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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Ocktra, Jun 18, 2009.

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    pretty crazy. could have been alot worse though.
  4. Jaymax Moderator

    Nothing on Twitter is guaranteed fresh...
  5. من می توانم به فیلم تماشا نمی شاهرود. من فقط نگاه گریه. آیا این جهان را میدانید؟ اگر آنها که به مراقبت هستند "تازه" ، آن اتفاق افتاد!

    I can not watch the videos anymore because they make me sob. Who cares if they are "fresh", they are real! People are dying! Does the world not see?
  6. We are watching, and we are all shocked. We support you all the way, if we lived in Iran we would do the same. Never give up. Never forgive.
  7. skollie-IRAN Member

    I agree. Old or new, the atrocity happened. I have seen this video posted a few places over the past few days and it breaks my heart watching it. You have my support, brave people of Iran.
  8. Solidarity! Love! Struggle! Friendship!

    Brave Brothers, Brave Sisters I stand to be counted with you.
    I, who have seen too much, can stand it no longer!
    No more hating and no more fear.
    Your voices be heard!!!
  9. So true!

    The ppl of Iran, got a better understanding of democracy then most ppl living in a country claiming to be fullblood democrats

    The power is in the ppl ! fight on. Never seen such courage
  10. Allahu akbar ;d
  11. Now more than ever the people of Iran must step up and fight the power.

    Now more than ever we must offer our support to the protestors.

    now more than ever it is time for change.

    Now more than ever, I want world peace.
  12. Get rid of these Mulahs

    Go for it guys. Get rid of these idiots in the government in Iran. Time for Revolution!
  13. shoot back!

    It's time you shoot back or assassin the iranan leader! If they can kill people who are JUST protesting! Then why is it bad to fight back??
  14. Either the leader should step down like they made shah or they need to be assassinated!! So just step down and go your own way! Iran needs freedom! They need to make their own decisions on whether or not they wish to wear a cover, go to university and get their degree and be able to use it, if men or women wish to listen to music.. they should have the opportunity on doing so!
  15. i wish i could take my AR-15 there and shoot those fuckers, fucking ugly ass twig faggot islamic pieces of shit

    down with the islamic republic.
    Harki pedar madar dare, ahmadi'o doost nadare
  16. He is a martyr. God bless him. Do not look away, for he is brave and making a sacrifice for all of those he loves, and many he will never know. It is terrible, and yet beautiful.
  17. Tony C Member

    Well put.

    Too many people of the world look at these videos as senseless horrors. But know nothing of the reality of it, as they watch from afar. For those brave people who are actually fighting, they know the risk of death is real, and still they step forward and stand up for what they truly believe in. The ultimate sacrifice.

    To one culture, a horror. To another culture, a martyr, a hero.
  18. Wtf

    Is this really 2009..??11!
  19. I like to say..


    These scenes are so hurtful to watch.
  20. Hendiadys Member

    All our prayers are with all of you.
  21. wish I was in abroad. wish I was so far from here so I could convince myself about doing nothing. but I wasn't too far from her today, and I didn't see her video long time after her death. I can't forgive myself. I could be prepared for these days... maybe I could do something to prevent such days.... I don't know.....
    she didn't die in vain. her death will change everything.... you'll see it tomorrow... just let all Iranians watch it and then it won't be a game anymore...
  22. Were they expecting him not to shoot back, when rocks were being thrown at him?

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