Remember this guise?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Nostalgia time.

    So I read somewhere this dumbass did actually apologize or something?
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  2. anonamus Member

    Yeah thanks.
    If I ever need to vomit but can't, I'll just watch that.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    No. No I don't remember this.

    Thank you anonamus. You helped me avoid a trap.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Originally posted to YouTube on February 5, epic lulz ensued as the video captured Most Viewed and Most Discussed honors for the day, despite a solid one-star rating. After garnering over 10 times the views and comments of ALL her previous vids combined, Ruthie highlighted her affinity for $cientology by censoring this video after just 24 hours - taking with it literally thousands of carefully-crafted comments that Anonymous had kindly tried to share with her. (Anyone who would like to steal their comments back - or who has any other feelings they'd like to share with Ruthie - should feel free to post here.) This video should be downloaded and archived as many places as possible, to keep information free from the censorship of Ruthie and other Scifags. Known mirrors so far are at:

    Ruthie called out and slandered Anonymous and so incurs the wrath of the internet hate machine and rightfully gets owned by the Power of the Internetz. She stands convicted of working for scientologists, being a scientologist, lying about being a scientologist, and general fucktardery. This four-minute video features over twenty-five cuts, and so - like the Tom Cruise video - testifies to the debilitating effects of years of exposure to cult-inspired brainwashing upon one's ability to express a coherent thought.

    UPDATE 2/7/2008: Under a withering attack from anonymous, Ruthie wisely implemented The Final Solution here on YouTube and deleted all her videos, thereby unfucking herself from the internetz 'for great justice' - and while her ongoing contribution to the lulz will be missed, the memory of what she gave while she was with us will be kept alive here forever...
    Ruthievids RIP.


    "the only thing that could cause a person to hate scientology is the fear of the unknown."

    "I am not a Scientologist"
    -Ruthie Heyerdahl



    Standard YouTube License

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  6. We freak people out?!?!
    Come the fuck on!
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  7. Its out now gents!!!
    Tom Cruise is the Jesus of Scientology!!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I ran into this while erasing files on my box. I didn't delete this one, brings a lot of memories.

    If you weren't there: this was previous to the first Chanology protests. There was some uncertainty in the air. Would anyone actually show up? If I recall correctly this was the first unofficial response to Chanology from the scilons. I felt it was like they tried to talk in our own language. It was a complete failure, of course.

    Still, it brings good memories to me. I remember the uncertainty. And looks at us now. We did our part, and keep doing it.

    Keep chanology working, faggots!
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  9. billybob Member

    Ha ha ha! Yes, I remember Ruthie!
    I lost some finely crafted comments on that video when she pulled the plug.
    What a liar! What a Scientologist!

    I also remember her "uncle" who posted pleas to the old entrubulation forums to please leave Ruthie alone.
    He claimed she didn't know what she was doing, and he also repeated the lie that Ruthie wasn't a Scientologist.

    Recently I've been trying to remember her name and wanted to look for the video - Thanks for the mirror!
  10. Anonymous Member

    That would be a fine addition to this thread. Do you remember where that was, name of the thread or something? If it was on Enturb, I guess it should be on WWP database too!

    Also, I didn't mirror this, but I would have if I didn't find any mirrors online! :D
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Budd Member

    I am NOT "protesting their right to practice their religion."
    I AM protesting forced abortions, involuntary slave labor, illegal forced child labor, brainwashing techniques, family breakups, etc etc etc. Need I go on?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    You left out homicide.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Long time no see :)
  15. billybob Member

    Can't find the thread, but it was a loooooong time ago, might be lost for good.
    I'm not sure that all the stuff from the first months got saved, I think not.:confused:
  16. Budd Member

    I am on a long business trip, away from home :( but hope to get back in the swing of things when I return.
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Consequences have never been the same.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Bump because nostalgia
  19. billybob Member

    Ruthie was one of the original "I'm not a Scientologist but..."

    Once this video hit /b/ the hornet's nest awoke and attacked Ruthie hard.
    At the time, very early in Chanology history, she offered a juicy, easy target for some Raaaage!

    Her uncle came here and apologized and begged Anonymous to "leave Ruthie alone," then her account disappeared. I remember seeing that she was learning Norwegian, and was going to Norway on a "mission."

    Subsequently in March, 2008 Kaja Bello of Norway killed herself after having taken a "Free Stress Test" administered by Scientology. They found her ruin, and apparently she fell into a tailspin of despair as a result.
    She was the daughter of Olav Gunnar Bello, a Norwegian MP and doctor, who then went on to investigate Scientology and campaign to prosecute Scientology for its harmful practices.

    So I always wondered how Ruthie's mission trip might have been affected by the Kaja Bello controversy.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. nightfire Member

    Oh gosh I remember her! wow... that was a LONG time ago 4 years... so much has happened, so much has changed. HOLY CRAP, anyone remember the anonybaby born 9 months after the 1st protest? that kid is turning 4 this fall and is preschool aged meaning they can now talk, walk, dress themselves, are probably learning to write their name and read simple words... Now I feel OLD!
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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Anonyspawn's first word will be something simple and commonly-used... like "ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
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  25. Anonymous Member

    There was a good parody of that vid on this channel, but looks like Ruthie managed to get it taken down.

  26. I remember this highly ethical Scientology 'Lady' shortly after Kicking a protestor saying: "They're legally a fucking church, so fuck off." during a major protest of Scientology

    She was using LRH's violent kick and utter vulgarites 'Tech' on Anonymous.
    Most unbecoming of a Lady, yet so very, very Theta.

    I hope she's put the cans down and slowly backed away from L. Con Hubbard's E-meter at some point over the last 4 years, clearly her theta was wack and in serious need of some wog adjustment........

    If loving you is wog, I don't wanna be right.........
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I think that the lady in the above vid is Louanne Lee.
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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    She's not bad looking... on the outside. :-/
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I remeber this. I think that was one of the first protest, right? I remember wondering how would the scilons react to Chanology. This one some reaction...
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  30. I have a bad memory but I don't remember this one. Please tell me that she diaf.
  31. here's what I don't get, is she is "not a member of the church of scientology?" why isn't she? she claims it to be a complete strawberry festival, with the ability to cure blindness, leprosy, make the lame walk, cure cancer,etc... you would think Ruthie would want to be among this group.

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