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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by loriisfree, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. loriisfree Member

    I've been a member here over a year but until recently have not been posting much. I think its time to reintroduce myself and get more active. I go by loriisfree but some of you here know who I am. One very special person knows my entire story and....before I even heard about WWP, in Sept 2009 my story was cross posted here from ESMB where I go by Lori. I've copied it and will paste it below. Rereading it I'm shocked that what I predicted way back then was dead on. I was still decompressing from my escape out of hell and still terrified of the step I took to walk away. You guys Rocked then and you rock now! is my cross posted story from 2009. The present story is still unfolding and one day shall be read about in a much awaited upcoming book.

    "8th September 2009, 01:04 AM #83

    I have been lurking in the background, reading posts, PMing to a few,and trying to get up the nerve to "escape" from what I now refer as The Cult of Scientology for the last several months.

    Two weeks ago I finally made the cut. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life, leaving behind someone I love with my whole heart but I had to for ME.

    I was slowly dying inside but stubborn enough to fight. It is amazing now that I am out, and clearer headed, that the very thing they tried to suppress and invalidate in me, (my self determinism) was the very thing that gave me the final strength to walk away from scientology (i will not dignify it with capital letters). I was labeled as having a "problem with authority"

    Before tonight I did not have the nerve to write too much publicly preferring to only PMing those I trusted like Tory, whom I credit and thank from the bottom of my heart with giving me the strength and encouragement I needed to finally make that final step.

    After so many years both as public and staff, and hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown down the toilet, I am now publicly announcing that I am out and if they think they can bully me then they ain't really met me yet on my own turf. And, here is what i do when they call and leave me a message, or text me to "come in and route off properly....lalalalalalala!

    This is to those brave (and sometimes weird) souls that are out almost every weekend and some week days in front of the Orgs. Keep it up. It may not seem like it but you are being heard.

    The infrastructure is collapsing, courseroom attendance is plummeting, and the Orgs are desperately trying to get in "fresh meat" pushing staff members harder and harder to get people in. The public scientologists are getting fed up with being regged every weekend and a large majority will not answer their phones. Panic is setting in and it is only a matter of time before more and more turn their backs and close their pocketbooks.

    As the pressure to go Ideal increases so does the desperation for staff members, that is one reason the Missions and City Offices are closing. They are being absorbed by the Orgs they are attached to, in order to fill the staff quotas! This I know for a fact.

    So, I predict as the CofS plummets down that dwindling spiral they have created we will be hearing from more and more people on this forum.

    I am honored to be a member and now know for a certainty that I Am Not Alone any longer.

    "None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."

    Jean-Paul Sartre:
    "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."
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  2. Incredulicide Member

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  3. anon8109 Member

    What a beautiful message, thank-you.
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  4. jensting Member

    Yay! Very much looking forward to your book :)
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  5. BLiP Member

    Hello. Great to have here. The full version of that Goethe quote . . .

    . . . speaks volumes.

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  6. loriisfree Member

    Thank you :)
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  7. loriisfree Member

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  8. loriisfree Member

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  9. BLiP Member

    Are you off the hypno-cans?
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  10. loriisfree Member

    Of course I am! Have been off 5 years now! :)
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  11. Note to Scientology: You Don't Know ME.......

    Congratulations, Lori, I'm real happy for you.......
    (Best of Luck with your book, looking forward to it.)
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  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The first thing a mind control cult does is create a "new you", within your head. They control that you. The real you they can never own, so they try to get you to set it aside in favor of their you.

    So it's true: they don't know you. They only know the cult version of you. (Although they probably have extensive files on the real you...)
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  13. loriisfree Member

    Without a doubt they do! Fortunately I was aware (being very observant) that I was being video taped and probably recorded from the get go having spotted their poorly hidden camera lens and mic ;) so.....I was savy enough to give them only what I didn't mind them knowing. But.....they probably got things from my ex. which they might THINK would have power over me. I say....bring it on! :D
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  14. Intelligence Member

    As some of you know, and so does OSA, I know this fine lady well, and do believe it will be a part
    of a book that is already written with just another chapter or so to add. We are bothy very busy
    right now but I/We will get er' done ASAP ... you know me ... 'Patience Grasshoppers' :rolleyes:
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  15. loriisfree Member

    Yes .....we will get 'er done just as soon as we can! ;)
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  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Nice to see you back.
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  17. loriisfree Member

    Nice to be back ;) I tend to read more and participate openly less leaving the more active and out front actions to my guy. But I wanted you guys to know I am here and I am supporting and helping in any way I can. :)
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  18. Intelligence Member

    ^^^ This is so very true. Indeed, the cult did, for a time, twist my mind to think and talk as they did.
    But I always had an unsettling feeling, deep inside, that something wasn't right ... something evil was
    around me. Horrific nightmares while I was IN and they continued for some time after escaping.

    The cult never knew the real me or owned the real me. But it did take me quite some time to wash the filth
    that this cult implanted into my mind. I think once this cult gets ahold of someone, they are never exactly
    the same again. Some are tormented for many years from the mind control and disconnections, and some
    cope rather well, continuing on in life as best and as normal as they can.

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  19. loriisfree Member

    Personally....I credit my getting out relatively unscathed you I lived a full life BEFORE them and was brought up with strong morals and a sense of right and wrong. I have a very supportive family and friend base and my faith. This has made all the difference in the world in me personally being able to spot them and walk away. Support from others not affected or those that were affected but similarly raised also is key. :)
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Dear Anons and Friends of mine and loriisfree ... PLEASE pray for Her as she is back in the hospital today in the USA with a serious illness that can only be treated there. This is her second hospital stay in less than one week. She should be fine, but I am concerned ... I am in Montreal and feel so helpless. Hopefully, will talk to her again once she is settled?:(

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  21. Intelligence Member


    Chery is now admitted to hospital and could be there up to one week. After a long, frustrating wait, she is now resting in a hospital bed and being cared for by the best Dr's they have. So, one day at a time for now until Chery heals all the way this time before being released. Thank you ALL for best wishes and prayers ... it means a lot to both of us, and especially, Cheryl.:)
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  22. loriisfree Member

    I've been approved for an outpatient study on a brand new antibiotic. Keep ya'lls fingers crossed and I should be back to 100% very soon. As much as David worries and wants to be here with me and as much as I want him here he still has a lot of ends to tie up there in Montreal. Please keep him in your thoughts too! Thank you all. ❤️
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  23. peterstorm Member

    Get well soon.
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  24. Parrishgolfer Member

    Update? Please!
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  25. loriisfree Member

    Sorry. Have been home re cooperating and haven't been much online recently. I got on a test program for a new one shot (given by IV) for MRSA. It worked! I'm slowly getting back into things but I do want to thank everyone for all the well wishes! <3
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  26. meep meep Member

    MRSA is a bitch Lori, I'm glad she's on the run.
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  27. ravenanon Member

    Pulling for your speedy recovery
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Talk to her daily and she is doing VERY well with smily face and laughs. Very happy. :)
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  29. loriisfree Member

    Yes I am certainly VERY happy. :) A big part of that is thanks to the most compassionate and dedicated man I know. ;)
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  30. loriisfree Member

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  31. Herro Member

    Just remember lori, the Church will always be there for you if you ever decide to return and get back on the bridge. Open coms with me if you'd like me to get you back on lines. It's never too late!
    This message by Herro has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  32. loriisfree Member

    Not being disrespectful but........NOT!!!!!!
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  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Lori Herro is a WWP prisoner, send him candy.
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  34. loriisfree Member

    Like this? I'm still learning... ;)

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  35. Herro Member

    We have candy at the org lorri. Delicious candy and total spiritual freedom. I'm postulating a Snickers bar right now. Holy shit I can't believe I remember all this lingo.
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  36. Herro Member

  37. loriisfree Member

    Ahhhh....but all the candy is for the raw meat pushing their way in eagerly to be sucked dry of all their life's savings!
    It stays under lock and key in the PES's desk.... :(
    So.....I'll have to decline your offer.
  38. Herro Member

    Suit yourself wog lover, just means more Snickers for me.
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  39. rof Member

    hubba hubba zoot zoot

    23 skidoo
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