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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by fishypants, Jan 11, 2014.

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    wung trump.jpg
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    Guest posting appears to be disabled at the moment. When you try to post as a Guest, you are prevented from entering a Guest name. Instead, you are immediately sent to the Bills/Donation page.

    Fuck that shit, Ed. If you don't want people participating or posting on your site, I won't participate or post.

    I'll take Google Ads back before I donate if you're going to hold us over a barrel.

    I can ignore ads. I can't ignore your Goddamned donation appeals if they affect the way people can express themselves.

    We can't post as Guests.

    We can't post Anonymously.

    You may as well change the banner to read ESMB - as of today, I can no longer differentiate my ability to post on WWP from my ability to post on ESMB. On both, I have to post as my username.

    What the fuck, Ed?
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  3. sallysock Member

    Not sure about the guest posting being off today, but fwiw, I saw that the internet brought up that maybe funds were an issue with the anon button. I can only assume that they are not. You see, sometime back in 2014 I offered to pay for either 6 months or a year of posting if the anon button came back (that post is somewhere itt, If anyone wants the link, say so and I'll look.). It never did come back and according to former mods of this forum, it's an easy fix.

    Ed, doesn't want the anon button from everything I've seen. Appreciate your efforts failboat.
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I doubt its a purposeful change. When I try to post as a unregistered user, it goes to the donation page. And when I try to donate it doesnt accept the donation. So. Strange.
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Imho don't jump the gun
  6. seems to be a javascript issue.

    which would suggest its DEFINITELY NOT intentional.
    because I'm sure the management wouldn't leave such an obvious exploit in place.
  7. Guest posting is BROKEN when the donation beg banner goes up.
    Not disabled, fwiw.

    The workaround for the "broken" javascript is---
    • don't click on the guest "Name" field or the "Enter Both Words" verification field.
    • use the <TAB> key to skip over to the Name, Enter, and main message text field.
    • then hit the "Reply to Thread" button. It's not caught up in the fubar javascript silliness.
    bleh :[

  8. Implementing the Anon button in XenForo appears to be more complicated/difficult than it was in the old forum software.
    If there were an easy way of putting one in, we'd probably have it by now.
  9. It sure sounds like XenForo is the problem to me. No Anonymous posting, and whatever they've been doing lately to put the donation bar at the top of every page has been screwing up Guest posting, too, not to mention changing the appearance of the site. Seems like XenForo is awfully buggy, and it also still lacks a critical feature after nearly 3 years of waiting.

    Prior to this month, we would get the occasional banner picture requesting donation towards the end of the month or whenever, but it has NEVER affected Guest posting.

    Anyway. I'm sure that it's not as easy as flicking a switch to change from one platform to another, so I probably have unrealistic expectations regarding improvements or changes. Oh well, I guess I should shut up and quit bitching about it.
  10. Thanks for this. <TAB> works for the Name field, but I also have to click the Reload link to be able to enter the reCAPTCHA Verification. It was definitely lazy of me not to figure out how to do this myself, but sometimes it feels better just to rant and then wait for other people's advice and solutions.

    I'm sure you're happy to be rid of "Maria is a lying cunt" for the time being. Hopefully that shartstain doesn't read this thread.
  11. Looks good from here
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    Normal service has been resumed in glorious technicolor, 3D and HD for you delectation.
    Let the festivities commence.
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    lol - could be wrong. You brought Trump to this party, so I brought Hill.
  15. so I bring jfk

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  16. Sue works his ass off to fuck this forum up and you guys still don't donate!
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    wb, faggot
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    Where the hell have you been?! I heard you got your wisdom teeth out and couldn't stop crying because of the pain...
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    voting for hillary, lol,
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    Trolling this place about
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