Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

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    Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    The drydock company just lost a major lawsuit by three of their ex-slaves ...
    Three Cuban workers get $80 million in slave-labor suit |

    Three Cuban men forced to work 16-hour shifts at 3 ½ cents an hour repairing ships for a Cuban joint venture in Curacao won an $80 million judgment Monday in U.S. federal court in Miami.

    Alberto Justo Rodríguez, Fernando Alonso Hernández and Luis Alberto Casanova Toledo -- Cuban nationals who now live in Tampa -- sued the Curacao Drydock Co., alleging the company conspired with the Cuban government to force them into virtual slave labor.

    One wonders how many of the Cuban forced laborers did asbestos cleanup for that company before the Freewinds.
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    Re: Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    Freewinds fail is contagious?
  3. Re: Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    HOLY SHIT...that's the same company that handled the there HOPE for the Polish workers and their lawsuit now???
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    Re: Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    Freewinds is turning into a legal ammo-producing machine.
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    Re: Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    i Pray the Polish Workers sue sc-cult and win
  6. Re: Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY!

    An interesting turn of events, this!
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why is Scientology’s cruise ship caught up in a lawsuit about human slavery?

    By Tony Ortega, April 12, 2014

    In 2005, two Cuban workers showed up in the town of Willemstad, on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, and said they had escaped hellish conditions at a nearby drydock facility, where they’d been held for years. A third worker had made his own escape from the drydock a few months earlier.

    One of the three men had worked at the facility a decade. The other two had arrived in 2001 and 2002. They said that they, along with about a hundred other men, were forced into the jobs as part of a deal to pay off Cuba’s debt to the Curaçao Drydock Company. After they had arrived, their passports were seized and they had been working 112 hours a week and under dangerous conditions for only about three cents an hour. The rest of the $6.90 an hour they were supposed to be earning went to pay off Cuba’s debt.

    In 2002 one of the men, Alberto Justo Rodriguez Licea, fell and broke his foot and ankle when the system suspending him while he scraped rust from a hull snapped. He was sent back to Cuba, and after he healed, was then returned to Curaçao to keep working. In 2004, plaintiff Fernando Alonso Hernandez was returned to Cuba after burning his hand while welding steel. He too was returned to the drydock after he had healed.

    And the third man, Luis Alberto Casanova Toledo, may have had it the worst. In 2005, he was working in tight quarters and in the presence of water while electricity was being used.

    Mr. Casanaova Toledo received a shock so severe that the electricity shot out of his tongue, leaving him bleeding from it. Mr. Casanova Toledo, still recovering from the shock and with blood streaming down from his mouth and soaking his shirt, was ordered back to work to finish the last hours of his 16-hour shift.

    The men were essentially slaves, they said, and they risked their lives to escape the facility, then made it to Venezuela and then were allowed to enter the U.S. on special visas. In 2006, they filed a federal lawsuit in Florida, accusing the drydock company of an unholy deal that made them indentured servants with no rights.

    In 2008, the three men won a huge victory when the drydock company (whose largest shareholder was the Netherlands Antilles government) fired its Florida attorneys and essentially didn’t show up for trial. A judge in Miami awarded the men $80 million in damages in what was hailed as a historic ruling under the Alien Tort Act, which allows plaintiffs to sue in American courts for violations that happen in other countries.

    Winning a huge award and collecting on it, however, are two different things.

    And that’s where Scientology comes in.

    One of our tipsters noticed that Scientology’s entities that operate the church’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, have been sucked into the case, and have been hit with “writs of garnishment.” Writs have been issued against Scientology’s ‘Flag Service Organization’ (FSO runs the Clearwater, Florida ‘spiritual mecca’ of Scientology) and the ‘Flag Ship Service Organization’ (FSSO operates the Freewinds).

    Recently, we talked with Seth Miles, one of the Florida attorneys representing the three Cuban plaintiffs, who helped us understand why Scientology has become involved in the lawsuit.

    Continued at
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  9. RightOn Member

    so many things I don't understand about that lawsuit.
    Of course that Drydock company was the same company that dry docked the Freewinds due to the asbestos found.
    Very strange
  10. Random guy Member

    Not strange at all. The cult is using a drydock company that is willing to look the other way. This is a shady company that are willing to take on Cuban slave labourers to pay off Cuba's debt. There are probably laws regulating how much can be used to pay off national debt and how much the workers will get, laws the company are willing to ignore, just like they ignored the blue asbestos affair.

    So no. while the cult is not directly guilty of slavery in this case, they are in this mess because of the bedfellows they choose.
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  11. RightOn Member

    Like I said, I find it odd that the same company who shut down the Freewinds and dry-docked them years ago, is now working with them
    And yes I do think the Feewinds is WAY guilty of slavery. They not only allowed for it to take place on THEIR ship, they obviously didn't care. And it's probably not the first time.
    Makes me wonder if the Drydock company has something more on the Freewinds and more or less said," hey let these worker work off their debt on your ship or else".
    PLUS was it the Freewinds who set the pace for the workers at the 100+ hours? Or was it the dry dock company? And the Freewinds also did not make their stay there a pleasant one. Why should they?
    This story struck a chord in me. I don't think everyone knows all the dirty details behind it. I think there is a lot more to it. Just spidey sense
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  12. Sekee Member

    Wouldn’t Scientology be libel for exposing them to a hazardous substance? They knew about the asbestos and that exposure could be life threatening. I’d also be interested to know how the asbestos was disposed of and where it was dumped. If they have showed the same diligence that they showed when disposing of their sewerage kids could be playing in it right now.
  13. wolfbane Member


    A key point to keep in mind is the extended timeline of the case. The initial ruling in favor of the Cubans was ground breaking in the humans trafficking lawfare spectrum, and went down in 2008:

    Mention of the case popped up here on WWP and OCMB at the time, and we've discussed the details of Curacao Drydock Company's tarnished history in regards to the Freewinds using their service on several occasions since then.

    So between the Miami Herald's home turf story-breaking coverage of the case in the cult mecca's backyard, as well as the mentions in critics circles, there is no excuse for organization that beats the "we are the ultimate defenders of human rights" drum so loudly to NOT know about this case and willingly continued using Curacao Drydock as their preferred service provider.

    And that's exactly what they did - in 2009 in the immediate wake of the ruling as well as last year. And we got the cult's spammy dox from the older threads to prove it:


    Now it's no surprise to us critics that the Sea Org's cruise ship would have no concerns using an outfit found guilty of human trafficking and slave labor. After all, the Sea Org does the same thing. But real rub is, would the cult whales that hemorrhage boat loads of cash (pun intended) on Freewinds training and services have a problem knowing all the recent upgrades done to the ship were done in the context of knowingly supporting a company with a dirty track record of disregarding basic human rights?
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  14. RightOn Member

    According to this video, The Freewinds was dry-docked by that Curacao company in April 2008. It also shows a picture of the Curacoa newspaper article about the Scientology Drydocking
    Maybe someone needs to make a copy of this vid for safe keeping?

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  15. RightOn Member

    And if the slave labor happened on your property and you were aware of it, then YES you are directly guilty. PERIOD. IMO
  16. wolfbane Member

    The final ruling on the case (which started in 2006) was in October of 2008. So I don't count the April 2008 dry dock visit as "they should have known better" fodder due to the ground breaking nature of this lawsuit (offshore human trafficking by non US citizens that utilized a maritime law loophole to squeeze it into US Federal Court jurisdiction in a way that isn't used that often).

    But for 2009 and 2013 service visits - there is no excuse.
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  17. RightOn Member

    Again I just find it very strange that the company dry-docked the Freewinds in April (2008) and the ruling of this case was 6 months later.
    Why would a company dry dock a ship and then send workers there? I find it odd
  18. wolfbane Member

    I don't find it odd. It fits the same pattern as their big flashy contractor Nova Construction rehab'ing the big buildings in Florida and turning a blind eye to the Sea Org labor doing the dirty work to save money. Or the similar labor union dispute in Cali where they got protested for not using union contractors. The cult will do anything to save a buck, and the dirty dealing companies that turn a blind eye to questionable shit that goes on under their noses always get their business.
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  19. I think this is the start of the Big Story that Tony Ortega has been working on for a long time.

    I think the "slavery on board ships" aspect of $cientology, with this new $80 million compensation angle, could be a major catalyst toward their imminent destruction.

    I am fapping into the wind.
  20. Just to put things in perspective, the White House was also built with slave labor. Just sayin'
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  21. RightOn Member

    ok wait I am screwing this up (its early)
    so the workers worked on the ship in 2005 and then the Freewinds was dry docked and sealed by that company in 2008.
    So COS must hate this company? They did the Dry dock company a favor by letting the workers work there in 2005 and then they get dry docked three years later.
    hmmm something stinks in Curacoa
  22. wolfbane Member

    That's going to depend on whether or not this is a regular run-of-the-mill garnishment case, or what's called a "maritime attachment" garnishment case.

    IANAL, so I don't really understand the difference of ^^That type-of-garnishment related point. But it seems like you're assuming the latter, and your anonymized nick sounds like somebody in the maritime upgrade/repair bizness who would know a lot better than me what you're eluding to.

    So FWIW here's the idgit summary of why the full settlement amount might *possibly* (by a longshot) get held against the Scientology entities named as garnishees, and hopefully a real lawfag will jump in and comment on whether or not this highly speculative take on things makes any sense.

    In a regular garnishment case, the creditors (the lawfag team for the Cuban plaintiffs) can pursue anybody who owes the defendant money to cough up cash towards the settlement they were awarded. And if that is the case here, then TeamScilon is only on the hook for whatever the total amount due on the dry dock bill was when they got served with the garnishment dox on October 7 (FSO and FSSO) and then again on October 23 (CoS Florida and CSI).

    But... (and this is a BIG FAT tinfoil-y "But") if by some dumb luck chance this garnishment dealio falls under "Maritime Attachment" (which is a stretch... maritime law is a niche lawfag specialty with its own set of nuances so beware - this is pure speculation) then the creditors have laws they can use to make each and every one of the debtors they go after pay the FULL amount of the settlement.

    So IOW, under maritime attachment anyone and everyone who owes the defendant money could possibly be on the hook for the full 80mil, and more than one debtor could pay it, thereby exceeding the original judgment. This is also known as a "all sums rulings" and/or "joint and several liability" in formal court proceedings.

    CAUTIONARY NOTE - I have no clue if maritime attachment applies here. Nothing in the dox I looked at when the ruling was first making waves and again this morning cleanly ties into "joint and several liability" laws that I could put my finger on with a few quick PDF searches. But I also couldn't find anything ruling it out either, so FWIW here is the gist of it...

    Normally, "maritime attachment" goes hand-in-hand with cases filed under other maritime labor-related acts that ensure crew or dock workers get proper pay and injury compensation benefits even though they work at sea or abroad. This Cuban case was NOT filed under those usual Jones/Longshoremen Acts. It was filed under the "Alien Tort" portion of what was at the time (in 2006) brand-spanking-new Human Trafficking legislation.

    So IOW this case used the same general body of laws the Headleys tried to use (minus the Alien tort bit) to set a precedent. Except where the Headleys lost, the Cubans won and won big. So does that mean the OMG-KA-CHING!!!! ambulance-chaser wet dream "maritime attachment laws" for an "all sums ruling" apply to a human trafficking case? I do not know. The US version of international maritime laws applied (and held up on multiple appeals) as far as the case jurisdiction being allowed to proceed against DUTCH parties in the US Federal Court to begin with, so maybe it does. Or maybe not.

    But *IF* by (slim?) chance maritime attachment shit does apply, and that is a BIG FAT highly speculative *IF* -- this video explains why the garnishees that get nailed for it could *maybe* pay a fkton of money (that is over-and-above what the original debt to the drydock company was) in the long run:

    /end-speculation and bak to the other point of this case breaking new ground in the human trafficking spectrum: TeamScilon lawfags in Florida are idgits if they fight paying up on this action (irregardless of which type of garnishment it is), since the case has already overcome some pretty big precedent setting hurdles. So why risk more archaic heavy-handed international maritime laws coming into play?

    Dumb cult is dumb. They should have stop using Curacao Drydock after the October 2008 ruling like any other decent, law abiding, organization that cares about Human Rights would have done. And when they FAILED to do that and got caught red-handed using that company with a huge settlement still pending, the cult should have just paid the drydock debt to the creditor lawfags and gotten the hell out of dodge of the line of fire on the settlement collection end of things.
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  23. Random guy Member

    Yes, it is the septic dumped from the Freewinds.
  24. Random guy Member

    There's possibly something else going on here.

    We know the docking company are crooked, and we know the cult view Wog law as applicable only when it benefits them. Thus we are dealing with two crooked companies, and should not expect this to necessarily have anything to do with the actual law.

    I think we can safely assume the docking company is the sort of company that will dump as much of any problem that comes their way on others, and dumping as much they can get away with rather than as much as they legally can. Is it possible that the docking company have a few things on the cult? There's already a ruling stating the cult owes the docking company nothing (which does not at all mean that is actually the case), is the company pressuring the cult to cough up more than their share of money on pain of some very unpleasant facts becoming known?

    This is of course speculation, but I find the likelihood of shenanigans just as great of not greater than this merely being a legal matter.
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  25. RightOn Member

    I said earlier ITT
    And yes I do think the Feewinds is WAY guilty of slavery. They not only allowed for it to take place on THEIR ship, they obviously didn't care. And it's probably not the first time.
    Makes me wonder if the Drydock company has something more on the Freewinds and more or less said," hey let these workers work off their debt on your ship or else".

    maybe it has to do with the dumping of the asbestos. Someone is blackmailing someone IMO
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  26. wolfbane Member

    This! And another good point to keep in mind before a cult conspiracy theory runs amok is that Curacao Drydock Co. is one of the biggest dry dock service centers in the world.

    They're not only huge and have been around forever, they are also government subsidized. And if you study the docket closely, you'll notice this case originally included "The Kingdom of the Netherlands" and the "The Country of Curacao" as defendants:

    That whole government-funded-company mess spun off to a separate, associated case and while the Kingdom's liability got dropped/terminated the country (as a separate defendant) did not.

    Also, it appears that the country aggressively appealed their liability as a possible bail-out source to the drydock company. But that effort on the associated case docket failed to get them off the hook as of February 2014, and none of the dutch media outlets that covered the earlier part of the case seemed to notice that Curacao - the country - is still on the hook here if the creditors fail to collect the money their owed.

    Also worth noting about what the docket shows us - the Scientology entities are NOT the only US corporations who should be ashamed of themselves for using a dirty dealing drydock service provider.

    So just FTR - Here's the full list of garnishees that have been named in the past 9 months of srs bizness judgment collection effort:

    V.Ships USA LLC
    International Shipping Partners, Inc.
    Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization, Inc.
    Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc.
    Church of Scientology of Florida, Inc.
    Dole Food Company Inc.
    Reefership Marine Services, Ltd
    Church of Scientology International
    Seaboard Marine Ltd., Inc.

    I'm guessing it's likely ^^This list is still growing.
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  27. Interesting. Good to know entire governments are involved in the very slavery they claim to abhor.:mad:

    This also makes one wonder about sci's other construction partners, like NOVA, who also had no problem whatsoever with slave labor from unskilled, coerced indentured servants. NOVA did jobs for people other than sci. Who did they enslve when they had no sea ogres?
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  28. Random guy Member

    Oh wey! Allmost have of those are clam companies. With 80 million dosh in the pot, my guess all of these are going to fight hard not to be left holding the bag. Dole Food Company is a really huge shop, not to mention also not known to play nice. If I were Captain Miscavige, I'd be a lot more worried about this case than the little altercation down in Texas.[/quote][/quote]
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  29. vaLLarrr Member

    CSI now stands for Cult Slave Imprisonment.

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  30. RightOn Member

    getting good people
    I loves a good mystery
  31. wolfbane Member

    But two big things to keep in mind there...

    1. The four Scientology entities only have one ship and FSO/FSSO are the more relevant entities as far as revenue stream made off of the ship. Additionally, the Freewinds isn't actually owned by any of those entities, its ownership is a Panama-based front/shell corporation. So what may be going on there is a bit of corporate shell game fishing by the creditors happening. And similar to the Garcia case - first they go after everybody under the sun that seems connected in one big sweep. Then later, they fine tune the list of parties down to just the entities that can be easily held responsible.

    2. Like I stated repeatedly - the possibility of maritime attachment opening a window for "all sums rulings" and/or "joint and several liability" seems slim at best, and highly speculative on my part. I only threw that out there because another poster brought it up about the full 80mil against one garnishee may be on the line here. The docket shows that NONE of the garnishee proceedings have taken place in front of a judge yet. So it's just paperwork filings and losts of posturing at this point. There's no telling ATM how hard the creditors/plaintiffs will play ball when they get all the garnishees who deny owing a debt in front of a judge. And there is no US precedent for a human trafficking case against an international shipping company where the only US entities are garnishees (neither the Defendants nor Plaintiffs are US citizens in this case).

    So it's best to assume, for now, that this is just a regular run-of-the-mill garnishment case where the debtors are forced to pay their drydock bill to the Cubans. And in that scenario, it's the number of ships thatg got work done and the size of the total debt owed to the Drydock company that determines who pays the biggest portion. Surely those other companies have fleets where as TeamScilon has one old crate that they do a lot of the upgrade work on themselves. So I'm guessing the scilon drydock bill will be the lower monetary value of the bunch, and it will only get paid by one corporate entity (not all four) if it comes to that.
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  32. RightOn Member

    Is it owned by Magestic?
  33. wolfbane Member

    No, not quite. According to WP it was operated by "Majestic Cruise Line" when they first purchased it in 1985. But is owned by "San Donato Properties Corporation" from 1985 onwards, which is in Panama - where the ship is registered.

    Not much is known about the San Donato Properties corp. Kind of the like the trusts in the Garcia case - it's one of the murkier nodes on the extended scilon corporate ladder.
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  34. wolfbane Member

    /r/ spanish speaking anon do an official business registry search for "San Donato Properties" EDIT: also "Transcorp Services" - just for grins... And to see if the gubmint down there makes corporate officer names available to the public like we do here in the US (except in Delaware)

    It be interesting to know (just for curiosity sake) if Sea Ogre names of any significance are on this entity.
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  35. Sekee Member

    I’m not too sure how good this source is but this article is interesting.
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  36. RightOn Member

    I could of sworn that I saw them use the name Magestic as the cruise line name for the different ports of call? (you know for list of cruise ships that will be in port on different dates for a particular country)
    Maybe it was a while ago tho. but not 1985.
  37. Anonylemmi Member

    I did not see ownership listed.
    She is in Bonaire now. First island east of Curacao.
  38. RightOn Member

  39. wolfbane Member

    I think it's just fakery and misinformation. They never took the old Majestic logo off of the blue smoke stack:


    And occasionally you see a badly labeled stock photo pop up as "Freewinds Majestic Cruise Line" but there is no such entity named that and AFAIK the Majestic brand name officially fell by the wayside after the boat was sold to the cult despite images such as this:

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  40. RightOn Member

    I found this, I know it's old though
    “San Donato Properties, S.A., a Panamanian corporation that is the registered owner of the Freewinds. San Donato collects charter fees from Majestic Cruise Lines which it uses to pay the interest and principal of the Freewinds mortgage to Transcorp Services. San Donato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transcorp Services. It has no staff.” There are strong connections with Foundation Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization. The Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) is a unique Church of Scientology which is located aboard the Freewinds.

    Aquired by San Donato Properties, S.A at 1985 - Asbestos Removed at 2009 at Bonaire by Polish shipyards workers. Classification changed from DNV to Lloyd's at 2009.

    CLEARWATER, FL 33755-4019
    (727) 443-4111
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  41. The Wrong Guy Member

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  42. RightOn Member

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  43. Anonylemmi Member

    "San Donato Properties, Clearwater FL, United States of America
    Company Name San Donato Properties
    Company Name Full San Donato Properties Corp
    Activity Owner, Manager
    Address c/o Majestic Cruise Lines Inc, 118, N Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater FL 33755-4019, USA
    Town Clearwater FL
    Country United States of America
    Postal Code 33755-4019
    Phone for registered users
    Fax for registered users
    Email for registered users
    Url for registered users"
  44. RightOn Member

  45. RightOn Member

    Transcorp Services S.A., a Panamanian corporation which financed the purchase of the Freewinds. It owns all the shares of San Donato Properties and holds the mortgage on the Freewinds. All of its shares are owned by FST. It has no staff.” (1993)

    Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (
    as of 1993)
    Durling, Luis A.Director Durling, Ricardo A.Director Lopez, Orlando Director Flag Ship Trust (FST)Shareholder

    The Durlings are lawyers in Panama:
    Durling & Durling is a member of the Panama Bar Associations, the International Lawyers Associations, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Panama Chamber of Commerce and the International Trademark Association.

    Orlando Lopez is a clam
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  46. wolfbane Member

    Whoa. The cloaking runs deep on the ship!

    So it looks like the Panama entity is a shell corp for the real owner - the trust. The shell corp. (Transcorp) has a subsidiary (San Donato Props) that it hides behind. And the subsidary has it's own front group (Majestic) in Clearwater. None of which has anything to with the actual "ship org" that FSO/FSSO at Flag tie into.

    Discovery on who actually owes the Drydock company money is gonna be quite the spectacle when this mess gets sorted out for a judge to rule on.

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  47. Random guy Member

    First line of deception: Use more than one name for the same company.
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  48. Random guy Member

    International shipping is crooked as it is, now ad the usual clam shell game to the mix, and we have a very interesting situation.

    If Freewinds (no matter who actually owns her), is found to own money to the docking company, can the docking company demand the ship is impounded if her owners are indeterminable?
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  49. vaLLarrr Member

    Not worth impouding. They should sink the worthless car ferry, it's riddled with blue asbestos and would make a good reef for Curacao marine life.
  50. The Internet Member

    I could be wrong, but I think “dry dock” just means getting the boat out of the water and up on lifts so people can inspect the hull, make repairs, and apply paint.
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  51. Anonylemmi Member

    If it was just a car ferry, it would not be worthless.
  52. RightOn Member

    no the Curacoa authorities SEALED the boat in 2008
  53. RightOn Member

    I couldn't wrap it around my head, it seems to go in circles. But then again I am not every good at that shit.
    I kept finding name after name and the rabbit hole or should I say clam hole kept getting deeper.
    Question why would Transcorp have to help the COS with the finances in buying the Fleewinds? And they had a mortgage?
    And those lawyers in Panama? As the main directors? yikes! or is that normal?
  54. wolfbane Member

    On the first question I can only guess. And my guess is that the mortgage and everything directly tied to it was a sham to hide a huge transaction coming out of the trust.

    As far as lawyers as directors - yes that is normal. That is what makes Transcorp a "shell corporation" that serves a trust. A legitimate example would be some rich person dies and leaves a ton of money slated for a charitable purpose - like building a playground for poor kids. Lawyers for the estate will setup a shell corp and hire somebody who knows how to build the playground that actually does the job for them. Then once the project is complete, property turned over to whatever authority was designated to inherit it and all the funds are spent, they dissolve the shell corp.

    In the Freewinds scenario, it seems the subsidiary of Transcorp was setup to do the actual asset management and play the role of owner.
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  55. RightOn Member

    I think a bigger question is why isn't anyone connecting the dots and going forth with an investigation?
    I feel like clearing off a wall and putting all the info up with lines going to different names and companies . :p
    Would love a visual "tree" of all this all put together .
    If anyone haz the skills, please do and post it here, would be fab for some investigator lurker to find it.
    And OR paging Tony O!
  56. wolfbane Member

    No. It is not that kind of debt.

    Curacao Drydock Co. owes the creditors an 80 million dollar judgment. The creditors have certain rights when it comes to collecting that debt from the Drydock company. Some of those rights include freezing assets and seizing property from the defendant. But since this is an international maritime case, that would require getting the Dutch government to authorize those seizures.

    ^^This is not likely to happen in light of how crooked this part of the world is. Factor in the country of Curacao subsidizes the Drydock company and it's laughable to think they'll do anything to hurt business for their big economy builder. However, the docket shows a "Plaintiff's MOTION to Prevent Fraudulent Transfers by All Plaintiffs" filed Nov11 of last year. So the creditors were likely going through the motions to get a piece of paper to file in Dutch court to have their bank accounts frozen and tapped. But that action hasn't been followed up on by the courts with the necessary order.

    So the more feasible way to collect the judgment is to go after the customers of the Drydock company from the US and other countries that abide by & signed the same international maritime law pact we do. Those companies can be forced by a court of law to comply with an order to pay the money owed for ongoing service/repairs directly to the creditors instead of the Drydock company. And if they refuse to comply with a court order, then I think the next logical step will be for the creditors to get another court order to freeze the debtors/garnishees' bank accounts and take the money owed in cash.

    So no, nobody is going to bother impounding the Freewinds. The creditors are fighting a battle to get money from an impenetrable target and the debt holders are merely tools/pawns for getting that cash. So their looking for easily liquidated assets. And if it comes down to a debtor refusing to pay the creditors - chances are they will go after their bank accounts. Which means discovery to follow the money and reveal exactly where and who has those bank accounts.
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  57. wolfbane Member

    There is a few interesting comments from dutchfag "scamofscientology" on TO's blog post about someone who has been harpooning Dutch authorities to inspect the ship and whatnot. And s/he has stirred the pot abit, but no solid results yet aside from a nastygram from OSA Amsterdam.
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  58. Random guy Member

    Thanks for the explanation, Wolfie! I legal battle seeking to unearth where the money flow in the CoS would be very, very interesting!
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  59. The Internet Member

    The victims of human trafficking and forced labor are citizens of Cuba. Where is the government of Cuba in this fight? Seems like they should be more help, which suggests they might be complicit in this racket like North Korea is complicit in its horrible labor camps in Russia. Although if you escape from an NK labor camp, I would not recommend going to court over it.
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  60. Sekee Member

    According to this blog taking a cut of their wages.

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  61. wolfbane Member

    What Seekee said. The country of Cuba should be a defendant in this case, but there's no recourse there for collecting a judgment due to the US Trade Embargo against Cuba so it's understandable that they're not a named party.

    Thank you pacerfag. I wish to have your internet babies. This is some awesome sauce! I didn't realize the Freewinds was openly promoting Drydock events on THREE occasions since the judgment was awarded! 2009, 2010 and 2013.

    Parts of the creditor replies document (the plaintiffs' responses to TeamScilon replies) I just found on the docket today and didn't have a chance to point out ITT yet. But the version on Scribd has additional dox not included in the RECAP'd archive.

    And looky thar at the last document! That's recent scoop that is also missing from the RECAP'd docket.
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  62. Not exactly. Ortega posted the most recent writ extensions document generically labeled as "writs of garnishment" instead of posting the original writs that were filed last fall. So that last one listed in previous post was NOT new.

    The original scilon writ dox for all 4 scientology garnishees have now been uploaded, added to the collection and the accidentally'd duplicate removed:

    Sorry for the confusion.
  63. The Internet Member

    Too much inhumane labor lately:
    - Factories in China where workers work long hours, minimal pay, must meet exacting standards, suicides...
    - The Sea Org
    - North Korea exporting labor camps to Russia to enrich the NK government
    - Cuba exporting labor (10 years living at a dry dock, wtf!) to enrich the Cuban government

    There’s a kind of science to controlling people so you can use them until you use them up. Scientology understands these social control techniques, as do more totalitarian governments. Part of the method involves competition or pitting people against their peers who might otherwise cooperate. Another part involves keeping people confused and uncertain about what is true. Another part involves paranoia toward authority.

    Our own capitalists intent on breaking unions use similar social control methods. “Look, that guy over there makes the same pay but he’s slacking off. That’s not fair!"

    Granted, unions have problems. They pool funds and those pooled funds are targeted by organized crime. The threat of a strike can be misused to extort benefits that are not sustainable. Bad workers are protected when they shouldn’t be. But maybe there are ways to build better unions, something more like professional guilds which support pride in craft and honorable behavior rather than mere mob power.

    Our capitalists must compete with slave labor overseas. So they want to squeeze US labor a lot more than has happened so far. They want to worry less about employee safety and stress. They want off the health insurance hook. US workers are having a harder time finding full time work with benefits. Friends of mine have had to take two part time jobs because no single job wants to give them enough hours.

    Yet we are a nation of great wealth. We could have the leisure that would allow most ordinary people to be a little more educated and aware. We could feel a little more secure about our old age. We only need to believe that we are a people, members of a wide family of mutual caring. A family of Americans, fundamentally indivisible. Of course every country needs such a belief.

    Oh Cuba, I am disappoint.
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  64. Anonylemmi Member

    Just one point. "The health insurance hook." In our (USAian) artificially booming economy following WWII, it was a job seekers market. Industry started offering health insurance to sweeten the pot in competition for workers. There was no law or obligation for them to do so. When the economy leveled out, and unions demanded moar stuffs, it was no longer quite as profitable to own a business. The really big successful ones could afford it and still make fucktons of money, but the smaller ones had a harder time.The days of the mom n pop shop are gone now, not likely to return anytime soon.
    It is not only the capitalists fault, it is also the governments fault for enabling them.
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  65. The Internet Member

    Small business owners typically buy insurance through a larger organization, like a professional association. But still, linking health insurance to a job is awkward, particularly for people with pre-existing conditions who need to change jobs.

    I don’t know how to fix healthcare but I think less administrative overhead must be part of the solution.
  66. Quentinanon Member

    In admiralty, yes.
  67. vaLLarrr Member

    Funny how LRH was always linking himself to admiralty, the commodore, etc.

    As if he thought he would gain admiration via proxy in his imaginary brave deeds (which as we all know are well documented by the US Navy as being lies, he was mediocre at best, downright dangerously incompetent at worse during his enlistment).

    Oh, it's so nice that the internet is ours to expose his foul legacy, and that the foul enslavement of his followers' children and diehard suckers quit the cult and tell their stories.

    $cientology, dying a slow protracted death.

    Witness it in the last flailing death throes. It is wonderful to behold.

    Fuck you LRH.
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  68. Random guy Member

    The death of a thousand cuts.

    As cuts goes, this ones seem to one of those that can bite really deep.

    Go Internet, go,go,go!
  69. RightOn Member

    The MO for most deluded narcissists
    he was a legend in his own mind.
  70. DeathHamster Member

    It was never a car ferry. The plans were changed in the middle of construction and they never added the doors.
  71. vaLLarrr Member

    It's basically a ferry though. Not a deluxe cruise ship.
  72. kthnxbai Member

    Not due to the asbestos; the dry-dock company refused to do anything about the asbestos.

    In April 2008, Freewinds went into the CDM dry dock in Willemstad to have major structural work done on the hull and it was while the firm's (Polish) workers were busy in the hull that they became away of the presence of loose asbestos. WHEREUPON the soup hit the fan and the boat was sealed or put into quarantine. What happened thereafter is murky but it appears the cult imported SO slaves, or more probably got its own RPFers to haul out as much asbestor as they could on one of the other islands, and had the internal refit done on one of the other islands and eventually finished about March 2009 in Cartagena where there was another minor stink about the dangers of asbestos dust. So it is all tucked away out of sight. The total cost of the bits that could be traced at the time was $24 million.

    After that Freewinds spent less time in Curacao but is now again, surprise surprise, flavour of the month, apart from the case against it brought by the Polish workers. Curacao is a murky place. Scientology fits right in.

    From Freewinds Timeline Updated
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  73. RightOn Member

    ahhhh thanks for clearing that up.

    I bet Davy would love to see signs that say Where Did you dump the Asbestos Poodle?
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  74. Twinkle Member

    He would too, the little phucker is a toxic mess all to himself.
  75. RightOn Member

    well the asbestos has to be SOMEWHERE. And many people must know about it. (Sea Orgers, the island)
    I think this needs to come out to play again in the media
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  76. Twinkle Member

    You got my vote on it.
  77. DeathHamster Member

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  78. wolfbane Member

    Scientology accused of financial sleight of hand to avoid paying in human slavery lawsuit

    Delicious dox! I came.
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  79. DeathHamster Member

    CoS again exhibits its Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder, and thinks no wog should be able to see it. Oh and they're a religion, so there!
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  80. fishypants Moderator

    Very interesting.

    Hard for Scientology to argue that they didn't have a contract with the dockyard when the signed contract between them and the dockyard is included as Exhibit B.
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  81. DeathHamster Member

    From the bunker:
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  82. wolfbane Member

    Good point. However, that appears to be just the tip of ye olde iceberg. And the iceberg's name is collusion.

    The original contract was for an extensive list of services and maintenance they committed to. Once their asses got served with the writ of garnishment, they backpedaled on that commitment and the drydock willing allowed them to cancel, adjust and outright skip multiple line items. This is shown in the right hand column of the Exhibit C statement of account document.

    What kind of corporation renegotiates a million dollar contract on the fly? A corporation that is desperate to get paid.

    Then, they further negotiated an additional discount on the bill, for nearly $300k.

    What kind of corporation willing takes a 6-figure hit on services rendered? A corporation that has no problem whatsoever in brokering dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

    And if that isn't bad enough, the drydock company even bent over backwards to get their hands on the cult's money allowed them to pay the greatly reduced bill through alternate channels. Money laundering much?

    Plus, lets not forget - the drydock company is a government subsidized entity that is central player in the Curacao economy. They are also in a separate heap of trouble, not related to case, for not paying their legitimate Cuban workers:

    So the drydock company must have a certain degree of protection from the powers-that-be in that country, who btw - could also be held liable for a portion of the judgment if the plaintiffs and their attorneys do not get paid. The company's confidence in that protection seems to be reflected in the fact that this deal they brokered with Scientology must have been on the books, otherwise how would the Plaintiffs have gotten a hold of the negotiated invoice and loan agreement paperwork? Surely those dox came from some sort of subpoena or local court related action that forced the Drydock company to throw the cult under the bus after taking the money they must have been desperate to collect.

    So the big questions remaining is:

    1) will the cult's collusion with slave traders and fraudulent deception to dodge a legal paper-trail in the US on the garnishment cost them more than the $300k they saved on the drydock bill?

    2) who's ass is stuck in the Freewinds RPF for scheduling the services with a company slapped with a 80mil judgment for human trafficking in the first place? According to Karry Campbell & Don Jason video interviews, that's a particularly nasty place to be RPF'd.

    Unfortunately, the signature on the Exhibit B contract doesn't have a print-name line:
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  83. fishypants Moderator

    I don't think so, because they're not trying to disguise the origin of the money.

    What they do seem to be doing is conspiring with the dockyard to avoid paying the garnished money to the legal beneficiary. I don't know whether this would count as fraud.

    Interestingly, 'San Donato Properties' (the Panamanian corporation which seems to own the ship) has an East Grinstead mailing address:

    PO Box 9,
    East Grinstead,
    SX [Sussex?]
    RH19 4GF


    Now a shareholder in San Donato Properties is Transcorp Services SA, of Panama.

    And a shareholder in Transcorp Services SA is Flag Ship Trust (FST).

    Flag Ship Trust has this address:
    Saint Hill Manor
    East Grinstead, WSX RH19-4JY
    United Kingdom (UK)

    Saint Hill Manor is of course Scientology's UK HQ.

    Now Flag Ship Trust is an 'integrated auxiliary' (?) of of "Church of Scientology International, the mother church of the Scientology religion".

    I don't know whether this is fraud under any of the applicable jurisdictions - I can imagine that it might be.

    Oh, and they're all defined as "Scientology-related entities" by the IRS:
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  84. wolfbane Member

    Technically - I agree. For the most part I was just being a facetious wise-ass. But it could still be argued that the shenanigans of making it look like San Donato paid the bill was indeed trying to hide the fact that the money was coming from an entity who was served a writ.

    According to the pacerfag dox posted upstream, CSI was one of the four cult entities the Cuban lawfags served on Oct. 23, 2013. See page 13:

    However, according the legal definition of money laundering, the money in this transaction wasn't really "illicitly-obtained" on the cult's end of the bargain. But for the defendants, well hey that might be an entirely different matter.

    Inb4 the FSSO 2014 Form 990-T shows a $770,500 donation to CSI :cool:
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  85. DeathHamster Member

    What does CoS get out of this fraud? (Other than the practice.)

    Would the dockyard refuse to service the Freewinds in future, even though it was a court-ordered garnishment? I suppose there aren't any other dockyards crooked enough themselves to turn a blind eye to CoS's own problems. (Did the dockyard blackmail CoS into doing this? If so, how elronic!)
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  86. Random guy Member

  87. fishypants Moderator

    A discount on their bill (from the dockyard) of approximately US$300,000.

    The dockyard received approx $US700k instead of $US1m+, but it was paid to them (the dockyard) instead of to the victims.

    So by San Donato paying the dockyard rather than FSSO paying the victims,
    • the dockyard gets 700k instead of nothing (they win 700k)
    • Scientology pays 700k instead of 1m (they win 300k)
    • the victims get nothing instead of 1m (they lose 1m)

    That is interesting.
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  88. wolfbane Member

    John Thornton is a pretty cool guy. He sets a huge precedent in human trafficking litigation, exposes Cuban slave labor being used to pay off a debt to one of the largest Dutch Drydock companies, and then chases down the cult to cast his titanium spear through their corporate veil in a case where they can't fight back with their normal lawfare tactics. With no fear.



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  89. Random guy Member

    From the above:
    Wow, this is a top dog! If I were the cult I'd pay of very, very quickly. This is the kind of lawyer they don't want on their heels!
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  90. wolfbane Member

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  91. RightOn Member

    brb.... shower
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  92. A handy overview and document reference on how this case has played out so far:

    A few juicy tidbits worth noting: the FSSO reply to the writ of garnishment in June, was actually their second attempt at responding to this case. And compared to their initial attempt (pgs 1-3)

    They began a singing a slightly a different tune after being slapped in the face with the original objections in November (pgs 6-11)

    But the court was seemingly in limbo at the time, and the garnishment hearing requests went unscheduled. Seems likely that was because the the Plaintiffs began filing on the named garnishees in August-October, and the senior judge who presided over the original case didn't get around to assigning a new judge for the post-trial proceedings until Nov 14 when he issued an ORDER REFERRING CASE to Magistrate Judge Chris M. McAliley according to the docket entry here:

    So a couple months went by (big case is big) and the unsettled requests for hearings never got a calendar date. The pending writs were nearing the expiration date. So the cult essentially got a do-over because the plaintiffs cut the court some slack on that transition between judges. Rather than bawling for their hearings, TeamThornton took the gracious way around the situation and filed for extensions to all of the writs:

    Then an odd thing happened on the way to the courthouse. In the first round of replies and objections, all four Scientology entities who were served (FSO, FSSO, CSI and CofS-FL) responded and got their asses handed back to them. FSO responded twice, and filed an amended answer (that conveniently left out a key fact previously disclosed) two days after the first one. But the second time around, ONLY FSSO responded with an amended answer.

    So what's next? According to the procedural laws governing garnishment (subsection 6),
    10 business days after the objections to FSSO's amended answer was entered is July 22nd. So we may just get a court date scheduled by the end of this month!
  93. fishypants Moderator

    Thanks PACERfag, and thanks to AL for the timeline too.
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  94. Random guy Member

    Oh golly-golly-golly!
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  95. The Internet Member

    Might be related:

    Status: Inactive Filing Date: 01/27/2004
    Entity Type: Business Corporation File Number: 35635673D
    Filing State: Louisiana (LA)
    Mailing Address:
    C/o J.d. Taylor
    New Orleans, LA 70124

    Registered Agent:
    J.D. Taylor
    141 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Ste. 148
    New Orleans, LA 70124

    J.d. Taylor
    141 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Ste. 148
    New Orleans, LA 70124
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  96. The Internet Member

    Found another one:

    Status: Active Filing Date: 07/10/2006
    Entity Type: Private Limited - Limited Company File Number: 05870713
    Filing Jurisdiction: England/Wales
    Mailing Address:
    11 Aird House
    Rockingham Street
    Se1 6qh
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  97. The Internet Member


    Verona Assets, Inc.

    Filing TypeDOMP
    Filing DateApr 19, 2000
    Principal Address
    13627 Deering Bay Dr Unit 701
    Coral Gables

    Durling Ricardo AOfficer (DP)Ricardo Durling
    13627 Deering Bay Dr Unit 701
    Coral Gables
    FL 33158
    (Miami-Dade County)

    Lopez Orlando AOfficer (DS)Orlando Lopez
    16327 Deering Bay Dr Unit 701
    FL 33158
    (Miami-Dade County)

    De De La Espriella Patricia DOfficer (DVP)De De
    13627 Deering Bay Dr Unit 701
    Coral Gables
    FL 33158
    (Miami-Dade County)

    Corpdirect Agents, Inc.
    1201 Hays St
    (Leon County)

    Agents Corpdirect
    103 North Meridian Street Lower Level
    FL 32301
    (Leon County)

    Agents Corpdirect
    1200 South Pine Island Rd
    FL 33324
    (Broward County)

    Agents Corpdirect
    315 East Park Ave
    FL 32301
    (Leon County)

    Agents Corpdirect
    515 E Park Ave
    FL 32314
    (Leon County)

    Companies at this Address

    1. Principal Address for 301 Moonrun, LLC
    2. Principal Address for Collins Capital, Inc.
    3. Principal Address for Jpm Partners, Ltd.
    4. Principal Address for Leach Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership
    5. Principal Address for Marv-Anna, Inc.
    6. Principal Address for Nel Enterprises, LLC
    7. Principal Address for The Mitchell Florence Group LLC
    8. Principal Address for Twin Cities, LLC
    9. Principal Address for Verona Assets, Inc.
    10. Principal Address for Verona At Deering Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
    11. Principal Address for Verona Bay Corporation
    12. Mailing Address for 301 Moonrun, LLC
    13. Mailing Address for Collins Capital, Inc.
    14. Mailing Address for Jpm Partners, Ltd.
    15. Mailing Address for Leach Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership
    16. Mailing Address for Marv-Anna, Inc.
    17. Mailing Address for Nel Enterprises, LLC
    18. Mailing Address for The Mitchell Florence Group LLC
    19. Mailing Address for Twin Cities, LLC
    20. Mailing Address for Vaenga Corp
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  98. The Internet Member

    DURLING LINARES, Ricardo Alejandro
    Durling & Durling
    Edificio Vallarino, Penthouse, Calle 52 y Elvira Mendez, P.O. Box 0816-06805 Panama City, Panama
    Telephone: Office: 263-8244; Home: 322-0281; Mobile: 6617-7458; Fax: 263-8234 E-mail:
    Born November 10, 1964 in Panama City, Panama. Attended Colegio La Salle, Valley Forge Military Academy & College (United States), and the University of Panama Law School. Has been practicing only in Panama with no given amount of time. General Practice entails: Banking/Financial, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, and Immigration.

    DURLING DE LA ESPRIELLA, Patricia Cecilia
    Durling & Durling
    Edificio Vallarino, Penthouse, Calle 52 y Elvira Mendez, P.O. Box 0816-06805 Panama City, Panama
    Telephone: Office: 263-8244; Home: 223-3566; Mobile: 6672-1213; Fax: 263-8234 E-mail:
    Born March 29, 1958 in Panama City, Panama. Attended Colegio Maria Inmaculada and Universidad Sant Maria La Antigua. Has been practicing in Panama with no given amount of time. General Practice entails: Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, Labor Relations, Immigration, and Real Estate/Title/Property Issues

    DURLING CORDONES, Ricardo Alejandro
    Durling & Durling
    Edificio Vallarino, Penthouse, Calle 52 y Elvira Mendez, P.O. Box 0816-06805 Panama City, Panama
    Telephone: Office: 263-8244; Home: 226-0971; Mobile: 6673-4201; Fax: 263-8234 E-mail:
    Born March 13, 1928 in Panama City, Panama. Graduate from the University of Panama Law School. Has been practicing in Panama City, Panama with no specified duration. General Practice entails: Banking/Financial, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, Estates, Immigration, and Real Estate/Title/Property Issues.

    CARRIZO DURLING, Jose Dolores
    Morgan and Morgan
    MMG Tower, 16th floor, 53rd E Street, Marbella Panama City, Panama
    Telephone: 265-7777; Fax: 265-7700
    Born February 13, 1973 in Panama City, Panama. Graduate of University Externado de Colombia. Obtained a master’s degree in Civil Liability. Has practiced law for 20 years. Takes cases outside of Panama City. General Practice: some criminal cases, property, adoption, marriage/divorce, insurance, banking/financial, civil law, criminal law, damages, collections, commercial law cases, contracts cases, transportation cases, corporations cases, aeronautical cases/maritime, foreign claims, estates, auto/accidents cases, and government relation.

    LOPEZ AROSEMENA, Orlando Ernesto
    Durling & Durling
    Edificio Vallarino, Penthouse, Calle 52 y Elvira Mendez, P.O. Box 0816-06805 Panama City, Panama
    Telephone: Office: 262-8244; Home: 270-2217; Mobile: 6617-4133; Fax: 263-8234 E-mail:
    Born March 06, 1956 in Panama City, Panama. Attended Instituto Pedagogico (Panama), Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua, Louisiana State University, and Florida State University (Panama Branch). Has been Practicing in Panama City, Panama for an un-given amount of time. General Practice entails: Insurance, Banking/Financial, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights, Collections, Commercial Law, Contracts, Transportation, Corporations, Aeronautical/Maritime, Estates, Taxes, Government Relations and Real Estate/Title/Property Issues.
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  99. kthnxbai Member

    Thank you for this wall of dox and fax.
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  100. wolfbane Member

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  101. kthnxbai Member

    We haz Google translation

    Judge James Lawrence King set the amount the Curacao Drydock Company must pay the Cubans Alberto Justo Rodríguez Licea, Fernando Alonso Hernández and Luis Alberto Casanova Toledo, after a hearing held in a Miami court.
    "We hope that the historic decision today means that no Cuban worker will never suffer the humiliation and inhuman treatment that we experienced. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of many people who have worked hard to bring our oppressors to justice, "said Rodriguez.
    The lawsuit against the gunner [?] was presented in 2006 by the law firms and Do Campo & Thornton Grossman Roth, with support from the Cuba Study Group and the International Group for Corporate Responsibility in Cuba.
    The Cuban government, according to lawyers and the two groups allegedly 'trafficked sending (its) citizens working for the Curacao Drydock Company, a repair yard in Curacao, in order to help pay the debts of Cuba with the company '.
    'Cuban workers were victims of inhuman and degrading conditions while being forced to work in the repair of ships and offshore platforms in the yard,' They specified.
    Lawyers and the two organizations highlighted the failure of King represents the 'first time a U.S. court has blamed a trading with Cuba for forced labor and human rights abuses incurred in concert with the Cuban regime 'company.
    "This decision represents a historic victory for the Cuban workers who have suffered long oppression of the Cuban regime," emphasized.
    Rodríguez Licea Hernández and Toledo escaped Casanova from Curacao to Colombia and received a humanitarian permit for admission to the United States.
    'Today we sent a strong message to all Cuban workers, ensuring that governments and corporations that exploit will not go unpunished, "added the lawyer.
    Judge King ruled last August for the three Cubans and ordered a hearing this month in which it decided compensation.
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  102. BUMP for long overdue updates!

    RECAP'd Docket Report refreshed on Internet Archive:

    A lot of hilarity ensued between the last time the case summary and timeline ITT was updated, and the settlement of this lulz-filled lawfare venture. I am still parsing out the relevant cult actions from monster docket report and getting the key documents RECAP'd. Blow-by-blow updates coming soon.

    Check your PMs wolfie. I accidentally'd downloaded merged dox, and RECAP no like-y getting parent document and exhibits merged into one file. So I need halp relaying good stuff ITT.
  103. After the last TO case update in July, the next relevant cult related actions were in September: DE = Docket Entry (document number).

    09/12/2014 DE 494 - FSSO motion to exceed page limit by 5pgs on forthcoming motion for summary judgment

    09/15/2014 DE 495 - Motion granted

    This was a bizarre, if not dumb, move by TeamScilon. They consistently failed to realize they are not on trial in these proceedings. The trial happened years ago and the case had already completed the judgment phase by the time they got served writs of garnishment. The case is now well into the collections phase, post-judgment. So a garnishee cannot move for a summary judgment to circumvent a trial if the trial is already over and judgment rendered. The docket report reflects this as no motion for summary judgment was actually filed.

    But as we will see in the later documents, desperate cult was desperate at this point. Discovery was not going well and turning into a war of words spanning a few months that would eventually require court intervention. Depositions on top CSI executives were being called for by TeamThornton, and the documents FSSO begrudging gave up for discovery eventually provided proof they were lying about not having documents that fit the discovery request. TeamThornton was also closing in on piercing their corporate veil and proving the so-called church is a series of sham corporations. And best of all - sanctions against cult attorney for dragging related to them trying to dodge discovery by any means possible were mentioned.

    More2cum on all this drama laterz once wolfie checks in for a dox assist.
  104. wolfbane Member

    Assisted! Merged Document 524 attached.

    Attached Files:

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  105. T'ank ye wolfbane!

    Continued from my last post - in October and November, the cult commenced with their usual tactic of throwing much shit at the wall just to see what would stick. It would seem, not much success was to be had.

    10/07/2014 DE 513 - After cutting cult attorney Clay Naughton endless slack all summer long as FSSO hemmed, hawed, hollered, bluffed, blustered and did everything they could to bullshit their way out handing over discovery documents requested, TeamThornton was forced to ask for court intervention and filed a PLAINTIFFS/JUDGMENT CREDITORS’ MOTION TO COMPEL DOCUMENTS.

    These are some really good, must-read dox. Other ones later on can be skimmed, but to appreciate the hilarity in the cult's bullshit claims and bawling, followed by the spanking Thornton delivers, you'll need to know what the following links say first. Also, the oh so delicious "pure hogwash" response from Superlawyer Thornton to the cult's continued attempts to keep playing the religion card was once again delivered in the motion document.

    Exhibit 1:
    Exhibit 2:
    Exhibit 3:

    10/24/2014 DE 524 - Cult responds to Motion to Compel and the poo flinging begins. See merged document from wolfbane in post #105 that I didn't get RECAP'd in the archive correctly.

    Protips on reading this one - start at the end and read backwards for 5-6 pages to follow the extended email trail in date order (sans the last one), which Thornton referred to in last doc but only attached minimal excerpts in the exhibits. Then jump to the beginning and read the main response document after the emails. When you hit the exhibits in the middle of the merged pdf you can bail out, those are repeated from Document 523 exhibits and can be skipped if you read all the links for the last document listed directly above.
  106. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, PACERfag!
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  107. I have a long way to go. There is still a lot more to sort out and summarize on the docket from hell that is this case. Expect at least one more short update post, maybe two, from me tonight.
  108. Popcorn alert - you will need sum. Cult lawfags commence to do the same-old tired scumbag tricks: they cite cases wrongly (twist the words to say something that isn't really there), cite inapplicable cases (that only fit their own deluded interpretation of the situation) and they cite laws with completely fabricated conditions and stipulations that do not exist.

    10/31/2014 DE 527 (also 529, 530, 534) - The cult attempts to grasp at imaginary straws and files multiple
    MOTIONS TO STRIKE CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE AND OBJECTION TO NOTICES OF EXTENSION OF WRIT OF GARNISHMENT. This shit doesn't make much sense, but it only goes downhill from here. The following link for the main garnishee who's feets are being held to the fire in this case - FSSO. The other DE document numbers are the exact same thing for FSO, CSI and CoS Florida that I didn't bother RECAP'ing in order to save fees on my freebie limit.

    This one can be safely skimmed thru, it is that crazy. Unless you enjoy the smell cult desperation mixed with the taint of fried brain cells. And the only thing worth seeing once you hit the 10meter long legislative transcript exhibit is a half-assed and mostly irrelevant pathetic sentence where "77.07" is highlighted in yellow.

    11/03/2014 DE 531 - TeamThornton responds with a smackdown to the cult's bawlfest on DE 524 with a
    PLAINTIFFS/JUDGMENT CREDITORS’ REPLY IN FURTHER SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS’ MOTION TO COMPEL. I laughed until I cried, and came a few times, while reading this one. Priceless doc is priceless! Every page has at least one or two golden nuggets, which is too many to summarize.
  109. Historical aside - Senior Judge James Lawrence King presided over the main trail and judgment proceedings in this case. The case was referred to Magistrate Judge Chris M. McAliley for post-judgment proceedings once TeamThornton started filing garnishment dox and going into the collections phase. Not much happened from McAliley for more than a year, when he started fielding the occasional big ticket items with Dutch entities. But once TeamScilon started flooding the docket with erroneous crap, he finally stepped up to bat on the garnishment actions and began takin' care of outstanding garnishment disputes in the fall of 2014.

    11/12/2014 DE 535 - Ooo man, the cult's batshit crazy move to strike the writ extensions and service of process notices hit a nerve! Senior Judge Lawrence refers those motions to Judge McAliley and that hassle of scheduling a status conference with two huge teams of lawfags begins. This doesn't say much but it becomes clearer in later actions that a breaking point (with the judges) was reached here.

    11/17/2014 DE 536 (also 537, 538, 541) - as the calendar scheduling waltz played out, TeamThornton didn't let the opportunity to issue another cult smackdown slip by on those crazy motions to strike. So this is the FSSO example for multiple responses to DE #'s 527, 529, 530 and 534 where I only RECAP'd the main one to conserve on PACER fees.
  110. Finally, a light appears at the end of the tunnel.

    11/21/2014 DE 540 - Status conference with Judge McAliley set for Dec. 4th to "discuss the status of all pending motions, and procedures and scheduling going forward."

    You would think the cult would STFU at this point, until things finally get sorted after a year worth of willy nilly filings. But nope!

    11/26/2014 DE 542 (also 551, 553, 554) - Cult has to get the last word with a FSSO REPLY to Response to batshit crazy motion to strike. (And likewise for FSO, CSI and CoS FL that were filed on the day of the status hearing and the day after) TeamScilon harps on the same original bizarro world argument about the legislative discussion on the relevant rule about writs, from just prior to the 2005 amendment of said rule. Then lay the down the boldface lie claim that the 2013 case unsuccessfully using the same crazy argument TeamThornton cited in their smackdown response was actually in the cult's favor! (This tactic is nothing new in scilon lawfare, but in this example the citation is so cut-n-dried simple I am amazed they could even find the steam to work so hard to twist it around ass backwards so badly.)
  111. jensting Member

    IANAL, but I think I got this bit:

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  112. wolfbane Member

    Holy smores on a broomstick, there is just too much to read in this thread!

    There is a lot things tossed out in this doc that irritates me. The fact they can cite their own damn case law (in Flag vs. City of Clearwater and US vs. Scientology Boston) makes me want to kick something. Especially Boston - how in the hell do they use something in a FL court from a far away district like Boston? :mad:

    IANAL either, but the document requests the plaintiffs made for discovery are the most concise and narrowly defined written list of demands I have ever seen in a Scientology case. That list is so well planned that Thornton et al seem very sage in retrospect.

    There is no erractic OMG WE WILL ATTACK YOU FOR ALL YOU GOT claims coming from left field in those requests like we have seen the cult do to LauraD with wanting access to her deleted emails or the old broken down computers in her garage. Or even the nutty move in the Rathbun case to drag Leah Remini in for a deposition for fk-all nonsense she would somehow have first hand knowledge of David Miscavige directing the squibs against Marty. I also vaguely recall some OG critic cases from ancient history (maybe Fishman or Lerma?) where the massive fishing expedition discover requests from the non-scilon side were so far out in left field it made me question WTH case I was looking at.

    The cult cries foul like that same type of deal is happening here, and it wasn't. The same goes for other things they claim is being done them as a "innocent garnishee" (gag), when the reality is those same dirty tricks are what they themselves are notorious for doing to other people in other cases!!! It boggles the mind how they get away with it.

    On the flipside, seeing the cult lolyers go apeshit over the "alter ego" claims about their corporate shell game amused me to no end. Note for future reference - there is a big button that is easily pushed in making such a claim against them! I just wish the Brennan affidavit registered in a NH court would have made its way into this case before it settled. That would have nailed down the sham corporate hierarchy accusation nicely.
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  113. Picking up where I left off: despite the cult's sneaky "Garnishment Avoidance Scheme" (Superlawyer Thornton's pet phrase) the Cubans get paid. We just don't know how much they got paid. But it's all good because the settlement jew golds = cult paying for ship repairs a SECOND time + they had to suck up their own attorney fees for wasting the court's time and clogging up the docket.

    Techy note: my freebie usage limit on PACER is fully tapped and I'm into the fees get-charged range. So some of the remaining dox are missing. I may revisit this docket in the next quarter and get the CORRECTED TRANSCRIPT item if nothing new captures my interest enough to know more than what gets reported on elsewhere. If anybody lurking has a personal PACER account and would like to lend a hand with freebie dox assist on getting any of the stuff I didn't grab, put out in the public via RECAP or elseways, feel free to jump in here.

    12/04/2014 DE 550 - Status conference meetings minute entry. No dox available on this DE, just a note of who was setup to appear in Judge McAliley's chambers: John Thornton Esq., Oralndo Do Campo Esq., Casey D. Laffey Esq. and Seth Miles Esq. appeared on behalf of Plaintiffs. Clay M. Naughton Esq., Jason Stearns Esq., Jonathan F. Claussen Esq. W. Boeringer Esq. appeared on behalf of Garnishees. Order to follow with details.

    Interesting to note cult attorney Bob Potter was not there, even though he jumped into the mix to help file some of the batshit crazy motion to strike dox. Additionally, this conference was not limited to just cult attorneys, some of the other garnishees that have been on the case from early on were also dragged into it.

    12/05/2014 DE 552 - Judge McAliley's ORDER stating what has to happen next, following the (hellishly long) Status Conference.

    12/10/2014 DE 555 - the first attempt to get a status conference transcript (???!!1!) record on the docket that apparently failed to doitrite because it is flagged (SEE CORRECTED TRANSCRIPT DE# 558). Also says "1-96 pages, Court Reporter: Jerald M. Meyers."

    I had a WTF moment here re: what is a court reporter (normally used for hearings) doing at a status conference, and why did it need a transcript rather than the usual "minutes" document with a short list of bullet points listing major decisions made like we have seen on at least two other big scilon cases (LauraD and Narconon of GA). Seems pretty obvious from the next link I post below that all the parties knew they were coming for supervised settlement dealings. So why the final push of last minute cult dox were filed on the stupid motion to strike writ/service thing, I do not know. Makes no sense.

    Since DE 555 got corrected/replaced in the next action below, getting a copy of document no. 555 from PACER would probably be a waste.
  114. Sonichu Moderator

    How did I miss all of this? Posting in epic thread to stay tuned!
  115. 12/11/2014 DE 558 - Corrected Transcript and Notice of Correction of Status Conference held on 12/4/2014 before Magistrate Judge Chris M. McAliley, 1-96 pages with one attachment, re: document #555. < DOX LINK may, or may not, get added ITT for this one at a later date >

    Weirdness alert - transcripts usually get held up for a short period of time in PACER when they relate to an official hearing. But this one conveniently showed up on the docket ASAP due to it being a status conference action that was apparently used as an unofficial settlement hearing in the presence of judge. The cult mediation the judge had to do is likely to be highly entertaining AND informative in regards to seeing how a settlement hearing with the cult actually plays out. (Settlement hearings are typically off the record, behind closed doors with no judge present and sealed with a gag order)

    12/12/2014 DE 559 - Joint Notice of Withdrawal and Dismissal of Writs of Garnishment by Plaintiffs against all the cult entities plus another (complete separate) garnishee who has finally paid up (International Shipping Partners, Inc)

    12/16/2014 DE 560 - Judge McAliley's ORDER for Dismissal Of Writs of Garnishment and denying as moot the batshit crazy motions to strike.

    12/16/2014 DE 561 - Judge McAliley's ooopsie, I missed the most important stuff against the bawling cult in all this mess, so here is a PAPERELSS ORDER (no hardopy dox to be gotten) denying as moot TeamThornton's motion to compel discovery dox smackdown.

    ...the end.

    PACER search-free shortcut link to grab dox I skipped:
  116. Afterthought: TeamThornton has gotten a first class hands-on training course in how cult lawfare works. I think this case record shows they did their homework ahead of time, and they did it well. They seemingly knew what to expect since their responses to the cult's dirty tactics were quickly filed (rapid-response), effectively put together (bullshit debunkers extraordinaire) and left no wiggle room for the cult to squeeze out of this mess. They deserve tons of kudos for accomplishing all that on their first dance with the devil.

    So if there are any recently-out, disgruntled ex-members lurking this thread with a major beef they want legal recourse for in the states of FL,NY, PA or CA (i.e.: sending a scary nastygram threatening lawfare if money held account is refused OR worse things worthy of courtroom action such as Sea Org human trafficking) these are the firms they should consider contacting for representation:

    FL - Campo & Thornton, P.A.
    FL - Grossman Roth PA
    NY/PA/CA - Reed Smith LLP

    See docket report header for specific lawfag names and cities:
  117. wolfbane Member

    You can't make this shit up...
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  118. BigBeard Member

    I like this, "Garnishment Avoidance Scheme". That's the Cof$ alright, full of GAS!

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  119. Quentinanon Member

    The scientology lawfare frivolous filing becomes frivolous failing when opposition attorneys are courts get wise to the cult strategy: do anything to wear down the judges and opposition attorneys.
  120. DeathHamster Member

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