Discussion in 'Projects' started by Scytheist, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Scytheist Member

    from what i found op cannabis started 1 year ago and is still in affect. I live in Colorado where amendment 64 was passed. how ever i still fear the government will still make arrests this April, 20 aka 4/20.

    every year people smoke in bolder and by the capital building to protest and urge lawmakers for legalization for cannabis and every year people are arrested. since amendment 64 passed and Colorado still says its elegal until lawmakers are ready for it be legal.

    in short asking people to keep an eye on events in Denver in case any arrests are made on 4/20 even though amendment 64 passed in Colorado due to arrests being made every year on 4/20.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Concise post dude.
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  3. Scytheist Member

    ty kind sir.

    I would also like to ask any one in Colorado to keep an eye on law enforcement in case any arrests are made in Denver or Bolder for smoking cannabis. I will try to be at the state capital building on that day depending if ill have to work on that day or not. Amendment 64 might have passed in Colorado but we the people in Colorado still push for it to pass all over the U.S to be legal.
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