Remaining Anonymous.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by L. Ron Hubbard, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Remaining Anonymous.

    I want to start a topic about how to remain Anonymous during a protest.

    The Obvious
    Don't use your name.
    Don't mention your company.
    Don't mention those websites you frequent.

    Masks: Mask use is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE. Discuss with your groups before events about the legality and what impact it would have specifically in your community. More discussion about Masks can be found throughout this topic.

    Clothing: Don't wear clothing that is even mildly politically sensitive. Drug references, band references, company references, even religious references should be avoided. Also avoid clothing with words, images, etc. If you have a nice suit, wear it.

    When you arrive, you may want to cover things such as license plates, or bumper stickers on you car that may reveal personal information. I'm not sure how legal this is, but don't cover your license plates while driving, only after arriving.

    For some this will be the simplest aspect, for others this will be difficult. This is also the point that can incite the most in-fighting between us. Be accepting of others that are with you. THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

    Language: Avoid crude language. Not just the shock-provoking four-letter words we all know about. Avoid even common words like "crap", "damn", "idiotic", "cult". You may have to use some of these words, but always precede it with something like, "Forgive my language." For the duration of your protest you want to use language that not only wouldn't offend, but couldn't offend.

    Jargon: Avoid any internet meme-related content in your speech. Everything you say should aim to be intelligent or witty, but simple enough that even the mentally-challenged should be able to understand.

    Factuality: If you don't know something, just say you don't know. Don't lie or embellish. Saying "I don't know" is weak, but if they believe a lie and later find out it isn't true, it can destroy their ties to us altogether.

    Police Involvement: Do whatever the police tell you. Even if they tell you to pack up and move on. Do not resist the police. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are on the police, the government, or anything. If they tell you to unmask, unmask quickly. If they tell you to leave, leave politely. Having the police at least neutral to our cause is better than having them against us. Do not do anything to hurt our image in their eyes.

    Community Involvement: People will probably see you. Be ready with fliers, pamphlets, etc. DO NOT FORCE PEOPLE TO TAKE THEM. Engage their curiosity, but avoid seeming like a beggar ("Please take it, please read it" - it makes us seem weak) and avoid seeming like an extremist ("Your life and welfare may be changed by reading this" - too much self-importance).

    Find out quickly who knows the most about Scientology. This person is your go-to person when someone asks a question you don't know the answer to. Hopefully someone in your group shows up with something that at least seems factual. Internet printouts aren't always enough. Bring books, reports, even your highschool history books you never returned that have a copy of the constitution in the back.
    Other people that will help:
    -Someone who is good at organizing in general; someone with leadership skills, military experience (Officer or E-5 above is a good starting point), someone who is MOTIVATED.
    -Someone who has legal experience. Not necessarily a paralegal/lawyer/attorney, but even some REALTORS or small business owners will be able to answer questions about Corporations versus Individuals versus Religions.

    Please help me add to this list.
    If something in it seems wrong, help me correct it.
  2. WannabeSP Member

    I mostly agree with this list, but I want to strongly urge people not to wear masks. It sends entirely the wrong signal. We don't want a reputation as the creepy thugs wearing masks. (Especially ski-masks... seriously.)

    I'm not the only one who thinks so, the pros at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board were talking about this a few days ago:

    Also, masks are illegal in some jurisdictions.
  3. dmx Member

    If they are illegal fair enough, but if not masks, at least some good sunnies and a hoodie. The reason for the mask, and forget the anonymous symbolism for a moment, is to stop them stalking you.

    So yes, wear a mask if its legal and you don't want your life ruined.

    Your safety is more important than the message
  4. Masks and the theory of remaining Anonymous can help us, if done correctly.

    From across the street it may seem scary, but for those courageous enough to find out what is going on, we can explain that the masks are for our protection from their lawyers, and their "projects."

    Not saying you are wrong, but I think in some places, especially large cities, masks may play better than human faces. Wearing a suit along with a mask can also help the image go from "Thuggish" to significantly less threatening.

    Definitely invite more argument on this aspect though; people who may not have seen this site and are planning on joining from less informed sites definitely need to know what we will be doing.
  5. WannabeSP Member

    There are a lot of things you can do to keep your identity safe. Park a good distance away and watch for tails as you leave. Don't give anyone your name or any other personal details. Go in large groups, since they likely won't have more than a couple members at the most to spare. A picture is not the end of the world. They only pull out all the stops against high profile critics.

    If you are still worried, wear a hat, and either sunglasses or a scarf depending on the weather. If you don't feel comfortable going to a protest without a mask, I would suggest you do something else. (Getting out the word on the internet, making flyers, contacting the IRS, etc.) I think having mask-wearers will be counterproductive to our cause.
  6. Commissar Member

    I think it's extremely important that everyone planning to attend a protest on February 10th keep all this advice in mind. I'm worried that any ground we could potentially be making on that day may be lost if anyone, for whatever reason, turns violent/breaks the law in some way and generally ruins things for the rest of us. Remember that the law is on our side. Don't give the police/scinos any excuses.

    I'm conflicted on the use of masks, and there are extremely good arguments on both sides of the fence. What I would say, however, is that having heard all these things scinos will do to people who speak out against them, I will most certainly be wearing some type of mask. On that same note, I would highly encourage people do somehow protect their faces, be it with masks or big sunglasses or hats or a scarf or whatever.

    I don't see a problem with wearing Guy Fawkes masks. I feel that they give Anonymous a "face", a recognizable sight that is both eye-catching and in a certain way creepy and memorable.
  7. WannabeSP Member

    That's exactly what I'm worried about. Everyone agrees that the original anonymous video was epic, right? Well, Wise Beard Man said the video scared him. The general public doesn't have the same aesthetic sensibilities as anonymous.
  8. Ultimately I think it should be decided on an event-by-event basis. Depending on the community you come from, masks may be frightening or may just be a way of conducting yourselves with extra style and theatrical impact.

    In small towns I wouldn't suggest them. I can see now how it would give entirely the wrong impression to most people from these areas. It will seem creepy, it will seem threatening, etc.

    In large American cities at least, San Diego, New York, Seattle, Chicago, they will have more of an impact. For example in the Seattle area there are strikes quite frequently; Boeing being the primary example. In order to get media attention (I.E. minutes rather than a mention) something has to set us apart on the surface.

    Mask use was changed in the first post to "subjective." I apologize for assuming it should be as common as it seems through the other sites Anonymous inhabits.
  9. Commissar Member

    That's a very valid point, and I would tend to agree. However, the fact remains that a lot of people (myself included) are deathly afraid of being photographed/taped by the scinos and the repercussions that this might have. I think this fear is completly rational, well founded and supported by evidence, and it will inevitably lead to people wanting to somehow mask their face, be it with a V mask, a bandana, a ski mask, whatever.

    It might be true that the scinos don't have the resources or time to identify everyone they take a picture of, or that wearing sunglasses and a hat is enough to effectively mask one's face. That's not a chance I'm willing to take, and for better or for worse (and I lean towards "for worse"), people will be compelled to mask their faces in some fashion.
  10. This was just a thought I had while reading through all this, what about painting your face with some kind of crazy design, along with sunglasses and a hat or some such? Or even really bad makeup? In theatre, stage makeup is used to emphasize facial features that get distorted under the bright lights, so it might also help break up your actual facial features. I'm not suggesting camouflage paint or something crazy like that, but if you just do something "off" it seems as though you might be less identifiable without the questionable illegality of a mask, even more so with big sunglasses and a hat. After all, having really poorly applied makeup isn't illegal! Just an idea.
  11. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    I can't say I like a half measure like that, creative as it is - we want anybody to be able to participate, regardless of access to theater materials. Anyone can put on a mask/hat/bandana, or go barefaced. The concern here is how much do we value the appearance of the demonstrations weighed against our own anonymity.
  12. xenuslc Member

    Personally, I don't think masks would be that scary, and any people scared off by the masks would be offset by people intrigued by them. I know if I saw a bunch of people in masks holding up anti-Scientology signs, I'd think "what the hell?" and go check it out.

    It could be offset by other measures as well. For example, if a bunch of dudes in Guy Fawkes masks = creepy, maybe a bunch of dudes in Guy Fawkes masks dancing to Rick Astley while passing out fliers = attention getting?
  13. transparency Member

    in jurisdictions where it's allowed, we can use the mask bit as an additional piece of propaganda. we've just got to make it clear to whoever asks that we're trying to remain anonymous because of the measures the CoS has been known to take in the past against individuals who are critical of scientology, picket their facilities, or are otherwise percieved as objectionable.

    the idea has been presented in some other threads that we should dress nicely for the event. i think it's a good idea. it makes us seem more professional and less mob-like and threatening. also, since dressy clothes (at least for guys) are rather generic, it may be harder for them to tell who's who and get a conclusive identification. also, after the event, to lose a tail, anons who dress nicely could just go to into some sort of office or business park, wait for a bit, use the bathroom or something, then leave. i'm no counter-intel expert, but it seems that unless we're up against CIA-quality surveilance (i seriously doubt the OSA, however persistent, is that good), measures like that along with some common sense should win the day.
  14. Atomosk Member

    Smart, smart, smart.
    Dressing respectfully shows our peaceful intentions, though enforcing a specific dress code is not something I'd advise. Anonymous is legion, but we don't have to all be clones.
    As for losing tails, it'd help to wear something reversible, like a coat or shirt. Also, using public transport is a good way to lose tailers, since you can see who gets on and off with you.
  15. Atomosk Member

    If Lisa McPherson is any indication, quite a bit.
  16. transparency Member

    seconded. but then again, nothing can be accomplished without a modicum of risk. we'll just have to be careful.

    so... everyone should just watch that scene in the bourne supremacy where he loses like 20 cops in that german(?) train station, and be prepared to apply those lessons. =D
  17. Atomosk Member

    As a general rule, stay in groups as much as you can. If you have to go alone and you know this, keep pepper spray handy, even guys.
  18. dmx Member

    Jesus fuck. Don't bring pepper spray.
    The ONLY person that will possibly assault you is a police officer , if he thinks you are wielding pepper spray. If you try and use it on anyone, said police officer may put lead in your brain.

    And if a scientologist assaults you, bingo you just won the protest because that motherfucker just got on the news.

    But if you bring ANYTHING that could remotely be construed as an offensive weapon, you can bet your bottom dollar the police AND the media will be running the terrorist line.

    DONT BRING PEPPER SPRAY. If the scientologists get violent, let them. YOu'll get a crimnal comp payout for your next XBOX and the scientologists will be fucked in the media.

    I'm sorry , I've been doing protests as a Union organiser and University staffer for 15+ years. This is the single worst piece of protest advice I've ever heard.
  19. Just go in groups. Plus, I doubt that anyone at that time of day would do anything. If we did this raid at 6pm, I would be worried for safety. It is mid day, we should be fine. Also, stay in rather public places where anyone can see what you are doing, if you are really that worried.
  20. You'd be surprised. This protest won't generate any backlash to the individuals involved, but pictures will be taken and kept. Scifags have their own intel organization (hell, they fucking raided the IRS). The good thing is scifags, as big as they are, still have limited resources. They are currently trying to track down the 1337 hackers that DDoSd their sites (with botnets, lulz) while anons are organizing across the world.

    Asymmetrical warfare is the bane of any monolithic organization. CoS thinks they can take down a couple "leaders" and the rest will fall. They don't get it. The "church" is already on hard times thanks to their batshitcrazy treatment of their members and the very public embarrassments of their top spokespeople.

    While protesting, remember to have at least one other person with you at all times, preferably someone you know. It's doubtful the scifags will try to bring out their OTs or handlers, but you don't want to get stuck alone with one if they do.
  21. Anonymuse Member

    Definitely go in groups- mine is at least 3 people (probably more). Take public transit. And DON'T GO HOME AFTER THE PROTEST! Go to a movie or three, then go out to dinner somewhere, hop the train/bus... take an anonymous looking car to the train/bus station- something without any distinctive bumper stickers, custom plates/plate frames etc.

    Hell, I personally plan to drive home the longest, most bass-ackwards way I know just to ensure nobody is still tailing me.

    Better to be too paranoid and safe, than to be under-paranoid and have OSA people getting your ID info!
  22. DustWizard Member

    It might also be a good idea to not shave until after the protest or to shave before it (if you normally have a beard). The t-shirt ninja tactic might also work but that might count as a mask.
  23. Also, don't forget what the V mask represents. Guy Fawkes was a revolutionist, as is anonymous. If bad connotations are made of wearing Guy Fawkes masks, it can be explained as a bit of symbolism in addition to our attempts at anonymity.

    If we have to, we can work that angle more aggressively in press releases if the masks become an issue.
  24. xenuslc Member

    Re: Pepper spray etc.

    While I agree that under no circumstances, even assault by Scientologists, should any Anonymous respond with any force (especially weapons) at or near the protest, going home is another matter entirely. If you are planning to park at a movie theater and see a film or two afterward, like some have suggested, or something where you'll be sure to be in a large group until you are safely home, then no, absolutely no weapons. However, if you are going to be walking home by yourself (particularly if you are a female and thus a target for more than just an ass-kicking or harassment), it might not be a bad idea to have something in your purse--just like it's not a bad idea to have something in your purse anytime you're walking home alone.

    If you can, ensure that you won't be going home alone. If you can do that, leave your weapons/self-defense measures at home or in the car. But if your choice is between discreetly (key word there) being in possession of pepper spray, or walking home alone and rules all.
  25. Atomosk Member

    This is what I meant, all you people who said no. I would never promote using pepper spray during the protest; heavens, no. I was promoting it as a self-defense weapon after the protest is over. If tailers try to get pushy, get spicy on their face.
  26. dmx Member

    Keep in mind that if you "get spicy on their face" you will be going to jail for it, and you will be responsible for the failure of the campaign. The Scientologists will spend stupid amounts of money ensuring that no self defense argument can succeed, and they WILL make sure that every news organisation on the planet knows that 'offensive' weapons where used in an attack on innocent scientologists off to buy groceries.

    Just don't fucking do it.
  27. dmx Member

    Actually I've got a better tip. If you think you might need pepper stay, consider staying home. Seriously.
  28. xenuslc Member

    dmx, I think you're misunderstanding what we're saying. Nobody is saying "pepper spray any Scientologist who follows you." What I'm saying is, there are some unsavory folks in Scientology (in fairness, there are some pretty unsavory in pretty much every organization) who might put one of us in immediate, physical danger. I'm sorry, but if it comes down to a member of Anonymous using pepper spray (likely well away from the protest--possibly to the point where there is no media attention whatsoever, as really, what is the Scieno going to do? Go to the press crying about how he tried to rape a protester and got pepper sprayed?) on someone, or a member of Anonymous getting raped...I say get spicy.

    EDIT: This, of course, applies only to jurisdictions in which you have the right to defend yourself, such as Utah. I know the English folks can't carry pretty much anything without getting arrested. Know the laws.
  29. Exactly. I've had the misfortune of ending up in situations where the only way I escaped getting raeped was by using force (a swift knee to the groin) and I wish I'd had pepper spray in the first place. Also, a note to female Anon, there are pepper spray cans designed to look like lipstick cases for sale online. I'd get one, not for this, but just because they're awesome.
  30. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Arrange to meet a friend on your way out of the protests if you want to feel safer, they will certainly have pockets for pepper spray. I concur with the "pepper prohibited at protest policy"
    A majority of violence can be avoided through good planning.
  31. El Jarpo Member

    This, epically this.

    There is over a week to plan. I HIGHLY encourage ride sharing. My car will be full. If you don't feel comfortable riding with random schmoes on the net, that is perfectly reasonable and understandable. Bring a friend, a driver. Even if they don't join the protest actively, somebody who can just provide moral support is an awesome boon.

    If a weapon is pulled on a Scientologist, even if in actual life saving self defense, they will ruin your entire future life. Do not let it get to that point. Use the buddy system.
  32. I myself am not going to be wearing a mask; just a cap and sunglasses. I do not want to fall under the identity we've been given which is known as "anonymous" by wearing some Guy Fawkes mask yet I will still will be anonymous to a certain degree with the cap and sunglasses.

    If you aren't wearing a mask like I'm not, don't wear a bandanna over your face because that will give off the trouble maker/gang banger image (and it looks gay).

    Some have said about wearing sunglasses and afros, this is fine.

    I'm just wearing a shirt and jeans, clothes that people in every day society would wear; being considered another face in the crowd and the odd everyday normal protester you get, this way we can't be exactly affiliated to "anonymous" and it will look good to outsiders if they think non "anonymous" are joining in. It'll generally look better to the public if we look normal to an extent.

    I'm going to be driving down to London (I'm an eastmidlands fag) leaving my car at my friend's house who I have down London, get the bus or a taxi to the protest and also get a taxi back to my friend's house and stay there for a while.

    EDIT: I figured I might also add that it's wise to bring someone with you, be it a fellow /i/nsurgent / /b/tard or just one of your regular friends if you want to feel safer; because these $cifags WILL attempt to follow you.

    Why the word cult? This is what we're trying to convince people it is as well; if not then what the fuck was all the google bombing for?

    Agreed. Anyone who still thinks incorporating memes IRL is a faggot, newfag and a damn straight loser. If any meme related shit can be used at all then use LOLCATS. They're meme jacked so they can't link DIRECTLY back to the chans, and the public love them. I dunno though, but we do need some flare and lulz to this raid as well.

    Very true, as much as we all hate the cunts we don't want to fuck this shit up, if we show we're peaceful then they will think more highly of us and remember us while thinking to themselves "meh they're okay people, they must have been doing it for some good reason". We want to appeal as the good guys who are respectable and doing it for a good cause at all times to the public and the government.

    Edit: I thought I'd also add in that you do not have to reveal your identity to anyone who isn't LE.

    All in all what you said is fine.

    Also here is some copypasta from beat down brigade with some input.

    go ahead and DDoS. Phones and faxes, in particular. But not just with noise. Fax them copies of the Xenu papers in Elron's own handwriting, and call them with recordings of his voice talking about Xenu stuff. The phones and faxes are manned by low-level (below OT3) grunts and peons, and jizzing irrefutable proof of CoS' dogma all over their unsuspecting faces undermines the credibility of all the brainwashing stuff.

    If we want to dismantle the CoS, we need to destroy its internal stability. We have this power, Anon. Spread the word.

    (ps. do NOT transcribe the Xenu writings. It all has to be as direct from Elron as possible, so the CoS has as few excuses as possible to say that it's a lie.)

    copypasta it to as many other forums and IRC channels as you possibly can, and then do everything in your power to circulate the handwritten dox.

    You can always invert their colours if you want to still do black faxing.
  33. Excellent advice anon.

    Keep fighting.

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