RealWorld Corp. supports Narconon Chilocco

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. No need to say that RealWorld is a Scientology company and its CEO is a die-hard Scientologist.

    Real-World-Narconon-1.jpg Real-World-Narconon-2.jpg
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Is the signatory who I think it is?
  3. Yes.
    Much <3 to Larry and family.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Born2Shop Member

    That is indeed a real letter from Larry Brennan.

    My investigation of this guy has also shown some interesting related facts.

    At the time he wrote the above letter he indeed was the CEO and President of RealWorld Corporation which was once one of the largest companies owned by scientlogists.

    While CEO and President of RealWorld Corporation Larry also got a 5 or so minute "documentary" done for the Discovery Channel where he can be seen with David Miscavige's twin sister (who worked for him) attributing RealWorld's success to the usage of Hubbard's "admin tech". I would give this to an enterprising Anon who might want to put it online.

    Also while CEO/President Larry was a founding member of WISE's founding "CEO Circle" of CEOs of multimillion dollar companies that used Hubbard's "tech".

    And while at RealWorld he also wrote the main letter from a federal Senator that organized scientology used in a campaign to back off the IRS (he wrote it for Senator Gordon Humphrey while visiting Humphrey and got Humphrey to sign it).

    Before his five years as CEO/President of RealWorld Corporation he was its Executive VP Sales and before that he was RealWorld's Vice President Legal.

    And even bigger scandal is a little over a year before that this same Brennan guy was one of the top ten people in scientology as "Special Unit IC" and "Watchdog Committee Member X" (where he ran the likes of Marty Rathbun, Heber Jentsch and Karen delaCara) before RTC was anything of note.

    Before that he oversaw the corporate restructuring of organized scientology which has been used by the bad guys to fight off many government and civil "attacks". He was the one who taught the corporate structure and religious cloaking to Miscavige.

    And, my investigation shows that for five years before that he ran all scientology's legal operations outside of the courts for years.

    Worse yet, in February 2008 Larry was the first "Ex" to publically post in support of Anonymous which, given his background above, was clearly an attempt to infiltrate Anonymous and steal all its cake.

    This guy sounds like a really bad dude!!!

    I say we take him out back and kick the shit out of him!!!!

    PS: I do believe that Larry wishes like anything that he could take that bullshit letter back!! :(
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  6. Anonymous Member

    pissed cuz i can't rate ^^^^both FUNNY *and* WINNER B2S - <3<3<3
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    Did Larry really see any "miraculous results" from Narconon graduates? In the time I was in, the only results I saw from Narconon was:
    1. Reversion to drugs or alcohol.
    2. Addiction to scientology.

    I think the latter is far worse.
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  8. Born2Shop Member

    No Larry never witnessed that. The letter is complete, 100% bullshit.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Not suggesting that he did, but I'll wait to hear it from the source, thx.
  10. Born2Shop Member

    Fair enough but FWIW trust me on this one I know for a fact the letter was 100% BS.
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  11. I believe you 100%
  12. grebe Member

    So what product or service did RealWorld sell?
  13. Born2Shop Member

    RealWorld was an accounting software company that developed and sold it for the micro computer market.

    It had ten or so packages such as general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory control, etc.

    Also, as it licensed its source code early on, it had the then largest base of vertical software (such as packages for point of sale, restaurant management, etc.) built to tie into its packages. In those cases it got royalties as per its source code licenses as well as payments for straight forward, off-the shelf object code packages.
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  14. pooks Member

    I love this thread so much!

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  15. Anonymous Member

    You've probably been here long enough to know that we don't do "trust me".
  16. grebe Member

    Uh... it depends.

    There are two kinds of mistakes: not being skeptical enough and being overly skeptical. With respect to the claim that Larry Brennan was talking bullshit when he wrote that Narconon produced "miraculous results," I think you might be making the second type of mistake.

    We aren't entirely dependent upon Mr. Brennan's testimony in this thread. He's commented upon similar stuff in many other threads in the past. Plus, derp, Narconon is unscientific crap.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    No one is arguing in favour of Necronon.

    The long tradition here is: "trust, but verify", as I have seen it.
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  18. Born2Shop Member

    Fair enough dear Anonymous, fair enough.

    That is one of the many MANY things I have always loved about Project Chanology Anonymous since it began.

    I'm afraid I have nothing more to give you on this than "trust me".

    I know Larry never meant to hurt a soul, ever, and that includes that absolutely ridiculous letter he signed as a PR matter for Narconon. At the time his then very good friend Larry Byrnes (who use to be the CEO of RealWorld Corporation) was WDC ABLE over Narconon Chiloco when Narconon Chiloco was just a hope. Larry Brynes may even have written that letter for Larry Brennan but Larry Brennan agreed with it and signed it.

    Byrnes had asked Brennan to go meet him there. Brennan did and even did the filming of that then run down, long closed Native American school so that scientology "International Finance Landlord" could help decide what buildings to renovate first.

    The thing that really got Brennan closed on this was talking to the chairmen of two of the tribes there, seeing Kaw City and Ponca city and the devastation of drugs and alcohol there and blindly believing Narconon could help them. He had that same blind belief when he worked on legal matters involving Narconon as far back as 1975 and coordinated with Hubbard himself on it.

    What a complete betrayal is Narconon and what a trail of sadness and loss is left in its wake everywhere.

    All I can say is that the letter was a huge mistake written because he thought it would help people. Brennan was still in the "Hubbard-is-wonderful" mindset at the time.

    It used to be I was VERY close to Larry Brennan and could even speak for him.

    And while he is still right here in my heart, over the past couple of years he is fading from even my own memories.

    That's all I got on this.
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  19. grebe Member

    Fuck tradition use your brain instead.

    There is effort involved in verifying claims and there are degrees of verification possible. So you should appreciate how much evidence you might already have for or against some claim, and then you should consider the costs associated with further verification. It's foolish to insist upon greater effort when the potential payoff is slim.

    Here's the claim on the table you are apparently afraid to accept without further evidence: Larry Brennan was talking bullshit when he wrote that Narconon produced "miraculous results."

    We already have several pieces of evidence in support of this claim:

    1. Comments from someone who claims to have worked closely with Mr. Brennan and has a good understanding of his thoughts on Narconon.
    2. Larry's comments in other threads on this web site.
    3. Narconon is crap.

    You are saying you want more evidence, which means that in spite of the above you think it is reasonable to believe that Mr. Brennan may still claim that he saw "miraculous results" with Narconon.

    The only reason I'm wasting time playing Captain Obvious here is because "dox or GTFO" is indeed a powerful weapon that has served Anonymous well. But this weapon has one major weakness: the wielder may fall victim to goofy hyper-skeptical trolls. It's good to be mindful of this, so thanks for the opportunity.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Gotta agree with Pooks

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Now I remember why I put you on my Ignore list. You're back on, have a nice flush.
  22. grebe Member

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  23. I was hoping for an ex/og slapfight ITT.
  24. Anonymous Member

    On one hand I would love for the proponents of OG and ex politicking to just go outside to wrestle so we can spend the rest of the thread focused on your lack of registration and how it apparently pains us. They are getting dirt on the furniture and your pants are strangely fascinating.

    However on the other hand, They couldn't have chosen a less private place to air the laundry. There's lulz to be had there.
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  25. Born2Shop Member

    BTW Martin can you say where you got this document?

    I would LOVE to know if Narconon or any other part of organized scientology is using it.

    If so, I believe I can help ensure it is never again of use to them.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Paula Suita


    Independent PR, Marketing and Social Media Practitioner for Technology-based, Manufacturing and Professional Service firms. News junkie.
    Boston, MA ยท
  27. patriot75 Member

    any relation to Kyle Brennan ...RIP
    or Thomas Brennan?
  28. pooks Member

  29. patriot75 Member

    thanks pooks :)

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