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  1. AnonyMILF Member


    Probably just a minor issue.. but I thought I should bring it up.

    I think it's important that be advertised a bit more as it would be very helpful PR wise to show how Co$ is harassing all the protesters they can track down.

    Now, I don't like the url, as I'm not sure if media outlets will publish the URL if it has any kind of profanity in it (And I can't picture any newsreader saying it vocally). Can anyone correct me on this? If this is the case, can I suggest someone purchase a better domain name and have redirect it to Something small and easy to remember.
  2. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Regarding

    PI's have been referred to as private dicks for decades, dick being short for detective.

    While the term 'dick' is also used to refer to a portion of male genitalia, it is NOT always a profanity.

    There's nothing wrong with the URL.
  3. Lilanon Member

    Re: Regarding

    I worked in the media for 10 years, most of it at conservative stations in the bible belt.

    We had a local car dealer named "Happy Dick" Haney. I think if we could say that, private dick is not going to be off limits.
  4. AnonNow Member

    Re: Regarding

    Yeah, Dick is short for detective, or short for Richard.
    Hell, they were dicks in all the old Phillip Marlow films so I think it's a generally accepted term.
    Still, any PI who takes work from Co$ is, in fact, a dick!
  5. Re: Regarding

    Devils Advocate :

    My worry is how exactly is this site any better than sci outing anons? someone with some legal knowledge ?
  6. Scythe Member

    Re: Regarding

    One is an international religious organization who stalks its critics in an attempt to prevent free speech through intimidation and bullying.
  7. Re: Regarding

    Primarily, we have elected to withhold our identities, and the P.I's have not.

    Secondly, the site is intended as a sort of 'dossier' if you will, in that it can be used to help you identify threats, whilst at the same time, it would be of value in any legal case you might get involved in as evidence of the Cult's tactics.

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