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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Thank you NO, this has been a long and on-going story, a sordid tale of cover-ups, police ineptitude, and political fen-angling, foot dragging and denials. I've no doubt that many of the perpetrators, the twisted elite/rich and famous, are doing everything in their power to brush everything under the rug, fuck them all imho.
    We can only hope that all of these abusive-pedo-scum get well exposed, their careers ruined, jail, justice, and all the other fun stuff that is well deserved.
    The saddest part of this whole thing is that its the victims who will continue to suffer over the years, because so many chose to look the other way, and the support systems that should be dealing with this are either poorly underfunded, or non-existent, a very sad state of affairs imho, reminiscent of Canada's shameful dealing with the abuses/murders of thousands of children in the residential schools.
    Maddening I tells ya!


    It all makes me frikken pig-biting furious, but I am but a wee voice in the mists of time
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    Hm, what is that sound? Spineless toads twisting in the wind, guess everything is just peachy until somebody opens the curtains...
  5. Here is The Daily Telegraph's view on Exaro News and Mark Watts' part in the unfolding allegations:
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    Thanks for that link. This whole situation is a mess. Legitimate complaints and were actively suppressed, police started investigations only to be ordered to drop them, people were not brought to trial, powerful people avoided consequences. It will be very hard to determine what is true/ false at this late date, but the Justice system does need to try to get it right.
    This article describes an example of bad journalism and inappropriate comments by some government agents of the British Justice system like the example of the mayor of Baltimore damming the police before trial. There does need to be an investigations of historical child sexual abuse and I wish it was done professionally and legally.
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    More from EXCARO:

    BBC seeks to delay Smith review until after renewal of charter Broadcaster’s bosses fear for BBC’s future after findings on failures over Jimmy Savile

    Why police continue to investigate claims by ‘Nick’ – updated

    Met issues statement to reiterate that 'Operation Midland' continues on triple-murder claims IPCC launches 13 more probes into paedophile ‘cover-ups’

    “Corruption” allegedly closed operations into MPs, council officers, even a police officer
    Harvey Proctor’s ex-lover talks to Met’s ‘Operation Midland
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