Red Flag: The True Story of Flag Down

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  1. amaX Member

    I feel I have waited a sufficient amount of time to post this. There are a few reasons why I have waited and the most important reason is to protect myself as much as possible.

    PART ONE: The Set-up

    One of the strongest motivators in my finally posting about what happened before, during, and after Flag Down is that I believe there are people who are trying to insinuate that somehow Anonymous or Chanology is responsible for Pete Griffiths and John McGhee's behavior. I am not sure how they think they are going to spin that into something that sounds plausible, but I am still here and I am now going to tell you that at least one of the aforementioned gentlemen was partially and knowingly involved in my being served the LMT injunction. My being served was just the beginning of this person's actions that have helped to cause trouble for the anti-Scientology movement on both sides of the pond.

    He had help.

    I was approached about having the Flag Down conference by Pete Griffiths and another Irish Chanologist who shall remain nameless because that person opted out of the planning very early on and this person has never caused me any kind of trouble that I am aware of. IF this person wants to offer up who they are then that's their right.

    I agreed to help plan, but did so believing that this conference would end up like all of the others that we've tried to plan in Clearwater. I never thought it would get off the ground and now I wish it had not.

    We settled on a date. This is actually when the Irish Chanologist bowed out because this person did not like the date we chose.

    At the same time we were discussing who would speak.

    We each came up with our "wish list" of speakers.

    PAY ATTENTION HERE---THIS IS IMPORTANT: Of course their wish lists included multiple people listed on the LMT Permanent Injunction. I explained to them in excruciating detail why NO one on the injunction could speak and why NO one on the injunction could even donate to the conference. I explained the injunction, who was listed on it, and told the story of how Patricia Greenway gave money to Shawn Lonsdale and Shawn ended up being served.

    It was very important that Pete Griffiths understand about the LMT Injunction because Griffiths was finding the speakers and he was in control of the money because he needed it to help defray expenses for speakers and I would not need money until later in the planning stages. Griffiths knew about the LMT injunction and understood the ramifications of inviting someone to speak who was listed and he knew not to knowingly take money from anyone listed on the injunction.
    We also discussed these things out in the open here on Why We Protest. We reminded everyone why people on the LMT injunction couldn't attend, speak, or donate to the conference. Some of you were angry at us for being forced to take that stance even though it's not our fault at all. Nope. Not at all. We stated outright that we would return any money donated by anyone listed on the LMT injunction.

    PART TWO: The Betrayal

    I'm not a healthy person. Many of you know that. I have a compromised immune system and it's hard for me to shake off any kind of illness.

    The second week of November 2013 I caught a flu bug. I contacted Pete Griffiths before I got really sick and explained my bad health and that I was really sick. I told him he would not hear from me for a few days because I would not be online while I was trying to get better. I told him I would not be answering my phone either. When I'm sick---I am sick.

    I can't remember if it was three, four, or five days later, but I got online to contact Griffiths even though I was still sick and running a fever.

    He was livid at me for not being around. I explained again that I was sick and he said something about thinking I wasn't going to go through with the conference because he couldn't get a hold of me.

    We talked back and forth for a bit and he mentioned something about the funding page and had I seen it. I said something about not needing to see it because I didn't need any of the money yet and I needed to actually go back to bed.

    Griffiths said I really needed to go look at it because Mark Bunker had donated on the funding page.


    At first I thought Griffiths was kidding, but I went to look at the funding page and sure enough there was Mr. Mark Bunker's donation of $50 to the Flag Down conference. And not only did Mr. Mark Bunker donate openly on the funding page, but Mr. Bunker posted a picture of himself AND a link to his own funding page! I am sure Bunker would have put flashing lights around his picture if he only knew how.

    Griffiths informs me that the donation was made two or three days before I saw it.

    I did the only thing I knew to do. I told Griffiths to immediately send the $50 back to Mr. Bunker and show me that he'd done that.

    Screen shot of the refund given to Mr. Bunker by Pete Griffiths:


    I asked Griffiths what Bunker said to him after he got the refund. Griffiths said Bunker laughed and said, "I guess this means you don't want me to speak?" And we all know that he showed up at Flag Down anyway, but was turned away.

    I was naive and thought that I would have financial back-up here on Why We Protest when they served me with the injunction----because I knew they would serve me after Bunker pulled that stunt and Griffiths allowed it to happen. But we are few and far between here on Why We Protest and none of us are rich.

    I also realized that the cult was going to serve me in conjunction with Flag Down because they didn't follow me anywhere while I was planning Flag Down. I also stopped getting nasty junk mail signing me up for sex sites and they do that on a regular basis every week.

    PART THREE: More Insurance

    The middle of November 2013 was a busy time for Mr. Mark Bunker. He also went out and about for the Super Power Grand Opening. I believe he made sure to report that he'd encountered some "Anons" in Guy Fawkes masks while he was covering the grand opening.

    He also made sure to have his picture taken with a woman who insinuated herself into our Chanology group, but who was never trusted by us. Bunker and this woman had someone take their picture in the parking garage that overlooks Sea Org Alley across from the cult-owned Old Bank Building during the grand opening event. She is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask on her chest trying to attach the Clearwater Chanology Cell to Mark Bunker and the LMT. (I have to wonder if this picture would have miraculously turned up if I'd been taken to court over the LMT. )


    Yes. This woman along with anyone else who ever protested with us has been informed in great detail why we can't be associated with anyone in the LMT while we're in Clearwater.

    I won't even go into the details of the other things done by Pete Griffiths in his quest to steer Flag Down into what it turned into. My reputation remains intact with those people who know me and trust me and that's all that matters about that.

    But I won't have Anonymous or Chanology dragged through the mud like those of us who are members of either group have something to do with this Irish Mess Quest to destroy anti-Scientology protesting rights in multiple countries. They are doing a wonderful job of fucking it up on their own and I don't know of any Anons or Chanologists that would stoop down that low into the fucking gutter to be involved with them.

    PART FOUR: The Doxing

    I know that at least part of the terrible doxing that happened here on Why We Protest came directly from the information gathered to send out rewards to people who donated to Flag Down. I saw parts of that list because I was the one who mailed rewards out to people before the conference was high-jacked. This is the most painful thing about this after the fact that my rights have been stripped from me by people who had no right to do it. Having to sit on this information in the hopes of protecting myself has caused me the most grief.

    I want those people to know that I took extra care to mail their items. I took some of them to different counties than where I lived and took them to be shipped out at weird times. I took extra care with all the personal information that I saw. I would never dox anyone. I have always taken care to insure the anonymity of anyone who wishes to remain anonymous.

    But I have been burned terribly by other people who always had all the access to your Flag Down information.

    I want to state here that Pete Griffiths had all of your information when you donated. He ran the funding pages and the information that I was given was sent directly from him. I did hear that someone else was asked to send out the rewards after the high-jacking but that information was sent to that person by Pete Griffiths. I have no knowledge of the information sent out after the high-jacking so I cannot confirm any doxing done with information that came after I was no longer involved in mailing rewards.

    PART FIVE: The Aftermath or Follow Pete Griffiths' and His Helpful Friends Trail of Misery
    Put it together, people.

    Pete Griffiths and other people are doing harm to the anti-Scientology movement and they are doing it in multiple countries. They travel where they want. They move where they want. They don't seem to work on a regular basis. So who does have the kind of money needed to fund that sort of activity?

    This is NOT Anonymous and this is NOT Chanology so who is it?
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  2. Random guy Member

    Luckily, Xander have very effectively hamstrung the LMT injunction. I'm sure the cult is still going to try to cost people time and money with it, but they days on walking on eggshells over it seems to be over.
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  3. amaX Member

    This is only true if you have the finances to afford an attorney. Xander does so the cult knows they have to figure out another way to stop him. I don't have that kind of money.

    I have worked very closely with Rob Surette who sent the edict out to the Clearwater Police Department. He is a really good guy. He can and has protected people who want to protest against Scientology. He helped the Clearwater Cell a lot. He's the person we worked with so we didn't have to march all the time in downtown Clearwater.

    Sadly, Rob only handles the police. He has nothing to do with someone being hauled into court by Scientology. That part is not handled.

    I did not ask for or want Mr. Mark Bunker to pull a Greenway on me.
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  4. The Internet Member

    Does this have anything to do with a vid I saw of an old geezer without a mask yelling, "We are Anonymous!" at Peter Hodkin's home/office in the UK?
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  5. FDF

    Ffs Ama let it go already.
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  6. amaX Member

    yet another troll sent here in the hopes that we will ignore the fact that what happened at flag down is still affecting people and that assholes who are supposed to be on our side caused it.
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  7. But I liek the truth
  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    tl;dr version - I'm butthurt and did nothing wrong. Blame Peter.
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  9. sallysock Member

    Respectfully disagree.
    Never was a fan of Bunker making flag down a challenge.
    This thread was unexpected and I appreciate the intent.
    A good person, flaws and all, being transparent.
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  10. XENU TV Member

    OMG! Look how evil I am. I donated to Flag Down and spread the link around so others could help it succeed as well. Pure EVIL! Pete contacted me afterwards as you noted and was very apologetic about the Clearwater organizer who insisted he had to return my donation. Yes, you did give me a good chuckle with your paranoia about the old injunction. I joked that you probably didn't want me to speak then. That's true. I was goofing on your paranoia.

    As the day of the event neared, I kept hearing from around the globe all about this madwoman who was runnng things in Clearwater. Lots of people told me they turned down an invitation to come and be part of the event because of how you were treating me. I told each of those people not to be silly and advised them to attend if they wanted to. I wasn't bothered by your actions. If you didn't want me there then I was fine with that. Pete said you were deathly afraid of the injunction. Okay, I told him I would stay home.

    I don't recall if it was the day of the event or the day before but I got a call from Tom Smith who had done many smart informed radio interviews on Scientology. He called to say you had banned him as well. He wasn't part of any injunction. For the life of me, I couldn't imagine why you would ban Tom. I told him, fuck it, let's go together. I alerted Pete so he wouldn't be blindsided. He was very understanding. Tom and I expected to merely watch the event. Neither of us expected you to make a scene

    Your actions bit you in the ass. Yours. To now suggest there is a global conspiracy against you is THE MOST INSANE PART YET. I have met Pete on several occasions. He is a splendid guy and has organized great events around the world. He was not trying to subvert your event. He was trying hard to cope with a lunatic on this side of the pond and make this event worth attending.

    And to attack Darth Xander who contested the LMT injunction instead of cower from it as you do, he actually succeeded. Call your pal Rob Surrette. The city has said you and everyone else can protest and the injunction WON''T BE USED AGAINST YOU!!!!!!

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  11. XENU TV Member

    Oh, and a couple of days after I moved back to town I took my camera to the opening of the Super Power building. I drove across country 12-16 hours a day so I could be here in time. I parked in the parking structure across from the LMT offices. While walking to the stairs, a car came to a screeching halt and a bunch of local people jumped out to say hi and have some pictures taken with me. They were parking in the structure as well, not setting up some craftily planned op to get pictures of me with Anonymous. For some reason you block out Dee Findley's face and are suggesting she is also part of some cabal against you.

    You are such a dope.
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  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    WBM, you seem much less wise than you were in the past, and much more arrogant. It makes me sad.
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  13. Sorry, Ann. Sometimes you just have to point out when someone is being a nitwit, just as you have the right to say when someone is being arrogant. I am not offended by your words as I can see your point of view and respect it. What I can't respect is someone weaving tales of dastardly intrigue against genuinely good people. And look, she can protest any time she wants with no fear. Her pal Rob Surette said so:
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  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Don't be stupid: this article is from last December.
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  15. anon8109 Member

    Everyone calm down.

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  16. No, that was the retard John McGhee with some even older dude.
  17. amaX Member

    Mark Bunker, you are the reason I was served with the LMT injunction.

    You got me for $50 less than Patricia Greenway got Shawn Lonsdale. You did it on purpose and without any warning to me that these were your plans. You didn't care how it would affect me. You also showed up to Flag Down when you knew that you should not attend. Even your friend Tory Christman was smart enough and caring enough to make a video saying why she shouldn't and wouldn't attend Flag Down and it wasn't because of me.

    Mark Bunker, you abide by everything handed down on the LMT injunction. You don't go where you're not supposed to. You don't put yourself out there so the cult will have a chance to drag you back to court, but you have no problem with doing something underhanded that paves the way for the cult to drag someone else to court.

    Darth Xander has money to fight it in court if Scientology decides they want him to prove he wasn't associating with you in the Clearwater area. I don't. Xander was told to his face that Scientology had special plans for him. I don't know what they are, but when he told me about it we both felt it was something fairly big. I don't know how Xander feels now, but I feel like it's going to be something more than slapping him with the LMT.

    Your actions have taken away my rights because I can't gamble on showing up downtown and not having Scientology drag me into court just like Shawn Lonsdale was dragged into court due to Patricia Greenway's actions.

    When you chose to donate $50 to Flag Down and put your picture on the funding page and link back to your own funding page----you had NO idea what was going to happen to me or anyone else after we were served with the LMT injunction. None. You didn't care then and your laissez faire attitude now just proves you could care less now.

    Rob Surette is a good guy. But he only speaks to the officers of the Clearwater Police Department. He does NOT speak to the court, but your Bunker Buddies will continue to buy that line of bullshit from you because they just can't afford to look at the real you no matter how detrimental and shitty your behavior becomes. I'll bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief when Xander somehow got that Rob Surette edict done so you could use it to defray from your own actions!

    I have never done anything to you. Nothing I have ever said about you has ever affected your life in any way.

    However, you have done crappy things to the Clearwater Chanology Cell almost from Day One of Chanology. You have caused me such grief in my life. Your actions took away my first amendment right to safely protest in a town where I lived for over ten years in a county where I STILL live. Your actions have made it impossible for me to protest with out-of-towners who contact me to go with them to raid at Flag. I can't go now. I can't risk the cult finding out who they are and serving them.

    There is now no one who lives near Flag who can freely and safely raid at Flag. That's because of you.

    Congratulations. I will now say this to you directly because I don't know if any of your Bunker Buddies have told you that I've been saying this about you: If you are not on the cult's should be.

    You got me for $50 less than Greenway got Shawn Lonsdale. From this point on if anyone else from the LMT causes an innocent person to be served with that permanent injunction I will be calling it a Greenway-Bunker Move.
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  18. amaX Member

    I blocked out the face of the other person because I don't have ANY proof that can be shown that this person cannot be trusted.

    Even if that person wants to feign ignorance at what they should or should not do according to the LMT injunction---you cannot say the same. You are permanently listed on that injunction. You know where you should and should not be to protect yourself, but you give ZERO fucks about anyone else that's affected by your actions.

    You knew you shouldn't take a picture with someone wearing a GF mask in downtown Clearwater on grand opening day of the Mecca Building.

    You just don't care.
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  19. Random guy Member

    I think we all need to appreciate the fact that AmaX neither have the health nor the resources to deal with legal shit. Even just having to deal with being served papers, despite how ridiculous and obviously bogus up the whole thing may be, is going to be a major problem to someone who is walking the tightrope to begin with.

    AmaX took a chance when being the local organizer of Flag Down, and the bloody cult made sure to find a way to stick it to her. Her problems might not be evident to people who do have the time and resources to brush off the cults legal shenanigans, but they are bleedingly obvious to me.
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  20. amaX Member

    Tom Smith knows in excruciating detail why he was not invited to Flag Down. It was very much personal why he was not invited. Tom Smith negotiated through Darth Xander on events he could attend at Flag Down so he and I would not be face-to-face. I was supposed to co-host the beach party event, but I opted out so Tom Smith could attend that party. This was all worked out beforehand and Darth Xander was the go-between.

    I didn't know until the very moment that I saw you through the doors of the Minnreg that Tom Smith was there with you. Darth Xander approached me to tell me that he had told Tom Smith to go ahead and show up.

    What has bitten me in the ass are your actions. You pulled a Greenway-Bunker Move on me by donating even though you knew you should not do it. You showed up and knew you would be turned away. It had been stated here on WWP that anyone from the LMT would be asked to leave if they showed up. Pete Griffiths giving you an okay to show up did not negate what was going to happen to people if you were allowed to attend. You knew that even if Griffiths wants to feign ignorance.

    And you know that my stopping you from attending on the first night of Flag Down put the cult in a bad position. They had to wait until Griffiths, Xander, and you high-jacked the conference to hand out the injunction to Xander. Did you know the process server was looking for Arnie Lerma the first night, too?

    How do I know that? I hired the Pinellas Co. Sheriff's Office as our security. I became friends with the very lovely lady who handles assigning officers to off-duty work. When I called her to cancel the officers for the rest of the week---she walked down the hallway and talked to the officer who handles the process servers in Pinellas Co. That officer demanded that the process server hired by the cult come into his office. The officer found out from that process server that he was looking for Arnie Lerma the first night, too. The process server couldn't find Arnie and never did. The process server couldn't serve Xander until you were actually attached to him. That happened when you spoke at the pizza place. Then Xander was served.

    Your actions caused all of us to be served. You.

    Once again, it doesn't really affect Xander because he can afford to go to court. Griffiths doesn't live here so he could care less. I am the one who lives here and it not rich.

    Once again...Rob Surette only speaks to the CPD. He has zero to do with the cult taking us to court after we've been served.

    Call me another name, Big Man.
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  21. amaX Member

    I had been served with cease-and-desist when the cult finally found out who I was. We had already been told these were bogus.

    I was arrested and jailed for protesting Scientology. I ended up with a permanent heart condition due to being mistreated by one CPD patrol officer and denied medical help by the jail because that one bad officer pinned me as assaulting a LEO.

    My arrest was thrown out immediately.

    The cult tried to get an injunction against me. I did start a funding page here requesting a certain amount of money for my attorney. You were all wonderful. I went in to my attorney with what I thought would be an installment payment. The attorney laughed and said it was enough. He thought I wouldn't get any money at all! I immediately stopped the funding page and paid out of my own pocket for the other legal things that were needed.

    The cult lost their bid to slap an injunction on me.

    I was also served with a nasty cease-and-desist after Garry Scarff screwed up our chance to get the Clearwater Police and Florida Child Services to investigate an underage young man in the Cadet Org at Flag. My attorney just handled that charging me nothing.

    The score was amaX=4---cult=0 until Mark Bunker did what he did and caused me to be served with the LMT injunction.
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  22. amaX Member

    I still have Rob Surette's phone number. I think I'll give him a call sometime this week to see how if his edict to the Clearwater Police Department stops the cult from hauling someone into court over the LMT.
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  23. Some of us a sick to fucking death of this Ama and think it's time you dropped it once and for all in here.

    What happened did you get bored and device to shit stir once more, or is your life so fucking empty that you have to hold on to this forever?

    How many more times will you drag this decaying corpse up?

    Is necro your hobby now?
    Drop this shit.
    This message by Drop this shit. has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  24. amaX Member

    So what you're saying is that you don't give a damn if people are further hurt by people like Mark Bunker and Pete Griffiths since no one took the time to warn people about them? Is that what you're saying because that's what it looks like you're saying. And if that's what you're saying then it makes you a bit of an asshole.

    Yeaaaaah. Some people aren't sick to death of it like you are, sweetcheeks. Some people will be glad for the warnings. Some people have wanted to know what the hell happened and now they do.
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  25. Malory Member

    Where do I start? You knew publicly donating to Flag Down would cause trouble but you're too fucking egotistical to do anything without getting yourself some advertising.

    The rest just shows you up for the overbearing, bullying, misogynistic piece of shit you are. If AMA was helping organise things and didn't want you or Tom Smith there then she had every right to say so. It was up to the other organisers to pull out if they didn't agree instead of using her for the donkey work because she lived locally and then shitting on her.

    Now here's the thing you and your buddies need to get into your thick fucking skulls. If someone doesn't want you nar them, wants nothing to do with you and is quite clear about it then it doesn't matter a damn about the legalities of the injunction, you show some fucking respect for the boundaries they have set and you stay the hell away or you look like a creepy and abusive cunt.
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  26. Malory Member

    And that's a whole other saga which could do with some airing. McGhee travelled to England and did that even though he was in the middle of a court case for assaulting Zabrina Collins and Hodkin is one of the solicitors on her team.
    Not many are willing to call McGhee out on what he's doing because he harasses and threatens anyone who speaks up.
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  27. amaX Member

    The other part of this that's also being ignored is the fact that at least some of the WWP doxing going on came directly from information gleaned from Flag Down donations. That was overseen by Pete Griffiths.
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  28. Exactly everyone is off topic.

    Let's talk about dox. How is pete and john?
  29. Lol :D :D
  30. All good; thanks for asking :) thanks to who directed me to this entertainment; love to see the angry vaginas getting rattled again :D
  31. Lol :D
  32. ^^^
  33. ^^^
  34. ^^^
  35. DeathHamster Member

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  36. pedrofcuk Member

    Utter nonsense.
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  37. Ama bury this rotting corpse and give the rest of us a break from your version of this sorry saga.
    Every few months you break this one out like a tired old hooker that does not know when it's time to quit.

    Get a life and make it as far away from wwp as humanly possible.

    Buh bye now.
    Ama bawing again
    This message by Ama bawing again has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  38. Amax can you please clarify as to the doxing? Are you referring to the dox that scarydoxingguy posted repeatedly here or a different doxing? If it was the former, though I contributed to flag down and was not on that list.
  39. all the money he has raised on the 324,435 campaigns raising more than 100K had gotten to his head. BTW, where’s the fucking documentary?!?

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