Reminder: Post your censored-by-Marty comments on my blog

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Caliwog, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Caliwog Member

    Just a reminder: If you post a comment on Marty's blog that gets censored, I have a place where you can re-post it on my blog:

    My new tactic: After a comment gets censored, I post another comment on Marty's blog with a link to the censored comment on mine. That one gets censored too, but I like to remind Marty that, just like DM and LRH, he can't hide the truth.

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I can access without problem.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I can too now. Looks like there's a rolling problem this morning with wordpress blogs -- some up, some down.
  5. Caliwog Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    I am proposing to give Marthey the Oscar for the intertubes faggotry. Come on look at the shit that he posts. This asshole is is taking credits for cos going down yet he didn't do a fuck at all. This is my NPA request but just proposing his nomination for the Faggotry Oscar.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    LOL!! Marty is so fucked up that even the cult won't get him back. Since he has been coming out and doing his media whoring he has said nothing about the crap and illegal shit he was doing when he was in the cult.
  9. Optimisticate Member

    I think that's more than just a little convenient. He's waiting out various statutes of limitations methinks.

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