stay on topic.... make an effort ?
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    Symbolic role only.

    It's a simple bargain between the monarch and her subjects:

    - we give her constitutional powers, on the single condition that she promises never to use them.
  5. And when a government behaves like utter twats, such as Ausfailia in 1975, there's someone who can be an adult and send the kiddies to bed without supper until they learn how to play nicely. Also, there's someone not involved in daily governance who gets to deal with that ceremonial shit that takes so much time from those heads of state who are also heads of governments.
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  9. Oh god . . . Typical, dumb as a rock American! Always showing off the feeble joke of an education their good ol' land of plenty stuffed down their forever open pie-holes
    . . .

    Let's hope for them to soon be smote! XD
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    Question: does the Queen of England still maintain a legal authority over the Canadian government?

    Oh, she does?

    Yeah, thought so.
  11. Anonymous Member

    As a Canadian socialist in the Maple Crown court I welcome our ceremonial overlords because the whole concept is just so gosh darn inscrutable to Americans. :D
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Question (no, srsly this time): Is "the Maple Crown" actually a thing? Because that is just so cute an idea. You guys should totally send the Queen of England a crown made out of maple leaves. Dawwwh, Canadians.
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    ^I fucking love Canada right now.
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    Ok wtf Canada is made out to be stupid in American's not right!! I hate how are gov. Is so far up there ass and we get mocked! The us is the leading terrorist country and here is Canada sucking its blood hungry ass...our RCMP are a joke and sic should be brought down! How about the hwy of tears! And a possibility they are connected to human trafficking and murder! Not so far off if we look at all the beatings they give on cam
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    Elton John has no power here.
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    If that bitch were your queen, you'd seriously kick some ass!
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    There, fixed that right up for ya :)
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    Aw gee thanks, ya knoow!
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    GB is the big island, and consists of Wales in the West, Scotland in the North, and England in the South

    GB + Northern Ireland = The UK

    Northern Ireland is that part of Ireland that the Brits managed to conquer and hold.

    Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland = The UK

    (Incidentally, the 4 provinces each field a team in the Football World Cup, so the UK fields a total of 4 teams, whereas most nations field only 1 team.)
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