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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I did not know this forum existed. I was directed here by a very fond friend. {takes deep breath}

    Recently, while doing a search on a specific person in relation to the Candace Conti vs. Watchtower/JWFremont, Ca. cong that, as according to the court update here, has submitted some sort of letter:

    Upon conducting this search on this Joey Herrera, LINKEDIN shows, TO THE RIGHT OF THE PAGE, a series of 'viewers of this profile viewed....'. As an example, I'll pull this guys profile, as he was on top of list when I had Herreras profile up:

    Frederick Spahr

    Sr. Project Manager at Watchtower Bible & Tract Society
    Now, to the reason I bring this shiny thing here is because, months ago A was involved in 'helping' by adding 'things' to the opwatchtowerpedo pastebin {google shows such, in cache only pages now, i think}. However, a group of idiots got wind of what A had so brilliantly been able to take over; as far as whistleblowing the shit out of the WTBTS, and getting to the meat of who was actually running WTBTS internet tech and securities, AND if there was truly a database to crack open, that the ones who were really going to be able to 'help', backed out. And I do not blame any of them. The idiots are still running rampant and cannot even handle the simpliest of tasks anymore. Such as finding out who the hell this Herrera is and what the letter is about. That is another subject though. I only bring him up because of what I discovered about LINKEDIN when I look who else is viewing the guys profile.

    Perhaps this Fred guy, as you review his profile to see his computer expertise, has keys to the shiny database? And/ or the handful of other viewers, viewing Herreras profile. Do you see how many shiny things one may be able to SEE BRIGHTLY if one were to look at the other WTBTS profiles? I do hope I'm not being to confusing here.

    Thank you for your hospitality here and I do hope you avail yourselves to google with any and all keywords provided in this post.

    Merry Holidaze!
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    Yourself or OP?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Maybe both?
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    How does this affect the average internet user? Should we be careful about using Linked-In?
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    OK. So you've located a nest of gold-plated moonbats, and amongst the moonbats there may be connections to pedophilia types? Is this what you have? Is this all you have? That court docket is quite shy on details.
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    Wild speculation has a home in the dome
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    Hi OP.

    Who knows what to make of the, "people who viewed this also viewed..." Could be associates of the Linked-In profile or could be random if the person searching was lost.

    If people start to care about this "also viewed" statistic then it will be manipulated making it useless, if it isn't already. That's the thing about stats. So long as no one cares they have some meaning. Once people pay attention, the meaning may change.

    You can probably manipulate the "also viewed" yourself by viewing someone likely not super popular and clicking other profiles from different Linked-In sock accounts or IP locations.

    Hmm. I wonder if we could pull up some Scientology whale's LinkedIn profile and make the "also viewed" names become a bunch of weird people.
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    Some time ago, ANONYMOUS posted a youtube video about corruption in that organization; just as it has re: the Scientology church. { A} did this at the request of a few 'whistleblowers' working to expose the WTBTS pedophilia coverups that were going through the courts yet not much mainstream media was actually covering any of it. Only a few were. If you google 'anonymous watchtower jehovah's' you will see what I'm referring to.

    However, when some idiots saw this video they went nuts with their own crazy shit and messed the whole Operation up. Whoever {A} was back then, whom was kind enough to agree to help start working with the whistleblowers to blow this lid off such corruption....they faded to black, somewhere. A bunch of other idiot anonymous posers started making their own vids and it all became circus. I do not blame the original {A} for doing so. Yet, would like to thank him, her, them for at least giving it a go. And I'd like to apologize.

    The linkedin issue is about gathering more shiny things where you least expected to perhaps find them. Such as the example provided in my OP. {A} was going to help crack some code to be able to see a database of names, held by the legal dept at WTBTS, that may potentially hold thousands of names of perpetrators and likely, pedophiles that have been moved around, shifted into different and new congregations; unsuspecting to any of the the RCC. As you will notice in the goog searches, {A} gave it quite a go; but it was apparent early on, that others were acting on their own and actually making a mockery of the Anonymous Network. Not long after other idiot videos were up and running {the original 'opwatchtower' is lost now} the original {A} that we had gotten in touch with, through a wonderful woman in Los Angeles, had faded into the background. And I'm sure they thought better of it, at all, in its entirety. It all had such promise. I'm so sorry the fucked it up.

    At any rate, {A} started posting in the pastebin and sharing how to add 'shiny things' and I believe I have it right that a shiny thing is some sort of intell. So that is all I was trying to convey, I think. That : who knew how easy it was to gain a shiny piece of intell when you are on a completely different searchmode.

    Now, the CANDACE CONTI case is in appeals right now. This Herrera man , who was a tour manager for 12 years at WTBTS suddenly writes the judge a letter in november and the appeals is once again, at a halt. We are still having such trouble getting any attentive spotlight on this thing so that it WILL shine.

    I'm humbly asking anyone, lurking even, to carefully goog what I've benn on about here and HELP US.

    Thank you for your time, patience, virtue and solid efforts in putting spotlights where they MUST shine.

    Sincerely, opWTNY

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